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Subseries 8. Articles and Issues

Scope and Content Notes:

The articles and news clippings here reflect the attention given to Dick Thornburgh's ongoing career, with Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, and also working with a number of public policy organizations, just for example. His advice was sought by World Bank and governmental officials in developing nations, and others. Some of these articles and files relate to the WorldCom investigation and bankruptcy, pornography, terrorism, disability matters, and civil justice reform, and also regarding Ginny Thornburgh and her ongoing work in the disability field. They reflect the multi-dimensional aspects of Thornburgh's continuing career and counsel sought from him on major topics of the day, as well as even the prospect of becoming Baseball Commissioner.

An additional section, added in 2013, pertains to President Clinton's "misadventures," particularly confusing legal matters relating to the issue of Independent Counsel. There is other information on this subject in the Media Interviews subseries.

Box 1007
Folder 8-18 About Dick Thornburgh, including Baseball Commissioner articles in 1993 1993-2004

Box 1008
Folder 1-9 Articles of interest to Dick Thornburgh 1994-2002
Folder 10 Allegheny Conference on Community Development 1989-1997
Folder 11 Iraqgate: report by Kenneth Juster; clippings and letter to the editor 1994
Folder 12 International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank 1994-1995
Folder 13 Technology Issues and Partnerships; AND Committee on Harnessing Science and Technology for America's Economic Future report September, 1995, 1999
Folder 14 Presidential Campaign clippings 1995-1996
Folder 15 Speeches by Others 1994, 1998
Folder 16 Ginny Thornburgh: articles, bio, awards, degrees, NOD and disability issues 1988-2004

Section: Clinton/Independent Counsel [New Material Added]

Box 1011
Folder 74 Clinton matters, Independent Counsel, 1996
Folder 75 Clinton matters, 1997
Folder 76 Janet Reno, Independent Counsel, 1997
Folder 77 Clinton Gore Scandals, Texas Review of Law & Politics: Impeachment, Fall 1997
Folder 78 Clinton crisis, Independent Counsel, February-July 1998
Folder 79 Chief Counsel Lowell Statement re: Impeachment, March 10, 1998
Folder 80 Clinton crisis, Independent Counsel, Reno, August 1998
Folder 81 Janet Reno, Independent Counsel, 1998
Folder 82 The Starr Report: to the US House of Representatives, undated
Folder 83 Clinton, Starr, September 1-15, 1998
Folder 84 Clinton, Starr, September 16-30, 1998
Folder 85 Thornburgh Op-Ed: "Perjury is Perjury", September 22, 1998
Folder 86 Clinton, Starr, Reno, October 1998
Folder 87 Gormley article re: Independent Counsel Statute, October 1998
Folder 88 Clinton, Starr, Reno, November 1998
Folder 89 Starr Statement before US House of Representatives, November 19, 1998
Folder 90 Clinton, Reno, December 1998
Folder 91 Report: Clinton counsel to Judiciary Comm, US House, December 9, 1998
Folder 92 Men of Year Time Mag: Starr and Clinton, December 1998-January 1999
Folder 93 Independent Counsel, 1999
Folder 94 Starr Statement before US Senate, April 14, 1999
Folder 95 Independent Counsel, 2000
Folder 96 Late Night: Wolf Blitzer, Independent Counsel Report, March 2000
Folder 97 Late Edition: Wolf Blitzer, Disbarment, May 28, 2000
Folder 98 Early Edition: CNN re: Clinton, August 18, 2000
Folder 99 Late Edition: Wolf Blitzer, re: Clinton, August 20, 2000
Folder 100 CNN Interview: Reno re Independent Counsel/Gore, August 23,2000