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Subseries New Material Added, December 2014

Section: Articles

Box 1039
Folder 1 "The Role of the Republic of China in Collective Security" ROC Conference publication and full event information, Washington D.C., June 21, 1994
Folder 2 Amici Curiae, US Court of Appeals, State of Idaho v. F.B.I. Special Agent Lon T. Horiuchi, July 19, 2001
Folder 3 Considering Employment Law, Civil Rights and Employee Benefits: Report on Supreme Court at Mid-Term (Part 1), K&L Update, March-April 2002
Folder 4 Washington Legal Foundation: Conversations With…Issue: "Asbestos Litigation," Spring 2003
Folder 5 Washington Legal Foundation: Conversations With…Issue "Consumer Product Regulation," WLF, Summer 2003
Folder 6 "Living in the Shadows: TMI 25 years later" Patriot News, March 28, 2004
Folder 7 Washington Legal Foundation: Conversations With…Issue "Civil Justice Reform," Fall 2004
Folder 8 Washington Legal Founcation: Conversations With…Issue "Rhode Island v. Lead Industries Ass'n, March 2005
Folder 9 Washington Legal Foundation: Conversations With…Issue "Legal Reform in Mississippi," Spring 2005
Folder 10 "Thornburgh on Civil Justice Reform," Executive Counsel, March-April 2005
Folder 11 Washington Legal Foundation: Conversations With…Issue: "Legal Reform - A View from the States," Spring 2005
Folder 12 Washington Legal Foundation: Conversations With…Issue: Commercial Free Speech," Summer 2005
Folder 13 Washington Legal Foundation: Conversations With…Issue: "International Trade and Non-Tariff Barriers," Fall 2005
Folder 14 Washington Legal Foundation: Conversations With…Issue: "Prescription Drug Abuse," Winter 2005
Folder 15 "What I Believe - 'Without a Reasonable Doubt," Contribution to Larry King Book, "Without a Reasonable Doubt," November 1, 2006
Folder 16 Book: "Puerto Rico's Future A Time to Decide," CSIS Press, Washington, D.C. Vol.29 No. 1, 2007
Folder 17 "Organizing a Successful Corporate Internal Investigation," Washington Legal Foundation, July 2007
Folder 18 Washington Legal Foundation: Conversations With…Issue: "Supreme Court and Jurisprudence & Practice," Summer 2007
Folder 19 Washington Legal Foundation: Conversations With…Issue: "Benefits of Legal Reform," Fall 2007
Folder 20 Biogaphical contribution to novel "Leapholes Afterword," by by James Grippando, 2007
Folder 21 Washington Legal Foundation: Conversations With..Issue: "Free Enterprise - Left Behind after Sarbanes-Oxley?" Spring 2008
Folder 22 Washington Legal Foundation: Conversations With…Issue: "Maintaining the Corporate Compliance Commitment," Summer 2008
Folder 23 "DOJ Issues New Guidance That Retreats From Aggressive Pollicies Followed in White Collar Cases," K&L Gates, September 2008
Folder 24 Brief, Supreme Court, "Ashcroft v. Javaid Iqbal, September 5, 2008
Folder 25 Washington Legal Foundation: Conversations With…Issue; "Overecriminalization and Financial Crisis," October 27, 2008
Folder 26 "Waiver of the attorney-client privilege: the need for a legislative solution," Lawyers Journal, November 7, 2008
Folder 27 "Could Bart Giamatti hve stopped steroids?," Yale Alumni Magazine, February 11, 2009
Folder 28 Amici Curiae, Supreme Court: "Northwest Austin Municipal Utility District Number One," March 25, 2009
Folder 29 Forward to "Caclculus of Character finds a remarkable interplay of social concepts…", By Peter Blanck et al, Cambridge University Press, 2009
Folder 29a Washington Legal Foundation Legal Opinion Letter, "Ruling on Anti-Terror Tactics Subjects Law Enforcement Officials to Personal Liability," June 4, 2010
Folder 30 Washington Legal Foundation: Conversations Wiith…Issue "Threats to Philanthropic Freedom," Summer 2010
Folder 31 "What would Atticus Finch do?," National Law Journal, August 11, 2010
Folder 32 Washington Legal Foundation: Former Attorneys General Urge Dismissal of Case Seeking Damages From Senior Administration Offical: Ashcroft v. Al-Kidd, No. 10-98, August 19, 2010
Folder 33 Washington Legal Foundation, Conversations With…Issue "Antitrust Law and Policy in the Innovation Age," September 2010
Folder 34 "Homeland security, civil liberties and the rule of law," National Law Journal, September 5, 2011
Folder 35 Brief, Supreme Court, "Clapper v. Amnesty Internatinal" No. 11-1025, August 2, 2012

Section: Op-Eds

Box 1039
Folder 36 "What is free about free association?" San Juan Star, October 20, 2002
Folder 37 "Internet Safety," Letter to Editor, New York Tmes, December 2, 2002,
Folder 38 "The Private Sector," Post-Gazette, March 30, 2004
Folder 39 "Narrow decision jeopardizes access for disabled," Patriot-News, Harrisburg, by Thornburgh and Tom Harkin, June 20, 2004
Folder 40 "Dred Scott and Balzac - A legacy of equality denied," San Juan Star, July 14, 2004
Folder 41 " Human Rights for the Disabled," Washington Post, by Thornburgh and Alan Reich, November 3, 2004
Folder 42 "Surveillance Sanity," Wall Street Journal, by Thornburgh and Benjamin Civiletti and William Webster, October 31, 2007
Folder 43 "U.S. reluctance to sign treaty on disabilities is painful, puzzling," Seattle Times, by Thornburgh and Paul Steven Miller, June 25, 2008
Folder 44 "Freeh hastily misjudged Paterno," USA Today, February 11, 2013