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Series IV. Montour Railroad, 1900-1995

Scope and Content Notes:

The Montour Railroad was chartered in 1877 as a short line railroad to haul coal from rural western Pennsylvania to the steel industry of Pittsburgh and beyond. The first segment constructed extended southward from Montour Junction (near Coraopolis, Pa.) to the town of Imperial, Pa. In 1912 the railroad underwent a major expansion, and by 1917 reached West Mifflin by way of McDonald, Cecil, and Bethel Park. It became an important link in the rail transportation system serving Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Oh., and Cleveland because it connected to all five of the trunk railroads serving the area. The Montour served 27 mines and carried almost seven million tons of coal annually by its peak in 1930. Other freight was virtually incidental, and passenger service was abandoned in the 1920s. In 1946 the Montour Railroad was sold jointly to the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad. The P&LE acquired sole ownership in 1975. As costs continued to rise and revenues decrease, operations ceased entirely in 1984.

This series is another which contains a wide breath of information for the understanding of how the company functioned on a day-to-day basis through its different departments and how it dealt with problems that arose. Included materials span from 1898 to 1995 and are related to general operations of the railroad, such as employee records and wages, annual reports, bulletins, equipment logs, litigation, and engineering records. There are also some case files and hearings relating to the Lake Erie and Ohio Canal in this series.

Box 77 Engineering (Montour Railroad): Bridges, Bridge Inspection Under grade Reports (1968-78), McDonald Viaduct, Weed Program (1961-68), Mileage of Tracks Change in Track Reports (1961-76), Track Renewal and maintenance reports (1975-79), 1961-1979
Box 30 Research, publications, etc. concerning Coal and Coke Context in Pennsylvania, Early 1900s, 1950s, 1970s
Box 77 Engineering (Montour Railroad): Bridges, Bridge Inspection Under grade Reports (1968-78), McDonald Viaduct, Weed Program (1961-68), Mileage of Tracks Change in Track Reports (1961-76), Track Renewal and maintenance reports (1975-79), 1961-1979
Box 131 Workers agreements - Clerks, Shop Crafts, Steelworkers, Engineers, Yardmasters, Trainmen, Engineers. Rules Governing Employees, 1981
Box 134 P&LE and Eastern Railroad Companies agreement, Engineering Files - Damage to Roadway During Flood (1937), Blueprints and Estimate of Cost and Correspondence (Airport Parkway), Engine logs Montour Railroad, 1930s-1940s
Box 218 Engineering Department - 1956 Zoning Ordinance; files on Montour Railroad and Youngstown & Southern Railroad acquisitions; main line switch; City Planning reports; crossings; property purchases; articles of agreement, 1898-1958
Box 221 Engineering Department - Connellsville Western Maryland abandonments, Detroit Edison Trains, Montour Railroad champion terminal study, Penn Central use of Lake Erie & Eastern, Walford Branch, Ohio River Branch, 1980s
Box 288a-288b Employee records--out of service, 1917-1979
Box 288c Employee records--out of service, correspondence to Youngstown & Southern, Operating Revenues and costs, 1937-1987
Box 297a Employees out of service, record index employee numbers for 1-1700 index of names, 1937-1974
Box 297b Employees out of service; wage reports, 1899-1983
Box 297c Employees out of service; post operation sales of railroad equipment; reports to Railroad retirement service; special account payroll (SPA numbers), 1938-1990
Box 300b State road crossings, changes in grade crossings, properties secured, correspondence with other railroads, engineator wiring diagrams, parts including joints, transfers, and track fastenings, and matters of Montour Railroad and engineering department, 1913-1951
Box 326 Tax Return Information, Gas Meter Readings, Automobile Insurance Records for Montour Railroad Company, Correspondence concerning scale tests, crossing gates, 1931-1985
Box 338 Legal matters: property titles, court hearings, payments, rental agreements, contracts etc., 1900-1959
Box 355 General Notice Index; Falcon Club Auction log (1999); Employment Procedures (1950s); meeting minutes; Montour Railroad Annual Reports to Interstate Commerce Commission; Management Employee Handbook of P≤ railroad company agreement books for P&LE, Lake Erie & Eastern Railroad, and United Transportation Union, 1934-1999
Box 368 Annual Reports, 1920-1939
Box 377 Annual reports of Lake Erie & Eastern, Youngstown & Southern, Mahoning State Line, and Montour railroads, 1949-1979
Box 379 Maintenance of Way agreements; P&LE news bureau releases; stockholder meetings; vendor brochures; published annual reports; Montour agreements; irregularities and disciplines; Youngstown Superintendent Association meeting notes and correspondence, 1960s-1970s
Box 380 Locomotive study; cabin and caboose car information; freight car classifications; abandonments; equipment and building requirements; leases; rentals; sales; authorizations, 1965-1991
Box 384a-384b Land deeds between railroad and private land owners, 1913-1916
Box 385a Laws and litigation of Montour and Y&S closings; filed complaints; police commissions, 1942-1968
Box 386 Board meeting, property inventory of worth, correspondence, Board of Directors meetings, Stockholder's meeting, 1965-1976
Box 388 Employee benefits files (health, dental, off-track vehicle accident); mines rating and production; Consol Energy vs. Montour docket; correspondence with Association of American Railroad, various federal agencies, and other railroads; company appointments; property permits; general orders and rule book changes, 1960-1983
Box 389 Stenographer's minutes for valuation of Montour Railroad, recovery and payment of excess operating income; waybills; legal matters of Montour Railroad such as agreements with Pittsburgh Coal Company and Union Trust Company of Pittsburgh and others, 1905-1950
Box 390 Matters of materials (such as coal, scrap, cars, etc.), 1980-1983
Box 391a Articles of agreement between Montour Railroad and various companies and contractors; work authorizations; multi-railroad agreement book on rules and rates of pay for trainmen and yardmen, 1904-1955
Box 391b Notices and bulletins; correspondence with Consolidation Coal Company; locomotive inspection reports; demurrage sheets; locomotive and car repair sheets; P&L statements; bridge maintenance data; destruction of records, 1911-1980
Box 392a Employee Social Security Registration Applications, 1900-1960s
Box 392b Montour car record cards; P&LE Office of Local Treasurer Corporate Cash Books microfilms, 1900-1983
Box 393a Articles of agreement between Montour Railroad and various companies and contractors; track layouts on Neville Island; correspondence of PC&Y Railroad, 1900-1955
Box 393b Correspondence of PC&Y Railroad, 1900-1995
Box 394a Correspondence of Chief Engineer; construction contract for bridge, 1913-1914
Box 394b Correspondence of Chief Engineer, to and from Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, regarding US government dam construction proposal, 1913-1940s
Box 395 Blueprints and engineering plans, 1950s
Box 396 Records of employees from P&LE, 1950-1981
Box 397 Correspondence concerning notice of abandonment; various agreements; call sheets; coal mine reports, 1900-1982
Box 399a Deeds, 1900-1915
Box 399b Annual Reports; miscellaneous papers and blueprints, 1884-1918
Box 400a Rules and Rates of Pay; Railway Labor Act papers; case files of Lake Erie & Ohio River Canal project hearings, 1936-1975
Box 400b Case files of Lake Erie & Ohio River Canal project hearings, 1926-1939
Box 401 Maintenance of way department bulletins; correspondence of engineering department; labor issues, 1964-1980
Box 402 New York Central Railway blueprints (1950s); agreements with Consolidation Coal Co (1935-47); correspondence concerning issues of the West Pittsburgh Station (1946-61), 1935-1961
Box 424 Correspondence concerning Flood Committee; sidetracks; maintenance and repair of diesel locomotives; study of Montour Railroad coal movements; joint facilities; flat car conversion design; centralized crew dispatching; cost analyses; Detroit-Edison train; hot slab trains; Aliquippa & Southern Railroad, 1897-1973
Box 444b Bound reports of operations, general balance sheets, and expenditure statements; Montour changes in equipment (1960-66); Carrier's Review of and comments concerning reports for property of PC&Y, 1920-1966
Box 448 Crossing accidents, 1946-1982
Box 467 Reports and correspondence of CSX; P&LE phone directory; employee General Notices (1980s); union information; Montour and PC&Y, car service rules; Connellsville machinery, passenger cars, environmental concerns and correspondence; radios (1981-91); contract services provided by P≤ agreements with CIO; TWU correspondence and reports; Employee Assistance Program booklet; claims against Montour Railroad, 1981-1992
Box 484 Meeting minutes, resolutions, government correspondence, leases, dockets, blueprints, etc., reporting the establishment of the Northern Montour Railroad Company; accident reports; application of Mingo Valley Railroad; articles of agreement between Montour Railroad Company and other railroads for consolidation and mergers; contracts between Montour and various companies, 1912-1920
Box 513 Deed from Pittsburgh Terminal Railroad Company to Montour (1919); locomotive replacement (1979); Interstate Commerce Commission briefs concerning valuations and construction (1927-29); construction agreements (1920s); Smith's Ferry Loading Boom construction (1920s); book of balance sheets (1914-17), 1920-1979
Box 515 Cars under obligation, gondola end modification; paperwork, pamphlets, catalogs, and instructions for various equipment and parts, 1976-1989
Box 516a Building costs booklet; daily locomotive performance records; valuation docket of Montour; train statistics of Interstate Commerce Commission; contracts; Montour - Y&S merger proposal; Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad correspondence; policeman commissions; numerous loose blueprints, 1914-1994
Box 516b Pricing schedule for track laying and surfacing; Pittsburgh - Chicago Dist. Cost Data Committee reports on Ballasts (1920); track laying and surfacing cost comparison; booklets on costs of: building, development, freight cars, grading, obtaining money, bridges; ICC valuation dockets; record of property changes, 1920s
Box 517 Shop maintenance standards (1986); multi-railroad agreements on car men, their helpers, and apprentices (1963); agreement between PA railroads and American Railway Supervisors Association (1957); master agreement for restructuring of obligations of P&LE (1985); various other multi-railroad agreements; Montour Railroad railway operating revenues (1927-1941), 1927-1986
Box 528 Court testimonies; railway operating revenues and statements of operations, 1899-1960
Box 530 Land purchase authorizations; deeds, 1910-1931
Box 537 Sale of Montour to Pittsburgh Coal; Montour pipe line crossings; construction blueprints; death investigation reports; legal issues; financial issues; applications for crossings and construction; land deeds; land trusts; requests among railroads for car returns; 1965 budget; job postings, 1913-1930
Box 539 Reports of coal weighed and stop off charges for Champion, Pa., 1965
Box 539 Personal injury summary cards of Montour Railroad employees; LE&E records book; notes on cross sections; LE&E and PL&E crossing agreements, 1922-1965
Box 552a Freight car ownership logs; maintenance of equipment and freight cars; sale orders; leased car file; terminal building development; re-stenciled cars; car retirement sheets; Montour and Youngstown & Southern Railroad monthly reports of revenue freight cars, 1970-1990
Box 571 Log of detailed traffic statistics, 1940-1943
Box 572 ICC Bureau of Valuation land and engineering reports, including blueprints, 1917-1926
Box 573 Reports of waybills received from various companies, 1955
Oversize 574 Bound ledger of financial data, 1913-1928