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Subseries 6. Attorney General of the United States, 1988-1991

Cassette DTA-405 Keynote Address "Reinvigorating Government," Carnegie Mellon University (SUPA); Pittsburgh, PA September 29, 1988
Cassette DTA-406 U.S. Attorney's Conference Speech (Law Enforcement), Charleston, SC October 8, 1988
Cassette DTA-407 International Association of Chiefs of Police Speech (Law Enforcement), Portland, OR October 17, 1988
Cassette DTA-408 Appeal of Conscience Speech (Drugs); NYC October 18, 1988
Cassette DTA-409 Franklin and Marshall College Dedication Ceremony, Lancaster, PA: Speech (Public Service) and Press Conference October 20, 1988
Cassette DTA-410 Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Speech (Drugs), San Diego, CA October 25, 1988
Cassette DTA-411 CBS: Streets Press Conference October 27, 1988
Cassette DTA-412 University of Florida Blue Key Banquet Speech (Drugs), Gainesville FL October 28, 1988
Cassette DTA-413 Oceans '88 Conference Speech (Environment), Baltimore, MD October 31, 1988
Cassette DTA-414 Allegheny Conference on Community Development Speech (Economy); Pittsburgh, PA November 14, 1988
Cassette DTA-415 New England Council Annual Dinner, Boston, MA November 16, 1988
Cassette DTA-416 U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Interview for Chamber's ESPN Business Report; Washington, DC November 16, 1988
Cassette DTA-417 Republican Governors Association Panel Discussion November 21, 1988
Cassette DTA-418 Federal Bar Council (medal awarded to AG); New York, NY November 23, 1988
Cassette DTA-419 Pennsylvania Manufacturer's Association Speech at the Pennsylvania Society (Awarded Gold Medal & Check for Rehabilitation Center of Pittsburgh) December 10, 1988
Cassette DTA-420 Press Conference regarding Dropped Charges Against Lt. Col. North January 5, 1989
Cassette DTA-421 Business-Government Relations Council; Washington, DC January 12, 1989
Cassette DTA-422 Speech, 20th Annual Ecumenical Service, Martin Luther King Day; Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA January 16, 1989
Cassette DTA-423 Inauguration of Pennsylvania Attorney General Preate; The Forum, Harrisburg, PA January 17, 1989
Cassette DTA-424 NBC News "Meet the Press," Washington, DC January 22, 1989
Cassette DTA-425 Interview with Michael Wines of New York Times April 18, 1989
Cassette DTA-426 Questions and Answers at Breakfast with L.A. Times/Washington Bureau February 15, 1989
Cassette DTA-427 Council on Foreign Relations: Questions and Answers following Remarks February 16, 1989
Cassette DTA-428 Society of Four Arts Speech (drugs) and questions and Answers; Palm Beach, FL February 21, 1989
Cassette DTA-429 Economic Club of New York--Speech and Questions and Answers with Governor Kean; New York, NY February 22, 1989
Cassette DTA-430 National Governor's Association--Winter Meeting; Washington, DC, regarding funding to states for drugs and crime February 27, 1989
Cassette DTA-431 Association of American Publishers and American Booksellers--Questions and Answers following the Meeting March 1, 1989
Cassette DTA-432 West Virginia Bar Association: Speech and Questions and Answers; Charleston, WV March 3, 1989
Cassette DTA-433 Breakfast with Chicago Tribune/ Washington Bureau; Washington, DC March 15, 1989
Cassette DTA-434 Speech (drugs / morale) FBI and DEA Special Agents in Charge Conference; Phoenix, AZ March 20, 1989
Cassette DTA-435 National Law Enforcement Council; Washington, DC March 21, 1989
Cassette DTA-436 Press Availability from Kennedy School of Government, Boston, MA March 23, 1989
Cassette DTA-437 Questions and Answers at Breakfast; Washington, DC March 30, 1989
Cassette DTA-438 Closing Statements at the Italian-American Working Group at FBI Headquarters; Washington, DC April 6, 1989
Cassette DTA-439 Press Conference with Director Bennett regarding D.C. Drug Enforcement April 10, 1989
Cassette DTA-440 World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh: Speech (drugs) and Questions and Answers; Pittsburgh, PA April 11, 1989
Cassette DTA-441 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial Board April 11, 1989
Cassette DTA-442 Pittsburgh Press Editorial Board April 11, 1989
Cassette DTA-443 United Jewish Appeal Remarks and Questions and Answers April 13, 1989
Cassette DTA-444 Time Magazine Executive Press Conference Panel on Drug Policy; Washington, DC April 17, 1989
Cassette DTA-445 Breakfast with the Baltimore Sun, Washington Bureau; Washington, DC April 19, 1989
Cassette DTA-446 Speech at Foundation for Developmental Disabilities Dinner; San Diego, CA [online] April 20, 1989
Cassette DTA-447 San Diego Union Editorial Board Meeting; San Diego, CA April 21, 1989
Cassette DTA-448 Speech (drugs) to Los Angeles World Affairs Council, Los Angeles, CA April 24, 1989
Cassette DTA-449 Los Angeles Street Gang Task Force at the DEA Offices; Los Angeles, CA April 24, 1989
Cassette DTA-450 Speech to International Drug Enforcement Conference (IDEC); Miami, FL April 26, 1989
Cassette DTA-451 International Drug Enforcement Conference (IDEC), Press Availability, Miami, FL April 26, 1989
Cassette DTA-452 Speech to Fifth and Eleventh Circuits Judicial Conferences; New Orleans, LA May 8, 1989
Cassette DTA-453 University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) School of Law Commencement Address; Chapel Hill, NC May 14, 1989
Cassette DTA-454 George Washington University National Law Center Commencement Address; Washington, DC May 21, 1989

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Cassette DTA-455 Federal Judges Association; Washington, DC May 23, 1989
Cassette DTA-456 Police Executive Research Forum Remarks and Question and Answer; Rosalyn, VA May 24, 1989
Cassette DTA-457 DEA Memorial; Washington, DC June 1, 1989
Cassette DTA-458 Testimony before US Senate Committee on the Judiciary regarding role of American Bar Association (ABA) in judicial selection process June 2, 1989
Cassette DTA-459 DC Circuit Judicial Conference; Williamsburg, VA June 6, 1989
Cassette DTA-460 Delaware Bench and Bar Conference with Senator Joseph Biden and Attorney General Richard Thornburgh June 7, 1989
Cassette DTA-461 DEA Academy Graduation; Quantico, VA June 9, 1989
Cassette DTA-462 Houston Bank Fraud Conference; Houston, TX June 13, 1989
Cassette DTA-463 Speech (civil rights) to Houston Lawyers Association; Houston, TX June 13, 1989
Cassette DTA-464 Dallas Bank Fraud Conference; Dallas, TX and Speech (law enforcement) to Texas Police Association; Fort Worth, TX June 13, 1989
Cassette DTA-465 Galveston County Bar Association; Galveston, TX June 13, 1989
Cassette DTA-466 Speech (civil rights) to Operation Push Convention; Chicago, IL June 27, 1989
Cassette DTA-467 Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference; Thornburgh Keynote Speaker regarding "An Agenda for Justice," Laguna Nigel, CA, Tape 1 [online] July 10, 1989
Cassette DTA-468 Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference; Thornburgh Keynote Speaker regarding "An Agenda for Justice," Laguna Nigel, CA, Tape 2 [online] July 10, 1989
Cassette DTA-469 Attorney General's Working Group on Reducing Violence in America July 12, 1989
Cassette DTA-470 Speech (values) to American Legion; Pittsburgh, PA July 12, 1989
Cassette DTA-471 US Marshals Press Conference on Operation Stop (Street Terror Offender Program) July 17, 1989
Cassette DTA-472 Speech (environment) to National District Attorneys Association Conferences; Portland, ME July 19, 1989
Cassette DTA-473 USA Today Editorial Board July 24, 1989
Cassette DTA-474 Speech (law enforcement) to American Bar Association (ABA) House of Delegates; Honolulu, HI August 8, 1989
Cassette DTA-475 Speech (law enforcement/prisons) to American Correctional Association; Baltimore, MD August 14, 1989
Cassette DTA-476 Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel Editorial Boards August 17, 1989
Cassette DTA-477 Colombians Most Wanted List Press Conference August 22, 1989
Cassette DTA-478 Federal Bar Association Tom Clark Award, Washington DC August 25, 1989
Cassette DTA-479 CBS News "Face the Nation" August 27, 1989
Cassette DTA-480 Third Circuit Conference; Pittsburgh, PA September 12, 1989
Cassette DTA-481 Agudath Israel of America White House Briefing (with Mrs. Bush) September 14, 1989
Cassette DTA-482 Coalitions for American Library Court September 14, 1989
Cassette DTA-483 Presidential Forum on Offenders with Mental Retardation September 15, 1989
Cassette DTA-484 Voice of America (VOA) Drug Conference October 4, 1989
Cassette DTA-485 Voice of America Drug Workshop: Dick Thornburgh Speaker regarding International Drug Trafficking (includes questions and answer session) [online] October 4, 1989
Cassette DTA-486 Thornburgh's remarks regarding the historic first visit of the Attorney General of the United States to the Soviet Union, Moscow, Russia [online] October 14, 1989
Cassette DTA-487 USSR Trip Discussing Rule of Law October 19, 1989
Cassette DTA-488 WGMS Radio "Capitol Commentary" October 23, 1989
Cassette DTA-489 Senator John Heinz Meeting; Press Conference October 24, 1989 and October 26, 1989
Cassette DTA-490 Speech to Religious Alliance against Pornography, Omni-Shoreham; Washington, DC October 26, 1989
Cassette DTA-491 Speech to International Symposium on Money Laundering; Miami, FL October 27, 1989
Cassette DTA-492 Speech to Anti-Defamation League Civil Rights Committee; Philadelphia, PA November 2, 1989
Cassette DTA-493 NPR "All Things Considered" (with Nina Totenberg) regarding Special Prosecutor for HUD Secretary Pierce issue November 2, 1989
Cassette DTA-494 Speech "Rule of Law in USSR" to National Association of Women Judges, Washington, DC [online] November 10, 1989
Cassette DTA-495 Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force 1989 Conference, FL November 14, 1989
Cassette DTA-496 Speech (human rights, Soviet Jews) Council of Jewish Federations; Cincinnati, OH November 18, 1989
Cassette DTA-497 Announcement of Indictment of Marilyn Mill Harold, Closing Agent for HUD November 21, 1989
Cassette DTA-498 Trip to Luxembourg December 13, 1989
Cassette DTA-499 Rule of Law and Questions and Answers with the British/American Parliamentary Group, London, England December 13, 1989
Cassette DTA-500 Check Presentation towards Combat against Drug Traffic January 7, 1990
Cassette DTA-501 Speech (civil rights, ADA) to Office of Personnel Management Conference on Employing Persons with Disabilities; Bethesda, MD January 10, 1990
Cassette DTA-502 Speech (rule of law, separation of powers) to Federalist Society, Washington DC January 19, 1990
Cassette DTA-503 Speech to Society for the Reform of Criminal Law, Washington DC January 22, 1990
Cassette DTA-504 Testimony before Federal Courts Study Committee January 31, 1990
Cassette DTA-505 Time Magazine, Washington Bureau February 1, 1990
Cassette DTA-506 Speech to Governor's Alcohol and Other Drugs Conference; Des Moines, IA February 8, 1990
Cassette DTA-507 Linn County Bar Association; Cedar Rapids, IA and Washington Times Editorial Board February 8, 1990 and February 14, 1990
Cassette DTA-508 Economic Crime Council Meeting; Washington, DC February 22, 1990
Cassette DTA-509 Speech (racial issues, civil rights) to Wiesenthal Center's National Leadership Conference March 6, 1990
Cassette DTA-510 Godfrey Sperling Breakfast, Washington DC March 7, 1990
Cassette DTA-511 United States Attorneys visits, Nashville and Memphis, TN March 9, 1990
Cassette DTA-512 Speech (public service) to University of Tennessee Law Review Banquet; Knoxville, TN March 10, 1990
Cassette DTA-513 Freedom of Information Act March 16, 1990
Cassette DTA-514 Bush Administration and Press March 16, 1990
Cassette DTA-515 VOA Drug Conference March 19, 1990
Cassette DTA-516 Speech (drugs) Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council Luncheon; Spokane, WA March 22, 1990
Cassette DTA-517 Speeches Stanford Law Review and Palo Alto Jaycees (drugs, public service) March 22, 1990 and March 23, 1990
Cassette DTA-518 Boston and Prince George County, MD (asset forfeiture) March 26, 1990 and March 29, 1990
Cassette DTA-519 University of Pittsburgh Law School Speech (Rule of Law in Soviet Union) April 3, 1990
Cassette DTA-520 Virginia Drug Summit Speech (war on drugs, valor); Richmond, VA April 16, 1990
Cassette DTA-521 Ixtapa Press Conference, Ixtapa, Mexico April 17, 1990
Cassette DTA-522 Speech (white collar crime) to Texas Bar Association; DEA/FBI SAC Conference; San Antonio, TX April 21, 1990 and April 23, 1990
Cassette DTA-523 Dallas: multiple events April 23, 1990
Cassette DTA-524 American Black Forum and American Legislative Exchange Council April 25, 1990 and April 27, 1990
Cassette DTA-525 Albuquerque, and Santa Fe, New Mexico speeches May 2, 1990 and May 3, 1990
Cassette DTA-526 Speeches: Ohio State Law School Graduation and the 60th Anniversary of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Washington, DC May 12, 1990 and May 14, 1990
Cassette DTA-527 Speech (alternatives to incarceration) to National Conference on State and Local Drug Policy (ONDCP) May 15, 1990
Cassette DTA-528 Washington Post editorial board May 17, 1990
Cassette DTA-529 Delaware Governors Club, White House Briefing May 21, 1990
Cassette DTA-530 Procurement Fraud Conference (DOJ) and President's Drug Advisory Council Dinner May 21, 1990 and May 22, 1990
Cassette DTA-531 National Center for the Public Interest "Day With Justice"; Washington, DC May 29, 1990
Cassette DTA-532 Salt Lake City and the University of Pittsburgh, multiple events May 31,1990 and June 21, 1990
Cassette DTA-533 Speech (values) to National Sheriffs' Association; Denver, CO June 26, 1990
Cassette DTA-534 Los Angeles and Orange County multiple events June 27, 1990 and June 28, 1990
Cassette DTA-535 USA Today Interview and Speech (Reach of the Law) to Lincoln Club of Orange County June 28, 1990
Cassette DTA-536 Law Enforcement Meeting June 28, 1990
Cassette DTA-537 San Diego World Affairs Council June 28, 1990
Cassette DTA-538 "Off the Record Club" Luncheon, Washington DC July 11, 1990
Cassette DTA-539 Speech (judicial improvement) to Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference; Kansas City, KS July 20, 1990
Cassette DTA-540 American Legislative Exchange Council Annual Meeting; Boston MA July 27, 1990
Cassette DTA-541 Chicago Sun Times Editorial Board August 6, 1990
Cassette DTA-542 Questions and Answers following speech to ABA Annual Meeting regarding Judicial Appointments and ABA Participation; Chicago, IL [online] August 6, 1990