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Title: Montefiore Hospital Records
Collection Number: MSS 286
Creator: Montefiore Hospital
Collection Dates: 1898-1998
Extent: 17.75 cubic feet linear feet (17 boxes and 30 shelf volumes)
Shortly after its origin in 1898, The Hebrew Ladies Hospital Aid Society (HLHAS) began to collect funds for a Jewish Hospital that would provide an opportunity for training and hospital affiliation for Jewish doctors and hospital care for Jewish patients in need of kosher food and care in a Jewish setting. Originally occupying a mansion on Center Avenue in the Hill District. Montefiore Hospital soon had to move to larger facilities in Oakland at Fifth Avenue and Darragh Street. In 1969 Montefiore Hospital joined the University Health Center in Pittsburgh. By 1990, University of Pittsburgh had purchased the hospital; then it became Montefiore-University Hospital and later UPMC-Montefiore. The Records of Montefiore Hospital contain meeting minutes, financial reports, legal documents, staff rosters, lists of the trustees, organizational history, clippings, brochures, magazines, and newsletters.


The material in this collection is in English.


Thomas and Katherine Detre Library and Archives
Senator John Heinz History Center
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
1212 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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The guide to this collection was written by Norbert Weikers and Susan Melnick in 1998.

Anna Maria Mihalega on June 21, 2000 from an existing finding aid.
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October, 2015:
Encoded guide revised by Carly Lough to include 2015 additions.

Historical Note

In 1898, a group of seventeen women formed the Hebrew Ladies Hospital Aid Society (HLHAS) to aid new Jewish immigrants who had come to Pittsburgh to escape oppression in Europe. This group tried to meet the medical and social needs of the new arrivals, most of who had settled in the Hill District. Annie Jacobs (Mrs. Barnett) Davis was the first HLHAS chairman. She and her co-workers went into the homes of the sick, bringing kosher food bought with their Home Sick Fund. To supplement their own visiting programs, they paid the salary of a public health nurse, stationed at the Irene Kaufmann Settlement. They also paid hospitals, including Passavant, Mercy, Allegheny General, and Western Pennsylvania, to provide medical care for indigent Jewish patients.

Almost from the time of origin of the HLHAS, the members began to collect funds for a Jewish hospital in order to provide an opportunity for training and hospital affiliation for Jewish doctors who were denied them elsewhere and to furnish hospital care for Jewish patients in need of kosher food and care in a Jewish setting. This effort was frowned upon by some of the more assimilated and powerful members of the Jewish community. Undeterred, the HLHAS had accumulated $25,000 for this purpose by 1907. They then decided to involve their husbands in fund raising, resulting in $39,000 in additional contributions.

A mansion on Center Avenue in the Hill District, purchased for $60,000, was converted into a hospital and opened in May 1908. From its beginning, the hospital, which was nonsectarian in its acceptance of patients and its selection of house staff, suffered from a lack of space and a shortage of money, especially because there did not exist any sizable endowment fund. These problems persisted throughout the hospital's existence. The hospital continued to depend on funds from the HLHAS and its successor, the Ladies Hospital Aid Society (LHAS), the greater Jewish community, public charities, individual gifts, and governmental agencies to make up for deficits that were not covered by reimbursements for patient care. Although Montefiore was identified as a Jewish hospital, care was offered on a nonsectarian basis.

Although the HLHAS was instrumental in the establishment of Montefiore Hospital and continued to play an important role in the day-to-day functioning of the hospital, control of its governing board was quickly assumed by some of the men in Pittsburgh's Jewish community. Not only did the HLHAS/LHAS contribute about $3,000,000 to the hospital during its existence, it also provided for the care of indigent patients, scholarships for nursing students, and the salary for a full-time director of volunteers. Its members visited Jewish patients in area hospitals, operated a gift shop, provided floral decorations, and operated a volunteer program, the nursery, a recreation program, and an assistance program for the blind. The organization formed the charitable core of the hospital.

In 1909, the Montefiore Hospital Training School for Nurses was chartered with the first class of eight graduating in 1910. It became the Montefiore Hospital School of Nursing and remained in existence until mounting expenses and the increasing need for baccalaureate degrees for nurses resulted in its closing in 1976 after having graduated over 1,400 nurses.

An outpatient facility, the Montefiore Hospital dispensary, and a preventive health center were begun in 1922. The next year, a social service department was added to the dispensary through the efforts of the HLHAS. Its role increased rapidly, and it became the field-training center for the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work. Montefiore began operating Pennsylvania's first home care program in 1952. The hospital also provided medical services to the Bickur Cholim Convalescent and Nursing Home and to the Jewish Home and Hospital for the Aged, as well as creating additional outreach programs to serve the Jewish community.

Not long after its opening, the activities at Montefiore Hospital soon outgrew the existing structure and a fund-raising drive for a new hospital was initiated. Despite some opposition from the more conservative Jews of Pittsburgh, property at Fifth Avenue and Darragh Street in the Oakland neighborhood, near the University of Pittsburgh, was purchased for $350,000. A new hospital, which opened in 1929, was built on that site. In 1950, a teaching wing of 32 beds was opened in memory of Ensign William Ira Adelman, whose family contributed $75,000. At about that time, an Institute of Research was founded with funding from the Anathan family, the estate of Leo Lehman, the Maurice and Laura Falk foundation, and Mrs. Jessie Keyt McCready. The Liliane S. Kaufmann School of Nursing Residence, for which the Kaufmann Foundation and family contribute $750,000 of the total $1,850,000, opened in 1953. In 1962, Amy P. Frank donated $1,000,000 for a new wing, in memory of her parents, Samuel and Ettie Klein Frank. One year later, a house staff residence, costing $1,800,000, was opened. A parking garage was added in 1965. In 1978, Elizabeth May Beal, who had quietly amassed a fortune from investments made with her wages as a librarian, left $1,500,000 to the hospital. The house staff residence was named in her honor.

Montefiore Hospital had a number of short-term superintendents from the time of its origin until 1929, when Abraham Oseroff, who had been a board member, became acting director. He became director the following year and remained in that position until 1943, when he resigned in the wake of a controversy between the hospital and the Federation of Jewish Philanthropy concerning the role of the latter in the management of the hospital. Sidney Bergman was recruited to take this position in 1943 and remained there until his retirement in 1961. Irwin Goldberg, his long-time, second-in-command, became the director. Goldberg, in turn, retired in 1989 and turned the reins over to Daniel Kane for the last year of the hospital's existence.

As early as 1923, there were discussions concerning Montefiore's possible affiliation with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, whose chancellor, John G. Bowman, was interested in establishing a strong teaching hospital. These suggestions received much opposition and little impetus until 1943, when Sidney Bergman, as one of the conditions of employment he presented to the Montefiore Hospital Board of Directors, requested an agreement to seek affiliation with the medical school. Finally, in 1952, a physical diagnosis course for University of Pittsburgh medical students was offered at Montefiore. In 1959, Pitt began sending students to Montefiore for training in general surgery. Montefiore's role in the teaching program of the medical school then expanded significantly, not only for medical students, but also for a variety of other allied health professionals. But not all programs expanded--because of financial and competitive pressures, the obstetrical and pediatric units of the hospital closed in 1963 and 1975, respectively.

Despite the fact that the hospital had hired full-time physicians in anesthesiology, radiology, and pathology during its early years, its medical staff consisted mostly of private practitioners. It was not until 1963 that Dr. Philip Troen was hired as physician-in-chief and chairman of the Department of Medicine. He was the first full-time physician in that department and was given a full professorship at the medical school. Six year later, Dr. Mark Ravitch was hired for an analogous position in the Department of Surgery. They recruited other full-time physicians and expanded the house staff, thus changing the role of Montefiore Hospital from a community teaching hospital to a university teaching hospital, drawing the hospital ever closer to the university

In 1969, Montefiore Hospital joined the University Health Center of Pittsburgh (UHCP), which already included Presbyterian-University, Eye and Ear, Magee-Women's, and Children's Hospitals and the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic. However, this association was not always a happy one, especially for the hospital's medical staff, many of whom felt that they were being treated as second-class citizens in respect to financial support, organizational control, development of specialty services, and faculty appointments and promotions. The entry of additional full-time physicians into a hospital which had previously served mainly private practitioners, the uncertain role of general practitioners in the university environment, and the sense that Montefiore was abandoning its position as the district's "Jewish" hospital, for patients and physicians alike, resulted in staff unrest, resignations, and several lawsuits. There were also many contentious interchanges between the hospital board of directors and UHCP. A number of new arrangements were suggested and abandoned, and new affiliation agreements were signed in 1977 and again in 1980. Montefiore Hospital retained some autonomy but gave up considerable control.

Montefiore Hospital continued to struggle to maintain its identity within the larger health center, but it was a losing battle. In 1990, the University purchased Montefiore for $145,000,000 of which about half was used to retire the hospital's bond issue. The rest was used to establish a new Montefiore Foundation, later renamed the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, which uses its assets to help provide medical care to the underprivileged in the general Pittsburgh community. Reflecting a change in the structure of the University Health Center of Pittsburgh and a change of its name to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the name of the hospital was changed first to Montefiore-University Hospital and later to UPMC-Montefiore. The other institutions within the medical center, in particular, Presbyterian-University Hospital, assumed much of Montefiore's role as an acute-care hospital. The physical structure that was Montefiore Hospital now also houses specialty outpatient facilities, offices, and other support facilities.

Collection Scope and Content Note

The records include meeting minutes, financial reports, legal documents, staff rosters, lists of the trustees, organizational history, clippings, brochures, magazines, and newsletters. The records can provide researchers with insight into the organizational history of Montefiore Hospital and its related components.

The Records of Montefiore have been divided into seven series. Records related to hospital functions are contained in series I., the Institute of Research in Series II, Ladies Hospital Aid Society in Series III, Patient Services in Series IV, Publications in Series V, the School of Nursing in Series VI, and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Series VII.

The Montefiore Hospital Records are housed in seventeen boxes and 30 bound scrapbooks.

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These materials came in three accessions and were combined into one body of records in 1998. An additional accession was added in 2012.

Accession 1997.0245, gift of Lu Donnelly.

Accession 1997.0380, gift of Lu Donnelly.

Accession 1998.0230, gift of Lu Donnelly and Carol Bleir.

Accession 2012.0126, gift of Pearl Moore.

Accession 2015.0032, gift of Lu Donnelly.

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Montefiore Hospital Records, 1898-1998, MSS 286, Rauh Jewish Archives, Thomas and Katherine Detre Library and Archives, Senator John Heinz History Center

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This collection was originally processed by Norbert Weikers and Susan Melnick on June 30, 1998.

Revisions completed by Janie Weaver on March 9, 2000.

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Separated Material:
To the Library Catalog, Cap and Pin, 2 copies 1959, 1 copy 1958--yearbook of Montefiore Hospital School of Nursing.

To the Photograph Collection, 3 boxes of photographs arranged separately as MSP 286.

To the Oversized Photograph Collection, 1 folder (3 photos) catalogued as MSR 286.

To the Museum Programs Division--student nurse’s cape.

To the Video Collection, 4 boxes of videos pertaining to local television news coverage catalogued as MSV 286.

Additional materials in accession 2015.0032 have been processed as the Lu Donnelly Research Papers on Montefiore Hospital, MSS 1054, and the Committee on Pittsburgh Archaeology and History Records, catalogued as Accession 2015.0032.

Contents List
Series I Board of Trustees and Committees 1911-1985
Scope and Content Notes:

These materials pertain directly to the institution itself rather than to any of its associated components, which constitute the series listed below. The various minutes include the records of the meetings, documents submitted to the board, e.g., superintendent's reports, reports from subcommittees, patient statistics, lists of diseases treated, and annual reports from Montefiore Hospital components such as the School of Nursing, correspondence, and financial records. Subcommittees were formed and disbanded as needed. The constitution and by-laws, correspondence related to large donations, documentation of building programs, biographies of Moses Montefiore, for whom the hospital was named, and published material on the history of the hospital can also be found.

Series I is arranged into three subseries. Subseries 1 consists of the minutes of the Board of Trustees (known until 1918 as the Board of Directors). Subseries 2 pertains to the Subcommittees' minutes, and Subseries 3 is comprised of miscellaneous documents relating to the hospital.

Subseries 1. Board of of Trustees Minutes

Box 1
folder 1 Membership Lists, 1911-1989
folder 2 Members, 1903-1973
folder 3 March 12, 1913-September 11, 1918
folder 4 December 18, 1918-March 15, 1923
folder 5 April 18, 1923-December 23, 1924
folder 6 January 28, 1925-January 28,1927
folder 7 March 16, 1927-December 12, 1928
folder 8 January 15, 1929-September 27,1933
folder 9 January 4, 1934-June 28, 1938
folder 10 October 31, 1938-August 5, 1942
folder 11 August 12, 1942-June 18, 1945
folder 12 July 16, 1945-March 24, 1948

Box 2
folder 1 May 20, 1948-February 15, 1950
folder 2 May 16, 1948-December 12, 1951
folder 3 January 22, 1953-December 21, 1951
folder 4 December 4, 1953-February 23, 1955
folder 5 March 23, 1955-January 21, 1957
folder 6 January 27, 1957-November 24, 1959
folder 7 February 4, 1960-December 20, 1961
folder 8 March 1, 1962-November 13, 1963
folder 9 January 17, 1964-May 21, 1964
folder 10 September 23, 1964-February 24, 1966

Box 3
folder 1 June 22, 1966-September 21, 1966
folder 2 September 20, 1967-October 3, 1968
folder 3 December 23, 1968-December 1, 1969
folder 4 February 9, 1970-December 7, 1970
Subseries 2. Subcommittee Minutes
folder 5 Nominating Committee Report, November 2, 1983
folder 6 Board of Trustees -- Resolution Concerning Conflict of Interest, January 13, 1981
folder 7 Board of Trustees -- Rules Governing Relationship Between Board of Trustees and Medical Staff, October 15, 1941
Conference Committee Minutes
folder 8 January 26, 1949-December 7, 1949
folder 9 January 26, 1950-November 29, 1954
folder 10 January 11, 1955-November 3, 1959
folder 11 Dispensary Committee -- Minutes, February 27, 1927-April 26, 1928
folder 12 Emergency Finance Committee -- Minutes, March 9, 1951-July 27, 1951
Executive Committee Minutes

Box 4
folder 1 January 25, 1911-March 5, 1913
folder 2 February 17, 1926-June 23, 1931
Executive Management Committee -- Minutes
folder 3 December 19, 1957-December 30, 1959
folder 4 April 13, 1970-December 16, 1972
folder 5 January 23, 1973-December 2, 1974
folder 6 January 27, 1975-September 13, 1976
folder 7 March 17, 1977-December 14, 1978
folder 8 February 16, 1979-December 4, 1979

Box 5
folder 1 Finance Committee Minutes, May 10, 1933-October 6, 1937
folder 2 Finance and Audit Committee Minutes, February 25, 1946-August 12, 1965
folder 3 Finance and Cash Collection Committee Minutes, February 17, 1970-April 29, 1975
Finance, Budget, and Cost Containment Committee Minutes
folder 4 January 21, 1977-February 15, 1978
folder 5 December 6, 1978-April 19, 1985
folder 6 Insurance Committee Minutes, July 1, 1929-June 16, 1932
Joint Conference Committee Minutes
folder 7 April 8, 1960-April 5, 1963
folder 8 March 16, 1972-January 6, 1976
folder 9 April 11, 1977-February 28, 1978
folder 10 May 15, 1978
folder 11 February 20, 1979-December 20, 1977
folder 12 Joint Steering Committee Minutes, October 12, 1971-December 20, 1977
Long Range Planning Committee
folder 13 March 5, 1969-March 10, 1973
folder 14 April 28, 1973-January 8, 1982
folder 15 September 5, 1967
folder 16 September 18, 1967
folder 17 October 11, 1967

Box 6
folder 1 November 1, 1967
folder 2 November 29, 1967
folder 3 December 20, 1967
folder 4 January 23, 1968
folder 5 May 21, 1968
folder 6 June 25, 1968
folder 7 November 6, 1968
folder 8 November 20, 1968
folder 9 Medical Affairs Committee Minutes, May 2, 1930-May 21, 1940
folder 10 Medical and Dental Affairs Committee Minutes 1924-July 30, 1928
Medical Board Minutes
folder 11 July 28, 1921-October 14, 1923
folder 12 October 28, 1923-April 11, 1926
folder 13 April 18, 1926-October 29, 1933

Box 7
folder 1 April 15, 1934-December 5, 1939
folder 2 January 2, 1940-May 20, 1948
folder 3 June 15, 1948-January 15, 1953
folder 4 [Senior] Medical Board Minutes, May 5, 1953-March 18, 1958
folder 5 Medical Council, January 30, 1929-January 26, 1930
Medical Executive Committee Minutes
folder 6 January 16, 1968-June 7, 1969
folder 7 January 13, 1970-December 21, 1971
folder 8 January 17, 1972-October 10, 1973
folder 9 January 21, 1974-December 23, 1975
folder 10 March 3, 1976-September 27, 1978
folder 11 January 10, 1979-December 6, 1979
folder 12 Committee on Gifts and Memorials -- Program Cover, n.d.
Medical Staff

Box 8
folder 1 Bylaws, February 17, 1958
folder 2 January 3, 1928-March 6, 1928
folder 3 June 30, 1958-October 24, 1961
folder 4 January 23, 1962-October 1, 1964
folder 5 January 28, 1965-October 17, 1968
folder 6 February 16, 1967-June 26, 1970
folder 7 February 6, 1969-September 23, 1971
folder 8 April 27, 1972-April 6, 1987
folder 9 Newsletters, 1959-1964
folder 10 Roster, 1958-1959
folder 11 Roster, Dinner Invitations, 1980
folder 12 Membership Association 1951-1961
folder 13 Memorial Gifts Committee, 1932-1970
folder 14 Operating Committee, 1967
folder 15 Outpatient and Social Services Committee, 1930-1935
folder 16 Patent Development Committee -- Minutes February 9, 1974-June 9, 1975
folder 17 Publicity Relations Committee -- Minutes, November 2, 1934-July 29, 1965
folder 18 Research Committee -- Minutes, October 12, 1958- December 12, 1965
folder 18 Special Tax -- Minutes, June 9, 1930-February 9, 1931
folder 20 State Aid Committee -- Minutes, October 7, 1930-March 14, 1933
folder 21 Medical Staff Controversy with Board of Trustees, November 13-December 13, 1969
folder 22 Medical Staff Controversy with Board of Trustees, 1969-1971

Box 9
folder 1 Medical Staff Controversy with Board of Trustees, 1971
folder 2 Medical Staff -- Miscellaneous, December 3, 1903-March 30, 1969
Subseries 3. Miscellaneous
folder 3 Administration, 1930-1986
folder 4 Charter and Amendement, 1905-1907
folder 5 Constitution and Bylaws, 1929-1950
Oversize Building plans, 1926
folder 6 Financial Affairs, 1947-1965
folder 7 Commercial Insurance, 1939-1982
folder 8 Donation, Amy P. Frank, 1958
folder 9 Donations, Kaufmann Family, 1929-1974
folder 10 Donations, William Adelman Wing, 1949-1950
folder 11 Donation, Anathan Research Fellowship, 1950
folder 12 Donations, Various, 1928-1986
folder 13 Fund Raising Organizational Chart, 1922
folder 14 Building Campaign, 1924-1945
folder 15 Philanthropic Organizations, 1934-1965
folder 16 Deeds and Mortgage Documents, 1901-1902
folder 17 Montefiore Hospital Seals, n.d.
folder 18 History of the General Community, 1936
folder 19 History of the Jewish Community, 1904-1991
folder 20 History of the First Eight Years, 1907-1918
folder 21 History, n.d.
folder 22 75th and 80th Birthday Celebrations, 1988-1992
folder 23 Letter from Maurice Davis, July 18, 1970
Building Programs

Box 10
folder 1 1908
folder 2 1929
folder 3 1949
folder 4 1948-1952
folder 5 1961-1964
folder 6 1967
folder 7 1969
folder 8 1982
folder 9 Area Maps, n.d.
folder 10 House Staff, 1948
Intern and Resident Roster 1979-1989
folder 11 Moses Montefiore and Family, 1947-1985
Series II Institute of Research
Scope and Content Notes:

The Institute of Research records include correspondence concerning the founding of the institute, fund raising, legal documents, patent applications, and lists of on-going research.

folder 12 Correspondence, 1954-1955
folder 13 Fund-raising, 1954-1957
folder 14 Fund-raising -- Subscriber Lists, 1954-1955
folder 15 Legal Documents, 1954-n.d.
folder 16 Laboratory and Personnel, 1948-1950
folder 17 Patent Applications 1973-1981
folder 18 Research Project Lists, 1950-1963
folder 19 Research, 1955-1956
Series III Ladies Hospital Aid Society
Scope and Content Notes:

These papers include copies of documents that predate the founding of the hospital. The materials include documentation of donations for the hospital, examples of minutes and officer/membership lists from approximately the first decade of the society (c1898-c1910), minutes from the 1950's in which are recorded the organization's fund-raising activities and the purposes for which the money was spent, yearbooks, and documentation of the Professional Services Committee, volunteer activities, the sewing group and annual ball.

folder 20 Donations for Hospital, c1900
folder 21 Minutes, 1908
folder 22 Officers and Members, 1899-c1910
folder 23 90th Anniversary Celebration, December 6, 1987
folder 24 Gift Shop Committee Minutes, 1958-1961
folder 25 Legal Documents, 1899-1980

Box 11
folder 1 January 22, 1952-December 23, 1954
folder 2 January 13, 1955-December 20, 1956
folder 3 January 10, 1957-December 18, 1958
folder 4 January 8, 1959-December 17, 1959
folder 5 Miscellaneous Documents, 1900-1975
folder 6 1910-1915
folder 7 1927-1933
folder 8 1939-1976
folder 9 The Aider, 1971-1985
folder 10 Pamphlets c1950-1988
folder 11 Professional Services Committee -- Minutes and Reports, 1957-1965
folder 12 Volunteer Activities, 1931-1940
folder 13 Sewing Group, 1956-1959
folder 14 Annual Ball, 1954-1985
Series IV Patient Services
Scope and Content Notes:

The materials relating to patient services include pamphlets concerning patient care, examples of services including pediatrics, ancillary, and home care, as well as information on technical facilities and employee relations.

Box 12
folder 1 Information for Patients and Visitors, c1930
folder 2 Guidelines for Patient Care, n.d.
folder 3 Pediatrics, n.d.
folder 4 Pastoral Services, n.d.
folder 5 Ancillary Services, 1946-1960 and n.d.
folder 6 Home Care Program, 1955-1961
folder 7 Technical Facilities and Advances, 1939-1982
folder 8 Employee Service Award Ceremony Invitations, 1980-1982
folder 9 Employee Unionization Efforts, 1940
Series V Publications
Scope and Content Notes:

The publications arranged in this series include Montefiore Hospital newsletters, brochures from various programs, scientific papers, microfilm of hospital records, and scrapbooks of clippings from the press from 1922 through 1982. The scrapbooks are probably the best source for information about the activities of the hospital and its role within the community because they include virtually all mentions of the hospital in newsprint sources: from the smallest notice in a social column of a patient's time spent there to the major events of the hospital's history for the given time period (1922-1982). The publications series differs from the others in that it contains some material that pertains to the institution as a whole, but was grouped because of the nature of the materials.

Annual Reports
folder 10 1943-1960
folder 11 1961-1988
folder 12 1980-1982
folder 13 Reports to the Community, 1984-1985
folder 14 Arthritis Update, 1981-1984
folder 15 Bone Marrow Transplant Program, 1985-1986
folder 16 Brochures, n.d.

Box 13
folder 1 1972-1976
folder 2 1977
folder 3 Miscellaneous Booklets, 1984-1991
folder 4 Bulletin, 1983
folder 5 1959-1969
folder 6 1970-1973

Box 14
folder 1 1974-1981
folder 2 1982-1986
folder 3 1987-1989
folder 4 Journal of Montefiore Hospital, 1964-1966
folder 5 Montefiore Quarterly, 1958-1959

Box 15
folder 1 Scientific Papers, 1955-1958
folder 2 Selected Papers, 1963-1970
folder 3 Records (microfilm), 1905-1976
folder 4 Miscellaneous Press Clippings, 1949-1952
folder 5 The Jewish Criterion, 1929
folder 6 Press Releases and Other Publicity, 1951-1983
folder 7 Post Cards
1923 Membership Enrollment/Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of Pittsburgh, 1922-1923
Montefiore Hospital Campaign, 1924
Phase II Dedication, 1967
Public Relations Program, 1971-1972
Series VI School of Nursing
Scope and Content Notes:

The material for the School of Nursing includes materials documenting the cape belonging to M.A. Gallagher that was separated to the museum division. School catalogs from c1930, 1942-43, 1946, and 1949-1950 offer details of the training program. Occasional alumnae association newsletters of the alumnae association (1942-1954) list, during the war years, those graduates who entered the service. The minutes of the Committee on School of Nursing deal primarily with the planning of social events. Additional Montefiore Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association materials include financial records, correspondence, event programs, and minutes.

Box 16
folder 1 Regulations, n.d.
folder 2 Seal, 1958-1959
folder 3 Nursing Activities, 1951-1966
folder 4 Alice Margaret Gallagher, 1941
folder 5 1930-1950
folder 6 1949-1959
folder 7 Charter, 1909
folder 8 Graduates, 1944-1960
folder 9 History of Nursing, n.d.
folder 10 Nurses Notes 1942-1953
folder 11 Tell Tales, 1910-1911
folder 12 Nursing School Committee Minutes, 1930-1932
Montefiore Hospital Student Nurse Program, 1968
folder 13 Recruitment Brochures, 1958-1961
folder 14 Allegations of Discriminations, 1946
folder 15 Capping Exercises, 1961-n.d.
folder 16 Commencement Exercises, 1941-1971
folder 17 Alumnae Association, 1949-1991
Series VII University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Scope and Content Notes:

These materials consist primarily of minutes of meetings of the medical school executive committee, which deal with administrative matters such as accreditation, faculty promotions, and long-range planning for the medical school. The faculty committee meeting minutes deal with issues more directly related to academic affairs, curriculum, and students. Miscellaneous materials relate to a variety of issues impacting and/or arising from the hospital. Examples include news clippings concerning anti-Semitism, war relief, and working plans (c1998) for the history book.

Box 17
folder 1 Area Health Education Center, 1977
folder 2 Correspondence, 1978
Executive Committee Minutes
folder 3 December 1971-December 1972
folder 4 January 1973-January 1975
folder 5 February 1975-December 1978
folder 6 Faculty Meeting -- Minutes, 1971-1975
folder 7 Guidelines for Promotion, 1977
folder 8 Luncheon Meeting -- Minutes, 1975
folder 9 Miscellaneous, 1930-1980
folder 10 Bickur Cholim Home, 1957
folder 11 Anti-Semitism, 1905-1956
folder 12 Anti-Semitism in colleges, 1922
folder 13 Jewish War Relief, 1918
folder 14 World War I, 1918
folder 15 World War II, 1940-1943
folder 16 Rebecca Lewis Recognition, c1943
folder 17 Plans for History Book, c1998
folder 18 Miscellany
folder 19 Book, List of Interns and Residents, 1910-c1980