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Subseries 6. Candidate Thornburgh's Files

Scope and Content Notes:

During the 1991 Campaign for Senate, Thornburgh kept, as for all other campaigns and offices he held, a personal collection of materials known here as " Candidate Thornburgh's files." These are the working files kept close at hand for, in this case, the candidate's ready use and reference. These files of convenience and contain materials that are, in many cases, a condensed version of other campaign matters, and many of which have annotations and notes by Thornburgh.

"Candidate Thornburgh's files" are organized as follows: 1) "The Campaign," a general section of material containing "core" campaign materials, including speeches (and notes), schedules, media materials, debate preparation, polling data, and others, all arranged roughly by the type of material; 2) Fundraising materials and various finance reports; 3) Issue research, including specialty steel, health care reform, "Dick Thornburgh's Agenda for the 90s," and research on opponent Harris Wofford; 4) Clippings, including the Senate race, Pennsylvania, and post-election clippings (and notes).

Section: The Campaign

Box 925
Folder 1 Resignation letter to President Bush regarding Thornburgh's intention to run for U.S. Senate August 9, 1991
Folder 2 Announcement speech and notes August 29-30, 1991
Folder 3 "Stump speech" outline and notes September, 1991
Folder 4 Concession speech and notes November 5, 1991
Folder 5 Campaign mailings to family and close friends August-October, 1991
Folder 6 Thornburgh's campaign notes, to-do lists, contacts and staff information 1991
Folder 7 Media, including advertisements and consultant information 1991
Folder 8 Issue clippings and articles May-November, 1991
Folder 9 Telephone logs and notes 1991
Folder 10 Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters, debate between Wofford and Thornburgh, Thornburgh's notes October 18, 1991
Folder 11 Polling data April-October, 1991
Folder 12 Dick and Ginny Thornburgh's weekly schedules, tentative and confirmed (annotated) September 2-November 4, 1991
Folder 13 Personal notes and correspondence August-November, 1991
Folder 14 Lawsuit, Trinsey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, et al., U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Docket Nos. 91-1490 and 91-1491 August 6, 1991
Folder 15 Pennsylvania issue updates 1987-April, 1991
Folder 16 U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) issues and updates 1989-1991

Section: Fundraising

Folder 17 Presidential Salute to Dick Thornburgh fundraiser, attendees list September 3, 1991
Folder 18 Thornburgh for Senate fundraiser, remarks by President Bush, Philadelphia, PA September 12, 1991
Folder 19 Richard Thornburgh Breakfast, attendees list, Washington, DC October 3, 1991
Folder 20 Fundraising Committee correspondence and memoranda from Evans Rose to Thornburgh 1987-1991
Folder 21 Senate Public Financial Disclosure information and reports August-November, 1991
Folder 22 Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports regarding Thornburgh's work at Kirkpatrick & Lockhart (K&L), and other materials September-November, 1991

Box 926
Folder 1 Campaign debt case: U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, Karl Rove v. Richard Thornburgh, Docket No. 93-8451 ca. 1993

Section: Campaign Positions and Research

Folder 2 "Dick Thornburgh's Agenda for the 90s" October 28, 1991
Folder 3 "Thornburgh Announces 14-Point Plan for Affordable Health Care" October, 1991
Folder 4 Affordable health care, related news clippings October, 1991
Folder 5 Specialty steel industry October 22, 1991
Folder 6 Wofford 1991

Section: News Clippings, Notes and Memoranda

Folder 7 Regarding U.S. Senate April-September, 1991
Folder 8 Regarding Senate campaign and race August 20-October 1, 1991
Folder 9 Thornburgh annotated articles and staff memoranda 1991
Folder 10 Thornburgh "special" Pennsylvania clippings and annotated articles 1991
Folder 11 Post election, including election results, and Thornburgh's notes November-December, 1991
Folder 12-13 Pennsylvania clippings 1988-1991
Folder 14 Miscellaneous 1987-1992
Folder 15 Post election material regarding Wofford and health insurance issue 1991-1994