Summary Information
Title: H.J. Heinz Company Records,
Collection Number: MSS#57
Creator: H.J. Heinz Company
Collection Dates: 1850s-1996 (bulk 1920-1940, 1950-1970)
Extent: 36 cubic feet (39 boxes + shelf volumes)
The H.J. Heinz Company was founded in 1869 by Henry John Heinz (1844-1919). The collection contains advertisements, correspondence, label books, pamphlets, scrapbooks, programs, postcards, and other sundry items. The collection primarily documents the products manufactured by the Company between 1920-1939 and 1950-1960.


The material in this collection is in English.


Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center
1212 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Funding for additional processing was made available by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission in 2014.
Date Published:

Fall, 1999

This guide to the collection was originally prepared by: Craig Moore on March 24, 1996. Revisions occurred to the finding aid as a part of the encoding process in Fall, 1999.

Encoded by: Janet Begnoche on September 21, 1999 from an existing finding aid.
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July 1, 2006:
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History of the H.J. Heinz Company (1869-1995)

The H.J. Heinz Company was founded in 1869 by Henry John Heinz (1844-1919). Along with his partner, L.C. Noble, H.J. Heinz began to cultivate horseradish on a less than one-acre plot in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania. Heinz and Noble, producing their product under the brand of Anchor Pickle and Vinegar Works, expanded their business to include over one hundred acres of land, a work force numbering over one hundred, and new products such as pickles, vinegar, and celery sauce. In 1872, E.J. Noble entered the partnership to become Heinz, Noble & Company, and the plant moved to Second Avenue in Pittsburgh. In 1875, when Heinz contracted to buy the products produced by a pickling and bottling company in Woodstock, Illinois, branch distributing houses were opened at St. Louis and Chicago. The Panic of 1873, however, eventually caused Heinz, Noble & Company to go bankrupt by 1875. H.J. Heinz began a new business two months later with help from his brother John and his cousin Frederick. The company became known as F.& J. Heinz from 1876 until 1888. The year 1876 was also significant because they introduced tomato ketchup to the Heinz product lines. Additional products such as apple butter, pepper sauce, and mince meat were also introduced in these early years.

In 1888, H.J. Heinz acquired controlling interest in the Company from his brother John, thus establishing the H.J. Heinz Company. The H.J. Heinz Company expanded dramatically in 1890 with the construction of the factory in Allegheny City along Main Street (later called Progress Street) on the North Side. This plant is still in operation and continues to be the central office. Plants and branch houses were also built in Muscatine, Iowa; Hicksville, New York; and Holly, Michigan, among others. In order to further promote the Heinz name, the Heinz Company participated in many World Fairs, including the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago where the very first pickle pin was distributed. The H.J. Heinz Company became international when the London grocery house of Fortnum and Mason contracted to sell Heinz products. A branch house was established in London, England in 1895 and the first plant opened in England in 1905. The familiar Heinz "57 Varieties" trademark was adopted in 1896 when H.J. Heinz was inspired by an advertisement for "21 Styles" of shoes. Another important milestone occurred in 1898 with the construction of the Heinz Ocean Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where Heinz products and objects of art were exhibited. Advertising continued to play an important role in 1899 with the erection of the largest electrical sign in the world promoting Heinz 57 varieties at the corner of Twenty-third and Broadway in New York City. Furthermore, beginning in 1899, thousands of visitors were escorted through the Pittsburgh plant annually as a way of introducing people to Heinz products.

The H.J. Heinz Company was officially incorporated in 1905 (Pennsylvania approved the incorporation in 1900 and the County Law Department in 1905) with $4 million in stock owned by H.J. Heinz, his cousin Frederick Heinz, his son Howard, W.H. Robinson, R.G. Evans, and his brother-in-law Sebastian Mueller. The Company continued to expand by introducing new products and building more plants at home and abroad. By 1902 there were seven branch factories in the United States and 21 salting stations (salting stations were responsible for pickling cucumbers). An olive factory was built in Seville, Spain, in 1904. Also in 1904, H.J. Heinz had the original two-story brick building (known as "The Little House Where We Began") moved by barge from its original site in Sharpsburg to the plant on the North Side. Heinz stressed the purity of his food products and went to great lengths to maintain clean conditions in his factories for employees. Heinz lobbied for the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act signed by Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. Heinz practiced a paternalistic approach to management and employer-employee relations. Heinz had an auditorium, roof garden, dining rooms, and a library constructed for the benefit of his employees. Employees received gifts during the holidays and went on company outings to such places as Rock Springs, Pennsylvania.

H.J. Heinz died of pneumonia in 1919 at the age of 75, but the H.J. Heinz Company continued to expand and flourish under his son Howard Heinz (1877-1941). H.J. Heinz chose his second oldest son Howard over his eldest son Clarence to succeed him because of Clarence's ill health and lack of interest in managing the Company. By 1919, the H.J. Heinz Company had over 6,500 employees, 25 branch factories, 85 salting stations, 53 tomato receiving stations, and 111 pickle receiving stations. Business overseas continued to prosper in England and elsewhere in Europe. Additions and renovations continued to be made to the Pittsburgh plant on the North Side. Like his father, Howard maintained a paternalistic relationship with his employees. Many of the improvements made to the Pittsburgh plant were for the welfare of the workers. In 1930, a new auditorium and service building was dedicated to the Heinz employees by Herbert Hoover in a broadcast from the White House. The H.J. Heinz Company survived the Great Depression and continued to build more factories, hire more employees, and undertake ambitious advertising campaigns. Despite labor problems elsewhere, the first strike at Heinz did not occur until 1938 when employees struck for higher wages. The H.J. Heinz Company now had 25 factories in four countries and over 11,000 employees. The successful Heinz line of condensed soup and strained foods was introduced in the 1930s. Howard Heinz died in 1941 and was succeeded by his son H.J. "Jack" Heinz II (1909-1987).

H.J. Heinz II began working for the Company at age 16. He worked with the Company in a number of capacities until he was named president after his father's death. H.J. Heinz II was very concerned with nutrition and public health. The Company became an underwriter for the Nutrition Foundation to help Americans maintain health standards during World War II. In 1944, a Nutritional Research Laboratory was established at Heinz. During the war, Heinz produced canned foods, such as soup and ham and eggs, for the soldiers. In 1942, in an unusual departure from food production, the Heinz factory in Pittsburgh began manufacturing plastic parts for gliders and airplanes to aid in the war effort. Heinz also distributed a number of products manufactured by other companies, such as Sun-Maid Raisins, Lake Shore Honey, and Van Houten's Golden Seal Cocoa. Among the new foods introduced in these years were juices, and dry spaghetti, noodles, and macaroni. The Company became a public corporation in 1946 when it entered the New York Stock Exchange. In 1948, H.J. Heinz II announced that a 15 million dollar building program was scheduled for the Pittsburgh plant. The building program included a new warehouse, vinegar building, and research center. The "Little House Where We Began" was disassembled brick-by-brick and moved from the Heinz plant in Pittsburgh to Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan in 1954. It was reassembled there and exhibited, along with Heinz memorabilia, amidst the other historic buildings.

By the second half of the 20th century, the H.J. Heinz Company had become the global corporation we know today. In 1961, the Company set a record with over 300 million dollars in worldwide sales. The Company purchased the capital stock of Star-Kist Foods, Inc. in 1963; Ore-Ida Foods, Inc. in 1965; and Weight Watchers International, Inc. in 1978. With the death of H.J. Heinz II in 1987, the Company elected Anthony J.F. O'Reilly as the first non-family member became president of the Company. In 1992, a processing plant for soup and baby food was added to the Pittsburgh plant in a project called "HeinzSite, our vision for the future." The Company acquired the All American Gourmet Company and Quaker Oats North American Pet Foods Division in 1995. By 1995, the H.J. Heinz Company's global sales were over 8 billion dollars with almost half coming from its overseas operations and seventy percent from non-Heinz brand products.

Collection Scope and Content Note

The H.J. Heinz Company Records are housed in 39 archival boxes and is arranged alphabetically by folder title with oversized items, loose volumes, and subsequent additions to the collection arranged to the rear. The collection contains advertisements, correspondence, label books, pamphlets, scrapbooks, programs, postcards, and other sundry items. The collection primarily documents the products manufactured by the Company between 1920-1939 and 1950-1960. The early history of the H.J. Heinz Company between 1869 and 1900 is not well represented in this collection. The Heinz and Noble period of the Company (1869-1875) is not present at all. There are catalogs and invoices from the Fand J Heinz Company and the early H.J. Heinz Company of the 1880's, but not much else. There are very few records related to employees.

The strengths of the collection include the label books and the advertisements. The label books illustrate the complete line of Heinz products between 1888 and 1962. The earliest label books are extremely fragile and for this reason are restricted in their use. The advertisements, arranged by product and then chronologically, detail the marketing strategies of the Company between 1901 and 1989, notably the campaign for purer foods at the turn of the century. Additional advertisements can be found in the oversized portion of the collection. (See Separation Note below.)

The correspondence in the collection includes letters to H.J. Heinz from his sons Howard and Clifford between 1896 and 1902. There is very little correspondence related to the history of the Company. Noteworthy in the correspondence from H.J. Heinz, however, is a letter written to his cousin Fred Heinz regarding the purchase of the original "House Where We Began" in 1904. In addition, there are numerous letters to Howard Heinz from his sons, H.J. Heinz II and Rust Heinz, while they were attending school in the 1920's. Several letters are addressed to the Heinz Archivist, Ed Lehew, in regard to H.J. Heinz Company memorabilia. Additional material from the Heinz family include the wills of H.J Heinz I, Howard Heinz, Clifford Heinz, and Irene Heinz Given (box 38); as well as real estate records (boxes 37 and 38), including original deeds, indentures and financial records, for properties that the family (primarily Vera Heinz and John L. Given Jr.) and the Sarah Heinz House Association purchased in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Note that the deeds and other items in the real estate records span many decades (mostly the 1880s through the 1950s), but were purchased by the Heinz family between 1957 and 1963.

The two linear feet of pamphlets and leaflets are generally promotional materials and giveaways. The pamphlets often contain recipes, short histories of the Company, and product information. The pamphlets are arranged by size to the rear of the collection. Significant leaflets include the Heinz Exhibits at the 1939 New York World's Fair, the 1933 Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago, and the 1939 Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco.

The section labeled "business material" contains the only substantial records of the company in the collection. Included are sales data between 1907 and 1952, a weekly pickle report detailing the number of bushels and acreage of the crop produced at various locations from 1910 to 1944, and tomato acreage, yield, and distribution reports from 1911 to 1970 (box 36).

There are numerous postcards (Box 32) which illustrate factory work in the H.J. Heinz Company, the Heinz Ocean Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and other attractions.

There are 12 original recipe books (boxes 17 and 18) containing experimental recipes for various products between 1902 and 1923. Two additional recipe books can be found in box 34. One is labeled “G.H. Elstow’s Receipt Book” (London, 1844), which contains 48 handwritten recipes dated from the 1850s, primarily for sauces, pickling vinegars, and condiments, including tomato ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and horseradish. The second recipe book is a record book, dated 1896, that contains recipes for pickles, sauces, and preserves, many of which are identified with Heinz product numbers.

Later additions to the collection include a number of financial ledgers that document account balances, real estate accounts, and produce statistics between 1895 and 1956 (boxes 34 and 35). Also included are three minute books of the Branch Factory Managers Convention in 1903 and 1905 (box 34). The conversations from these meetings are well documented in narrative form. Common topics include matters of management, product preparation, and policies.

The scrapbooks in the collection, which have been wrapped and shelved, contain clippings on the deaths of H.J. Heinz and Howard Heinz; three volumes of clippings from the American Wind Symphony Orchestra; advertisements between 1920 and 1980; and 14 volumes of publicity scrapbooks consisting of national news clippings from 1936 to 1949.

Accession 2003.0108 , 1898-1922 (box 39)

Included in this accession is a photograph of Mckee School mothers during a visit to the Heinz plant (1918); instructional manuals and booklets from the Heinz Accounting Department (1898-1922); and a record of outstanding accounts (1914-1922).

Accession 2008.0253 , c.1880s (box 39)

This accession is a business letter enquiry from F. and J. Heinz to Mr. W. H. Moon about white silverskin pickling onions.

The H.J. Heinz Company Collection is housed in 39 archival boxes and is arranged alphabetically by folder title with oversized items, loose volumes, and additions arranged to the rear. The advertisements are arranged by product and chronologically. The pamphlets are arranged by size to the rear of the collection. Additions to the collection, processed in May, 2015, are housed in boxes 34-39.

Controlled Access Terms
  • Advertising -- Food -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Advertising cards -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Agriculture -- Ecomonic aspects -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Agriculture -- Statistics -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Food -- Containers -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Food -- Labeling -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Food -- Packaging -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Food -- Transportation -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Baby foods -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Food conservation -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Food container industry -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Food industry and trade -- Employees -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Food industry and trade -- Equipment and supplies -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Food industry and trade -- Management -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Food industry and trade -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Food industry and trade -- Quality control -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Food law and legislation -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Food processing plants -- Iowa -- Muscatine.
  • Food processing plants -- Michigan -- Holland.
  • Food research -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Stocks -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Sunday schools -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Canned Foods -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.
  • Pure Food and Drug Act (1906).
Corporate Names
  • FJ Heinz Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
  • Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village
  • Heinz Noble Co. (Sharpsburg, Pa.)
  • Reymer Brothers (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
  • Anchor Pickle and Preserving Works (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
  • Heinz, Noble Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
  • Ore-Ida Foods, Inc. (Boise, Id.)
  • Weight Watchers International, Inc.
  • World's Columbian Exposition -- (1893 : -- Chicago, Ill.)
  • Heinz Ocean Pier (Atlantic City, N.J.)
  • Century of Progress International Exposition -- (1933-1934 : -- Chicago, Ill.)
  • Golden Gate International Exposition -- 1939-1940 : -- San Francisco, Ca.)
  • New York World's Fair -- (1939-1940)
Personal Names
  • Heinz, H. J. -- (Henry John), -- 1844-1919
  • Heinz, Howard, -- 1877-1941.
  • Heinz, H.J., -- 1909-1987.
  • Heinz, Clifford.
  • Heinz, Frederick.
  • Heinz, John, -- 1938-
  • Heinz, Rust.
  • Lehew, E.C.
  • Mueller, Sebastian.
  • Noble, E.J.
  • Noble, L. Clarence.
Access and Use
Access Restrictions:

Label Books 1888-1899 are fragile and require staff supervision.

Aquisition Information:

The bulk of these materials were received in one accession in 1994; subsequent additions were accessioned between 1997 and 2003.

Acc# 1994.0310 Gift of the H.J. Heinz Company (Pittsburgh, PA.)

Acc# 1997.0167 Gift of the H.J. Heinz Company

Acc# 2000.0015 Gift of the H.J. Heinz Company

Acc# 2002.0092 Gift of the H.J. Heinz Company

Acc# 2003.0240 Gift of the H.J. Heinz Company

Preferred Citation:

H.J. Heinz Company Records, 1850s-1996, MSS 57, Thomas and Katherine Detre Library and Archives, Senator John Heinz History Center

Processing Information:

This collection was processed by Craig Moore on March 24, 1996.

Revision and rearrangement for the encoded version of the finding aid provided by Janet Begnoche on October 1, 1999.

Additions arranged by Nick Hartley in April, 2015.

Separated Material:
To the Photographic Collection, 77 linear feet of photographs have been separately arranged and described as MSP# 57.

To the Printed Collection, 17 books have been individually cataloged. These books are miscellaneous works on H.J. Heinz, Pittsburgh, food preservation, and other publications.

To the Oversized Collection, 20 linear feet of oversized materials have been separately arranged and described as MSO# 57.

To the Audiovisual Collection, 30 linear feet of film, record albums, and slides have been separately arranged and described as MSC# 57.

Contents List

Box 1
volume Notes 1918
volume Sunday School and Church Notes n.d.
folder 1 Howard Heinz' Memorial Service 1941
folder 2 Howard Heinz on "World Conditions" 1930
Advertising Cards
folder 3 Miscellaneous 1900
folder 4 Pickle Cards c1893-1904
folder 5 Apple Butter 1906, 1921
folder 6 Baby Food 1935-1963
folder 7 Baked Beans 1904-1978
folder 8 Ketchup 1906-1989
folder 9 Mandalay Sauce 1906-1908
folder 10 Mince Meat 1903-1936
folder 11 Miscellaneous 1901-1973
folder 12 Olive Oil 1903, 1917
folder 13 Peanut Butter 1913-1928
folder 14 Pickles 1902-1950
folder 15 Preserves 1902-1912
folder 16 Rice Flakes 1930-1932
folder 17 Soup 1904-1948
folder 18 Spaghetti 1901-1948
folder 19 Tomato Juice 1932-1942
folder 20 Vinegar 1903-1962
folder 21 "Changing the Eating Habits of the World" 1940
folder 22 Franklin Mint 1992
folder 23 "From a Homemade Bottle Of Horseradish" 1956
folder 24 "More On Pickles" - NMRA Bulletin 1976
folder 25 "A Picker and Preserver Extraordinaire" n.d.
folder 26 Baby Food Ingredients and Alba Recipes 1974-1975
folder 27 Berkeley, Ca. Manufacturing and Warehousing Plant n.d.
folder 28 Biography on Howard Heinz n.d.
folder 29 Book Cover with Heinz Keystone Pickling and Preserving Works n.d.

Box 2
folder 1 Henry J. Heinz 1844-1919 1919
folder 2 H.J.H. Heinz Seventieth Birthday 1914
folder 3 Mr. Sebastian Mueller - Forty-Two Years Service 1927
folder 4 Salesmen and Branch House Managers of the H.J. Heinz Co. 1893
folder 5 Sebastian Mueller 1930
folder 6 Brief Outline of the H.J. Heinz Company 1964
folder 7 Brochures 1994-1996
Business Material
folder 8 Analyses of Tomato Seasons, Messages to Department Heads, etc. 1926-1944
folder 9 Book of Sales - W.G. Constable 1939
folder 10 Branch House Accounts 1903
folder 11 Charts of Pickle Data 1898-1947
folder 12 Checks 1889-1901
folder 13 Delivered Sales 1876-1966

Box 3
folder 1 Delivered Sales Recaps 1907-1950
folder 2 Delivered Sales (Yearly), Branch Sales, and Saleman's Price List 1907-1952
folder 3 Department Overhead Charges 1913
folder 4 FJ Heinz Co. 1885
folder 5 H.J. Heinz Co. 1890-1893
folder 6 Reymer Brothers 1867
folder 7 Miscellaneous 1896-1918
folder 8 Monthly Record - Vinegar Sales for August 1900
folder 9 Stamp For Special Tax 1915-1916
folder 10 Stock Information 1920, 1946
Weekly Pickle Report
folder 11 1910-1926
folder 12 1927-1935
folder 13 1936-1944

Box 4
folder 1 1894-1966
folder 2 1978-1996
folder 3 Caricature of H.J. Heinz with Poem n.d.
folder 4 Catalog Pages For Heinz Apple Butter and Ketchup n.d.
folder 5 Art Objects and Antiques on Exhibit at the Heinz Ocean Pier n.d.
folder 6 FJ Heinz Co. 1885
H.J. Heinz Co.
folder 7 1889, 1892-1893, 1895, 1899-1900
folder 8 1901-1904, 1906, 1915, 1923-1924
folder 9 1935-1936, 1938
folder 10 Interior Store Displays n.d.
folder 11 Miscellaneous 1957
folder 12 Certificates 1966, 1970
folder 13 Chicago Snap-Shots 1916-1959
folder 14 City Directory Page Showing FJ Heinz Anchor Pickle and Vinegar Works 1894
folder 15 H.J. Heinz' Death 1919

Box 5
folder 1 Miscellaneous 1895-1988
folder 2 Contents of Cornerstone Box in New Building 1929
folder 3 Article from Beacon with Old Photo of Heinz 57 Varieties 1992
folder 4 First National Bank Check 1899, 1967
folder 5 FJ Heinz Ad c1876, 1978
folder 6 Fortune Article Draft 1952-1957
folder 7 German Prices 1905
folder 8 Giveaways 1903
Heinz, H.J.
folder 9 Clifford Heinz 1900-1902
folder 10 Howard Heinz 1896-1901
folder 11 Miscellaneous 1893-1919
folder 12 Fred Heinz 1904
folder 13 Miscellaneous 1894-1908
folder 14 Walz, K. - Checks 1898
Heinz, Howard
H.J. Heinz II and Rust Heinz
folder 15 1923-1925
folder 16 1926-1930
folder 17 Miscellaneous 1896
folder 18 Heinz Logos 1973
folder 19 Heinz Pickle Song 1974
folder 20 J.C. Lieb & Co. 1891, 1893
Lehew, E. C.
folder 21 "A Century of Results" Pamphlet 1978
folder 22 "The 57 At the Fair" and "14 Distinctive Soups by Heinz" 1933, 1984
folder 23 Heinz Envelopes 1917, 1975
folder 24 Miscellaneous 1975-1993
folder 25 Territorial Enterprise 1960, 1990
folder 26 L.H. Johnson & Co. - Heinz Vinegars 1903
folder 27 London Branch Factory 1899
folder 28 Miscellaneous 1895-1975
folder 29 National Provincial Bank of England 1896

Box 6
folder 1 Pinkerton's Detective Agency 1900
folder 2 Retail Profit Scale 1922, 1979
folder 3 Sign Advertising Tomato Juice 1930, 1965
folder 4 Stockholder's Annual Meeting 1949
folder 5 Wright, Nancy - Heinz Librarian 1963, 1965
folder 6 Yanke, Natalja - Perfect Attendance Letters 1926-1930
folder 7 Correspondence and Lists of Heinz Company Relics at Dearborn 1952-1953
folder 8 Envelopes 1894-1899
folder 9 Framed Advertisement - Experienced Campers 1986
folder 10 Greeting Cards 1919-1993
folder 11 Guarantee 1893
folder 12 "Heinz Girl" Magazine Ad c1900
folder 13 Heinzsite - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 1992
folder 14 "House of Heinz" Material - Miscellaneous Articles and Clippings 1904-1961
folder 15 Invitations 1902-1903
Ketchum, MacLeod & Grove, Inc.
folder 16 Heinz Closed Circuit Telecast Preliminary Script Outline and Revision #3 1958
folder 17 Text For Brochure H.J. Heinz Research Center 1958
folder 18 Keystone Pickling & Preserving Works Emblem n.d.

Box 7
folder 1 Celery Sauce Crate c1894
folder 2 English 1996
folder 3 Happy Soup n.d.
folder 4 c1916-1917
folder 5 n.d.
Obsolete Labels
folder 6-8 1958

Box 8
folder 1-2 1958
folder 3 1957-1959
folder 4 1958-1959

Box 9
folder 5-6 1958-1959
folder 7-8 1960

Box 10
folder 1-2 1960
folder 3 Obsolete Soup Label Book #1 1940-1957
folder 4 Obsolete Soup Label Book #2 1940-1957
folder 5 A Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago 1933
folder 6 Golden Gate Exposition, San Francisco 1939
folder 7 Heinz Exhibit, 1939 New York World's Fair 1939
folder 8 Heinz Magazine of the Air 1938
folder 9 Heinz Pre-Cooked Cereal Food n.d.
folder 10 Heinz Recipe Box n.d.
folder 11 Heinz Vacation Serenade 1944

Box 11
folder 1-2 1901-1978
folder 3 Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915
folder 4 World's Fair, New York 1940
folder 5 Victory Bulletin - Recipes and Cooking Rules c1945
folder 6 Ledger - Steamboat Supper 1948
folder 7 "Little House Where We Began" 1952-1961
folder 8 Log Cabin Museum Exhibit - Clipping and Photo 1983
folder 9 Beckelmann's Grocery Economist 1902
Business Week
folder 10 "H.J. Heinz Cooks Up First Venture on the Continent" 1957
folder 11 "H.J. Heinz Pours it on in Products and Profits" 1967
folder 12 Canadian Food Industries - "The Heinz Story" 1958

Box 12
folder 1 Collectors' Showcase - "The Uncommon H.J. Heinz" 1984-1985
folder 2 Coronet - "The Man Behind Those Heinz Foods" 1953
folder 3 Country Living - "Pass the Ketchup, Please" 1989
folder 4 Food Service Marketing - Ore-Ida Ads 1978
folder 5 Food Trade Review - "The H.J.Heinz Company's Kitt Green Factory" 1959
folder 6 Foreign Operations - "Why Companies Go Abroad" 1958
folder 7 The Glass Packer - "Price Ceilings, Materials Top NCA Meeting Problems" 1952
folder 8 Heinz Magazine of the Air 1937
Modern Packaging
folder 9 "Heinz 57 Varieties" 1950
folder 10 "Heinz 57 Varieties" Reprint 1950
folder 11 National Geographic - "Voyage to the Antarctic" 1983
folder 12 Packaging Design - "H.J. Heinz: 100 Years of Packaging" 1969
folder 13 Packaging Progress - "Quality Will Out" n.d.
folder 14 Perspective - "Heinz It All Began in Pittsburgh" 1976

Box 13
folder 1 Pittsburgh Quote - "H.J. Heinz" 1959
folder 2 Postcard Collector - "Heinz Pickle Postcards and Trade Cards" 1985
folder 3 Power - "Pickles Were a Sideline" 1947
folder 4 Redbook - Heinz Tomato Soup Advertisement 1945
folder 5 April 13, 1962
folder 6 July 20, 1962
folder 7 TV Guide - "All to Sell a Can of Soup" 1971
folder 8 Department for the Reception of Visitors 1922
folder 9 Escort's Manual 1931
folder 10 Manuscript Regarding Cattle Raising by H.J. Heinz II 1928
folder 11 Marketing Information on Heinz Apple Sauce 1963
folder 12 Commemorative Package 1989
folder 13 Manufacturing of Glass Containers in the U.S. 1935
folder 14 Old Signs 1993
folder 15 Menus 1948, 1958
folder 16 Merchandise Order Form 1995
folder 17 1893-1976
folder 18 n.d.
folder 19 Mottoes of Mr. H.J. Heinz n.d.
folder 20 The 57 1903-1914
folder 21 57 News 1961-1965

Box 14
folder 1 Miscellaneous 1959-1992
folder 2 Pickles 1899
folder 3 ABC's of Baby Feeding: A Filmstrip Guide and Off to a Good Start 1956
folder 4 Don McNeill's Breakfast Club 1963
folder 5 Famous Air Pilots and Modern Aviation 1948
folder 6 A Guide to Wartime Cooking 1943
folder 7 Heinz: A Good Place to Work n.d.
folder 8 Heinz-A Good Place to Work n.d.
folder 9 Heinz Research Center n.d.
folder 10 Heinz Salad Book n.d.
folder 11 Heinz Strained and Junior Foods 1942
folder 12 The House of Heinz n.d.
folder 13 How a Little Boy's Dream Came True n.d.
folder 14 Ore-Ida: How the Humble Potato Was Lifted to New Heights 1976
folder 15 Pittsburgh 1962
folder 16 Research For Quality n.d.
folder 17 The Spice of Life 1901, 1907

Box 15
folder 1 The Star-Kist Story n.d.
folder 2 The Story of Food Preservation 1942-1943
folder 3 Souvenir of Pittsburg 1905
folder 4 Pedigree and Registration for H.J. Heinz' Dog Homewood Don n.d.
folder 5 Photocopies of H.J. Heinz, Heinz Prize Cup, Etc. n.d.
folder 6 Plymouth Pickle Contract 1899
folder 7 Centennial 1869-1969 1969
folder 8 FJ Heinz 1883
folder 9 The Little House Where Quality Began 1952
folder 10 St. Augustine's Oldest Store Museum 1965
folder 11 La Mode Illustree' n.d.
folder 12 Theodore Roosevelt and Family n.d.
folder 13 Banquets 1919-1954
A Golden Day
folder 14-15 1924

Box 16
folder 1-4 1924
folder 5 Miscellaneous 1900-1953
Sixty-One Years of Friendly Industrial Relationship
folder 6-7 1930
folder 8 Recipe Cards n.d.
Recipe Books

Box 17
folder 1 Beans and Mayonnaise 1922-1923
Experimental Books
folder 2 1904
folder 3 1902-1908
folder 4 1907-1915
folder 5 1915-1918
folder 6 1918-1921
folder 7 S.E. Blackman 1908-1909
folder 8 Experiments 1903-1906

Box 18
folder 1 The Heinz Book of Meat Cookery n.d.
folder 1 The Heinz Book of Quantity Recipes and Menus
folder 2 1939
folder 3 1940
folder 4 The Heinz Recipe Book 1939
folder 5 The Heinz Recipe Book (Wartime Supplement) 1939
folder 6 Relishes and Miscellaneous Experiments 1922-1923
folder 7 Rice Puddings 1922-1936
folder 8 Soups 1921-1923

Box 19
folder 1 Annual Report 1949, 1964, 1974
folder 2 Foreign Spice Production 1939
folder 3 H.J. Heinz II's Early Experiences in London 1930
Publicity Report
folder 4-5 April 30, 1945
folder 6 Roscoe Turner's Original "57" Racer No. 1 - Heinz Rice Flakes Giveaway c1935
folder 7 Sales Management Reorganization 1950
folder 8 Scrapbook - The Dream That Came True 1916
folder 9 "Danger! Do Not Lean Over Elevator Gate" n.d.
folder 10 "Order Helps to Keep House" n.d.
folder 11 Speech by Fred Heinz 1953
folder 12 Steel Plate from the Battleship Delaware 1909
folder 13 Streetcar Signs n.d.
folder 14 Tickets 1902, 1925
folder 15 Veteran Employees Association Membership Card and Constitution 1934, 1937
folder 16 "We of Heinz" Exhibit 1958
folder 17 Will of H.J. Heinz 1919
folder 18 Young Men's Christian Association, Sharpsburg and Etna, Pa. 1894
Business Material

Box 20
volume H.J. Heinz Company 1936
volume Monthly Recap of Visitors 1954-1965
volume Monthly Record - Branches and Agencies 1900
volume Statistical-All Countries- Delivered and Sales Recaps 1907-1950 n.d.
Private Telegraph Code
volume 1903
volume 1925
volume For Salesmen 1943

Box 21
volume Sales Manuals n.d.

Box 22
volume Sales Manuals
volume Sales Manual No. 1470 n.d.

Box 23
box 23 Labels
volume Replica Vinegar Labels n.d.

Box 24
volume Replica Vinegar Labels n.d.

Box 25
volume Tom Tomato Tours the World of Heinz n.d.
volume Story of the 57 n.d.
volume Eaters Digest n.d.
volume Pittsburgh: From Fort To City 1954
volume The Heinz Salad Book c1933
volume 57 Prize-Winning Recipes 1957
volume 70 Years of Good Eating 1939
volume Salads: A Recipe Book by Heinz n.d.
volume The H.J. Heinz Company Story 1956
volume The Heinz Salad Book 57 n.d.
volume It's A World-Wide 57 n.d.
volume Spin the Bottle! For Foods That Fit Your Mood 1970
volume Our New Breed of Chef. . . 1970

Box 26
volume The Heinz Book of Meat Cookery
(white cover) 1930
(blue cover) 1932
volume Heinz Book of Salads 1930
volume The ABCs of Prenatal Care: A Family Guide
volume Heinz Guide to Successful Pickling 1981
volume Barbecuing. . . For the Fun of it 1969
volume All About Pickles 1969
volume Trademarks vs. Grademarks: A Message to Housewives 1943
volume Holiday Happenings From Heinz
(green cover) n.d.
(red cover) n.d.
volume Holiday Recipes from Heinz n.d.
volume Bright Start: A Guide to Infant Feeding 1978
volume Happy Crafts From Happy Soup n.d.
volume Heinz Book of Quantity Recipes 1935
volume Heinz Book of Meat Cookery
volume A Housewife Looks at Heinz n.d.

Box 27
volume The Romance of the 57 1930
volume Heinz 57 Varieties n.d.
volume The Story of the 57 n.d.
volume The Home of the '57 n.d.
volume Heinz Book of Salads 1925
volume Thrifty New Tips on a Grand Old Favorite 1932
volume 57 n.d.
volume The House of Heinz n.d.
volume Understanding your young child 1954
volume Your Work is Your Brain's Gymnasium 1902
volume An ABC's for Baby's Meal-time n.d.
volume Convention Digest - Heinz 65th Annual Sales Convention 1952
volume Heinz Grocery Product Guide 1980
volume Harlesden 1925-1965 1965
volume The Growth of an Industry n.d.

Box 28
volume Heinz Kindergarten Book n.d.
volume Heinz Kindergarten Book No.1 c1900
volume Heinz Kindergarten Book No.4 n.d.
volume Heinz Kindergarten Book No.5 n.d.
volume Heinz Kindergarten Book No.6 1927
volume Salads By the World's Best Chefs 1912
volume What Heinz Stands For 1903
volume 57 Ways to Use Heinz Condensed Soups 1944
volume The Philistine 1906
volume A Fair Question 1904
volume Vinegars c1900
volume A Message To Garcia 1899
volume Happy Crafts from Happy Soup n.d.
Heinz Souvenir Recipe Book
volume 1938
volume n.d.
volume Main Dishes and Casseroles 1973
volume Recipe Magic with Heinz Soups n.d.
volume In-wich, On-wich and Sandwich 1967
volume Kitchen Fun For You n.d.
volume Facts About Foods n.d.
volume A Mid-Year Report. . . 1972
volume Heinz Special Dietary Foods 1942
volume The Use of Heinz Strained and Junior Foods for Infant Feeding and Special Diets 1949
volume Fun Foods for Keen Teens n.d.
volume Science Recommends. . . 1941
volume Looking Towards Better Labels 1944
volume Teacher's Guide For Class Presentation of "The Story of Food Preservation" 1942
volume Home Maker's Guide 1946
volume Let's Go Flying: Famous Flights and Air Routes of the World n.d.
volume Heinz Memorial Chapel University of Pittsburgh 1938

Box 29
volume The Men's 57 Club 1916
volume The Roycrofters: A Message to Garcia 1916
volume The Safe Worker 1935
volume The Story of Peanutville 1915
volume The New Heinz Employee 1924
volume Pointers For Salesmen n.d.
volume Heinz Magic of Food Show From the Festival of Gas Pavilion - New York World's Fair 1964-1965
volume Plain and Fancy Cooking with Blennd n.d.
volume Food Preserving 1927
volume Cook with Ketchup n.d.
volume Chef's Recipe Secrets with Heinz Sauces n.d.
volume Say Cheese: With Heinz Cheese Soup That Is n.d.
volume Business Ethics 1926
volume Are You a Preferred Risk? 1897
volume 57 Varieties of Heinz Pure Foods n.d.
volume 57 Ideas for Delicious Salads and Dressings n.d.
Olive Oil as Medicine
volume (grey cover) n.d.
volume (green cover) n.d.
volume Faithful Service Awards 1948
volume Faithful Service Awards 1949
volume Faithful Service Awards 1955
volume Faithful Service Awards 1956
volume Employees Presented with the Faithful Service Gold Medal 1936
volume The Quality of Salemanship 1951
volume Consumers Promotion Work 1912
volume You Are Cordially Invited n.d.
volume As a Visitor Sees Us n.d.
volume Custer's Last Rally c1906
volume A Modern Business Structure n.d.
volume Heinz Baked Beans n.d.
volume Honor Roll 1918
volume Faithful Service Awards Year Ending 1954 1954
volume Baby Feeding and Nutrition n.d.
volume Let's talk basics 1974
volume Men's 57 Club Library Service 1929
volume Good Citizen 1948
volume Unloading Department Supplies n.d.
volume Quick Pickling 1972
volume The Gang's All Here - Recipe for 24 Servings n.d.
volume Facts About Heinz U.S.A. and the H.J. Heinz Company 1984
volume Allergy Information on Heinz Baby Foods n.d.
volume Beautiful Things For Play Pen People and their friends from Heinz 1970
volume Teacher's Guide for the Sound Color Picture the Big Kitchen 1953

Box 30
volume Show the people what they are buying. n.d.
volume . . .One More Time 1967
volume All About Vinegar 1968
volume Ore-Ida (brown cover) n.d.
volume A Birthday at Bowling Green 1966
volume The 12-Billion Dollar Question n.d.
volume Skyline Farms n.d.
volume Heinz in Britain 1968
volume Heinz in Canada 1968
volume A quiet note of thanks . . . Apoidea n.d.
volume Congratulations From Our Family to Yours 1978
volume The Olive and Its Oil n.d.
volume Advances in Human Nutrition: An International Symposium 1958
volume Ore Ida (tan cover) n.d.
volume New Jersey Seashore Resorts n.d.
volume Heinz Research Center n.d.

Box 31
box 31 Coupons 1949-1976

Box 32
box 32 Postcards
Atlantic City, N.J.
Art Salon, Heinz Ocean Pier, Atlantic City 1930
Bathing Scene n.d.
Bathing Scene Showing Heinz Pier 1921
Beach View Showing Hotel Rudolph and Heinz Pier. Atlantic City, N.J. n.d.
Greetings from Atlantic City 1908
Greetings from Heinz Pier, Atlantic City, N.J.
Heinz Ocean Pier 1908
Heinz Ocean Pier. Atlantic City Exhibit of the 57 Varieties Food Products
Heinz Ocean Pier. Atlantic City Extending 1000 Feet Into the Ocean
Heinz Ocean Pier, Atlantic City, N.J. Extending 1000 Feet Into the Sea n.d.
Heinz Ocean Pier Atlantic City, N.J. n.d.
Heinz Ocean Pier Atlantic City, N.J. n.d.
Heinz Pier and Boardwalk, Atlantic City, N.J. n.d.
Heinz Pier, Atlantic City n.d.
Heinz Pier, Atlantic City, N.J.
Heinz Pier By Moonlight 1901
Heinz Pier Interior View Art Exhibit n.d.
Heinz's Pier, Atlantic City, N.J. n.d.
The Home of the "57" Atlantic City 1906
One of the Exhibit Rooms, Heinz Pier, Atlantic City, N.J.
Scene in Heinz's Pier 1928
Singing Organist
Sun Parlor Interior n.d.
Sun Parlor Open All Winter
F J Heinz (Office of)
June 3, 1978
October 19, 1882
November 25, 1882
January 9, 1883
February 10, 1883
March 3, 1883
Heinz Plant
Main Plant General Offices, H. J. Heinz Co.
Main Plant and General Offices. Pittsburg, Pa. n.d.
Main Plant and General Offices: Pittsburg, USA
Main Plant of H.J. Heinz Co., Pittsburgh n.d.
View from Troy Hill, Showing H.J. Heinz Plant, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Auditorium Main Plant n.d.
Bottling Department at the "Home of the 57" n.d.
Bottling Heinz Pickles
40,000 visitors... n.d.
Foyer H.J. Heinz Co. Adminstrative Building, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Hulling Strawberries 1914
Interior Heinz Auditorium n.d.
International Headquarters n.d.
Labeling Bottles n.d.
Noon-Day Entertainment to Employes [sic] 1919
One of the Roof Gardens
Research Center n.d.
Rotunda, Adminstrative Building n.d.
"Rotunda" of Adminstration Building
Sealing Apple Butter 1913
Strawberry Day at the "Home of the 57"
Visitors Sampling Room
Heinz Plants
H.J. Heinz Co., Salem, N.J. n.d.
H.J. Heinz Co., Salem, N.J. n.d.
Plant of the H.J. Heinz Company, Tracy, California 1955
Tomato Time is Heinz Time (Leaminton, Ontario) n.d.
Western Plant of the H.J. Heinz Co. Berkeley, Ca. n.d.
Heinz Residence
Heinz Residence, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Residence of H.J. Heinz, Homewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 1908
A scene along the road to Dowinchel, Pa. 1915
Branch House of H.J. Heinz Company (St. Louis, Mo.) 1902
Daily Report Electric Sign n.d.
The 58th Variety of Pickle 1911
"57 Varieties" 1906
John Heinz and Family c1971-1975
Kitchens from Many Lands n.d.
Miss E.M. Prager 1903
One of the 57 for You 1907
Our Preserves and our Apple Butter are just as good as our Pickles 1908
People use a great deal more Apple Butter when they know Heinz 1903
Ristigouche Salmon Club 1939
Rosenbaum Co. 1910
This Is One of My 57 Varieties 1911
To the Holland-America Line 1901
Two of the 57,000 Varieties n.d.
Wouldn't that make Your mouth water n.d.
Other Attractions
Bank of England, London n.d.
The "57 Varieties" at the Fair n.d.
Frick Building and Annex, Pa. 1911
Greetings from Heinz Exhibit - Golden Gate International Exposition n.d.
Heinz Dome. New York World's Fair 1939
Heinz Dome New York World's Fair 1940
Heinz Memorial Chapel 1973
Looking up Market Street from Ferry Building, Twin Peaks in the Distance, San Francisco, Ca. 1929
Main St., Buffalo N.Y. 1911
Rickey's Famous 57-Variety Smorgasbord Studio Club at Palo Alto Town House in San Francisco n.d.
Street Scene in Seville n.d.
The World-Famed Horseshoe Curve, Near Altoona, Pa., on the P.R.R. 1908
Customers of Mr. Jas, Dezort 1914
Customers of Mr. J.W. Miltner Grocer Millvale, Pa. 1914
Mr. Wolf and Customers 1914
Pickle Club 1914

Box 33
volume Annual Convention Programs 1902-1957

Box Shelf
Volume 1893
Volume 1918
Label Books (chronological)
Volume 1888-1891 (#2867)
Volume 1894 (#2868)
Volume 1898 (#2873)
Volume 1898-1899 (#2866)
Volume 1900 (#2871)
Volume 1902 (#2882)
Volume 1903 (#2872)
Volume 1903 (#2883)
Volume 1907 (#2869)
Volume 1907 (#2870)
Volume 1910 (#2878)
Volume 1911 (#2874)
Volume 1913 (#2879)
Volume 1913 (#2880)
Volume 1913-1914 (#2884)
Volume 1914 June (#2876)
Volume 1914 (#2877)
Volume 1914 (#2881)
Volume 1916 (#2899)
Volume 1916 (#2900)
Volume c1916-1917 (#2901)
Volume 1917 December (#2889)
Volume 1918 (#2890)
Volume 1919 (#2875)
Volume 1919 (#2885)
Volume 1920 (#2891)
Volume 1921 (#2892)
Volume 1922 (#2886)
Volume 1922 (#2893)
Volume 1923 (#2887)
Volume 1924 (#2888)
Volume 1926 (#2894)
Volume 1927 (#2895)
Volume 1928 (#2896)
Volume 1928 (#2897)
Volume 1929 (#2898)
Volume 1929 (#2903)
Volume 1930 (#2902)
Volume 1931 (#2904)
Volume 1931 (#2905)
Volume 1931 (#2906)
Volume 1932 (#2907)
Volume 1932 (#2908)
Volume 1934 (#2909)
Volume 1934 (#2910)
Volume 1935 (#2911)
Volume 1936 (#2912)
Volume 1937 (#2913)
Volume 1937 (#2914)
Volume 1938 (#2915)
Volume 1939 (#2916)
Volume 1940 (#2917)
Volume 1941 (#2918)
Volume 1942 (#2919)
Volume 1943 (#2920)
Volume 1944 (#2921)
Volume 1944 (#2922)
Volume 1945 (#2923)
Volume 1946 (#2924)
Volume 1947 (#2925)
Volume 1948 (#2926)
Volume 1948 (#2961a)
Volume 1949 (#2927)
Volume 1950 (#2928)
Volume 1951 (#2929)
Volume 1952 (#2930)
Volume 1953 (#2931)
Volume 1954 (#2961b)
Volume 1954-1955, 1957 (#2961c)
Volume 1955 (#2961d)
Volume 1957 (#2961e)
Volume 1960 (#2955)
Volume 1960 (#2956)
Volume 1960 (#2957)
Volume 1960-1961 (#2950)
Volume 1960-1961 (#2951)
Volume 1960-1961 - Foreign (#2952)
Volume 1962-1963 - Domestic (#2953)
Label Books (alphabetical)
Volume Barley Cereal (#2940) 1954
Volume Canadian n.d.
Volume Condiments, Jellies, Juices, Minute Meals 1943-1957
Volume Domestic Labels (#2954) 1959-1960
Volume Glass n.d.
Volume Government Contracts n.d.
Volume High Protein Cereal (#2939) 1956
Volume Junior Labels (#2949) c.1950
Volume Labels and Boxes (#2961) 1958
Volume London, England 1910
Volume London Factory Labels n.d.
Volume Mixed Cereal Food (#2937) c.1954
Volume Oatmeal Cereal (#2938) c.1955
Volume Obsolete Junior Food Labels (#2934) 1950-1955
Volume Obsolete Labels (#2946) c.1955-1958
Volume Obsolete Labels (#2958) c.1959
Volume Obsolete Labels (#2959) c.1959
Volume Obsolete Pickle Labels(#2936) 1955-1958
Volume Obsolete Pickle Relish Labels (#2943) 1950-1956
Volume Obsolete Strained Food Labels (#2944) 1950-1956
Volume Obsolete Strained and Junior (#2933) 1943-1957
Volume Rice Cereal (#2941) c.1954
Volume Sample Can Labels and Proofs (#2942) c.1952-1957
Volume Sample Can Labels and Proofs (#2949) c.1950
Volume Soups (#2935) 1951-1954
Volume Soups (#2945) 1953-1955
Volume Tins n.d.
Volume Various (#2947) c.1937-1957
Presentation Albums
Volume Birthday Book Henry J. Heinz 1844-1914
Volume Henry J. Heinz 1844-1919
Volume In Memoriam Mr. H.J. Heinz 1919
Volume Mr. Sebastian Mueller 1927
Volume Sebastian Mueller 1930
Volume Sebastian Mueller 1934
Volume Souvenir Seventieth Anniversary Dinner Tendered to Mr. H.J.Heinz By Howard Heinz, at the Duquesne Club 1914
Volume Tiffany and Co. - Dedicated to Howard Heinz 1909
Volume Advertisements 1920-1980
Volume American Wind Symphony Orchestra Vol. I 1961
Volume American Wind Symphony Orchestra Vol. II 1961
Volume American Wind Symphony Orchestra Vol. III 1961
Volume Brand Names Foundation 1958
Volume Death of H.J. Heinz 1919
Volume Death of Rust and Howard Heinz 1939-1941
Volume Employees, 57 News Clippings, etc. c.1920-1964
Volume H.J. Heinz 1912-1919
Volume Kept by H.J. Heinz for Clifford Heinz 1902-1919
Volume Memories 1922-1935
Volume Press Tributes to the Memory of H.J. Heinz 1919
Publicity Scrapbooks
Volume August, 1936
Volume January, 1937
Volume February, 1937
Volume June, 1938
Volume October, 1938 (1 of 2)
Volume October, 1938 (2 of 2)
Volume March, 1939
Volume April, 1939
Volume May, 1939 (1 of 2)
Volume May, 1939 (2 of 2)
Volume May, 1940
Volume February, 1941
Volume August, 1941
Volume March, 1949
Financial ledgers

Box 34
Volume Record of produce receipts 1895-1902
Volume Annual Statistics of Bottled Goods 1892-1917
Volume Financial Ledger (Bonds) 1925-1956

Box 35
Volume “Private Ledger” (account balances) 1900-1940
Volume “Transfer Private Ledger” 1900-1940
Volume Real Estate accounts 1905-1933
Recipe Books

Box 34
Volume “Elstow’s Receipt Book” (British recipes) 1850s
Volume Record Book (recipes) 1896
Minute Books, Branch Factory Managers Convention
Volume January 1903
Volume December 1903
Volume January 1905
Tomato Acreage, Yield, and Distribution Reports

Box 36
Folder 1 Tomato Yield reports 1911-1962
Folder 2 Tomato Acreage reports 1920-1962
Folder 3 Tomato distribution Photostat reports 1947-1955
Folder 4 Paste and Ketchup inventory and sales charts 1962-1968
Folder 5 “Forecasting Tomato Needs” by W.L. Smith 1970
Folder 6 “Tomato Data” report c.1972
Folder 7 Ketchup and Tomato paste reports 1930s-1960s
Binder Tomato Season Production reports 1936-1967
Folder 8 Heinz Product Catalogues (2) 1897
Folder 9 Miscellaneous n.d.
Folder 10 Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh 1986-1992
Heinz Family Real Estate Records

Box 37
Folder 1 105-107 Bell Alley (Bronco)
Folder 2 613-615 Ann St.
Folder 3 402-404 E. Lacock St.
Folder 4 406 E. Lacock St.
Folder 5 410-412 E. Lacock St.
Folder 6 117-119 Morgan St. (Mendota St.)
Folder 7 121-123 Morgan St. (Mendota St.)
Folder 8 Wabash Purchase; 500-600 River Ave.
Folder 9 504 River Ave.
Folder 10 506 River Ave.
Folder 11 508 River Ave.
Folder 12 319-325 E. Robinson St.
Folder 13 503 E. Robinson St.
Folder 14 505 E. Robinson St.
Folder 15 507 E. Robinson St.
Folder 16 509 E. Robinson St.
Folder 17 600-602 E. Robinson St.
Folder 18 604-608 E. Robinson St.
Folder 19 610 E. Robinson St.
Folder 20 612-614 W. Robinson St.
Folder 21 629 Ann St.
Folder 22 116 Morgan St.
Folder 23 118 Morgan St.
Folder 24 120 Morgan St.
Folder 25 205 Morgan St.
Folder 26 401 Post Alley (Phelps Way)
Folder 27 403 Post Alley
Folder 28 Post Alley (Rear 408 River Ave).
Folder 29 River Ave. and Mendota St.
Folder 30 402 River Ave.
Folder 31 404 River Ave.
Folder 32 406 River Ave.
Folder 33 408 River Ave.
Folder 34 401 E. Robinson St.
Folder 35 409 E. Robinson St.
Folder 36 411 E. Robinson St.
Folder 37 107 Grantham St.
Folder 38 109 Grantham St.
Folder 39 207 Morgan St. (Mendota St.)
Folder 40 209 Morgan St. (Mendota St.)
Folder 41 410-412 River Ave.
Folder 42 414-416 River Ave.
Folder 43 413-415 E. Robinson St.
Folder 44 417 E. Robinson St.
Folder 45 419 E. Robinson St.
Sarah Heinz House Association

Box 38
Folder 1 Summer Camp, Lawrence County (1 of 2)
Folder 2 Summer Camp, Lawrence County (2 of 2)
Folder 3 935 E. Ohio St.
Folder 4 941 E. Ohio St.
Folder 5 939 E. Ohio St.
Folder 6 937 E. Ohio St.
Folder 7 Canal and Sycamore Ave.
Folder 8 921-931 E. Ohio St.
Folder 9 200 Anderson St.
Folder 10 206-210 Anderson St.
Folder 11 213-215 Bell Alley (Bronco)
Folder 12 204-208 Goodrich St.
Folder 13 209 Goodrich St.
Folder 14 213-215 Grantham St.
Folder 15 209 E. Lacock St.
Folder 16 311 E. Lacock St.
Folder 17 313 E. Lacock St.
Folder 18 315 E. Lacock St.
Folder 19 503 E. Lacock St.
Folder 20 511-13 and 519 E. Lacock St; 211 Goodrich St.
Folder 21 506-508 E. Robinson St.
Folder 22 510 E. Robinson St.
Folder 23 518 Robinson St.
Folder 24 306 E. Robinson St.
Folder 25 502-504 E. Robinson St.
Folder 26 Corporation acquisitions, Batty and Co. Ltd 1910
Folder 27 Demolition of building 130
Heinz Family wills
Folder 28 H.J. Heinz I and related correspondence 1919; 1954-1964
Folder 29 Howard Heinz 1941
Folder 30 Clifford Heinz and related clippings (family dispute) 1935; 1963
Folder 31 Irene Heinz Given (trust agreement with J. Stratton) 1943
Accession 2003.108

Box 39
Folder 1 Mckee School mothers visit to Heinz plant 1918
Folder 2 Accounting booklets/instructions 1898-1922
Folder 3 Outstanding accounts 1914-1922
Accession 2008.253
Folder 4 Letter from F. and J. Heinz to W.H. Moon 1880s