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Subseries 2. Campaign for Governor, 1978

Cassette DTA-005 Harrisburg Reports regarding Marston, Cigarette Smuggling, Begler Hearings, and Flaherty and Kline Running for Governor January 27, 1978
Cassette DTA-006 Butera Commercial, Philadelphia Radio February 11, 1978
Cassette DTA-007 11 pm News Report regarding Marston Announcements, Philadelphia March 13, 1978
Cassette DTA-008 Speech to ARCO Employees in Philadelphia March 15, 1978
Cassette DTA-009 Thornburgh-Punxsutawney September 17, 1978
Cassette DTA-010 Black Republican Meeting September 30, 1978
Cassette DTA-011 Pete Flaherty Campaign Ad October 15, 1978
Cassette DTA-012 Ray Fox Show: Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidates Scranton and Casey's Only Gubernatorial Debate October 28, 1978
Cassette DTA-013 Annual Press Gridiron Show September, 1978
Cassette DTA-014 Pittsburgh Post Gazette Editorial Board regarding Grosso issue and "dirty tricks" November 1, 1978
Cassette DTA-015 1978 Campaign Press conference regarding Tony Grosso and dirty tricks November 4, 1978
Cassette DTA-016 KQV News regarding Grosso News Conference November 4, 1978
Cassette DTA-017 Inaugural Ceremony of Governor January 18, 1979
Cassette DTA-018 Lieutenant Governor Scranton's Inaugural Ceremony [online] January 16, 1979