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Subseries 2. Financial, 1850-1994

Scope and Content Notes:

These records relate to leases, loans, and accounts with other companies, railroads, or banks; payment or receipt of bills, equipment, and services; railroad valuations; budgets; and tax documents.

Box 1 Purchase of land documents, 1910-1920
Box 3 Tax Assessment Montour Railroad (1946-50), material proposals for equipment (1966), inspections and permits (1970), other tax documents and audits, 1940-1970
Box 19 Financial statements, 1979-1988
Box 23 Board of directors meeting minutes, Finance Committee Documents, 1980s
Box 32 Stock information, Lease Information (Station Square), P&LE real estate dept., 1970s
Box 132 Freight Overcharge financials, Late 1980s - 1990s
Box 133 Acquisition of capital stock of P&LE from Penn Central, Financing Acquisition under Credit Agreement through First National Bank of Boston, 1979
Box 140 Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Properties (documents concerning property buying and selling, etc), Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Properties (files concerning selling off of land holdings, Engineering Files (Pittsburgh Coal company, agreements), 1912 and 1993
Box 177 Leases, tax assessments, requisitions, Pittsburgh Coal royalty reports, agreements to leave coal in place, 1960s
Box 285b Expense reports, track change proposals, and correspondence between PL&E and Baltimore & Ohio Railroad on track use, 1940s
Box 326 Tax Return Information, Gas Meter Readings, Automobile Insurance Records for Montour Railroad Company, Correspondence concerning scale tests, crossing gates, 1931-1985
Box 357 Early American Express delivery ledgers, reports of operations account, balance sheets, general finance plans, 1897-1900, 1983
Box 372 Banking records (1987); state and federal taxes, 1956-1958
Box 443 Check invoices; company work vehicles; gas and steel corporations, 1980-1990
Box 444a 'Pink Sheets' of Car Department by H.C. Christie; reports of Examination of MCRR and PC&Y; bound operation reports, income accounts, and general balance sheets, 1936-1985
Box 444b Bound reports of operations, general balance sheets, and expenditure statements; Montour changes in equipment (1960-66); Carrier's Review of and comments concerning reports for property of PC&Y, 1920-1966
Box 457 Paperwork concerning stocks and investments, 1977-1985
Box 464 Finance; account book (1980s); Chief Engineers' office files on The Nation Supply Co, formerly Union Tool Company, Taulor Forge and Pipe Works, inc. (1910-46), photographs; PC&Y Railroad file on Scott Twp, 1910-1980s
Box 472 Equipment and service orders and requests; bills; estimates; blanket authorizations and authority for expenditure; accident reports; powerhouse reports, 1974-1986
Box 480 Closing of monthly accounting reports; budgetary procedures for improvements; TWU agreement on meal allowances; responsibility accounting system; monthly forecast statement from auditor and internal audits; bad order reports; Interstate Commerce Commission accounting matters; Controller's bulletins, 1966-1990
Box 503 Working, e.g., functioning contracts for lien agreements, lease, and loan with various companies and banks, 1939-1969
Box 505 Legal dept. agreements, contracts, leases, General Electric, local Delaware court case (Bertram Field v. Henry G. Allym, Jr. et al -class action claim); Coal Ventures inc., pre-acquisitions meetings and reports; Mellon Branch account activity, 1978-1993
Box 512 Injury and illness reports and statements (1977-92); authorized positions (1984-86); freight car repairs and mechanical department requests for appropriation (1986-89); sale of cars to Chessie system (1986-89); pollution notices (1981-86); Mass Transit Clean Air Act (1974); caboose safety complaints (1968-85); power plants (1963-79); electricity (1968-86); AAR committees, correspondence and reports (1979-91); employee travel and business expenses (1985-92); utility contracts and agreements, 1963-1991
Box 518a R.F.A. and A.F.E. Instructions and Budget Procedures; information and correspondence concerning budgeting for hot water boiling, conditioning systems, furnace, water softener, etc., 1959-1972
Box 518b Information and correspondence concerning budgeting for hot water boiling, conditioning systems, furnace, water softener, etc; Consol Coal railroad spur; equipment sales exchange, 1965-1981
Box 523 Working Papers; Audit Committee Reports; stock options acquisitions; pension committee and plans; interlocking directorates; stock option or stock purchase plans; reports of holdings; executive committee resolution, 1956-1990
Box 529a Annual reports, financial statements for PLECO Inc. and subsidiaries; valuation book; locomotive replacement report; field notes; 'Pink Sheet' book, 1880s-1990
Box 533 Bertram Field and Edward L. Franucchi v. Henry G. Allyn, Jr.; Finance Auditors report; Wheeling Dollar Coal leases and valuation; stock buying reports; securities firms, 1979-1985
Oversize 569-570 ICC Hearing for B&O and P&LE featuring exhibits of employees, departmental duties, switching studies, tax and capital stock information, proposed usage payments, explanation of valuation figures, routes, statistics, land valuations, rehabilitation, costs, savings, 1963