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Subseries 9. Ongoing United Nations Material, 1993-2000

Scope and Content Notes:

As originally scheduled, Thornburgh's year at the UN ended in February 1993, after presenting his cumulative report and assessment of the organization's financial situation. His recommendations for reform in his final report, later known as the "Thornburgh Report," were thoughtfully examined and in part enacted over time. Two years after Thornburgh's departure from the UN, the National Journal wrote about his work there, "'The impetus for administrative and fiscal reforms at the United Nations can be credited in large part to intense prodding during the Reagan and Bush administrations. Many of today's cost-cutting stratagems, including the creation of a quasi-inspector general's post to ferret out fraud and waste, stem from a management review conducted by President Bush's Attorney General Dick Thornburgh'" ( Evidence, 332).

Dick Thornburgh has maintained his interest in the activities of the UN and efforts to restructure and reform its finances, prompting letters of thanks from Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and a wealth of ongoing material relating to the UN, its branches, and members. This group of files reflects Thornburgh's continuing interest in the future of the UN and its ability to efficiently meet the needs of its global constituents, and is maintained here in chronological order. It must be noted that the dates of this material follow those of his time there (1992-1993) and continue up to and including 2000.

The files include, for example: correspondence, testimony, task force reports, news clippings, concept papers, news releases, and speeches.

Folder 56 United States Mission to the United Nations: news releases and addresses by Madeline Albright and President George Bush (from 1989) 1989-1993
Folder 57 "Concept paper: Restructuring UN Economic and Social Programmes" and "Strengthening the UN and Enhancing War Prevention: A Grant Proposal" October, 1992-June, 1993
Folder 58 Foreign Policy Research Institute: newsletter, Wire March-June, 1993

Box 977
Folder 1 UN publications: Diplomatic World Bulletin May-June, 1993
Folder 2 Newspaper clippings regarding UN May-September, 1993
Folder 3 UN publications: Secretariat News July, 1993-May, 1994
Folder 4 "Accountability and Oversight of the UN Secretariat," draft of report by the UN Joint Inspection Unit Report August 16, 1993
Folder 5 Commission on Global Governance: members, issues and terms of reference September, 1993
Folder 6 "Defining Purpose: The United Nations and the Health of Nations," final report by the United States Commission on Improving the Effectiveness of the United Nations September, 1993
Folder 7 "Response to Request for Proposals for Legal Advisors for the Custody Project," a proposal for the UN Joint Pension Fund by Kirkpatrick & Lockhart (K&L) October 28, 1993
Folder 8 "We're Not Bananas!: The Concept of 'People' in the Principle of Self-determination and its Implications for the UN," report by Harris O. Schoenberg 1993
Folder 9 News clippings regarding UN 1993
Folder 10 Emergency Coalition for U.S. Financial Support of the United Nations: background 1993, 1997
Folder 11 Office of the Inspector General issue at the UN 1993-1994
Folder 12 Miscellaneous correspondence to Thornburgh regarding the UN 1993-1997
Folder 13 Business Council for the UN: newsletters, annual reports and correspondence 1993-1998
Folder 14 UN Association of America: brochures and publications, including material regarding UN financing 1993-1999

Box 978
Folder 1 UN related events, regretted by Thornburgh 1993-2000
Folder 2 UN publications: UN Staff Report January-April, 1994
Folder 3 Carnegie Corporation of New York: news releases and publications July-September, 1994
Folder 4 News clippings regarding UN 1994
Folder 5 U.S. Department of State: letter from Douglas Bennet and action memoranda regarding making the UN a more effective instrument for serving global interests 1994-1995
Folder 6 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP): publications and reports 1994-1997
Folder 7 Outline of Thornburgh's testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Commerce, State and Judiciary: includes preparatory materials and Thornburgh's copy of his final report to the Secretary-General (SG), dated March 1, 1993 January 25, 1995
Folder 8 Testimony of John R. Bolton before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Commerce, State and Judiciary January 25, 1995
Folder 9 Pittsburgh UN50 Coalition: correspondence April-December, 1995
Folder 10 Joseph Connor, Under-Secretary-General (USG) for Administration and Management with enclosures regarding financing and efficiency problems at the UN September 26, 1995
Folder 11 News clippings regarding UN 1995
Folder 12 "A Call to Action: Summary of Our Global Neighborhood," the report of the Commission on Global Governance 1995
Folder 13 Council on Foreign Relations: "American National Interest and the United Nations: Statement and Report of an Independent Task Force" 1995-1996
Folder 14 News clippings urging the appointment of Dick Thornburgh as Secretary-General (SG) of the UN, editorials in the Greensburg Tribune-Review December 8, 1996
Folder 15 News clippings regarding UN 1996
Folder 16 Letter to Thornburgh from Kofi Annan regarding Thornburgh's final report to the Secretary-General and the financial situation of the UN January 7, 1997
Folder 17 American Enterprise Institute: letter from Thornburgh to John Bolton regarding his new position as senior vice president January, 1997
Folder 18 News clippings regarding UN 1997
Folder 19 Thornburgh's correspondence to and from and about Kofi Annan, and other related material 1997-1998
Folder 20 News clippings regarding UN 1998-2000