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Series III. Monongahela Connecting Railroad, 1864-1919

Scope and Content Notes:

The Monongahela Connecting Railroad was a small industrial railroad and subsidiary of the Jones & Laughlin Steel Company. Much of its work was for its parent company, but it also served other industries along the line. It may be best known by its hot metal bridge, which was used to carry molten iron across the Monongahela River from J&L's Eliza Furnaces to the Bessemer converters and rolling mills at J&L's South Side facility. The railroad was also a dieselization pioneer, buying many early diesel locomotives from Alco, General Electric and other manufacturers.

The Monongahela Connecting Railroad series includes litigation, reports, correspondence, and daily operational materials from 1870 to 1991. Documentation in this collection is the most complete of any of the subsidiaries and provides a complete picture of the operations of this line from its beginning with only some overlap with other railroads. Many of the ledgers pertaining to this railroad contains correspondence between Frank McCune, the General Superintendent of the Monongahela Connecting Railroad (early 1900s), and other companies and employees. Unlike some of the other material found in this collection, this series offers an important perspective because it documents railroad communications from the top down.

Box 110 Law Dept - Delaware & Hudson Railway Bankruptcy, CSX vs. Monongahela Railroad, Burlington Northern Railroad Co. vs. P&LE, Norfolk Western vs. P&LE, 1970s-1980s
Box 158 Abandonment of Track in Marion W. Va, Acquisition of Trackage rights; Pennsylvania Railroad correspondence, 1960s
Box 261 Correspondence of General Manager concerning general railroad operations, 1909-1917
Box 262 Correspondence, engine coal consumption statistics, orders, financial statements of monthly savings, 1909-1917
Box 263 Correspondence, Semi-Annual Report ending Dec 18 1918, orders, National Safety Contest and Accidents on Steam Railroads in Pa., 1905-1918
Box 264 Correspondence and other files, 1905-1918
Box 265 All matters pertaining to : File 2 (Slag, Refuse, Rubbish, Ashes), File 3 (Limestone, Ore, Coke, Scrap), File 8 (Per Diem, Demurrage, Coal, Police Department), File 9 (Applications, Dismissals, Promotions, Pittsburgh Mercantile Order, Salaries), 1912-1914
Box 266 Semi-annual report, correspondence, matters pertaining to Car Dept. (cars of all descriptions, ladles, new equipment, repairs, improper loadings, overloading), matters pertaining to Buildings (office, shops, yard offices, doctor's offices, watchmen's shanties, towers, switchmen's buildings), matters pertaining to limestone, ore, coke, scrap, 1905-1918
Box 267 Correspondence regarding car weight data, expense reports, General Superintendent's ledgers, 1905-1918
Box 268-269 General Superintendent McCune's correspondence concerning crew hour notices, general operations, 1908-1917
Box 270 General Superintendent McCune's correspondence; engineering files concerning payrolls, hospital reports, fatalities, liability, accident reports, safety reports of Jones & Laughlin; Pennsylvania Railroad freight tariff books, 1908-1917
Box 271-273 Operating department - correspondence, annual reports, accounts with other railroads, trackage payments, bills and statements, situation reports and special reports, 1917-1918
Box 274 Train Orders Ledgers, Henderson Coal Company, Citizens Water Company, Law Department Correspondence, 1925-1975
Box 275 Law Department Correspondence, Agreement between Coraopolis and MCRR to add tracks and re-route road, Law office files, 1925-1950s
Box 276 Train and Engineers Daily Call Sheets, Late 1970s
Box 277 Train Clerks correspondence (half sheets), General Manager Letters, Record of Crews Called, cars ledgers; all files pertaining to limestone ore, coke, and scrap, 1914-1990s
Box 278 Correspondence of John L. Moore, purchasing, paymaster, assistant secretary, 1905-1915
Box 279a-280 Correspondence pertaining to engines, roundhouses, sand house, pan stocks, coal situations, ash pits. Store room department : supplies, material of all description, water, 1914
Box 281 Correspondence; motive power dept (engines, roundhouse, sandhouse, etc) Store Room Dept., 1918
Box 282 Correspondence, records of locomotive maintenance, American Railway Circulars, Bulletins, letters pertaining to safety, employee matters, safety inspections, dumps and scrap, utilities, photograph, 1926-1931
Box 283a-283b Correspondence, construction and maintenance, accident reports, blueprints, Nordberg, Adzing, machine, parts catalogue, purchase orders, 1898-1955
Box 284 Correspondence of maintenance, payment records, 1913-1918
Box 290 Internal memos, steam crane use, product brochures, safety signs, vendor correspondence, daily gondola interchange log, 1906-1914
Box 291 Frank McCune regarding repairs, accident reports, labor, vendor brochures. Two indexes (07/08): bills, deliveries, job assignments, construction, internal memos. Yearly reports (1907-08), 1906-1923
Box 292a Correspondence on car maintenance, damages, rentals, and inspections, coal analyses, records of water and waste treatment, and expense reports, 1910-1931
Box 292b Correspondence of Frank McCune, matters of motive power department, store room department, and of connecting companies, 1908-1910
Box 293 Frank McCune's correspondence concerning repairs, bill, employee affairs, 1905-1913
Box 294a Correspondence on committee of Unloading Cars reports, reports on empty cars, data, inventory; Pittsburgh Car Service Association correspondence on budgets, expenses, steel company, 1905-1907
Box 294b-294c Crane and engine, pilot changes, expenses, account books, medical department; steel company reports and correspondence; employee passes, car reports, data and budgets; steel storage; repairs and engineering; A&L correspondence of purchasing agent, auditor, paymaster regarding inventory and budgeting, 1912-1915
Box 295a-295b McCune correspondence: cargo, derailments, general business, cars, labor, building maintenance, track repairs, 1903-1912
Box 337a Correspondence regarding freight movement, electrical department, notices, passes, telephones, material inventory monthly reports, material orders, railway publications, 1908-1930
Box 337b Track scale records, matters pertaining to slag (granulated & hot), refuse, rubbish, ashes; correspondence concerning locomotives, parts, other matters; miscellaneous correspondence of Frank McCune, superintendent; payment records, 1907-1918
Box 339a Frank McCune correspondence with employees regarding applications, dismissals, promotions, salaries, accidents; matters of tracks, bridges, trestles, right of way, and supplies; transportation department matters, 1900-1930
Box 339b Matters of car department (ladles, new equipment, repairs, improper loadings, overloading) and buildings; various correspondence of Frank McCune, General Manager, 1910-1920
Box 340a Matters of motive power department (engines, round house, sand house, pen stocks, coal stations, ash pits), store room department (supplies, materials, water); M. of W. department (tracks, bridges trestles, right of way, M. of W. supplies); reports on bills, statements, situation reports; matters of per diem, demurrage, coal, police department; blank forms, 1913-1914
Box 340b Matters of transportation department (movement of cars, etc); matters of car department and buildings; transportation matters involving Allegheny Regional Association advisory board; blank forms, 1907-1930
Box 341 Indexes which contain notices to general manager Frank McCune concerning scales tested, contents of cars, shipping notices, and train delay notices, 1908-1918
Box 343-344a Correspondence pertaining to coal, ore, and slag, car movements, matters of employees (applications, dismissal, promotions, salaries, accidents, bonds), transportation, movement of cars, letters to yardmasters, trainmen, 1904-1921
Box 344b Circulars, bulletins; correspondence pertaining to coal, cars (movements, damages, cleanings, inspections), connecting lines, and J&L Steel; Code of Rules; employee files; reports on yardmasters and relief crews, 1907-1931
Box 345a-345b Indexes containing notices to GM McCune concerning new car construction, car deliveries, cargo reports from the Southside Department, car delays, labor distribution reports, 1905-1909
Box 346a Matters pertaining to limestone, coke, ore, scrap; bills, statements, and other reports; correspondence of transportation employees (yardmasters, trainmen, etc) and of electrical department, 1909-1911
Box 347a Indexes containing bills, statements, notices pertaining new equipment, repairs, inspection reports, delivery notices, coal delivery reports -- most directed to McCune, 1912-1914
Box 347b-347c Indexes containing notices concerning construction, transportation, engine use, maintenance, and repairs. Reports of cargo loaded in cars, movement of cars, delays, notices to yardmasters and trainmen, directed toward McCune, 1909-1914
Box 348a J&L shipment statements; matters of electrical department; correspondence about employees; matters of crane and engine service, medical department, employees (applications, dismissals, promotions salaries); correspondence to and from J.L. Moore, purchasing agent, 1910-1918
Box 348b Bills, statements; matters of smoke abatement; scales, buildings, and testing; limestone, ore, coke, and scrap; track matters and repairs; material orders; monthly inventory reports, 1910-1925
Box 349a Correspondence pertaining to employee matters, embargoes, coal reports, information on coal run between Verta Mines and J&L Steel Co., car movements, and various of Frank McCune, General Superintendent, 1907-1918
Box 349b Correspondence of Frank McCune, general superintendent, regarding all manner of railroad activity; Pittsburgh Textile Company bills; yardmaster, trainmen, and engine men meeting reports; Depression-era bulletins and advertisements, 1908-1931
Box 370 Reports of coal reserves, recoverable coal at mines, freight survey (1931-34); Ashtabula and Shenango trackage rights agreements, contracts, and reports (1976-84); Union mediation agreements (90s), 1931-44; 1976-91
Box 371 Annual reports of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, Mahoning State Line, Monongahela Connecting, and Beaver & Ellwood railroads, 1901-1909
Box 444a 'Pink Sheets' generally Car Department, mostly written by H.C. Christie; Reports of Examination of MCRR and PC&Y; bound operation reports, income accounts, and general balance sheets, 1936-1985
Box 476 Office of industrial engineering operations; iron ore movements; hopper and gondola studies; correspondence concerning Montour Junction auto ramp; Mahoning State Line Railroad study; Dravo Stone proposal, 1968-1980
Box 529b Monongahela Connecting Railroad 100th Anniversary collection of pen and ink drawings; report book for Pittsburgh, McKeesport, & Youghiogheny Railroad; right of way deeds, 1870-1925
Box 568 Project envelopes for railroad improvements, 1966-1970