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Subseries 11. Kirkpatrick and Lockhart (K & L), 1987-1988

Scope and Content Notes:

In addition to becoming Director of the Institute of Politics (IOP), Thornburgh also rejoined his former law firm, Kirkpatrick and Lockhart (K & L), which had opened an office in Boston. He also served on a number of university, company and organization boards of trustees. His balancing of these varied commitments continued until he was asked to serve as Attorney General of the United States in July 1988. He resigned from IOP and again from K & L in August of 1988, just over a year after starting at IOP and rejoining K & L.

The Kirkpatrick and Lockhart files are divided into two sections. The first of these is firm administrative files from 1987-1988, memoranda to partners, and material from meetings and events. The second section contains Thornburgh's personal files, including memoranda to and from him, personal and professional correspondence, notes, telephone logs and schedules. Many of these materials are annotated by Thornburgh.

Researchers should be aware that the K & L files are related to the IOP files only in that they were produced in the same time period. The same is true with the "Boards and Memberships" files and the "Ginny Thornburgh at Harvard University" files. Because the time at IOP spans only a year, it is relevant to group these separate yet simultaneously produced materials together.

Section: Kirkpatrick and Lockhart (K & L) Administrative Files

Section: Informational Materials and Memoranda to Partners and Lawyers

Box 735
Folder 1 Fact sheet and informational booklet on firm February, 1987
Folder 2-4 Memos to partners and lawyers January, 1986-July, 1988
Folder 5 Memoranda regarding Harrisburg office January, 1987-March, 1988
Folder 6 Newsletters, calendars, news clippings and articles, and financial summaries 1987-1988

Section: Partners Meetings

Folder 7-16 Memos, reports and agendas 1987-1988

Section: Reports and Newsletters

Folder 17 New Matter Report: informational packets regarding clients December, 1987-June, 1988
Folder 18 "Washington Watch" newsletter 1987

Section: Clients and Cases

Box 736
Folder 1 Bethlehem Steel January-September, 1987
Folder 2 Children's Rehabilitation Center October, 1987-May, 1988
Folder 3 Christos Painting April-July, 1988
Folder 4 Cranston Securities Company February, 1987
Folder 5 Ecogen 1986-1987
Folder 6 Edison Electric Institute (EEI) March, 1987
Folder 7 General Carbide Corporation July-September, 1987
Folder 8 Glimcher-Zamagias Group August-October, 1987
Folder 9 Koppers April, 1988
Folder 10 Nuclear matters February-March, 1987
Folder 11 Quadrex Group April-November, 1987
Folder 12 St. Barnabas, Inc. March-April, 1987

Box 737
Folder 1 United Medical Management January-August, 1987
Folder 2 West End Health Center March, 1988

Section: Events

Folder 3 Press conference: Thornburgh to join law firm February 2, 1987
Folder 4 Washington, DC office trip February 11-12, 1987
Folder 5 Boston reception honoring Thornburgh March 3, 1987
Folder 6 1987 Summer Associate orientation April 4, 1987
Folder 7 Miami reception honoring Thornburgh April 28, 1987
Folder 8 Partner and spouse weekend March 14-17, 1987
Folder 9 Pennsylvania Bar Association Annual Meeting May 15, 1987

Section: Thornburgh's Partner Files

Folder 10 Internal K & L memoranda regarding Thornburgh's return (annotated) January-February, 1987
Folder 11-12 K & L memoranda to Thornburgh regarding cases and clients February, 1987-March, 1988
Folder 13 Memoranda from Thornburgh regarding cases and clients February-September, 1987
Folder 14 Partner correspondence to Thornburgh February, 1986-July, 1988
Folder 15 Client-related correspondence to and from Thornburgh January-November, 1987
Folder 16 Thornburgh correspondence to outside persons February, 1987-April, 1988

Box 738
Folder 1 Thornburgh correspondence to outside persons regarding rejoining K & L February, 1987
Folder 2 Thornburgh correspondence: personal recommendation letters March-June, 1987
Folder 3 Thornburgh correspondence with media February-June, 1987
Folder 4 Thornburgh personal correspondence February-April, 1987
Folder 5 Thornburgh correspondence to members of the Thornburgh Governor administration February 18, 1987
Folder 6 Thornburgh biographies February, 1987
Folder 7 Petition for reinstatement to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court 1987
Folder 8 Telephone log January-August, 1987
Folder 9 Personal notes 1987-1988
Folder 10 Miscellaneous personal materials, including magazine articles, notes and memoranda 1987-1988
Folder 11 1987 Calendars 1987
Folder 12 Daily schedules February, 1987-April, 1988
Folder 13 Long range schedules February, 1987-May, 1988
Folder 14-15 Bound schedule books 1987-1988
Folder 16 Letter of resignation from K & L as a result of appointment as Attorney General of the United States July 25, 1988
Folder 17 Firm memorandum regarding Thornburgh's resignation and appointment as Attorney General of the United States August 2, 1988
Folder 18 K & L Bulletin: announcement of Thornburgh's appointment as Attorney General of the United States August, 1988