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Subseries 4. Governor, 1979-1987

Cassette DTA-019 Contract signing; Cressona Aluminum with Alcoa January 30, 1979
Cassette DTA-020 "Highway Maintenance" Press conference, Harrisburg February 5, 1979
Cassette DTA-021 Allegheny County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner and Press Conference, Pittsburgh February 16, 1979
Cassette DTA-022 National Governors Association radio interviews, Washington, D.C. February 27, 1979
Cassette DTA-023 University of Pennsylvania radio interviews, Philadelphia February 28, 1979
Cassette DTA-024 Swearing-in ceremony: PA State Police Commissioner Daniel F. Dunn, Harrisburg March 1, 1979
Cassette DTA-025 Pennsylvania Cross of Valor presented to Sgt. Kenneth L. Krause, Harrisburg March 5, 1979
Cassette DTA-026 Budget Address, Harrisburg March 7, 1979
Cassettes DTA-027-028 Budget Press Briefing and Questions and Answers, Harrisburg March 7, 1979 (2 audiocassettes.)
Cassette DTA-029 Press conference, Johnstown: flood relief grants March 10, 1979
Cassette DTA-030 Speech: Bill Davis, Secretary of Community Affairs, Greensburg March 15, 1979
Cassette DTA-031 Governor's Swearing-in Ceremony for Seven Cabinet members March 16, 1979
Cassettes DTA-032-033 Press conference, Harrisburg: cutting work force and auto fleet March 22, 1979 (2 audiocassettes.)
Cassette DTA-034 Swearing-in Ceremony for Gorham Black, Secretary of Aging, Camp Hill, PA March 23, 1979
Cassette DTA-035 Press announcement regarding federal and state cigarette smuggling, Harrisburg April 16, 1979
Cassette DTA-036A WTAE-TV "Close Up" interview with Governor Thornburgh regarding events and details of Three Mile Island (TMI) nuclear accident, Pittsburgh [online] April 19, 1979
Cassette DTA-036B Speech to the University of Pittsburgh Engineering Alumni Program regarding issues following the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island (TMI), Pittsburgh [online] April 19, 1979
Cassette DTA-037 Speech to the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association, Philadelphia April 24, 1979
Cassette DTA-038 Speech to the Lancaster Association of Commerce and Industry, Lancaster April 24, 1979
Cassette DTA-039 Press conference with PA Township Supervisors, Hershey; "Another Voice", Hershey April 25, 1979
Cassette DTA-040 Press conference, Hershey and American Presspaper Publishers Association Press Conference on Emergencies, NYC April 25, 1979
Cassette DTA-041 American Newspaper Publishers Association Convention Panel, NYC; Barbara Walters; Speech regarding International Trade, Hershey April 25, 1979
Cassette DTA-042 Friends of Independence National Historic Park, WFLN-AM/FM Radio April 27, 1979
Cassette DTA-043 "Saratoga" Press Conference, Philadelphia Naval Shipyards and WTAF-TV "Pressprobe" May 1, 1979
Cassette DTA-044 Pennsylvania Farm Show Press Conference, Harrisburg May 3, 1979
Cassette DTA-045 PA Economy League Board of Directors Meeting, Hershey May 4, 1979
Cassette DTA-046 Shippensburg State College Commencement, Shippensburg, PA May 5, 1979
Cassette DTA-047 Speech to the Governor's Highway Safety Conference Luncheon, Camp Hill May 8, 1979
Cassette DTA-048 Department of Revenue's Division of Motor Vehicles Tax Press Conference, Harrisburg May 9, 1979
Cassette DTA-049 Speech to West Branch Manufacturer's Association, Williamsport May 9, 1979
Cassette DTA-050 Speech to PA Chamber of Commerce, Hershey May 10, 1979
Cassette DTA-051 G.O.P. Fundraiser Speech and Press Conference, Lebanon, PA May 11, 1979
Cassette DTA-052 Speeches to the County Maintenance Managers, Mechanicsburg; PA Federation of Woman's Clubs, Hershey; American Society for Public Administration, Hershey May 16, 1979
Cassette DTA-053 Speech to the Pennsylvania Publishers Association, State College May 18, 1979
Cassette DTA-054 Speeches to the PA State Education Association, Pittsburgh, and to the PA Associated Press Broadcasters Association, Lancaster May 19, 1979
Cassette DTA-055 PA Associated Press Broadcasters Association Press Conference, Lancaster May 19, 1979
Cassette DTA-056 Greater Harrisburg Arts Festival Awards Ceremony, Harrisburg May 22, 1979
Cassette DTA-057 Speech to the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, Philadelphia May 23, 1979
Cassette DTA-058 Temple University Commencement, Philadelphia May 24, 1979
Cassette DTA-059 WNEP-TV "Live" Interview regarding the Budget, Wilkes-Barre, and Speech to the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce May 29, 1979
Cassette DTA-060 Speech to the PA Automotive Association Convention, Lancaster May 31, 1979
Cassette DTA-061 WPVI-TV "Live" Interview, Philadelphia and Metropolitan Christian Council of Philadelphia June 1, 1979
Cassette DTA-062 Milton Hershey School Commencement, Hershey June 4, 1979
Cassette DTA-063 Speech to the AFL-CIO, Philadelphia June 4, 1979
Cassette DTA-064 Budget Press Conference, Harrisburg June 7, 1979
Cassette DTA-065 Army War College Commencement, Carlisle June 11, 1979
Cassette DTA-066 Speech to the Opportunities Industrialization Centers, Washington DC June 12, 1979
Cassette DTA-067 Speech and Press Conference to the Annual Meeting of the PA American Automotive Association Federation, Pittsburgh June 15, 1979
Cassette DTA-068 Speech to the Council on Welfare Fraud, Harrisburg June 18, 1979
Cassette DTA-069 Speech to the PA Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, Camp Hill June 19, 1979
Cassette DTA-070 Press Conference with Governor Byrne of NJ regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), Harrisburg June 19, 1979
Cassette DTA-071 Gasoline Supply Press Conference, Harrisburg June 21, 1979
Cassette DTA-072 Speech/Q&A to the Associated Press Management Editors Association Luncheon, West Haven, PA June 22, 1979
Cassette DTA-073 Groundbreaking Ceremony and Press Conference for the Allegheny Valley Expressway, Tarentum and the Allegheny Expressway Luncheon, New Kensington June 23, 1979
Cassette DTA-074 PA State Association of Boroughs Conference, Hershey June 25, 1979
Cassette DTA-075 Press Conference; gasoline-odd/even days, Harrisburg June 27, 1979
Cassette DTA-076 Speech to the 35th Biennial Convention of The Grand Lodge of PA Order of Sons of Italy in America Dinner, Lancaster June 29, 1979
Cassette DTA-077 Budget Settlement Press Conference, Harrisburg July 5, 1979
Cassette DTA-078 Speech to the Greater Johnstown Chamber of Commerce, Johnstown July 12, 1979
Cassette DTA-079 Speech at the Abex Corporation Check Presentation, Johnstown July 12, 1979
Cassette DTA-080 WJAC-TV "Viewpoint", H.B 780 Signing, and Speech to the Rehabilitation Center, Johnstown July 12, 1979
Cassette DTA-081 Philadelphia Council of Neighborhood Organizations Meeting, Philadelphia; Sewerage Grant Transfer Bill Signing and Press Conference; US Environmental Protection Agency, Philadelphia; and KYW-TV 6 with Governor DuPont of DE, Philadelphia July 18, 1979
Cassette DTA-082 Bradford Centennial Luncheon July 24, 1979
Cassette DTA-083 Press Conference, Erie July 24, 1979
Cassette DTA-084 Press Conference, Indiana, PA August 16, 1979
Cassette DTA-085 Speech to the Agricultural Progress Days and GOP Fundraiser Press Conference, Centre County August 23, 1979
Cassette DTA-086 "I Love Erie Day" Press Conference and WICU-TV "Focus-12", Erie August 24, 1979
Cassette DTA-087 Speech to the Bradford Coal Company, State College and Keynote Address to the PA Coal Mining Association Dinner, State College August 29, 1979
Cassette DTA-088 Speech at the Expo '79 International Year of the Child, Hershey and Speech to the PA Occupational Safety and Health Conference, Harrisburg September 5, 1979
Cassette DTA-089 Charles F. Scarlata Fundraiser Press Conference, Pittsburgh September 6, 1979
Cassette DTA-090 PA Department of Transportation Inspector General Press Conference, Harrisburg and Speech at the International Year of the Child-Expo 79, Hershey September 17, 1979
Cassette DTA-091 Annual Gridiron Show September 17, 1979
Cassette DTA-092 Governor Monologue Gridiron Program, Harrisburg September 17, 1979
Cassette DTA-093 Speeches to the Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia and to the Union League of Philadelphia September 25, 1979
Cassette DTA-094 Speech to the Philadelphia Distinguished Republicans Dinner, Philadelphia September 25, 1979
Cassette DTA-095 Legislative Priorities Press Briefing, Harrisburg October 2, 1979
Cassette DTA-096 Governor and Pope John Paul II greeting each other at airport in Philadelphia [online] October 3, 1979
Cassette DTA-097 Speech to PA Council on Aging, Philadelphia October 3, 1979
Cassette DTA-098 Speech to the PA Society of Association Executives, Hershey October 5, 1979
Cassette DTA-099 WIP Radio: "The Decision Makers" Interview October 7, 1979
Cassette DTA-100 Speech to the PA Council of Republican Women, Harrisburg October 8, 1979
Cassette DTA-101 Speech to the Haverford Senior High School, Haverford October 10, 1979
Cassette DTA-102 Williamsport Court House Press Conference: coal gasification October 11, 1979
Cassette DTA-103 Speeches to Bloomsburg State College, Bloomsburg and the Can Do, Inc. Groundbreaking Ceremony, Hazelton October 11, 1979
Cassette DTA-104 West End Bridge By-Pass Press Conference, Pittsburgh and Scarlata Headquarters Press Conference, Pittsburgh October 12, 1979
Cassette DTA-105 "Pennsylvania Day" Reception and Press Conference, Harrisburg and the PA Tax Committee, Harrisburg October 17, 1979
Cassette DTA-107 Mainline Chamber of Commerce October 25, 1979
Cassette DTA-108 Bucks County Fundraising October 26
Cassette DTA-109 Carmichael Area Schools November 8, 1979
Cassette DTA-110 Ethics Code Press Conference, Harrisburg November 15, 1979
Cassette DTA-111 GPU Energy Metropolitan Edison Meeting, Harrisburg, November 16, 1979
Cassette DTA-112 "Education - The State Priority," Speech to the PA Dept. of Education's Education Conference, Hershey and "How to Handle the Psychology Resulting from a Nuclear Emergency," Speech to the Republican Governor's Association, Austin, TX November 16, 1979 and November 19, 1979
Cassette DTA-113 Steel Industry Shutdowns Press Conference, Harrisburg December 6, 1979
Cassette DTA-114 National Union of Hospital and Health December 8, 1979
Cassette DTA-115 De-briefing on Soviet Jewry following Trip to Soviet Union, Harrisburg December 11, 1979
Cassette DTA-116 Governor's First Town Meeting, Lancaster, PA December 18, 1979
Cassette DTA-117 Thornburgh's First Year in Office Interview, Harrisburg and Speech at the "God Bless America Day" Rally, Harrisburg December 19, 1979
Cassette DTA-118 PPTN: Thornburgh's First Year in Office Interview, Harrisburg [online] December 19, 1979
Cassette DTA-119 Gannon College, Gannon Press Avail December 19, 1979
Cassette DTA-120 Press conference with Philadelphia Mayor-Elect Bill Green, Harrisburg December 20, 1979
Cassette DTA-121 Christmas Program, Capital December 20

Box 1604
Cassette DTA-122 1980 PA Farm Show Opening, Harrisburg January 6, 1980
Cassette DTA-123 "Bethlehem Review" Interview, Harrisburg January 8, 1980
Cassettes DTA-124-125 Ethnic Committee Ceremonies, Harrisburg January 10, 1980 (2 audiocassettes.)
Cassette DTA-126 UPI : Thornburgh's First Year in Office Interview, Harrisburg January 16, 1980
Cassette DTA-127 First year in Office Interview with Sandy Starobin, Harrisburg January 16, 1980
Cassette DTA-128 Center Daily Times Interview, Harrisburg January 21, 1980
Cassette DTA-129 Thornburgh's Narration of Aaron Copeland's "A Lincoln Portrait" at the Harrisburg Symphony, Harrisburg January 22, 1980
Cassette DTA-130 Speech to the Coal Conference, Hershey January 23, 1980
Cassette DTA-131 Speech to the Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority for Harrisburg Railway Station, Harrisburg January 25, 1980
Cassette DTA-132 Speech at the Republican Legislative Task Force Breakfast, West Virginia January 29, 1980
Cassette DTA-133 Speech to the Elizabethtown Chamber of Commerce, Elizabethtown January 30, 1980
Cassette DTA-134 Budget Message to the Joint Session of the General Assembly, Harrisburg February 5, 1980
Cassette DTA-135 Budget Press Conference, Harrisburg February 6, 1980
Cassette DTA-136 O' Bannon & Scanlon Budget Press Conference February 7, 1980
Cassette DTA-137 League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania, 60th Anniversary, Harrisburg February 13, 1980
Cassette DTA-138 Hazardous and Toxic Waste Press Conference February 14, 1980
Cassette DTA-139 Founder's Day at Lebanon Valley College, Annville February 19, 1980
Cassette DTA-140 Cigna February 21, 1980
Cassette DTA-141 Japan/China Trip: Governor's comments in Press Conference, Harrisburg [online] March 19, 1980
Cassette DTA-142 Remarks to the Marchers for the American Hostages in Iran, Harrisburg March 24, 1980
Cassette DTA-143 Tourism Campaign Press Conference, Hershey March 25, 1980
Cassette DTA-144 H.B 640 Divorce Reform Bill Signing, Harrisburg April 2, 1980
Cassette DTA-145 "You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania," musical tourism ads [online] April 2, 1980
Cassette DTA-146 Chester County Meeting: Chester, PA April 3, 1980
Cassette DTA-147 Convocation Address at the 75th Anniversary of Villanova's College of Engineering, Villanova and WCAU-TV, Philadelphia April 15, 1980
Cassette DTA-148 Speech at the PA Recognition Day Ceremony Honoring the First Women Graduates from Service Academies, Harrisburg April 18, 1980
Cassette DTA-149 "The Pennsylvanian" (Amtrak Passenger Train) Press Conferences in Harrisburg, Lewistown, Huntingdon, Tyrone, Altoona, Johnstown, Latrobe, Greensburg, and Pittsburgh April 26, 1980
Cassette DTA-150 Governor Thornburgh, First Informal News Session, Governor's Reception Room 9:30-10:30am April 29, 1980
Cassette DTA-151 Electronic Media Interviews, Harrisburg April 29, 1980
Cassette DTA-152 Jimmy Stewart, Recipient of the First Distinguished Pennsylvania Artist Award, Press Conference, Harrisburg [online] May 1, 1980
Cassette DTA-153 Distinguished Pennsylvania Artist Award Ceremony, Harrisburg May 1, 1980
Cassette DTA-154 Dick Thornburgh Informal Newsroom Session, L Sides May 6, 1980
Cassette DTA-155 Interview, Harrisburg May 6, 1980
Cassette DTA-156 Speech at the Historical Preservation Conference, Camp Hill May 9, 1980
Cassette DTA-157 Informal Newsroom Session, Harrisburg May 13, 1980
Cassette DTA-158 Harvey Bartle III, Assistant Attorney General, Press Conference, Harrisburg May 20, 1980
Cassette DTA-159 Erie - Manufacturer's Association May 21, 1980
Cassette DTA-160 Pennsylvania Distinguished Service Medal Presentation to General Matthew Ridgeway; introduction by General Richard M. Schott, Pennsylvania's Secretary of Military Affairs and remarks by Governor Thornburgh and General Ridgeway, Harrisburg [online] June 6, 1980
Cassette DTA-161 Speech to the PA Department of Labor and Industry's Statewide Private Industry Council Conference, Harrisburg June 10, 1980
Cassette DTA-162 WPVI-TV Interview, Harrisburg June 11, 1980
Cassette DTA-163 Senate Bill 10 Bill Signing, Harrisburg June 18, 1980
Cassette DTA-164 Former Massachusetts Governor Dukakis' Testimony on Welfare Bill, Harrisburg July 2, 1980
Cassette DTA-165 PA Tourism Jingle by Agency C July 3, 1980
Cassette DTA-167 Press Conference, Harrisburg July 29, 1980
Cassette DTA-168 WPEN-AM/WMGK-FM Interview of Ginny Thornburgh with Deb Hamilton August 30, 1980
Cassette DTA-169 Lottery and Grand Jury Press Conference with Attorney General Bartle, Harrisburg September 19, 1980
Cassette DTA-170 Annual Gridiron Show September 21, 1980
Cassette DTA-171 Speech to the Polish Cultural Club Kosciuszko/ Pulaski Day Dinner, Mount Carmel and Lehigh University Commencement and Founder's Day Ceremonies, Bethlehem October 10, 1980
Cassette DTA-172 PA Transportation Service & Progress for the 80's Conference, State College November 7, 1980
Cassette DTA-173 Swearing-In Ceremony for Michael L. Browne as Insurance Commissioner, Harrisburg November 12, 1980
Cassette DTA-174 John Travolta and "Blow Out" Movie Cast Press Conference, Philadelphia November 13, 1980
Cassette DTA-175 Speech to the Republican Governors' National Policy Forum, Philadelphia November 16, 1980
Cassettes DTA-176-178 National Republican Governors' Conference November 17, 1980 (3 audiocassettes.)
Cassettes DTA-179-180 National Republican Governors' Conference November 18, 1980 (2 audiocassettes.)
Cassette DTA-181 Press Conference, Philadelphia November 18, 1980
Cassette DTA-182 Seltzer Comments on Governor Thornburgh November 25, 1980
Cassette DTA-183 Law and Order Package Press Conference and Bill Signings, Philadelphia December 4, 1980
Cassette DTA-184 Clair & Chuck Renaissance Singers "Parkway Paranoia" 1980
Cassette DTA-185 "You've got a friend in Pennsylvania," Public Service Announcement, Montgomery County 1980
Cassette DTA-186 PA Tourism Music by Ketchum MacCleod & Grove, Inc 1980
Cassette DTA-187 "You've got a friend in Pennsylvania," Song (Two Versions) 1980
Cassette DTA-188 PA Tourism "Philadelphia Style" Song 1980
Cassette DTA-189 PA Tourism "Friend" Advertisement 1980
Cassette DTA-190 Starobin Remarks on Thornburgh's Tourism Campaign "You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania," Harrisburg 1980
Cassette DTA-191 Pre-Budget Press Conference, Harrisburg 1980
Cassette DTA-192 Speech to the Joint Session of the General Assembly, Harrisburg 1980
Cassette DTA-193 "We're Growing Better," Speech at the PA Farm Show Opening Day Ceremonies, Harrisburg 1980
Cassette DTA-194 Associated Press Mid-Term Interview, Harrisburg 1980
Cassette DTA-195 United Press International Mid-Term Interview, Harrisburg January 12, 1981
Cassette DTA-196 Speech at the Dedication Ceremonies for Veterans Outreach and Assistance Center, Harrisburg January 12, 1981
Cassette DTA-197 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Service, Harrisburg [online] January 14, 1981
Cassette DTA-198 Service of Thanksgiving and Praise for Release of Hostages, Harrisburg January 22, 1981
Cassette DTA-199 Liquor Control Board Reform Press Conference, Harrisburg January 28, 1981
Cassette DTA-200 Regulatory Reform Press Conference with Senator Henry Hager, Harrisburg January 29, 1981
Cassette DTA-201 Budget Press Conference, Harrisburg February 3, 1981
Cassette DTA-202 Budget Address, Harrisburg February 4, 1981
Cassette DTA-203 Once a Year State Inspection Press Conference, Harrisburg February 11, 1981
Cassette DTA-204 Speech to the Golden Triangle Association's 29th Anniversary Luncheon, Pittsburgh February 11, 1981
Cassette DTA-205 Report on Community and Economic Development, Washington, D.C. February 21, 1981
Cassette DTA-206 Announcement of Glen-Gary Corp. Re-Opening Plants in PA, Harrisburg March 2, 1981
Cassette DTA-207 Housing Press Conference, Harrisburg March 5, 1981
Cassette DTA-208 PA State Educator's Association Press Conference, Harrisburg March 16, 1981
Cassette DTA-209 PA Tax Commission Press Conference, Harrisburg March 19, 1981
Cassette DTA-210 Speech to the Johnstown Chamber of Commerce March 19, 1981
Cassette DTA-211 Speech to the PA White House Conference on Aging, Hershey March 23, 1981
Cassette DTA-212 Liquor Control Board Announcement Press Conference, Pittsburgh March 24, 1981
Cassette DTA-213 Centralia Mine Fire Press Conference, Centralia March 31, 1981
Cassette DTA-214 Southeastern PA Transit Authority Press Conference, Philadelphia April 2, 1981
Cassette DTA-215 Speeches to the Tennessee Cabinet and Staff, Nashville, and to the 59th Annual Convention PA State Association of Township Supervisors, Pittsburgh April 4, 1981 and April 6, 1981
Cassette DTA-216 Retreat State Hospital Press Conference, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton April 8, 1981
Cassette DTA-217 Rail Policy Press Conference, Altoona April 9, 1981
Cassette DTA-218 Arnold Palmer "Tour Stop" Business Breakfast Press Conference, Coraopolis, and Report of Tax Commission April 13, 1981
Cassette DTA-219 Speech to the Shenango Valley Urban League, Inc. 13th Annual Banquet, West Middlesex April 20, 1981
Cassette DTA-220 Speech at the Erie Insurance Group Groundbreaking Ceremony, Erie and American Sterilizer Company Press Conference and Tour, Erie April 20, 1981
Cassette DTA-221 Anti Crime Package Press Conference with District Attorney Edward Rendell, Philadelphia April 21, 1981
Cassette DTA-222 Taiwan Purchase Contract Signing, and Holocaust Proclamation Signing, Harrisburg May 1, 1981
Cassette DTA-223 Susquehanna Sound "Animal Crackers" with Ginny Thornburgh and Charlie May 4, 1981
Cassette DTA-224 Hazlett Memorial Awards for Excellence in the Arts in PA Presentation to James Michener, Harrisburg May 5, 1981
Cassettes DTA-225-226 Coalition of NE Governors (CONEG) Meeting, Philadelphia May 7, 1981 (2 audiocassettes.)
Cassette DTA-227 "Project Harvest" Press Conference with Secretary of Aging Gordon Black, Harrisburg and Tax Commission Report May 27, 1981
Cassette DTA-228 Water Initiative Legislation (Bond Issue) Press Conference, Harrisburg June 1, 1981
Cassette DTA-229 Speech to PA AFL-CIO, Philadelphia June 2, 1981
Cassette DTA-230 H.B 1291 Welfare Deficiency Bill Signing, Harrisburg June 10, 1981
Cassette DTA-231 Speech to Career Inc., Operation Dig with Nate Smith, Pittsburgh [online] June 13, 1981
Cassette DTA-232 Press conference with Dr. Harold Wilke, Pittsburgh June 19, 1981
Cassette DTA-233 Harrisburg Fire Symposium, Harrisburg June 22, 1981
Cassette DTA-234 SB 161 and H.B 712 Bill Signing, Harrisburg June 23, 1981
Cassette DTA-235 Ginny Thornburgh at SCI Capitol Hill June 23, 1981

Box 1605
Cassette DTA-236 Speech to the Department of PA Veterans of Foreign Wars, Harrisburg June 25, 1981
Cassette DTA-237 SB 422 and H.B 143 Bill Signing, Harrisburg June 30, 1981
Cassette DTA-238 Speech to the PA American Legion 63rd Annual Department Convention, Pittsburgh July 11, 1981
Cassette DTA-239 Labor and Industry Press Conference with Secretary Charles Leiberth, Harrisburg July 15, 1981
Cassette DTA-240 Edison Electric Press conference, Kansas City, MO September 10, 1981
Cassette DTA-241 Prison and Sentencing Legislation Press Conference, Harrisburg September 16, 1981
Cassette DTA-242 Annual Gridiron Show September 21, 1981
Cassette DTA-243 Handicapped Awareness and Employment of the Handicapped Week Proclamation and Project Pelion Flag Presentation September 21, 1981
Cassette DTA-244 Speech to the 1981 Governor's Occupational Safety and Health Conference, Camp Hill September 23, 1981
Cassette DTA-245 School Strike Press Conference, Philadelphia October 1, 1981
Cassette DTA-246 Energy Press Conference, Harrisburg October 6, 1981
Cassette DTA-247 2100 Employee High Tech Expansion Commodore Intl., Ltd. Press Conference, Norristown October 7, 1981
Cassette DTA-248 Press Conference with President Reagan, Philadelphia October 15, 1981
Cassette DTA-249 Swearing-in ceremony; Secretary Cliff Jones October 19, 1981
Cassette DTA-250 Speech to the PA State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Erie October 23, 1981
Cassette DTA-251 Speech to the 109th Annual Session All-Grange Banquet, Altoona October 27, 1981
Cassette DTA-252 Graterford Prison Press Briefings on release of hostages November 2, 1981
Cassette DTA-253 Remarks and Bill Signing of H.B 357 to the PA Farmers' Association, Hershey November 9, 1981
Cassette DTA-254 Senior Citizen's Lottery Press Conference, Philadelphia November 10, 1981
Cassette DTA-255 Crime Package Meeting with Philadelphia Police Officials, Philadelphia November 17, 1981
Cassettes DTA-256-257 United Press International: Three Years as Governor Interview, Harrisburg December 16, 1981 (2 audiocassettes.)
Cassettes DTA-258-259 Associated Press: Three Years as Governor Interview, Harrisburg December 22, 1981 (2 audiocassettes.)
Cassette DTA-260 Philadelphia Bulletin Interview, Harrisburg January 6, 1982
Cassette DTA-261 POW License Plate Presentation, Harrisburg January 7, 1982
Cassette DTA-262 ABC Nightline Interview with Ted Koppel, Harrisburg January 26, 1982
Cassette DTA-263 Southeastern PA Transportation Authority Press Conference, Philadelphia February 5, 1982
Cassette DTA-264 Budget Address, Harrisburg February 9, 1982
Cassette DTA-265 Budget Press Conference, McKees Rocks, PA February 11, 1982
Cassette DTA-266 Endorsement of Philadelphia Labor Leaders Press Conference, Philadelphia February 25, 1982
Cassette DTA-268 Department of Community Affairs Check Presentation for the Harrisburg Train Station Renovation, Harrisburg March 29, 1982
Cassette DTA-269 Passage of Welfare Bill Interview with Sandy Starobin March 31, 1982
Cassette DTA-270 Speech to the Associated PA Constructors 61st Annual Luncheon Meeting, Atlantic City, NJ March 31, 1982
Cassette DTA-271 Early Retirement for Teachers and Municipal Liquid Fuels Tax Check Deliveries Press Conference, Philadelphia April 2, 1982
Cassette DTA-272 H.B 720 Welfare Reform Bill Signing, Harrisburg April 8, 1982
Cassette DTA-273 H.B 720 Welfare Reform Bill Press Conference, Harrisburg April 8, 1982
Cassette DTA-274 Greensburg Tribune Review Interview regarding Welfare Reform, Harrisburg April 8, 1982
Cassette DTA-275 Gypsy Moth Press Conference, Harrisburg April 12, 1982
Cassette DTA-276 Tourism Press Conference, Harrisburg April 13, 1982
Cassette DTA-277 PA Housing Finance Agency Press Conference, Harrisburg April 15, 1982
Cassette DTA-278 "The Pennsylvania Lawyer" Magazine Interview, Harrisburg April 19, 1982
Cassette DTA-279 Erie I-79 Groundbreaking; H.B 1575 Agent Orange Bill Signing, Wilkes-Barre April 28, 1982 April 29, 1982
Cassette DTA-280 Speech and Governor's Export Awards Presentation to the 7th Annual Keystone Dinner Pennsylvania International Trade Conference, Hershey May 3, 1982
Cassette DTA-281 Fairchild Weston PA Industrial Development Association Loan Announcement and Press Conference, Scranton May 5, 1982
Cassette DTA-282 New Era Local Tax Reform Interview May 9, 1982
Cassette DTA-283 Budget SB 929 General Fund, H.B 517 Education Funding, SB 1300 Special Funding Bill Signings, Harrisburg May 11, 1982
Cassette DTA-285 "Tougher Laws for Drunk Drivers" Press Conference June 3, 1982
Cassette DTA-286 Speech to the PA American Automotive Association Federation, Hershey June 30, 1982
Cassette DTA-287 Energy Council Conference July 14, 1982
Cassette DTA-288 Opportunities Industrialization Centers Press Conference with Rev. Leon H. Sullivan, Philadelphia July 20, 1982
Cassette DTA-289 Route 220/22 Construction Press Conference, Altoona July 28, 1982
Cassette DTA-290 National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees Press Conference, Philadelphia August 2, 1982
Cassette DTA-291 Tourism and Presentation of Pennsylvania's Distinguished Service Medal to General Edward C. Meyer, Harrisburg September 3, 1982
Cassette DTA-292 1982 Governor's Occupational Health & Safety Conference, Camp Hill September 15, 1982
Cassette DTA-293 Annual Gridiron Show September 21, 1982
Cassette DTA-294 Press Conference, Philadelphia September 23, 1982
Cassette DTA-295 "PA Economy Magazine" Interview, Harrisburg September 24, 1982
Cassette DTA-296 Wall Street Journal Interview, Review of First Term Issues and Accomplishments, Harrisburg [online] October 5, 1982
Cassette DTA-297 Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital Press Conference regarding PA Industrial Development Association (PIDA) Business and Shared Medical, Philadelphia October 6, 1982
Cassette DTA-298 Mellon Institute Press Conference regarding PA Industrial Development Association (PIDA) Loan to Industrial Development Corp., Pittsburgh October 8, 1982
Cassette DTA-299 Philadelphia Daily News Interview, Harrisburg October 13, 1982
Cassette DTA-300 PA School Boards Association, Inc.'s Presentation of "Outstanding Service to Education," Hershey October 13, 1982
Cassette DTA-303 USA Today Interview; Harrisburg November 29, 1982
Cassette DTA-304 H.B 2046 Public Employees' Pension, H.B 50 Good Samaritan Bill, H.B 353 Local Health Department Employees, Bill Signings, Harrisburg December 1, 1982
Cassette DTA-305 CBS News Radio "What's Happening" Telephone Interview, Harrisburg December 2, 1982
Cassette DTA-306 Hershey Medical Center, Harrisburg; HB 2344 "Ben Franklin Partnership" Bill Signing, Harrisburg December 6, 1982
Cassette DTA-307 H.B 2533 Driving Under the Influence Bill Signing, Hershey December 15, 1982
Cassette DTA-308 A: Interview with VJT re Christmas; B: Pittsburgh Press Interview, Harrisburg, with Governor December 16, 1982
Cassette DTA-309 Budget Reviews Hearing Press Conference, Harrisburg January 3, 1983
Cassette DTA-310 1983 PA Farm Show, Harrisburg January 9, 1983
Cassette DTA-311 Inauguration Address, Harrisburg January 18, 1983
Cassette DTA-312 Budget Address, Harrisburg February 8, 1983
Cassette DTA-313 Budget Press Conference, Harrisburg February 8, 1983
Cassette DTA-314 Hospital Cost Containment Press Conference, Harrisburg March 25, 1983
Cassette DTA-315 Introduction of President Reagan at the National Conference on Dislocated Workers, Pittsburgh April 6, 1983
Cassette DTA-316 Jay Waldman's Testimony regarding the General Counsel's Budget April 7, 1983
Cassette DTA-317 Unemployment Compensation Bailout Press Conference, Harrisburg April 19, 1983
Cassette DTA-318 Health Care for the Unemployed Press Conference, Pittsburgh April 19, 1983
Cassette DTA-319 Bi-annual Fire Awareness Symposium, Camp Hill April 22, 1983
Cassette DTA-320 Grand Opening Ceremonies of the State Street Office Building, Harrisburg April 22, 1983
Cassette DTA-321 Ginny Thornburgh's Mother's Day Speech, Valley Forge Military Academy [online] May 8, 1983
Cassette DTA-322 Opportunities Industrialization Centers Press Conference, Washington, D.C. June 6, 1983
Cassette DTA-323 SB 5 Odometer Regulations Bill Signing, Harrisburg and Budget Press Conference, Harrisburg June 14, 1983
Cassette DTA-324 Chesapeake Bay Press Conference, Harrisburg June 20, 1983
Cassette DTA-325 SB 527 Budget Bill Press Conference, Harrisburg July 11, 1983
Cassette DTA-326 Unemployed Compensation Bill Signing, Harrisburg July 21, 1983
Cassette DTA-327 Corrections Press Announcement, Camp Hill September 21, 1983
Cassette DTA-328 Annual Gridiron Show- with Governor Thornburgh (master) September 21, 1983
Cassette DTA-329 Speech at the Veterans Leaders/Medal of Honor Recipient Ceremonies, Harrisburg September 26, 1983
Cassette DTA-330 Judicial Reform Press Conference, Camp Hill October 3, 1983
Cassette DTA-331 5th National Conference on States and Small Business, Minneapolis, MN October 13, 1983
Cassette DTA-332 Education Announcement: Pennsylvania Department of Education, Pittsburgh October 17, 1983
Cassette DTA-333 Memorial Service for Servicemen Killed in Beirut, Lebanon, Wormleysburg, PA October 29, 1983
Cassette DTA-334 Avian Influenza Press Conference November 1, 1983
Cassette DTA-335 Liquor Control Board Press Conference, Pittsburgh November 29, 1983
Cassette DTA-336 Governor's Toll Roads Task Force, Harrisburg December 21, 1983
Cassette DTA-337 WQXA Radio (York) Telephone Interview, Harrisburg January 6, 1984
Cassette DTA-338 Liquor Control Board Reform Press Conference, Pittsburgh January 24, 1984
Cassette DTA-339 Liquor Control Board Press Conference, Erie and Budget Address, Harrisburg February 3, 1984 and February 7, 1984
Cassette DTA-340 Budget Press Conference, Harrisburg February 7, 1984
Cassette DTA-341 Speech to the Pennsylvania Environmental Conference March 2, 1984
Cassette DTA-342 Student Loan Announcement Press Conference with the PA Higher Education Authority Act, Harrisburg March 26, 1984
Cassette DTA-343 Economic Bond Issue Press Conference, Harrisburg April 4, 1984
Cassette DTA-344 "You've got a friend in Pennsylvania" and the "Philadelphia song" written & recorded by Marty Portnoy (leading Philadelphia Society Orchestra) April 17, 1984
Cassette DTA-345 Press Conference and Photo Hour April 24, 1984

Box 1606
Cassette DTA-346 Safe Water Bill Signing, Harrisburg May 1, 1984
Cassettes DTA-347-348 "Assignment Small Business" National Federation of Independent Business, PA Public Service Announcement May 7, 1984 (2 audiocassettes.)
Cassette DTA-349 Distinguished PA Artist Award Presentation to Bill Cosby, Harrisburg May 8, 1984
Cassette DTA-350 Annual Press Gridiron Show: Thornburgh's Monologue [online] September 21, 1984
Cassette DTA-351 Associated Press Steve Liddick interviews Ginny Thornburgh November 26, 1984
Cassette DTA-352 Annual Gridiron Show - Governor Thornburgh & Lieutenant Governor Scranton (master) September 21, 1985
Cassette DTA-353 Conversations: "America's Industrial Future", Hilton Head August 24, 1986
Cassette DTA-354 Annual Gridiron Show- Governor Thornburgh September 21, 1986
Cassette DTA-355 USIA Sao-Paulo, Brazil, telephone conference regarding Economic Development September 18, 1986 and September 23, 1986
Cassette DTA-356 Thornburgh Narrates "Peter and the Wolf" with the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra, Harrisburg December 10, 1986
Cassette DTA-357 Child Abuse Public Service Announcements undated
Cassette DTA-358 Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Public Service Announcement undated
Cassette DTA-359 Liquor Control Board Public Service Announcement undated
Cassette DTA-360 Mine Subsidence Insurance Public Service Announcement undated
Cassette DTA-361 OPINA Act Public Service Announcement undated
Cassette DTA-362 Scranton's Visitors and Convention Bureau Autumn Travel Ads undated