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Series XI. Political Action, 1929-1979

Scope and Content Notes:

Series XI contains records on the Pittsburgh Section's political activities. The Pittsburgh Section was involved in political action for many decades. Some activities were short lived, such as Liberation Day and Pennsylvania Week, but other activities have gone on for years, such as the section's involvement in the Human Relations Commission between 1952 and 1973. The Council involves itself in political action on the local, state, national and international levels, with particular interest in Jewish affairs.

This series contains information on the Department of Public Affairs Files (previously the Department of Education, the Bureau of Education, the Bureau of Education and Social Action, and the National and International Affairs), Fair Employment Practice Commission (FEPC), Fair Housing Practices Committee (FHPC), Club Women of Western Pennsylvania, Human Relations Commission, and civil rights. Of importance to the civil rights subseries is the information regarding Marjorie H. Watson and her work with the Allegheny County Council on Civil Rights.

Subseries 1. Department of Public Affairs

Box 31
Folder 1-5 Reports and correspondence, 1927-1979
Folder 6-7 Committee on Classes and Discussion Groups and Committee on State Affairs
Folder 8 Legislative Club
Folder 9 The Banner, 1952-1954
Folder 10 Washington Institute on Public Affairs, 1958-1978
Folder 11 Second Louis H. Rosenthal Legislative Institute, "Tools for Understanding the News," March 27, 1962
Folder 12-15 Political questionnaires, Congressional candidates, state candidates, and Senator Clark, 1950-1968
Folder 16a Pennsylvania State Tax Reform, 1970
Folder 16b Clean Air Committee, 1969
Folder 16c Anti-Ballistic Missile, 1969
Folder 16d Call for Action, 1970
Folder 16e Education Committee, 1969-1977
Folder 16f Bicentennial convocation on religious liberty, 1975-1977
Folder 16g Welfare rights, 1969
Folder 17 American Foundation for Political Education, 1958
Folder 18 Association of Community Councils of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, 1947
Folder 19 Civic Club of Allegheny County, 1954-1959
Folder 20-22 Civil Defense reports, correspondence, and publications, 1950-1957

Subseries 2. Civil Rights

Box 32
Folder 1-9 Allegheny County Council on Civil Rights, 1948-1958, 1968
Folder 10-15 Fair Employment Practice Commission (FEPC), 1948-1956
Folder 16-22 Fair Housing Practices Committee (FHPC), 1953-1974

Box 33
Folder 1 Pennsylvania Equal Rights Council, 1958
Folder 2 Miscellaneous material on civil rights, 1963-1967
Folder 3-9 Congress of Clubs and Club Women of Western Pennsylvania, 1947-1958

Subseries 3. Federation of Women's Clubs

Folder 10-17 Allegheny County Federation of Women's Clubs, 1948-1958
Folder 18-19 Pennsylvania Federation of Women's Clubs, 1947-1958

Box 34
Folder 1 Household Employment Committee, 1965-1967
Folder 2 Human Needs Coalition, 1973-1974

Subseries 4. Human Relations Commission

Folder 3-4 Human Relations Commission, 1957-1973
Folder 5 Human Service Board of Allegheny County, 1974
Folder 6 League of Women Voters, 1956-1969
Folder 7 Liberation Day (contains proclamation signed by Mayor David Lawrence), May 5, 1950
Folder 8 National Achievement clubs, 1950-1956
Folder 9 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), 1949-1974 (intermittent)
Folder 10-11 National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1948-1958
Folder 12-13 National Conference of Social Work, 1938-1947
Folder 14 Pennsylvania Tax Reform study group, 1970
Folder 15-16 Women's Advisory Committee, Pennsylvania Week, 1947-1951
Folder 17 Pittsburgh Coalition on National Priorities and Military Policy, 1969-1970
Folder 18-19 Pittsburgh Council on Intercultural Education, 1949-1957
Folder 20 Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors report, June 11, 1962

Box 35
Folder 1-2 Police Community Relations Project, 1972-1974
Folder 3 Public Assistance study group, 1968-1969
Folder 4 Urban League, 1953-1966
Folder 5 WQED, 1954-1957
Folder 6-12 Women in Community Service Corporation (WICS), 1964-1971
Folder 13-17 Women in the Urban Crisis of Western Pennsylvania (see also FHPC files), 1967-1975
Folder 18 Pennsylvania Program for Women and Girl Offenders, Inc., job opportunities section, and Concentrated Employment Program (CEP)