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Subseries 1. Engineering, 1850-1944

Scope and Content Notes:

Records in the collection pertaining to engineering are often explicitly labeled as such by the railroad. A large amount of these will be correspondence to and from the Chief Mechanical Engineer in addressing certain blueprints, as well as records of machinery, bridges, buildings, equipment, locomotives, and railroad cars.

It should be noted that a significant number of boxes in this subseries contain information regarding the Ohio River and Lake Erie Canal, from the mouth of the Beaver River at Rochester, Pa., to a point near Ashtabula, Oh., on Lake Erie and came under discussion in 1930. Blueprints, studies, and many newspaper clippings create a record of this canal and highlight the interest Pittsburgh and its railroad industry had in this project which never took place.

Box 2 Trainmen rosters (1980s), Bulletin Orders (1980s), Tax Assessments (1930), blueprints and work orders to Bethlehem Steel for rail cars and 250-ton steel wreck crane, 1930-1986
Box 5 Locomotive serial numbers and information files, 1930-1970
Box 6 Parts diagrams and blueprints and information, 1970s
Box 8 Legal documents (land transfers, etc); Office of Engineer building specs for various equipment and implementation (ex. switches), 1915-1946
Box 20 Rail purchase, Robins Car Shakeout Installation/ Blueprints, Scale house and track scales construction, Dravosburg Bridge and Blue prints, flashing light RR crossing system, 1940s
Box 25 Office of Chief Engineer legal files (suits, laws, and government acts), 1975-1980
Box 28 Car information files (cars damaged on foreign lines, cars sent home for repairs), 1980s
Box 75 5931 Rajah Oil Co. lease of property and side track, Lansingville and Youngstown Gas and Oil Co. lease of land and sidetrack (1919), 5931 Holub Iron & Steel Co. lease of land at Lansingville (1936), 5951 Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway Connellsville (1919), 5995 Combustion Engineering Sidetrack-drainage a/c Combustion Engineering Company (1902), 5997-A Lease of Property at Groveton to William Duffy for camping (1924), 6030-A Pittsburgh Knife and Forge Company Siding Coraopolis (1919), 1902-1936
Box 76 Colona River Rail Transfer Plant (1932), Colona River Rail Transfer Plant Track Scale (1931), Colona River Rail Transfer Plant (1896-1927), Colona River Rail Transfer Plant (1930), Colona River Rail Transfer Plant Electric (1931), Colona River Rail Transfer Plant - Fixed Charges, reconditioning, dredging (1933) 1896-1933
Box 78 Proposals for New Telephone Switch P&LE, Pittsburgh Telephone Co. Bell Telephone Co. F/S Communications Corp. North Pittsburgh Telephone Co. , Gray Communications, 1981-1982
Box 79 Files 3177- 3283 (Elimination of grade crossing Neville Island, M.C.B. Building at McKees Rocks, etc), 1920s
Box 80 New Storehouse and Oil House near Roundhouse, Haselton, Brotherhood of railway and steamship clerks, 1920-1950
Box 81 Seamon Co. Diesel Servicing Facility KS, Pgh. Des-Moines Steel Fab. Steel for Locomotive Repair Shop KS, Track layout Diesel Shop KS, Diesel Shop Cranes, Overhead Bridges Diesel Shop KS, Diesel Shop KS, Coach Shop KS, Right of way for Aliquippa and Parke Station 1983
Box 82 Elizabeth Highway Bridge (1939), dismantling old and new and abandoned tracks and buildings (1953), requisition for ties from purchasing agent and number needed for 1955, requisition for ties from purchasing agent and number needed for 1951, requisition for ties from purchasing agent for 1956, budgets from 1952-54, reports of weekly maintenance situation rail, ties, ballast, and tamping (1953-54), capital expenditures quarterly statements, ICC reports "Circulars 31-7 and Circular" (1955), 1939-1955
Box 83 13-G Youngstown Sheet & Tube Bridge, 13-F Youngstown Sheet & Tube Bridge, 16-A Hazelton Interlocking Plant, 18-A Hazelton to Lake Shore Branch (1901), 18-B Hazelton to Lake Shore Branch (1901), 18-D Hazelton to Lake Shore Branch (1901), 18-E Hazelton to Lake Shore Branch including Center St. Crossing with B&O and 205, 1901
Box 89 Additions and necessities (gate crossings, buildings, etc),
Box 93-98 Right of way, tracks, crossings, grades, some blueprints, leases, derailment, 1897-1965
Box 99-100 Sidetrack, American Chemsol Co. Standard Oil- 1947, study of term. of agreements with Erie RR Youngstown Territory, New Erie Station and office building, Youngstown (1921), P&LE-NYC percentages passenger Sta. and Switching (1925), Freight Warehouse, Belmont Ave. Youngstown (1925), Erie Railroad signals (1931), Siding Crucible Steel Co. KS (1902), Kendall Coal and Coke, Tyrone Branch, Broadford (1930), Building at Haselton (1905), R of W at Lynch (1905), R of W at Beaver Falls(1902), retaining wall, Republic Iron PGH (1905), R of W Robinson (1909), Xing watchman (1944), Siding New Castle Asphalt Block Co (1901), Commercial Sash and Door Co, Beaver Falls (1905), R of W Ohio Connecting Bridge West End Pgh (1913), Hartman Dam, R of W, retaining walls and bridges (1890), 1900-1955
Box 101 Engineering Files: (43) KS Power House- 1902, (55) Sand House, Marchand -1915, (57) FCC Radio Licence, (60) Station at Marchland- 1903, (61) Newell Yard -1947, (63) Drinking Water, Yard Office, Newell -1943, (63) Newell Water Plant - 1929, (67) Monessen Yard -1902, (69) Sidetrack A and P Monessen- 1947, (70A) Monessen Freight Sta. -1947, (72) -1903, (79A) Glassport Yard- 1897, (85) Boiler Washing -1903, (96) Gardner Ave. Yd. New Castle (1900), 1900-1960s
Box 102 Engineering Files: 3rd St. Coraopolis (1904), R of W, Lucas, Lockhart Iron and Steel, KS, R of W Braddock (1904), 34th St. Yard Pgh, Hays, Keystone Iron and Metal, Terminal Coal Co., New Glenwood Bridge, Hays, American Oil Co., Lucas (1935), Reiber St. Footbridge, New Castle (1896), Sidetrack, Ellwood Stone Co. (1899), 1909-1959
Box 105 Track switches, etc. (blueprints), 1900-1980
Box 130 Station and rail shops (1938), Pennsylvania RR Freight Terminal and Facilities, Diagram of P&LE RR (1945), Montour RR connection with P&LE (1937), Plan of Station Grounds (1909), Neville Interlocking Plant (1918), P&LE Truck Repair Shop (1927), P&LE Pittsburgh to Youngstown Location of Vacant Land Available for Lease (1930), Reconditioning Room Freight House Pittsburgh (1927), Pittsburgh Terminal Train Shed Design for Platform (1898), Plans Showing Location and details of Drinking Water Lines and Fountains in Freight House and Central Warehouse (1917), Location of Monongahela Connecting RR (1895), Pittsburgh Terminal Station Proposed Concrete Platform (1935), Organization of Department Slides, Early 1900s
Box 134 P&LE and Eastern Railroad Companies agreement, Engineering Files - Damage to Roadway During Flood (1937), Blueprints and Estimate of Cost and Correspondence (Airport Parkway), Engine logs Montour Railroad, 1930s-1940s
Tube 135 Floor Plans Of Modernization Layout for Central Warehouse, Table of Contents: 1) Plot plan, 2) elevation plan, 3) First Floor Plan Existing and Proposed, 4) Existing Basement Plan, 5) Proposed Basement Plan, 6) Existing Second Floor Plan, 7) Proposed Second Floor Plan, 8) Existing Typical Floor Plan, 9) Proposed Typical Floor Plan, 10) Existing Third Floor Plan, 11) Proposed Third Floor Plan, 12) Existing fourth floor plan, 13) Proposed fourth floor plan, 14) Existing fifth floor plan, 15) Proposed fifth floor plan, 16) Existing sixth floor plan, 17) Proposed sixth floor plan, 18) Existing seventh floor plan, 19) Proposed seventh floor plan, 1952
Tube 136 Floor Layout for Mechanized Material Handling, Table of Contents: First floor plan existing and proposed, First floor proposed, 1952
Tube 137 New York Central Lines Athletic Associations Sixths Annual Track Meet to be Held At Pitt Stadium Sept. 18th 1929 (3586 FF8-1), Freight House Office Building Floor Plan (1785 JA3), The Monongahela Railway Showing Coal and Coke Operations (14193 - KF -12 and 209 - K - 393), 1929
Tube 138 Plan of Defense Plant Corporation Area Situate in The Boroughs of Homestead and West Homestead Made for Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp ( LP- 706 and 1026), West Wing of Pittsburgh Terminal Station ( 6141 EK5), Duquesne Slag Products Company Pittsburgh Plant Layout Sheet Number 1 (133), West Wing of the Pittsburgh Terminal Station (6141 EK5), 1906-1942
Box 139 Bridges Replacing Moon Run Railroad Replacing Numbers 1 and 3 (G22), West Wing of Pittsburgh Terminal Station 4th floor (6141 EK5), West Wing of Pittsburgh Terminal Station showing part of glass roof and steel work over glass dome (6141 EK5), West Wing of Pittsburgh Terminal Station Cross section (6141 EK5), Montour Railroad Plan for Plate Girders of Proposed Bridge over Montour Run (G23), Plan Showing Tunnel and Retaining Wall (22), New Terminal (98 B), 1902
Box 144 Retirement of track sidings, retirement of flat cars, purchases of equipment, sale of systems, etc., 1970s
Box 145 McKeesport Bridge / Repairs, blueprints; Boro of Davidson Slag; airlines at Hazelton Yard; Carbon Limestone Co. Hillsville; Freight Agents Office Building, 1948
Box 161 Standard siding agreements; construction of sidetracks, etc.; standard siding agreements; construction of sidetracks; etc., standard siding agreements; construction of sidetracks, etc.; Allegheny County Light Company; Glassport; Widening River Avenue; West End; Widening River Avenue, West End; Widening River Avenue; West End), 1902
Box 175 Lake Erie and Ohio River Canal, 1932
Box 192 Contracts with other companies; blueprints, 1920s
Box 193 General Files - 547 (Meehan Boiler & Construction Co. & J.F. Cantrwell - S.J. Quinn - Sidetrack at Lowellville), 508 (Right of Way - McKees Rocks Pa), 554 (South 22nd Street Yard), 554-1 (South 22nd Street Yard), 451-4 (Diesel Repair Shop - McKees Rocks Pa), 451-4-A (Diesel Repair Shop - McKees Rocks Pa), 451-8 (Diesel Repair Shop - McKees Rocks Pa), 1950s
Box 194 Old and Cancelled - 323 (Bridge Inspections), 335.1 (Pittsburgh Builders Supply KS), 336 (Lease West Newton Fr. Ste to Westmorland County Farm Bureau Coop), 367 (American Tin Plate Co. S.S. Pgh), 392 (Right of Way at Lowellville M.S.L), 399 (Photos of PUC Hearing on Lowellville crossings), 399-1 (Prop. Highway Bridge over Mahoning River, Lowellville), 403 (Pgh Coal West Newton), 413 (Road Crossing Lewis Foundry and Machine Groveton), 416 (Right of Way Sunnyside), 438 (Glenwood Bridge, Hays), 445 (Right of Way Montour Junction), 451-1 (Prop Sewers, Diesel Shop KS), 451-2 (Excavation for Diesel Shop), 451-3 (Diesel Shop KS),
Box 195 Property Correspondence, Contract #3 - 67 Vipond and Vipond Inc, Contract 206-66 Aerial Map Service, 1966-1968
Box 196 Colona River Rail Transfer Plant; Colona River Rail Transfer Plant operating expenses), 1934-1936
Box 197 File Nos. 7110 - 7169-A; land leases, sidetrack agreements, bridges, tracks, grade crossings, 1925-1960
Box 198 Historical Data of the Waynesburg Southern Railroad Company - See records storage inventory sheet, 1966-1968
Box 200 File Nos. 6967 - 7104 (Standard Slag Co. Permit for Roadway on Cedar Street, Mahoning Valley Sand Co. Track Siding), 1940s-1950s
Box 201 File Nos. 2758 - 2867 (Approx Cost of Pittsburgh Terminal, Matthews Run Arch at Sheppler, 1950s
Box 202 File Nos. 8205 - 8365 - grade crossings; sidetrack agreements, etc., 1940s-1950s
Box 203 Information pertaining to the construction of the L.E & E. RR (Files 1662-L to 1662-27-A), 1950s-1960s
Box 204 Budgets 1958-61, files regarding Pittsburgh, McKeesport & Youghiogheny Railroad, 1950s
Box 205 Wreck Investigation File, Alcoa, 1970s
Box 206 General Files - 1166 (Abolition grade crossing on New Castle to Chawton Hwy at Taylor twp), 1182 (Market St. Crossing McKeesport), 1235 (Crossings at McKeesport, Erie, Huey, Mary, Martin, Riverton, Walnut, Dale and Agreement w/ B&O for 4th Ave), 1786-48-A (40 Hour week from 1945), 1276 (Republic Iron and Steel Co. of Haselton) 1278-A-4 (Co. Telephone employees residences), 1897-1950s
Box 207 File Nos. 5105 - 5208-A-3 (Penna. Power Co., Extension of old turntable tracks at Beaver Falls, Duquesne Light Co., Controversy with the Pullman co.), 1930-1950
Box 208 Pittsburgh Steel Foundry (1795), Lake Carriers Oil Co.; Passenger Coach Tracks (1843); College Round House (1916), College Round House coal and ash plant (1916), Youngstown Sheet and Tube (1936), 1901-1907
Box 209 General Files - 7677 (Motor Trucks- Engineering Departments), 7721 (Third and Fourth Tracks Fallston to College), 7723 (Survey Along P&LE RR Permission to Enter Property), 7736 (J.P Ensing & F.G Brisbin -Personal Correspondence), 7762 (Proposed relocation of tracks through Homestead and Braddock territory), 1903-1957
Box 210 National Industrial Reclamation Act, 1930-1950
Box 211 Change crossing protection at 1st street Braddock; 2196 East Carson Street Yard, 1901-1931
Box 212 File Nos. 8513-3 to 8605 (New Car Repair Shop McKees Rocks, Lease of Property, etc), 1950s
Box 213 Pittsburgh Chartiers & Youghiogheny Railway Co Damage papers McKees Rocks, Freight Car Shop McKees Rocks, etc., 1910-1950s
Box 214 File Nos. 3816-4 to 3986 Lease of Land sidetrack agreement, Railroad Accident investigation reports, 1910-1960s
Box 215 File Nos. 3996 to 4176; sidetrack agreements; right of way; crossings; transfers; etc. with other companies, 1900-1960
Box 216 General Files - 6777 (Colona River Rail Transfer Plant operating expenses), 6851 (YMCA general correspondence), 6891 (misc. maps and blueprints), 6927 (Electric flash butt welding for continuous rail), 6964 (Brotherhood of Railway Signalmen), 6965 (American Federation of Labor), 7040 (Wampum-Chewton Bridge over P&LE), 7074 (New River Bridge at West Street), 7114 (Pittsburgh Coal Co. constructing grade crossing over township roads), 1920-1950
Box 217 Lease of Cars, Freight Equipment files, 1980s
Box 218 1956 Zoning Ordinance; Montour Railroad and Youngstown & Southern Railroad acquisitions; main line switch; City Planning reports; crossings; property purchases; articles of agreement, 1898-1958
Box 219 Committee on valuation of railroads; inspection by ICC's Bureau of Valuation; telephone circuit locations; maintenance of way; signals; sidings in Monessen; sidetrack agreements, 1913-1959
Box 220 Youngstown Branch Bridge over Mahoning River, Car Heaters, Explosives Handling, Discontinuance Passenger Trains, Handling Investigations, 1940s
Box 221 Connellsville Western Maryland abandonments, Detroit Edison Trains, Montour Railroad champion terminal study, Penn Central use of Lake Erie &Eastern, Walford Branch, Ohio River Branch, 1980s
Box 222 File Nos. 5467 to 5713, 1950s-1960s
Box 223 312 (New Central Warehouse), 349 (Superior Paper Products - McKees Rocks), 1950s
Box 224 General Files - 2846 (B&O crossover tracks at McKeesport connection at MK tower, switching for National Tub Co., 2833 (Rostraver storage yard re-adjustment Pgh Steel), 2874 (Reports, accounts, statements - ICC & misc. subjects), 2875 (McKeesport Freight Office), 2884 (BG Interlocking Plant), 2887 (Phoenix Glass Co.), 1909-1940
Box 225 General Files - 2495 (Crossings/ application for construction), 2499 (Mayor Pottery, Beaver Falls), 2510 (Ferrona and Sharon Branch), 1896-1907
Box 226 General Files - 5765 (Equipment Budget), 5765 (Work cars - retired, new equipment cars, pay loader, maitenance program), 5801 (Webster Fuel Supply Co Sidetrack and Lease), 5810 (Gov't Ordinance Plant), 5826 (Neville Island Branch), 5836 (United Coal Co.), 5894 (Ellwood Jct), 5904 (American Railroad Association), 1899-1953
Box 227 Old and Cancelled - 528 (West Side Belt RR), 531 (West Pittsburgh), 543 (Sherman St. Track), 547 (Falcon Foundry Co), 549 (R of W Webster), 554 (Track through J&L Property), 554 (J&L, Pittsburgh), 554-1-A (Monongahela Conn RR), 1902-1950
Box 228 File Nos. 5713-A-2 to 5931-1-A-1 (Holub Iron and Steel, Consolidation and Rearrangement of Signal Maintenance Sectors, Douglass Grade Crossings, United Coal Co Ella Mine), 1930s-1950s
Box 229 File Nos. 4762-A to 4851 (Changing of Location of Highway East of Millersville, Sidetrack Agreement with Standard Steel, Exchange of R of W with B&O), 1930s-1950s
Box 230 Bids regarding contracts for roadside structures, Special file on Duquesne contracting co., Right of Way Lake Erie and Eastern, 1910-1950s
Box 231 Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees; sidetrack agreements; articles of agreement, 1922-1959
Box 232 General Files - 2414 (Little Redstone Creek Branch), 2441 (Permits for pipe and wire crossings and making charges for same), 2445 (Townsend Company Fallston, 2495 (Crossings at Homestead), 1906
Box 233 Old and Cancelled - 1-B to 18-C (Temporary Diesel Facilities, Water Supply E. Youngstown, Hazelton Yard Masters Office), 1950s
Box 234 File Nos. 4607 H to 4745-A-7 (Cherry Street Crossing, Lease of Property at Ellwood City, Grade Crossing at Ellwood City, Fence around McKees Rocks Yard), 1940s-1950s
Box 235 Information on construction of the LE&E RR: 1662 (Special File - Duquesne Contr. Co and bids on grading and concrete between Cedar St and Division Streets), 1662 (LE&E RR main file surveying tracks), 1662-A-2-5 (LE&E roadbed and track), 1662-B (Vacation of streets and crossings from 1905), Early 1900s
Box 236 Reports, surveys, newspaper articles, reports on costs and reports of congressional hearing of the canal, Meramec Basin Research Project 1961-1962, 1930s-1960s
Box 237 Sidetrack and land leases; abandonment; changes in tracks at Elwell Branch, 1936-1966
Box 238 General Files - 1475 (Pittsburgh Tube Co siding at Monaca), 1544 (J&L siding at Aliquippa), 1544-A (Woodlawn to West Economy Highway), 1581-G-8 (Speed of trains hauling cranes on the main track), 1581-C-9 (Additions to main line and sidings, timetables, etc.), 1950s
Box 239 General Files - 6107 (Cheseborough Mfg. Co. McKees Rocks), 6112 (Federal Spring Company and Standard Steel Spring), 6124 (Office Building -NYC Freight Station), 6271 (Duquesne Light Company Wire Crossing at 21st Street), 6335 (Improved and heavier weight of rail, dudley section), 6354 (Eliminating grade crossing at 21st Street), 6412 (Widening Jerome Street), 6632 (Russell Burdsall and Ward B&N Co), 6759 (Retirement costs and schedules), 6759 (Depreciation and fixed costs ICC), 1912-1945
Box 240 Old and Cancelled PC&Y 349-H to 349-N (various sidetrack agreements), 1950s
Box 241 Old and Cancelled PC&Y 312.22-D to 312.22-W (Duquesne Light Crossings at Chestnut Street, Kennedy and Guthrie Station, and Railroad Street), 1940s-1950s
Box 242 General Files - 3997 (Matthew's Gravity Carrier Co. Ellwood City / Matthew's Conveyor Co.), 1911
Box 243 File Nos. 1371 - 1621 (Under crossings, Oil house at college, Right of Way at North Webster, etc), 1910-1930
Box 244 File Nos. 5022 - 5104 (Lease of Land, Report on the Development of Water Resources at the Mahoning River, Upper Ohio Valley Association, 1910-1950
Box 245 File Nos. 2279 - 2387 (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Aliquippa Yard, etc.), 1910-1950
Box 246 Books, studies, and surveys for Lake Erie and Ohio River Canal, 1940-1960
Box 247 Train Accidents, 1965
Box 248 General Files - 1064 (Universal Sanitary Mfg. Co reconstruction of trestle property conveyance, private roadway), 1064 - A (Universal Rundle 12" water line), 1064-1 (Grade Crossing), 1068-1 (Kelsy-Hayes Development Port Vue), 1068-A (McKeesport Tin Plate and J&L sidetrack), 1076 (American Steel and Wire Co. track changes), 1902-1947
Box 249 Old and Cancelled - 573 (Fire at Newell coal mine), 577 (Mesta Machine Co. discharge into Streets Run), 582 (Monaca Freight Station), 588 (Mon River Coal and Coke), 590-B-1 (Pittsburgh Steel Co.), 607 (Mon River Coal and Coke), 623 (Right of Way South Side), 661 (Commercial Sash and Door), 669 (Right of Way Edenburg), 680 (Pittsburgh Railways wire crossings), 732 (A. Hayden Elizabeth Siding), 733 (Right of Way J. Sinnott Gibsonton), 757 (Pvt. grade crossing, Whitsett Junction), 769 (4th Street crossing Pittsburgh), 775 (Right of Way Rostraver), 791 (Right of Way Demler), 802 (General Yard office KS), 1898-1958
Box 250 File Nos. 2621-4 to 2745-A (3rd Street undercrossing Glassport, Co Interlocking Plant, Drainage Monessen, RK Interlocking), 1950s
Box 251 Federal Long housemen's and Harbor Worker's Compensation Act; Whirler Crane; sidetrack agreements; snow removal; grade crossings; track proposals, 1922-1958
Box 252 Old and Cancelled - 805 (Valley Electric, Fallston), 806 (Ohio Valley Supply), 809 (Struthers Highway Bridge), 810 (Raising P&W Tracks at Struthers Bridge), 829 (Water Station Port Vue), 832 (Jacobs Creek Scale), 833 (Speers Run Branch), 839 (O'Neil and Patterson Tipple), 841 (Right of way Homestead), 859 (Right of Way American Window Glass), 868 (Right of way Layton), 885 (Continental Can Co.), 886 (Electric Power Lines), 887 (Overhead crossing, J&L Tunnel north end), 889 (Right of way Becks Run), 890 (New Committee on Slag), 903 (Right of Way, Bridgewater), 943A (Jepco of Pa.), 1899-1953
Box 253 General Files - 2517 (Woodlawn Passenger Station), 2565 (Western Union Telephone Co. contract), 2621 (Various changes including street crossings or bridges at 2nd and 3rd streets at Beaver Leopard and Lion lane at Bridgewater), 2621 (Snyder's record on steel work for bridges), 2631 (Wire crossings- Youngstown consolidated gas and electric at Lowellville and Bentley, MSL, also wires from N. Castle Jct.), 2636 (Grade crossings at West Newton -Hwy. Rt. 118), 1908-1942
Box 254 General Files - 595 (Sewers, McKees Rocks), 653 (J&L Tunnel), 714 (Lightweight freight cars-same for clearances reports freight cars cleaned), 1920s-1950s
Box 255 8255 (Defense Plant Corp foot walk, alcohol lines, steam lines, gas line on Raccoon Creek), 8261 (United Engineering and foundry contract to serve plant at Sherman and New Castle), 8288 (New passenger and freight layout at Homestead), 8375 (Amper Iron and Metal Company, proposed lease of land and tracks and Southwest Compressed Steel Corp), 1940s
Box 256 1662-33 (Coal and ash handling, LE&E RR/ Lansingville), 1662-43 (Investments as per agreement), 1662-42-A (General File, Mahoning Valley Agreements), 1662-70 (Yard Office, train men and car mens buildings), 1940s-1960s
Box 257 Surveys, studies, reports, maps, and geological reports of the Lake Erie and Ohio River Canal, 1950s
Box 258 399-A (Proposed Sewers at Lowellville), 418 (Brownville Junction Yard), 434 (McKeesport Freight House), 451-1 (Diesel Repair Shop, McKees Rocks), 1950s
Box 259 Car shops and buildings; agreements with companies; sidetrack agreements; siding; connections; grade crossings, 1890-1958
Box 260 Personal Injury Record Cards, Car and Locomotive, 1943-1974
Box 285a-285b Correspondence on thefts and vandalism, maintenance, construction, 1899-1957
Box 286b Expense reports, track change proposals, and correspondence between PL&E and Baltimore & Ohio Railroad on use of tracks, 1940s
Box 287a Railroad and terminal maintenance and construction, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers public notices, correspondence with chief of engineers, 1900-1950
Box 287b Maintenance and construction, 1940s
Box 296a Records of 1981 'Great Train Ride', contracts and agreements with Pennsylvania Railroad Company, study of Jones & Laughlin Steel Company, General Notices, track changes, matters of Pittsburgh, Chartiers, and Youghiogheny Railroad Company and Gateway Yard, 1927-1984
Box 296b Correspondence on car movements, track changes, legal issues, 1983 Weed and Bush Control Program, and "5,000,000th Freight Car"/Gateway Yard Celebration (1966); rosters and seniority lists, notices and bulletins, 1924-1983
Box 298b Daily locomotive reports, freight car inspections, Express Truck Maintenance Manual, Waukesha Engines Manual (1951), freight car and work equipment records, and purchasers of Little Kanawha Syndicate and Buckhannon & Northern Railroads, 1914-1986
Box 300b State road crossings, changes in grade crossings, properties secured, correspondence with other railroads, engineator wiring diagrams, parts including joints, transfers, and track fastenings, and matters of Montour Railroad Company and their engineering department, 1913-1951
Box 329b City of Pittsburgh granted authorizations for building projects; Frank Virant's personal items, 1905-1940
Box 334a Correspondence concerning Lake Erie & Ohio River Ship Canal and proposed improvement of Beaver and Mahoning Rivers, change of rails through "SI" Interlocking Plant; accounts and payrolls, 1933-1949
Box 342b Records of 40-hour work week decision; correspondence concerning Pennsylvania Railroad bridge at Beaver Falls and New Brighton, bridge in Homestead, train accidents, and locomotive parts, 1898-1960
Box 352-353 Newspaper clippings by Burrelles Clipping Service, 1965-1967
Box 354 Correspondence of Industrial Engineering dept. to the office of the president regarding Upper Ohio River Canal, 1936-1941
Box 356 Construction of the Lake Erie and Ohio River Canal papers: correspondence, plans, legal matters, hearings, 1960s
Box 358 Papers concerning construction of upper Ohio River Canal, 1930s
Box 360-361 Papers pertaining to Lake Erie and Ohio River Canal, 1941-1945, 1960s
Box 362 Reports and correspondence regarding construction of dam and reservoir in The Mahoning River Basin, OH; West Branch Reservoir; Upper Ohio Valley Assoc. Reports and correspondence, U.S. Senate Committee on Public Works sessions, 1935-1965
Box 363a-363b Official documents of Lake Erie and Ohio River Canal Project, and Beaver River/Mahoning Canal; includes correspondence, reports, radio, magazines, U.S. Congressional Committee reports; Upper Ohio Vallery Assoc., Board of Army Engineers for Rivers & Harbors; protests and resolutions; Ohio Railroad Assoc., chambers of commerce outside of Pittsburgh; opponents--West Branch, 1935-1963
Box 364 Bound newspaper clippings of the Ohio River and Lake Erie Canal Project, 1967-1969
Box 366-367 Newspaper clippings, 1965-1967
Box 370 Reports of coal reserves, recoverable coal at mines, freight survey (1931-34); Ashtabula and Shenango trackage rights agreements, contracts, and reports (1976-84); Union mediation agreements (90s), 1931-44; 1976-91
Box 375 Burelles clippings on Lake Erie and Ohio River canal, 1962-1965
Box 378 Burelles clippings on Lake Erie and Ohio River Canal, 1960s
Box 382 Train movement reports (1973-77), radio and wireless communication (1987); bow train, cabin, and caboose, 1973-1987
Box 387 Correspondence concerning Steel Car Shop of McKees Rocks; route at Presto, PA; track, bridge, and grade crossing construction agreements; Neville Island road crossings, 1924-1961
Box 394b Chief Engineer correspondence to and from Pittsburgh & Lake Erie regarding US government dam construction proposal, 1913-1940
Box 398a-398b Correspondence and notices concerning Interstate Commerce Commission; signals inspections; sidetrack agreements; lease agreements; protection of grade crossings within Pittsburgh city limits; employee matters; PC&Y; property issues, 1902-1960
Box 403 Correspondence on repairs to tracks (1970s); North Star transfer station operations (1950s); proposed dock transfer plant in Corona (1932-55); issues dealing with various crossings and properties (1933-46), 1933-1976
Box 404 Chief Engineer's signed agreements: leases, licenses, etc., 1921-1956
Box 405 Chief Engineer's files: Upper Ohio River Valley Project; St. Lawrence Seaway; large bound report (Railroad Committee for the Study of Transportation--Subcommittee on Water Transport Assoc. of American Railroads--Transportation on the Mississippi River System) and U.S. Congressional correspondence, 1941-1950
Box 406 Engineering issues pertaining to PC&Y and McKeesport station and Neville Island freight, 1933-1949
Box 407a Correspondence regarding land agreements; sidetrack agreements; McKees Rocks; various companies; right of way, 1902-1960
Box 407b Correspondence concerning regarding land and sidetrack agreements; McKees Rocks; right of way; harbor lines; Convention of the National Rivers & Harbors Congress; Norway Furnace Trestle and Tracks; sidetrack agreements; retaining walls at Port Perry; Scott Haven Yard; proposed new bridge over Youghiogheny River at McKeesport; elevators, Annex Building, Pittsburgh, 1914-1957
Box 407c Clearances; crossings at New Castle; property leases; harbor lines, 1914-1957
Box 408a Correspondence with PC&Y; sidetrack agreements; lease agreements; grade crossings; properties; National Industrial Recovery Act; accident report, 1910-1940
Box 408b Reports of material removed and applied to locomotives; locomotive final reports; locomotives formerly of Conrail, 1940-1987
Box 409b Correspondence concerning Neville Island bridges; track elevations at McKees Rocks; National Tube Company, 1910-1945
Box 410 Train accident reports (1970s) from the office of the Chief Engineer; correspondence concerning Barret Co tracks; IRS records (1915-46); issues concerning Thorn Run Bridge, 1915-1970
Box 412 Correspondence and papers concerning construction and maintenance from department of engineering - East Youngstown Turntable, Hazelton Overhead Bridge, Vernacular Bridge, P&LE tracks, Youngstown Sheet and Tube Bridge, 1930-1940
Box 413 Railroad and highway intersections; sidetrack agreements; right of way; Connellsville Station improvements; Connellsville Station in connection with Western Maryland, 1905-1948
Box 414 Certificates of insurance; elevator construction at main terminal; construction of Monongahela River Bridge; maintenance and construction of terminal building roof, 1937-1952
Box 417 Association of American Railroads operations and maintenance; department of mechanics, 1955-1988
Box 418-419 Track construction, installations, maintenance; property issues; building construction along tracks, 1926-1940
Box 420 Company vehicles and insurance of, freight maintenance, employee training, accounting, employee bulletin, 1970-1980
Box 422 Repair, maintenance, and construction pertaining to Monongahela River Bridge; various track and maintenance repairs, property issues, 1911-1941
Box 423 Construction of Blue Bridge at Freeport; main passenger terminal in Pittsburgh to compete with Pennsylvania Railroad originals, blueprints, and expansions (1904-44), numerous projects of Chief Engineer, 1899-1904
Box 424 Correspondence concerning Flood Committee; sidetracks; maintenance and repair of diesel locomotives; study of Montour Railroad coal movements; joint facilities; flat car conversion design; centralized crew dispatching; cost analyses; Detroit-Edison train; hot slab trains; Aliquippa & Southern Railroad, 1897-1973
Box 425 Right of way; grade crossings; Anderson Road station; bridge repairs; highway construction; sidings; drainage at Blacks Run; land leases; agreement with other railroads, 1905-1965
Box 426 Signal failures and inspections; various improvements to Beaver Falls area; tracks at New Castle; property and automobile damages; land leases; company agreements; sidetracks; right of way, 1900-1960
Box 427 Correspondence regarding U.S. Geological Survey Maps; siding agreement; operation and maintenance of Youngstown, OH YMCA; grade crossings; contracts and leases, 1900-1971
Box 428 Correspondence relating to authorization of Ferrona Branch; elimination of grade crossings; defective rails; car repairs; sidings in Coraopolis and Johnstown; Woodlawn track scales; rail tests; highway crossings; inspections of pressure vessels, 1910-1956
Box 429 Construction of new Riverton yard office; U.S. Senate bills; Aliquippa - Colona slag track; issues of Pittsburgh Coal Co.; sidetrack agreements; Crow and Hog Island affairs, 1902-1950S
Box 430 Change of highways; right of ways; property leases; pollution of streams in Allegheny County; various agreements and contracts; shop buildings at Davis Island Repair Yard, 1905-1948
Box 431 Sidetrack agreements; regulations of Destruction of Records of Steam Railroads and McKees Rocks storage; sidings; pymatuning and draining of swamp; YMCA facilities; widening of East Carson Street; statistics of Youngstown, Oh YMCA, 1901-1958
Box 433 Recapitulation of engine hours in East Youngstown District; yardmaster dismissals; statements of trackage, cars handled through various yards, car, engine, and caboose mileage; weight and motion scales; Fourth Avenue Project in McKeesport; yardmaster promotions; matters of Lake Erie & Ohio River Canal; memberships in organizations, 1966-1992
Box 434 Personal Injuries; company vehicles; repairs to and information on freight equipment, 1969-1987
Box 436a Photocopies of aerial photographs of Pennsylvania Railroad Miracle Run and Brave to Waynesburg, 1966
Box 436b Assortment of small ledgers containing field notes, final cross sections, anchoring records, field grades, excavation quantities, etc., of Waynesburg Southern Railroad, 1966-1968
Box 438 Electrical requisitions of Mechanical Department; Arbitration Committee minutes and decisions; purchase orders; freight car inventories; Association of American Railroad Manual of Standards and Practices; AAR special reports; vehicles file; card index of railroads; gas receipts, 1980-1990
Box 439 Water pipelines and construction blueprints; worker payrolls and estimates of expenses, 1914-1946
Box 440a Superintendent agreements (regarding sidetracks, wages, etc); car records; J&L Steel contract on equipment transfer services; railroad company agreements; studies of billing, switching, and future procedures; various bills; changes in operating facilities at East Youngstown, Oh.; car sales records; contracts with PC&Y, 1939-1983
Box 449 Vacuum cleaners; boilers; elevators; weigh stations; equipment tests; lubrication; engineering; machinery, 1976
Box 450 Visual and hearing exams; Metals Recycling; car cleaning services; inspections; Intra-Industry Claims Agreement; Track Torpedoes specifications and use; Fire and Trainmen Exams; expense accounts; Mechanized Info System; medical exams, 1926-1989
Box 453 Equipment and appliance catalogs, service and installation manuals, instruction diagrams for equipment installation, 1952-1970
Box 454a-454c Ohio and Pennsylvania new legislation concerning P≤ B&O's use of tracks-McKeesport to Port Vue; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers notice; Norway trestle and track, sidings; grade crossings and right of way with Lake Erie Limestone Co.; agreements with Republic Steel Company and Mahoning State Line Railroad; sale of land and tracks at New Castle, PA; right of way and power wire crossings, 1923-1955
Box 468a-468b Comprehensive compilation of official reports (NGO and government) concerning all waterway projects; emphasis on Ohio River and Lake Erie Canal project, 1921-1965
Box 469 TWU Agreements and working agreements; Machinery & Airbrakes exam series; 1990 Joint Inspection--B&LE and P≤ seniority rosters; mechanical dept. locomotives, College, PA (1981); engineering mileage chart logs, 1967-1990
Box 476 Office of industrial engineering operations; iron ore movements; hopper and gondola studies; correspondence concerning Montour Junction auto ramp; Mahoning State Line Railroad study; Dravo Stone proposal, 1968-1980
Box 478 Correspondence of Chief Mechanical Officers regarding wheel gauges, welding, Magnaflux program, tools and machinery, air brake testing devices, wheel truing machine, contracts and agreements, Wisconsin electric train, Norfolk Southern track acquisition, 1904-1986
Box 488 Reports to the office of Chief Engineer from the American Railway Association, Interstate Commerce Commission, Pennsylvania Railroad Association, Eastern Railway Association, General Managers Association; information regarding industrial supplies and equipment; PC&Y Employee medical reports, 1960-1991
Box 496 Car Department cards of out of service employees prior to 1950, 1880s-1950
Box 512 Injury and illness reports and statements (1977-92); authorized positions (1984-86); freight car repairs and mechanical department requests for appropriation (1986-89); sale of cars to Chessie system (1986-89); pollution notices (1981-86); Mass Transit Clean Air Act (1974); caboose safety complaints (1968-85); power plants (1963-79); electricity (1968-86); AAR committees, correspondence and reports (1979-91); employee travel and business expenses (1985-92); utility contracts and agreements, 1963-1991
Box 514 Tread temperature tests (1966); notices (1955-67); sidetrack agreements; documents and plans for rebuilding of caboose; construction plans for Neville Island (1920s); sand cars, track construction Robinson (1940s); Woodland Passenger Station and Subway construction (1909-11), 1920-1980
Box 515 Cars under obligation, gondola end modification; paperwork, pamphlets, catalogs, and instructions for various equipment and parts, 1976-1989
Box 520a-520b Matters of importance to Mechanical Engineer Dept. including: Wheel Truing Machine plans; information on Ready-Power Electrical Industrial Truck; locomotive speed indicators and recorders; locomotive brake equipment; locomotive combustion catalyst; D.I. Gantry Crane; various equipment blueprints, track extension plans for Struthers, Oh.; equipment blueprints, 1952-1980
Box 521a-521b Dept. of Transportation Training Catalog (1985); other manuals and guides to machinery and procedure; GM Replacement Parts Catalog, Master Parts Catalog; PC- Conrail Standard Maintenance Regulations for Locomotives; locomotive service manual; P&LE Annual Reports (1963-78); Pocket List of Railroad Officials (1989), 1963-1989
Box 522 The Public Service Company Law (1925); P&LE Annual Report to Railroad Commission of Ohio (1906); Transportation Law booklet (1960); Rail Planning Procedures Report (1975); 1920s engineer's field books; contracts and agreements between Montour Railroad and other companies; Montour Railroad maintenance reports; general notices from 1991-92, 1906-1992
Box 524 Chief Engineer's Office equipment and purchase orders, employee age limits; publication information; Youngstown & Southern Railroad Transfer Contract; physical requirements; matters of signals, transportation, and storage; test equipment; microfiches of interchange, 1932-1989
Box 525 Department of Highways Construction agreements; West End Bridge construction; railroad repairs and construction; project estimates; construction contracts; personal injuries (1981); locomotive construction; McKees Rocks construction, 1930-1950; 1981
Box 531a Vehicle, machine, and rail equipment brochures; instruction manuals, 1940-1970
Box 531b Locomotive school study books and review questions; annual proceedings for various rail associations; port authority commuter rail study; authority for expenditure of Y&S Railway, AAR bulletins concerning claim work; "facts about featherbedding;" Montour expense book (1960); Montour balance sheets (1921-23); annual reports of P&LE, Mahoning, Beaver & Ellwood (1920s), 1940-1970
Box 531c Consolidated Rail Corporation Bulletins; flat car improvements, 1980-1992
Box 535 Chief Engineer's CL-1 reports; ICC Plans on Abandonment; correspondence with Dept. of Defense; purchase of power; bridge repair program; dept. of commerce & labor - permit applications; OSHA; EPA regulations; dept. of transportation records; Transportation Research Board; rates of pay, 1949-1989
Box 540 Personal injury summary cards of Montour Railroad employees; LE&E records book; notes on cross sections; LE&E and PL&E crossing agreements, 1922-1965
Box 541 Duquesne Light construction agreements, "new and relayer rail" status reports, maintenance reports; request for authority; 1956 budget; proposed exterior to central warehouse and annex building, 1940-1959
Box 542a Reports concerning cars (inspections, delays, maintenance); track routes and maintenance, 1979-1988
Box 544a Bulletins and general notices concerning cargo, cars, shipment instructions, transferred loads; correspondence regarding claims and "safety first", 1979
Box 545b Trackage and interchange agreements; joint-use agreement between P&LE and New York Central Railroad; agreements with Youngstown rail yard; 1977 investigation into incorrect handling of car, 1928-1989
Box 546b Movement of cars; car inventory; coal; janitorial; office supplies; time claims; sidetrack agreements; cargo, careful handling, 1973
Box 548a-548b Locomotives: purchased, sold, retired, inspections, maintenance; locomotive department shop orders; freight cars: owned, sold, maintenance, leased; passenger cars, 1966-1984
Box 549a Locomotives: purchased, sold, retired, inspections, maintenance; gondolas; General Electric equipment installation instructions and diagrams, 1970-1984
Box 549b Equipment and parts sales brochures, equipment and part installation instructions and manuals with diagrams, 1970-1984
Box 550a-550b Locomotives: bought, sold, retired, inspections, maintenance; freight car inventory and leases, 1950-1971
Box 551 Catalogs and information for various railway parts manufacturers (i.e. GE, Portec, Stanrail); freight car ownership logs, 1978-1986
Box 552b Sales orders; equipment maintenance monthly reports; shipping notices of cars sold; light weighs; car acceptance certificates; car leases, 1974-1986
Box 553a-556b Blueprints, schematics, pamphlets, and correspondence pertaining to equipment and systems for trains and buildings, 1950s-1980s
Box 557 Car file individual updates; bundles of daily report of employees working punitive times, 1986-1988
Box 559 Monthly safety meeting; accident reports, lost time, handwritten call directory file book (R.I.Z.), benefits, monthly time book ledger, 1957-1990
Box 560 Car reports and records of time, cars not suitable for service list, maintenance inspections for buildings etc., 1985-1992
Oversize 578 Documents of planning for a Passenger Station at Woodlawn, PA (with correspondence, time estimates, materials inventories, general estimates, blueprints, cost analyses, etc., mostly concerning heating), 1917-1919
Oversize 579 Inventories of furniture and equipment; heating system valuations, 1913-1920
File-cabinet 586 Index of gondola cars-retirement, sale, rebuilding: 100 to 2999 and 3000 to 4999, 1945-1985
File-cabinet 587 Index of gondola cars-retirement, sale, rebuilding: 35000 to 36499 and 39000 to 40999, 1945-1986
File-cabinet 588 Reports of initial or number changes; general repair record, 1980s-1990s
File-cabinet 589 Index of auto, truck, locomotives, company work cars, and active leased cars, 1940-1990
File-cabinet 590 Index of gondola cars-retirement, sale, rebuilding: 73000 to 80299 and 80500 to 20450, 1940-1990
File-cabinet 591 Index of gondola cars-retirement, sale, rebuilding: 5000 to 2499 and 9000 to 10999, 1949-1990
File-cabinet 592 Index of gondola cars-retirement, sale, rebuilding: 67000 to 69999 and 70000 to 72999, 1957-1990
File-cabinet 593 Index of gondola cars-retirement, sale, rebuilding: 11000 to 12999 and 13000 to 17599, 1941-1990
File-cabinet 594 Index of gondola cars-retirement, sale, rebuilding: 62500 to 63699 and 63700 to 64869, 1957-1990
File-cabinet 595 Index of gondola cars-retirement, sale, rebuilding: 50000 to 51999 and 60000 to 62499, 1950-1990
File-cabinet 596 Index of gondola cars-retirement, sale, rebuilding: 41000 to 42249 and 43000 to 49499, 1940-1990
File-cabinet 597 Index of gondola cars-retirement, sale, rebuilding: 18000 to 19199 and 20000 to 24549, 1949-1990
File-cabinet 598 Blank Cards Description; Retired Company Work Cars, 1888-1990s
File-cabinet 599 Index of gondola cars-retirement, sale, rebuilding: 24550 to 30499 and 30500 to 32699, 1949-1986