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Subseries 25. Transition, 1987

Scope and Content Notes:

Transition 1987 began immediately following the Inauguration of Governor Robert P. Casey on January 18, 1987, and continued six months, concluding June 30, 1987. This was a period of time routinely financed by the Commonwealth as a courtesy to its Governors reentering private life, but with the inevitable continued correspondence and requests following their terms in office.

Earlier in January 1987, Thornburgh had announced his somewhat surprising decision to become Director of Harvard University's Institute of Politics beginning June first. In the months prior to June, Thornburgh and his wife, Ginny, after a well deserved few weeks of vacation, returned to Pittsburgh to begin new challenges and to his practice of law with Kirkpatrick and Lockhart. During this time a Transition Office was maintained in the Pittsburgh State Office building by Nancy Watson, Director, who had also served as archivist to the administration. Correspondence to the Governor, requests for speeches and appearances, and other residual gubernatorial matters were handled by this office, in keeping with what had been provided to previous past Governors. The small staff of three worked under Governor Thornburgh's supervision through this transition period.

The materials here are arranged in four sections: correspondence, news clippings, long-range schedules, and events. Items include, for example, event related invitations and background, articles, speeches, and requests to join various Board of Trustees.

Section: Correspondence

Folder 12-17 From Dick Thornburgh January-June, 1987
Folder 18 To Dick Thornburgh (Note: Folders 18 A & 18 B) January-February, 1987

Box 703
Folder 1-2 To Dick Thornburgh March -December, 1987
Folder 3 Correspondence Chron File February-May, 1987
Folder 4 Correspondence Alpha file: A-D 1986-1987
Folder 5 Correspondence Alpha file: E-M 1986-1987
Folder 6 Correspondence Alpha file: N-Z 1986-1987
Folder 7 Transition Staff Correspondence January-June, 1987
Folder 8 Boards, Request to Join 1986-1987

Section: News Clippings

Folder 9-13 January-May, 1987

Section: Long-Range Schedules

Folder 14 February-May, 1987

Section: Events

Folder 15 Informal Meetings - including K&L announcement of Thornburgh's return as partner March-May, 1987 February 1, 1987
Folder 16 "City and State" Interview regarding welfare reform, Pittsburgh, PA February 13, 1987
Folder 17 JFK School of Government, Boston, MA March 1, 1987
Folder 18 Allegheny County Lincoln Day Dinner, Pittsburgh, PA March 9, 1987
Folder 19 Northeastern Republican Leadership Conference, Nashua, NH March 13-14, 1987

Box 704
Folder 1 Testimony before the Subcommittee on Public Assistance and Unemployment Compensation regarding Pennsylvania's 1982 Welfare Reform Law, Washington, DC March 11, 1987
Folder 2 CMU/GSIA (Graduate School of Industrial Administration) Program for Executives, Pittsburgh, PA March 16, 1987
Folder 3 University of Pittsburgh, Bicentennial Dinner, Pittsburgh, PA March 18, 1987
Folder 4 CMU/SUPA Alumnae Seminar, Pittsburgh, PA March 24, 1987
Folder 5 Father Byron Reception, Pittsburgh Oratory, Pittsburgh, PA March 30, 1987
Folder 6 John U. Anderson, Jr. Dinner (South Side Hospital Award Recipient), Pittsburgh, PA April 3, 1987
Folder 7 The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, Washington, DC April 3, 1987
Folder 8 Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania, 57th Annual Convention, "Philadelphia A-Z," Philadelphia, PA April 7, 1987
Folder 9 Superintendents of Schools Reception, Pittsburgh, PA April 8, 1987
Folder 10 Harrisburg Senators: AA Minor League Baseball Team, Harrisburg, PA April 11, 1987
Folder 11 PA Association of Township Supervisors, 65th Annual State Convention, Pittsburgh, PA April 13, 1987
Folder 12 CMU/SUPA Lecture, Pittsburgh, PA April 16, 1987
Folder 13 American Corporate Counsel Association, 2nd Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA April 21, 1987
Folder 14 Chartiers District, Friends of Scouting, Pittsburgh, PA April 22, 1987
Folder 15 Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania Distinguished Republican Award Dinner honoring Andrew J. Gleason, Harrisburg, PA April 22, 1987
Folder 16 Falk Clinic Rededication, Pittsburgh, PA April 26, 1987
Folder 17 St. Barnabas Nursing Home, 87th Annual Founder's Day, Pittsburgh, PA May 3, 1987
Folder 18-19 House Wednesday Group Retreat, Solomon's Island, MD May 1-3, 1987
Folder 20 "Public/Private Careers Project," Wilson Center Program on American Society and Politics, Institute of Politics, Washington, DC May 6, 1987
Folder 21-22 7th Annual Appalachian Natural Gas Conference, Pittsburgh, PA May 7, 1987
Folder 23 Institute of Politics Twentieth Anniversary, Boston, MA May 8-9, 1987
Folder 24 American-Soviet Youth Exchange, Pittsburgh, PA May 14, 1987
Folder 25 Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council, Pittsburgh, PA May 14, 1987
Folder 26 WTAE-TV Primary Night Analyst, Pittsburgh, PA May 19, 1987
Folder 27 Yale Club of Pittsburgh, 16th Annual Dinner and Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA May 20, 1987
Folder 28 Arthur Young Entrepreneur of the Year Program, Pittsburgh, PA May 22, 1987
Folder 29 PA Senate Fundraiser, Pittsburgh, PA May 27, 1987
Folder 30 PPTN, 5th Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA May 28, 1987
Folder 31 Environmental Law Seminar, Pittsburgh, PA May 28, 1987
Folder 32 Constitutional Committee Symposium, Philadelphia, PA (did not attend) May 13, 1987