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Subseries 4. Events

Scope and Content Notes:

Thornburgh continues to be a regular participant in many organizations' functions, committees of the Congress, dinners, seminars, meetings, dedications and commencements, for example. In this portion of the collection the researcher will find the speeches he gave at the many different speaking engagements, and interviews with a variety of interviewers ranging from the student writing an article to national media. Thornburgh continues to focus upon his strong interests and commitments, which are evident in the events, particularly white-collar crime, testimony given on the subject of terrorism, narcotics and foreign relations, and the American Disabilities Act (ADA) to name a few. This section is arranged in chronological order by date of event.

There is a second group of events that are grouped by year. There are several events within each year, primarily those for which there is only a minimal amount of information. However, though the information is slim, there are several interesting topics and events, which took place between 1993-2002. Included are the official presentations of portraits for Mr. Thornburgh, President George H.W. Bush, and Barbara Bush.

Lastly are schedules from his work at his law firm, Kirkpatrick and Lockhart.

Box 998
Folder 1 "Management and Mismanagement at the United Nations," testimony before the Subcommittee on International Security, International Organizations and Human Rights of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, Washington, DC March 5, 1993
Folder 2 Kennedy Political Union, American University, Washington, DC March 22, 1993
Folder 3 Carnegie Commission Meeting, New York, NY April 1, 1993
Folder 4 Council on Foreign Relations, Washington, DC April 21, 1993
Folder 5 District 7300 of Rotary International, Pittsburgh, PA April 29, 1993
Folder 6 United States Commission on Improving the Effectiveness of the United Nations, Hearing, New York, NY May 14, 1993
Folder 7 Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for the Social Sciences at Dartmouth College, Public Lecture on U.N. Reform, Hanover, NH May 17, 1993
Folder 8 Kit Kat Club, Columbus, OH May 18, 1993
Folder 9 Diane Rehm Show, American University, Washington, DC May 24, 1993
Folder 10 Testimony before the United States Senate, Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics, and International Operations, Committee on Foreign Relations, Washington, DC June 9, 1993
Folder 11 Testimony before the Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress, Washington, DC June 22, 1993
Folder 12 David Glick Award presented by the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, PA June 15, 1993
Folder 13 Pat Nixon's Funeral, Woodcliff, NJ June 26, 1993
Folder 14 Pennsylvania Convention Center Grand Opening, Philadelphia, PA June 26, 1993
Folder 15 Breakfast Meeting with Bob Dole and GOP leaders to discuss crime problem, Washington, DC July 22, 1993
Folder 16 Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting/Banquet, Pittsburgh, PA September 23, 1993
Folder 17 Southern Exchange, 13th Annual Regional Policy Conference, New Orleans, LA October 1-2, 1993
Folder 18 Dedication of Speakers' Portraits, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Harrisburg, PA October 6, 1993
Folder 19 Penndelphia Scholarship Foundation, Armed Forces "Dining In," A Veteran's Observance Honoring Military Service, Philadelphia, PA October 20, 1993
Folder 20 Hastings College of the Law Attorneys General Forum, San Francisco, CA October 23, 1993
Folder 21 National Conference on Technology Development, Washington, DC October 28-29, 1993
Folder 22 Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs of the Second Chamber of the Netherlands Parliament, Washington, DC October 29, 1993
Folder 23 Robert A. and Thelma K. Gleason Lecture Series on American Politics and Government, St. Francis College, Loretto, PA November 3, 1993
Folder 24 Ceremony in Tribute to the Career of Mary C. Lawton, Counsel for Intelligence Policy, Office of Intelligence Policy and Review, Washington, DC December 16, 1993
Folder 25 Colson Group Speech, Prison Fellowship and Justice Fellowship, Washington, DC February 2, 1994
Folder 26 Attorney Luncheon at Kirkland & Ellis, Washington, DC February 10, 1994
Folder 27 International Law Institute Luncheon honoring Minister of Justice Shaekanov of Kazakhstan, Washington, DC February 14, 1994
Folder 28 The United Nations: Making the Promise Work presented by Memorial Student Center, Student Conference on National Affairs, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX February 18, 1994
Folder 29 Markle Foundation Roundtable on the Future of Presidential Campaigns, Washington, DC February 23, 1994
Folder 30 1993-1994 Van Vleck Intrascholastic Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition, George Washington University, Washington, DC March 28, 1994
Folder 31 Screenlife Interview for documentary on history and challenges of international peacekeeping, Washington, DC March 31, 1994
Folder 32 Federalist Society, University of Chicago Law School, Chicago, IL April 27, 1994
Folder 33 United Nations Association (UNA), luncheon, New York, NY April 29, 1994
Folder 34 Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA), graduation ceremony address, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA May 1, 1994
Folder 35 Variety Club 21st Annual Law Enforcement Awards Luncheon, Pittsburgh, PA May 2, 1994
Folder 36 Council on Foreign Relations, Meeting with President Matsunaga of Japan Institute of International Affairs, Washington, DC May 5, 1994
Folder 37 "The American Century...Revisited," Yale Club of Montclair, speech and dinner, Montclair, NJ May 5, 1994

Box 999
Folder 1 Shippensburg University Commencement, Shippensburg, PA May 7, 1994
Folder 2 Clarion University Commencement, Clarion, PA May 14, 1994
Folder 3 Pennsylvania League of Cities, Reception and dinner, Washington, DC May 16, 1994
Folder 4 New Jersey State Bar Association May 21, 1994
Folder 5 Dan Baum, interview regarding the War on Drugs and the Department of Justice, Washington, DC June 2, 1994
Folder 6 C-Span Interview, Washington, DC June 5, 1994
Folder 7 Berks County Republican Honors Banquet, Reading, PA June 6, 1994
Folder 8 BBC "Twenty-Twenty" Interview, Washington, DC July 5, 1994
Folder 9 "Under Scrutiny" with Jane Wallace regarding Supreme Court, New York, NY July 11, 1994
Folder 10 "Observations of a Former Attorney General," speech, K & L Litigation Seminar July 19, 1994
Folder 11 American Disability Act (ADA) meeting with British Embassy, Washington, DC July 21, 1994
Folder 12 American Bar Association (ABA) convention, New Orleans, LA August 4-10, 1994
Folder 13 William Hague, lunch, Washington, DC September 12, 1994
Folder 14 The Brookings Institute, seminar, Washington, DC September 19, 1994
Folder 15 Betty Montgomery, Campaign for Attorney General, Columbus, OH September 26, 1994
Folder 16 Trinity University, lecture, San Antonio, TX September 29, 1994
Folder 17 PBS "This Is America" interview with Dennis Wholey, Washington, DC October 7, 1994
Folder 18 Ray Gruender campaign for prosecutor, St. Louis, MO October 12, 1994
Folder 19 National Center for State Courts, Williamsburg, VA October 17-18, 1994
Folder 20 Dennis Vacco, Campaign for Attorney General, Rochester, NY October 18-19, 1994
Folder 21 Dixon University Center, dedication Harrisburg, PA October 20, 1994
Folder 22 Attorneys General Forum, Hastings Law School, San Francisco, CA October 22, 1994
Folder 23 Tom Ridge Gubernatorial Campaign endorsement, Pittsburgh, PA October 24, 1994
Folder 24 Greenwood for Congress campaign, Doylestown, PA October 24, 1994
Folder 25 "Mitchells in the Morning" interview, Washington, DC October 31, 1994
Folder 26 National Strategy Forum, Cantigny Conference Series, Chicago, IL November 3-4, 1994
Folder 27 McLean Clergy Association, keynote address, McLean, VA November 6, 1994
Folder 28 Council for Court Excellence, Washington, DC, "Limits to Free Speech," public forum November 22, 1994
Folder 29 Pennsylvania Society 96th Annual Dinner, New York, NY December 10, 1994
Folder 30 Reagan Administration Christmas lunch, Washington, DC December 15, 1994
Folder 31 Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), meeting, guest speaker Dr. Ruth Rabinowitz December 15, 1994
Folder 32 Tom Ridge Gubernatorial Inauguration, Harrisburg, PA January 17, 1995
Folder 33 "What to Do About Violent Crime?," Muskingham College, New Concord, OH January 24, 1995
Folder 34 "Is Crime Killing America," University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL: January 30, 1995

Box 1000
Folder 1 "Good Morning America" interview, Washington, DC February 6, 1995
Folder 2 Washington Legal Foundation (WLF), Supreme Court Media Briefing, M.J. Murdock Center, Washington, DC February 7, 1995
Folder 3 Renaissance Weekend XIX, Hilton Head, SC February 16-20, 1995
Folder 4 Mr. & Mrs. George Soros, dinner reception, Cassese & Goldstone, NY February 23, 1995
Folder 5 Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation, Selection of Truman Scholars, Washington, DC February 24, 1995
Folder 6 International Law Institute, Tom Dine luncheon, Washington, DC March 1, 1995
Folder 7 San Francisco Chronicle interview regarding UN reform, Washington, DC March 6, 1995
Folder 8 The Federalist Society, University of Maryland School of Law, Baltimore, MD March 9, 1995
Folder 9 Cumberland School of Law, Birmingham, AL March 14, 1995
Folder 10 "Is Crime Killing America," Kent State University, Canton, OH March 15, 1995
Folder 11 "Sustaining the Central City into the Twenty-first Century: Involving the Private Sector and the Local Community," roundtable discussion and seminar, Pittsburgh, PA March 17, 1995, May 19, 1995
Folder 12 Turner Publishing interview with James Holtje regarding UN reform, Washington, DC March 22, 1995
Folder 13 "Crime and Violence in America," Illinois Benedictine College, Lisle, IL March 23, 1995
Folder 14 "Challenges to the American Legal System," Mississippi Law Day Banquet, Jackson, MS March 24, 1995
Folder 15 Lord Windelson, meeting, Washington DC March 27, 1995
Folder 16 Tulane University Lecture Series, New Orleans, LA April 3, 1995
Folder 17 "Partnerships in Science and Technology: New Paths to Prosperity," The Franklin Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner Meeting, Franklin, PA April 4, 1995
Folder 18 "Attorney's Lunch" with Larry King, Washington, DC April 6, 1995
Folder 19 The Federalist Society, Villanova University, Villanova, PA April 6, 1995
Folder 20 Yale Political Union, The Conservative Forum at Yale University, New Haven, CT April 11, 1995
Folder 21 Debate with Milton Grimes, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV April 13, 1995
Folder 22 United Nations, Peacekeeping and Lessons for American Policy, Second Conference, Aspen Institute, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands April 17 -22, 1995
Folder 23 Mellon Trust 1995 Client Conference, Turnberry Isle Resort and Club, Aventura, FL April 23-24, 1995
Folder 24 United Nation Association (UNA), luncheon, New York, NY April 29, 1995
Folder 25 14th Policy Exchange Foundation Conference, Phoenix, AZ May 4-5, 1995
Folder 26 Defiance College Commencement Ceremonies, speaker, Defiance, OH May 7, 1995
Folder 27 National Institute of Justice Conference Seminar, Washington, DC May 15, 1995
Folder 28 National Leadership Summit of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Richmond, VA May 18-21, 1995
Folder 29 Seminar on Federal Budget Reductions and the Impact on the State of Pennsylvania, Institute of Politics, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA May 19, 1995
Folder 30 International Republican Institute, Tenley Center, Washington, DC, May 23, 1995

Box 1001
Folder 1 Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, CA June 8, 1995
Folder 2 California District Attorneys Association, Summer Conference, South Lake Tahoe, NV June 27, 1995
Folder 3 Connecticut Republican Junior Internship Program, Hartford, CT July 11, 1985, July 25, 1995
Folder 4 "Florida On-Line," radio show interview with the Madison Institute, Washington, DC July 12, 1995
Folder 5 WESA Radio Morning Show, phone interview celebrating the shows birthday, Washington, DC July 13, 1995
Folder 6 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Fifth Anniversary Celebration, Washington, DC July 25, 1995
Folder 7 American Bar Association (ABA) Justice Section Annual Meeting, program panelist, Washington, DC August 4-6, 1995
Folder 8 Meeting with Robert Rafferty of West Virginia Wesleyan College regarding career choices, Washington, DC August 14, 1995
Folder 9 Dr. and Mrs. Shen Fu-hsiung, dinner, Washington, DC August 15, 1995
Folder 10 Public Law Seminar, Law 426, George Washington University Law School, Washington, DC Fall, 1995
Folder 11 Official Portrait Presentation of The Honorable Dick Thornburgh, Seventy-Sixth Attorney General of the United States, Washington, D.C September 28, 1995
Folder 12 Republican Disability Coalition, Inaugural Reception, Washington, DC October 10, 1995
Folder 13 National Organization on Disability (NOD), Reception of Mike Deland, Chairman NOD, Washington, DC October 11, 1995
Folder 14 American Leadership Conference, Session III, Washington, DC October 17, 1995
Folder 15 Community Awareness Reception Fundraiser, The Women's Center and Shelter, Pittsburgh, PA October 18, 1995
Folder 16 Overseas Development Council (ODO), Luncheon, Washington, DC October 30, 1995
Folder 17 Leadership Lake County, Inc. and City Club of Cleveland Forum Series, Wickliffe, OH November 15, 1995
Folder 18 "An Evening with Larry King and Friends," fundraiser for Larry King Cardiac Foundation, Washington, DC December 1, 1995
Folder 19 Omicron Delta Kappa, 39th Biennial Convention, West Lafayette, IN March 23, 1996
Folder 20 "Roles of Responsibilities of the Secretary-General of the United States," statement regarding UN reform, Washington, DC November 14, 1996
Folder 21 Founder's Day Symposium on occasion of Gift of Papers of Dick Thornburgh to University of Pittsburgh February 27, 1998
Folder 22 Three Mile Island Panel Discussion and Reception, University of Pittsburgh March 26, 1999
Folder 23 President Bush Awards medal to ADA advocates Dick and Ginny Thornburgh, Houston, Texas; AND Free Library of Philadelphia reception and archival exhibit February 14,2000, November 13, 2000
Folder 24 "Crisis Management" Lecture, University of Pittsburgh, Paul Critchlow lecturer November 30, 2000
Folder 25 George H.W.Bush Oral History Project Interview, including final edited transcript, Charlottesville, VA. October 23-24, 2001
Folder 26 Lincoln Day Event Honoring Dick Thornburgh, Union League, Philadelphia, PA February 12, 2003
Folder 27 Henry B. Betts Award to Dick and Ginny Thornburgh March 4, 2003
Folder 28 Thornburgh-Scranton 25th anniversary symposium, Hershey, PA November 19, 2003
Folder 29 Thornburgh-Scranton 25th Anniversary Reunion November 19, 2003
Folder 30 Three Mile Island Symposium, sponsored by Smithsonian, Washington, D.C. March 28, 2004

Box 1002
Folder 1-12 Events By Year 1993-2004
Folder 13 K&L Schedules 1994-2001