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Subseries 10. Office of Policy Development, Harold Miller

Scope and Content Notes:

The Office of Policy Development (OPD), originally named the Office of Policy and Planning, was established by Executive Order of the Governor on September 18, 1979. Its role was to assist in establishing policies relating to economic development, human services, public safety and other areas, to work closely with Committees of the Cabinet, and to respond to issues that involved more than one agency or programmatic area. Their primary duties were broadly issue related, for example: to develop new program initiatives and suggest changes to existing programs, to assess feasibility of ideas and proposed changes, to assess effectiveness of policies, and monitor federal actions affecting the Commonwealth. In other words, OPD files here can be seen as a foundation under all policies and achievements and are an invaluable resource.

These files, of Harold Miller, Analyst and then Policy Development Director, are voluminous (see also OPD, Plosila) and cover most major issues. The files are organized by the following major topics: Criminal Justice, Human Services, Education and Training, and Economic and Community Development. Specific topics within those areas include, for example: Liquor Control Board, Health care costs, transportation, environment, and welfare reform, to name only a few. The files consist of memoranda, relating information between Governor Thornburgh and Harold Miller, and some from and to Bob Benko, prior Director. Included, in addition, are: analysts reports, letters, books, notes, brochures/pamphlets, statistical data and newspaper clippings. Material within folders is generally chronologically arranged. Again, it must be emphasized that research materials on all topics is extensive and invaluable.

Criminal Justice files include, for example, the following subjects: mandatory sentencing, juvenile offenders, victim services, arson, corrections initiatives and pardons policy.

Human Services files include, for example, the following subjects: homeless initiatives, low-income energy assistance, mortgage assistance, juvenile justice initiatives, teenage pregnancy, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), long-term care, hospice care, health care cost containment program, handicapped initiatives including closing of Pennhurst facility, Act 148 relating to dependant and delinquent youth, and social programs funded through federal block grant program (for example: education, preventative health care, alcohol and drug and mental health issues).

Education and Training files include various programs, reforms and training initiatives, many in response to the declining SAT scores in the Commonwealth, which at that time was the sixth-largest public school system in the country. Reforms focused on both students and teachers as well, including library reforms. Also in light of the steel industry's demise, Thornburgh put in place CJT, or Customized Job Training, which was intended to provide Pennsylvania workers with new or upgraded skills needed by employers.

Economic and Community Development files consist of programs offered by state government to assist in developing the community work base. Programs such as PIDA (PA Industrial Development Authority) assisted established businesses financially. PMBDA (PA Minority Business Development Authority) directed financial assistance toward minority entrepreneurs through the Department of Commerce. Both of these programs were mandated under the Sunset Act of 1981-142. This Act functioned as an ongoing reviewing process, determining the programs' continuing value to the public. Material covering other programs includes SOICC (State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee), SJTCC (State Job Training Coordinating Council), POICC (Pennsylvania Occupational Information Coordinating Council), and NOICC (National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee).

Welfare Reform files are extensive and incredibly detailed. Thornburgh states about this subject of both fiscal and humanitarian concern: "Although editorial and interest-group mutterings about our welfare reform measures continued into the 1990s, only halfhearted efforts were undertaken to repeal or modify 'Thornfare' and restore the status quo ante. Indeed, our 'radical' reforms looked pretty tame compared to bipartisan welfare reform legislation enacted by the Republican-controlled Congress and signed into law by President Clinton in 1996" ( Evidence, p. 150). There are the following sections: general files, Pennsylvania welfare programs compared to other states' programs, general assistance, H.B.633, H.B.2044, H.B.2340, S.B.363 (Thornfare II), H.B.720, S.B.301, S.B.83, Act 75, S.B.968, H.B.1720, and memos from Walt Plosila.

Other Subjects include, for example: transportation, environment, racial segregation, South Africa and apartheid, low-level waste (LLW), Centralia, Limerick nuclear facility, Chernobyl's nuclear accident in Russia, Chesapeake Bay cleanup, Coalition of Northeastern Governors (CONEG) meeting and issue files, gender-based auto insurance, federal aid to Pennsylvania, state employees and teacher pension systems, and Committee on Constitutional System (CCS) and efforts regarding a federal balanced budget amendment.

It is worth noting that there are particularly extensive files on the Liquor Control Board (LCB) and Thornburgh's ultimately unsuccessful efforts to transfer the system into private hands.

Section: Criminal Justice Files

Section: Criminal Justice

Box 264
Folder 1 House Democratic Crime Package September 21, 1981
Folder 2 "1983-84 Governor's Executive Budget and the Criminal Justice System," (includes additional statistics regarding criminal justice expenditures) 1982-April, 1983

Section: Crime Prevention

Folder 3 Crime prevention legislation (H.B. 312) by Representatives Piccola and Hoeffel, providing funding for local crime prevention officers October, 1981-June, 1983
Folder 4 Thornburgh Programs to Halt Growth in Drug Abuse and Drug Crimes, article in Narcotics Control Digest, Vol. 13 No. 9 April 27, 1983

Section: Victim Services

Folder 5 "A Proposal for the Comprehensive Provision of Victim/Witness Services in Pennsylvania," prepared by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) August, 1982-January, 1983

Section: Arson

Folder 6 Anti-arson policy, initiatives and legislation by the Thornburgh administration April, 1981-February, 1982
Folder 7 "Arson Control in Pennsylvania," Report of the Governor's Interagency Task Force on Arson, and endorsement of administration's anti-arson legislation December, 1981-February, 1982

Section: Dangerous Juvenile Offenders (DJO)

Folder 8 "Analysis of S.B. 578, P.N. 642," legislation transferring violent juveniles to criminal court so they are not protected by the Juvenile Act March 3, 1984
Folder 9 Newspaper clippings November, 1984-August, 1985
Folder 10 Draft of proposed Dangerous Juvenile Offenders Bill (S.B. 838), initiative of the Thornburgh administration January 20, 1985
Folder 11 Criticisms of S.B. 838, permitting fingerprints, photographs, and history record information to be maintained in a central repository operated by the State Police March-July, 1985
Folder 12 "Questions and Answers regarding Governor Thornburgh's Proposal to Crackdown on Dangerous Juvenile Offenders" (S.B. 838) and updates May 22-September 9, 1985
Folder 13 Testimony of Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Jay Cochran and DPW Secretary Walter Cohen before the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee regarding S.B. 838, drafts and revisions August 22-September 20, 1985
Folder 14 "Talking Points for the Governor's Dangerous Juvenile Offenders Legislation (S.B. 838)" August, 1985
Folder 15 Proposed Amendments to S.B. 838, prepared by the Thornburgh administration October 22, 1985
Folder 16 "Break the Chain of Juvenile Crime," by Dick Thornburgh, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and related correspondence December, 1985-April, 1986
Folder 17 "A Review of Selected Juvenile Justice Statutes in Other States" undated
Folder 18 "The Impact of H.B. 1861 on the Criminal Justice System in Pennsylvania," legislation automatically transferring violent juveniles to criminal court so they are not protected by the Juvenile Act undated

Section: Development of Mandatory Sentencing Proposal

Folder 19 "The Challenge of Crime in Pennsylvania," a policy statement by Richard Thornburgh May 9, 1973
Folder 20 Newspaper clippings 1973-1982
Folder 21 "Staff Report on the Use and Impact of Mandatory Sentencing in Pennsylvania," by Sam McClea September, 1976
Folder 22 "Presentation of Research on Sentencing in Pennsylvania" by Select Committee on the Pennsylvania Association of Probation, Parole and Corrections (PAPPC) before the House Judiciary Committee's public hearings on sentencing reform September 21, 1977
Folder 23 "Sentencing in Pennsylvania: A Study of Sentences Imposed on First and Repeat Felony Offenders and Offenders who Use a Weapon in the Commission of their Offense," by the Pennsylvania Association on Probation, Parole, and Correction May, 1978
Folder 24 "Estimation of Individual Crime Rates from Arrest Records," by Alfred Blumstein and Jacqueline Cohen of Carnegie Mellon University July-November, 1978
Folder 25 Report on parole outcomes after inmate release, published by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency 1978-1979
Folder 26 Criminal Justice Luncheon at Governor's home with Thornburgh to discuss enabling legislation for the first Pennsylvania elected Attorney General, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and sentencing reform April 29, 1980
Folder 27 "Problems with the Proposed Sentencing Guidelines," Edward Rendell's proposed legislation imposing mandatory minimum prison sentences for major felonies committed on public transportation (H.B. 2762) and for repeat offenders (S.B. 303) June, 1980-January, 1981
Folder 28 Insanity Defense Issues February, 1981
Folder 29 Questions and Answers regarding the Crime Package February-May, 1981
Folder 30 Analysis of the parole abolition proposal and principal mandatory sentencing bills in legislature (S.B. 303 and S.B. 80) March 24, 1981
Folder 31 Thornburgh administration's planned crime announcement to declare support for mandatory sentencing, and "white paper" draft regarding administration's positions regarding crime April 28, 1981
Folder 32 Thornburgh announces proposal of an anti-crime package to be introduced into State legislature April 28, 1981
Folder 33 Conversion of eight of the Department of Public Welfare's institutions into a prison May 21, 1981
Folder 34 "Seeking Responsible Sentencing Policy: Prison Impact Statements," by Alfred Blumstein of Carnegie Mellon University, and his testimony before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Crime of the Committee on the Judiciary May, 1981
Folder 35 Parole reform and mandatory sentencing proposals by Thornburgh Administration May-September, 1981
Folder 36 Background material for deciding on the elements of a Mandatory Sentencing Proposal, and summaries of impacts of proposal over time July 20, 1981
Folder 37 Thornburgh administration editorial on crime for the Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association, prepared by Harold Miller July 31, 1981
Folder 38 "Final Draft for Review and Approval: Sentencing in Pennsylvania: A Review of 1977 Sentencing Patterns," Technical Report I prepared by the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing September 11, 1981
Folder 39 Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing September 11, 1981
Folder 40 Thornburgh announces anti-crime legislation September 16, 1981
Folder 41 Correspondence 1981-1983
Folder 42 Meeting with Justice Robert Nix to discuss impacts of mandatory sentencing on the court system of Philadelphia July 14, 1982
Folder 43 "Impact on State Prison Populations of Parole Abolition and Mandatory Sentencing Bills" undated

Section: Legislative Action on Mandatory Sentencing Proposal (H.B. 1804)

Box 265
Folder 1 Drafts of Mandatory Sentencing Bill (H.B. 1804) April-June, 1981
Folder 2 Summary of H.B. 1804 and amendments August-September, 1981
Folder 3 Meetings to discuss administration's crime package, consisting of two bills: one to abolish parole system and one to institute mandatory sentences (H.B. 1804) September-November, 1981
Folder 4 Public Hearings on H.B. 1804 before the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee, testimonies of various persons and related correspondence October 15, 1981
Folder 5 Testimony of Harold D. Miller on H.B. 1804, before the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee October 15, 1981
Folder 6 Remarks for the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee by Ronald J. Marks, Commissioner, regarding H.B. 1804 October 15, 1981
Folder 7 Amendments to H.B. 1804 October, 1981
Folder 8 Transcript of legislative debates in the House of Representatives on H.B. 1804, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Legislative Journal, No. 74 November 24, 1981
Folder 9 Correspondence 1981-1982
Folder 10 Newspaper clippings 1981-1983
Folder 11 Mandatory Sentencing Bill legislation with amendments (H.B. 1804), also includes S.B. 1081, S.B. 1082, H.B. 1803, and H.B. 650 1981-1983
Folder 12 Analysis of Mandatory Sentencing bills (H.B. 1804 and S.B. 1084) and legislators' votes March 5, 1982
Folder 13 "Comparison of H.B. 1804 to previous Mandatory Sentencing Statutes" undated

Section: Prison Construction for New Inmates under Mandatory Sentencing Law

Folder 14 Possible Conversions of Pennsylvania welfare institutions into correctional prison facilities April-October, 1981
Folder 15 Conversion of the Marcy State Hospital into a correctional prison facility April-November, 1981
Folder 16 Legislative Districts of Potential and Proposed Prison Sites May 28, 1981
Folder 17 H.B. 1645 (authorization of public improvement projects): legislation, amendments, legislators' votes, and legislative debates June, 1981
Folder 18 Proposal to construct a prison facility at Graterford June-November, 1981
Folder 19 "Concept Paper for New Correctional Facilities," and "Bureau of Correction: Concept for a Total System" concept papers for new prison locations and construction, prepared by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Correction June, 1981-April, 1982
Folder 20 Conversion of Retreat State Hospital into a correctional facility August-October, 1981
Folder 21 Possibility of using surplus federal lands for potential prison sites August-November, 1981
Folder 22 Proposal to convert Cresson Center into a correctional facility September, 1981-October, 1982
Folder 23 Possible Pittsburgh Prison sites October-November, 1981
Folder 24 Proposal to construct a prison facility at the Shenandoah Industrial Park in Schuylkill County October, 1981-December, 1982
Folder 25 Newspaper clippings 1981-1982
Folder 26 Correspondence 1981-1983

Box 266
Folder 1 Correspondence 1981-1983
Folder 2 Program options and cost estimates of new prison construction March 18, 1983
Folder 3 Prison Capacity Timeline undated
Folder 4 Fairview [State Hospital] as an Undesirable Site for a Correctional Institution undated

Section: PA Committee for Effective Justice, Mandatory Sentencing Advertising Campaign

Folder 5 Committee memoranda to administration regarding the advertising efforts and various firm's proposals February-May, 1982
Folder 6 "A Presentation for the Public Education/Mandatory Sentencing Committee" advertising proposal by Packer, Previc, Oesterling and Smith, and firm's research on the public's attitudes toward the mandatory sentencing bill (H.B. 1804) March 24, 1982
Folder 7 "Public Information Campaign for Pennsylvania Mandatory Sentencing Law" and "Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Public Information Advertising for Mandatory Sentencing Law," reports prepared by Ketchum Advertising March 26, 1982, April 28, 1982
Folder 8 Advertising agreement between the Committee and Ketchum Advertising March-April, 1982
Folder 9 Advertisements and newspaper articles corresponding to mandatory sentencing advertising campaign March-September, 1982
Folder 10 Committee meetings and agendas for discussion of mandatory sentencing (includes Thornburgh administration's responses to Ketchum's proposals) March, 1982-February, 1984
Folder 11 Brochures intended for convicted offenders and parolees regarding mandatory sentencing July-September, 1982
Folder 12 Correspondence 1982-1983
Folder 13 "Pennsylvania's Public Education Campaign on Mandatory Sentencing, Project Summary: 'Commit a Crime with a Gun and You've Shot 5 Years of Your Life," prepared by George F. Grode and David McCorkle January 21, 1983
Folder 14 Fundraising efforts to fund mandatory sentencing advertising campaign July 1, 1983

Section: Implementation of Mandatory Sentencing Law

Folder 15 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. James Dennison and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Kenneth Cannon regarding non-compliance with mandatory sentencing law August, 1982-January, 1985
Folder 16 Preliminary statistics and results of mandatory sentencing law implementation November 3, 1982-June 8, 1983
Folder 17 Newspaper clippings 1984-1986

Section: Evaluation of Mandatory Sentencing Law

Folder 18 "The Deterrent Effects of Pennsylvania's 5-year Mandatory Sentencing Law on Robberies and Assaults with Firearms," prepared by Robert Morelli of the Bureau of Statistics and Policy Research of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency April-May, 1984
Folder 19 Five Year Mandatory Minimum Cases in Philadelphia, statistical numbers and trends June 7, 1984
Folder 20 Uniform Crime Data report on New York cases of robbery and assault, and its comparison to Pennsylvania trends regarding mandatory sentencing June 8, 1984
Folder 21 Mandatory Sentences reported to the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing (PCS), prepared by the PCS March, 1985
Folder 22 "Sentencing in Pennsylvania: 1984 Report," published by the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing July 1, 1985

Section: Creation of a Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Folder 23 Memoranda and materials regarding S.B. 132, creating a Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and defining its responsibilities November 28, 1973-1979
Folder 24 Final results of a Nagel Study by the Athyn Group, on the Pennsylvania Reorganization of Corrections project 1975-1976
Folder 25 Legislative bill analysis and other analyses of H.B. 1820, creating a Department of Corrections November, 1979-January, 1980
Folder 26 Differences between H.B. 1820 and the administration's plans and drafts for the creation of a Department of Corrections November, 1979-June, 1980
Folder 27 Testimonies of Harvey Bartle, III, Ronald Marks, and Rendell Davis before the Subcommittee on Crime and Corrections of the House Judiciary Committee, regarding H.B. 2822 (creating a cabinet-level Department of Corrections) July 30, 1980
Folder 28 Memoranda and materials regarding S.B. 579 (creating a Pennsylvania Department of Corrections) February-March, 1981
Folder 29 Revisions and amendments needed to be made to legislation regarding the creation of a Department of Corrections (S.B. 579, S.B. 536, H.B. 680, H.B. 1223) April, 1981-September, 1982
Folder 30 Newspaper clippings June-July, 1982

Section: Parole Reform Proposal (H.B. 1803)

Box 267
Folder 1 Parole reform proposals and possible models for Pennsylvania law October, 1979-March, 1980
Folder 2 Correspondence 1979-1982
Folder 3 Summary of the Thornburgh administration's proposed changes in parole February-March, 1981
Folder 4 Clarification of technical wording (regarding early release for good behavior) in the "Governor's Parole Reform Bill" (H.B. 1803 and H.B. 536) April-June, 1981
Folder 5 H.B. 1803 (establishing a Board of Probation and Parole) August-September, 1981
Folder 6 Amendments to H.B. 1803, and analysis of bill and amendments September, 1981-September, 1983
Folder 7 Data on inmate releases and inmates serving sentences under the "Youthful Offender Act" October 1, 1981, October 15, 1981
Folder 8 Testimony of Harold Miller, Ronald Marks, Michael Stiles, and others before the Pennsylvania House Subcommittee on Crime and Corrections, regarding H.B. 1803, the Governor's Parole Reform Bill March 10, 1982
Folder 9 "Good Time" conduct system to "reduce parole eligibility date" adopted by Virginia and its comparison with Pennsylvania's parole reform legislation March, 1982
Folder 10 Newspaper clippings 1982-1983
Folder 11 "Special report for the 1983 Client Employment and Income Survey: Welfare Dependency" for use regarding parole clients December 12, 1983
Folder 12 Statistics on Funding for Board of Probation and Parole December 12, 1984

Section: Board of Pardons' Executive Clemency Policies

Folder 13 Newspaper clippings 1980-1982
Folder 14 Data analyses of clemency procedures and the effects of the Governor's stricter clemency review standards used by the Pardons Board 1980-1983
Folder 15 "A Study of Recidivism Among Individuals Granted Clemency in Pennsylvania," by Phillip Author of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency May 25, 1982

Section: Miscellaneous Corrections Initiatives

Folder 16 Regulations and possible revisions on the restriction of pre-release for inmates in state correctional facilities May 15, 1981-August, 1984
Folder 17 Correspondence 1981-1984
Folder 18 "Thornburgh supports prisons," Letter to the Editor by Robert C. Wilburn, Secretary of Budget and Administration, regarding state responses to provide for increasing prison overcrowding August-September, 1982
Folder 19 Analysis of S.B. 1361 (relating to child and senior victims and witnesses and disposition of sex offenders) December 30, 1982-November 27, 1984
Folder 20 ACIR (Advisory Commission for Intergovernmental Relations) press release: "Commission says 'no' to expanded federal role in local jails," and other jail-related recommendations June-July, 1983
Folder 21 Correctional facilities expansion initiative of the Thornburgh administration September-December, 1983
Folder 22 Intensive Parole Proposal by the Board of Probation and Parole January, 1984-January, 1985

Section: Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing's Guidelines

Box 268
Folder 1 Initial sentencing guidelines proposed by the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing and other materials regarding sentencing October 25, 1980-January 23, 1982
Folder 2 "Report on the Potential Impact of the Proposed Initial Guidelines on Incarceration Rates and Incarceration Lengths in Pennsylvania," a report by the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing November 6, 1980
Folder 3 Testimony of Richard H. Glanton to the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing (PCS), regarding proposed sentencing guidelines of the PCS December 10, 1980
Folder 4 Summary of Final Sentencing Guidelines October 17, 1981-January 22, 1982
Folder 5 Governor's position on PCS's sentencing guidelines November 16, 1981
Folder 6 Impact of final sentencing guidelines, prepared by the PCS March 29, 1982
Folder 7 Correspondence August, 1982

Section: Corrections/Mental Health

Folder 8 Meeting material and memoranda of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) Mental Health Corrections Task Force June 2, 1905
Folder 9 Correspondence of and Report to the Governor of the PCCD Mental Health Corrections Task Force 1980-1983
Folder 10 Mental Health Corrections Task Force's efforts to improve mental health services in the Pennsylvania Bureau of Correction September, 1981-July 30, 1982
Folder 11 Testimony and memoranda regarding "Guilty, But Mentally Ill" bill (S.B. 171) January-November, 1982
Folder 12 Fiscal impact analysis of S.B. 171 May-June, 1982
Folder 13 S.B. 853 (provides authorization for construction of a 25-bed forensic mental health unit at the State Correctional Institution at Pittsburgh) June 15, 1983-April 25, 1984
Folder 14 Reports, memoranda and correspondence regarding Muncy State Correctional Institution June 20, 1983-March 29, 1985

Section: Governor's Panel on Graterford

Folder 15 Newspaper clippings 1980-1983
Folder 16 "The Report of the Governor's Panel to Investigate the Recent Hostage Incident at Graterford State Correctional Institution," prepared by the Graterford Panel, and responses of the administration August, 1982
Folder 17 Funding the recommendations of the Graterford Panel October-December, 1982
Folder 18 "State Correctional Institution at Graterford, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania: Feasibility Study, Final Report" to provide a plan for addition of 500 cells for inmates November 30, 1982
Folder 19 Memoranda regarding the specific recommendations of the Graterford Panel report March, 1983
Folder 20 Correspondence regarding U.S. Department of Justice's investigation of conditions at Graterford state penitentiary September 12, 1983-April 26, 1984

Section: Sentencing Reform/Earned Time Initiative

Folder 21 Sentencing Reform and Earned Time Proposal Legislation April 21, 1982-January 23, 1986
Folder 22 Crime Package II November 1, 1983
Folder 23 Anti-Crime Initiatives May-August, 1984
Folder 24 Proposal to Allow Minimum Sentences Up to the Statutory Maximum February 19, 1985
Folder 25 Draft Release for Crime Initiative September 20, 1985
Folder 26 Questions and Answers on Earned Time Sentencing Reform Initiative September 23, 1985
Folder 27 Sentencing Reform Announcement September 25, 1985

Section: Human Services

Section: Long-Term Care

Box 269
Folder 1 Pennsylvania State Long-Term Care Plan 1982
Folder 2 Long-Term Care Program Revision Request 1982-1983
Folder 3 Pre-Admission Assessment Program May-July, 1983
Folder 4 Pennsylvania State Long-Term Care Plan and Notes 1983

Section: Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAD)

Folder 5 Fact sheets, comparisons of Pennsylvania to other states, questions and answers, and updates February 4-October, 1985
Folder 6 "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Proposed Plan: 1985-1986 Program Year," by Walter W. Cohen, Secretary of the Department of Public Welfare and notes and correspondence 1985-1986

Section: Teenage Pregnancy

Folder 7 Research regarding Teen Programs March 21, 1981-August 18, 1985
Folder 8 Development of Teenage Pregnancy and Parenthood Initiative August 17, 1984-September 16, 1985
Folder 9 "Improving Services to Pregnant Teenagers and Teen Parents: 1985-86 Budget and Policy Brief," Commonwealth of Pennsylvania October 8, 1984-February 25, 1985
Folder 10 Correspondence and notes regarding family planning services in Pennsylvania November, 1984-February 7, 1986
Folder 11 Correspondence and notes regarding prenatal care program December 20, 1984-May 12, 1986
Folder 12 Labor and Industry grants regarding employment, job training and welfare for teenage mothers March 4, 1985-January 7, 1986
Folder 13 "Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting," by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and requests for program proposals March 5, 1985-April 8, 1986
Folder 14 Evaluations of Department of Education Grants for Pregnant and Parenting Teenager Programs May-September, 1985
Folder 15 Research and notes on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome June 19, 1985-July 10, 1986
Folder 16 Six Month Implementation Report on Governor Thornburgh's Initiative to Improve Services to Pregnant Teenagers and Teenage Parents in Pennsylvania February-March, 1986
Folder 17 H.B. 295 (requires investigation of the problem of teenage pregnancies and parenting in Pennsylvania) July 14, 1986

Section: Human Services Development Fund

Folder 18 Analysis of the 1982-1983 Adult Services Block Grant Pre-Expenditure Plans: Summary September 28, 1982
Folder 19 County Human Services Block Grant Pilot April 1-August 9, 1983
Folder 20 Comprehensive Human Services Block Grant October 18, 1983-July 1, 1984
Folder 21 Human Services Development Fund March-April, 1984
Folder 22 Summary of County Plans for the Human Services Development Fund September 11, 1984
Folder 23 Discussion Topics for Human Services Directors Meeting March 3, 1986
Folder 24 "Analysis of Human Services Development Fund," prepared by the Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation March 7, 1986

Section: Hospice

Folder 25 Hospice Task Force of Pennsylvania State Government: agendas, minutes, plans and position paper April 29, 1980-June 3, 1982

Section: Vital Statistics

Folder 26 Correspondence regarding closing Vital Records Branch Offices March-May, 1982
Folder 27 Child Abuse Report and correspondence April, 1983-July 2, 1984

Section: Agent Orange

Folder 28 "Agent Orange Fact Book," prepared for the Adjutant General, Major General Richard M. Scott by Department of Military Affairs November, 1981
Folder 29 Pennsylvania Vietnam Herbicides Information Commission (VHIC) background and reports July-August, 1982
Folder 30 Minutes and meeting material for the Pennsylvania Vietnam Herbicides Information Commission August 6, 1982-March 14, 1984

Section: Social Security Income: Moratorium/Advocacy

Box 270
Folder 1 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Cutoff Moratorium August 18, 1982-February 3, 1986
Folder 2 Social Security Income (SSI) Advocacy Program November 28, 1983-January 13, 1984
Folder 3 Lifting of Moratorium on Termination of Social Security Income (SSI) January 10, 1985-February 3, 1986
Folder 4 Social Security Administration Medical Improvement Regulations June 14, 1985-January 2, 1986

Section: Handicapped Initiatives

Folder 5 Commitment to and positions on Mental Retardation May 15, 1978-October 28, 1981
Folder 6 National/International Year of Disabled Persons July 23, 1980-February 19, 1982
Folder 7 "Pennsylvania's Initiatives for the Handicapped: Interim Report," by the Governor's HRC of the Cabinet September, 1982
Folder 8 National Organization on Disability Newsletter March 30, 1983
Folder 9 Chronology of the Pennhurst Case 1978-1983

Section: Early Intervention

Folder 10 Attendant Care Project December 22, 1982-February 6, 1985
Folder 11 "Governor's Task Force on Special Needs Children: Final Report and Recommendations" and notes and reviews 1982-1983
Folder 12 Testimony on H.R. 133 (Early Intervention for Handicapped Infants and Preschool Children) January, 1983-January, 1985
Folder 13 Fiscal Analysis of Early Intervention April 8, 1983-January 4, 1984
Folder 14 Handicapped Services for Infants and Pre-School Aged Children May, 1983
Folder 15 House Education Committee Hearings on Early Intervention Programs November 14, 1983
Folder 16 House Resolution 133 on Early Intervention Services and the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC) December 1, 1983
Folder 17 Funding Programs January 18-May 7, 1984
Folder 18 Early Intervention Meetings: Minutes and Reports May 7, 1984-October 27, 1986
Folder 19 Early Intervention Interdepartmental Cooperative Agreement May 23, 1984-January 7, 1985
Folder 20 Early Intervention Programs in Pennsylvania October 22, 1984
Folder 21 House Education Committee Report on Early Education January 29, 1985

Section: Mortgage Assistance

Box 271
Folder 1 Mortgage Foreclosure Assistance January 19-March 18, 1983
Folder 2 Urban Affairs and Housing Mortgage Foreclosure Public Hearing, Senator T. Milton Street, Chairman September 27, 1983
Folder 3 H.B. 500 (Homeowner's Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program) 1983
Folder 4 Irvis Mortgage Assistance Proposal June, 1983-January, 1984
Folder 5 Revisions to Irvis Mortgage Assistance Law January 19, 1984

Section: Homeless Initiatives

Folder 6 Housing Assistance Needed by Distressed and Unemployed Pennsylvanians (HAND-UP): Demand/Cost Estimates and Budget and Policy Brief April, 1983
Folder 7 Emergency Food and Shelter and Commodities Program May 31, 1983-January 12, 1984
Folder 8 Shelter Program Options June 9-December, 1983
Folder 9 Emergency Food and Shelter Proposals October-November, 1983
Folder 10 "Going Hungry in America," Report by Senator Edward M. Kennedy to the Committee on Labor and Human Resources of the United States Senate regarding Pittsburgh, PA December 22, 1983
Folder 11 Implementation of 1983/1984 Shelter Program December 29, 1983-January 31, 1984
Folder 12 H.B. 249 (Provides for a House Committee to study the problems of the chronic homeless): correspondence and testimony July-November, 1984
Folder 13 County Assistance Office (CAO) Homeless Projects December 8, 1984-May 2, 1986
Folder 14 Emergency Shelter Fiscal Summary and Social Services Grant Funds 1984
Folder 15 Assistance to Families with Children in Foster Care February 26, 1985-June 13, 1985
Folder 16 Draft for Low-Income Facilities Team (LIFT) Program May 20, 1985
Folder 17 Comments on LIFT Program by B. Brown & M. Keating May 27, 1985
Folder 18 LIFT Program Forms June 10, 1985
Folder 19 Summaries of LIFT June 12, 1985
Folder 20 Alternative Homeless Proposals June-November, 1985
Folder 21 1985-1986 Emergency Shelter Program November, 1985-January 13, 1986
Folder 22 Implementation of Homeless Assistance Program November, 1985-April, 1986
Folder 23 Correspondence regarding the LIFT Program 1985
Folder 24 Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Program 1985-1986
Folder 25 Status of the LIFT Program January 13, 1986
Folder 26 Funding Proposals for Homeless, 1986/1987 May 19, 1986

Section: Juvenile Justice Initiatives

Box 272
Folder 1 Clippings regarding Juvenile Legislation 1979-1982
Folder 2 Correspondence regarding the Norristown Secure Juvenile Unit January-February, 1980
Folder 3 Correspondence regarding Securing Juvenile Detention Facilities June 17, 1980-October 29, 1981
Folder 4 DPW Overview of Juvenile Justice Issues July 10, 1980
Folder 5 Response to 'Committee of 15' Recommendations September-October, 1980
Folder 6 Legislation and Correspondence regarding Juvenile Justice Reform June 19, 1981-May 22, 1984
Folder 7 Correspondence from Philadelphia population regarding Byberry State Hospital July, 1981
Folder 8 Juvenile Secure Care Facilities in Philadelphia September, 1981-September, 1982
Folder 9 Tabor Children's Services, Inc. November 18, 1981
Folder 10 Juvenile Transfer Legislation December 30, 1981-September 16, 1982
Folder 11 Schuylkill County Site for Secure Juvenile Units March 11, 1982
Folder 12 Juvenile Justice Legislation in New Jersey September 2, 1982
Folder 13 1983 Proposals for Secure Care Expansion May-September, 1983
Folder 14 Weaversville Youth Detention Facility March, 1984-1985
Folder 15 YDC/YFC Accomplishments, 1979-1985 1985

Section: Act 148 Changes (Mandates State Reimbursement to Counties for Services to Dependent and Delinquent Youth)

Folder 16 1978 County Plans: Funds by Source and County and Cost Center 1978
Folder 17 1979 County Plans: Funds by Source and County 1979
Folder 18 Actual Spending: Chart for 1979-1981 1979-1980
Folder 19 Memos, correspondence and fact sheet March 20-July 29, 1980
Folder 20 Act 148 Modifications April 24-November 10, 1980
Folder 21 Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1980-1981 July, 1980
Folder 22 "A Report on Special State Grants to Counties for New Services for Children and Youth under Act 148 of 1976," by the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee, and summary July-September, 1980
Folder 23 Briefing and Updates on Act 148 Shortfall August 11-October 24, 1980
Folder 24 Mandated Child Welfare Services Defined August 19, 1980
Folder 25 Preparation for meeting on Act 148 October 1, 1980
Folder 26 Act 148 Task Force Committee Formation October 17, 1980-February 2, 1981
Folder 27 IV-D Funds October-November, 1980
Folder 28 Act 148 Impact Survey November 24, 1980
Folder 29 H.B. 1436 (appropriation for county child welfare services) December, 1980
Folder 30 United Way Position Paper on PA's Children and Youth Programs December, 1980
Folder 31 1980 County Plans: Funds by Source and County 1980
Folder 32 Fiscal Year 1980-1981 Plans 1980-1981
Folder 33 Allocation of Act 148 Funds February, 1981
Folder 34 Act 148 Task Force Report May 26, 1981
Folder 35 Court Ordered Reimbursement: County Child Welfare Program September 3, 1982
Folder 36 "Analysis and Evaluation of Act 148 of 1976," Pennsylvania Management Internship Team Project June 20, 1983

Section: Block Grant Advisory Committee

Folder 37 Budget Office Block Grant: Directives and Memos June-October, 1981
Folder 38 "Governor's Statewide Block Grant Advisory Committee Interim Report," prepared by Norman P. Hetrick, Chairman, and correspondence February, 1982-March, 1983
Folder 39 Block Grant briefing papers and summaries August 2-September 14, 1982
Folder 40 Block Grant Impact Statements for Governor Dick Thornburgh September 1, 1982
Folder 41 Block Grant Management Directive December 6, 1982
Folder 42 "Governor's Statewide Block Grant Advisory Committee Final Report," prepared by Norman P. Hetrick, Chairman November-December, 1983
Folder 43 Human Services Block Grant March, 1984
Folder 44 Human Services Development Fund: Case examples and instructions and requirements March-April, 1984
Folder 45 "Citizen's Guide to Block Grants," prepared by the Pennsylvania Commission for Women and the Pennsylvania Council on Aging 1984

Section: Health Care Cost Containment

Box 273
Folder 1 Governor's HMO Conferences, Hershey, PA 1979-1984
Folder 2 H.C.C.C. Task Force Reports regarding Rising Health Care Costs, Curbing Commonwealth Expenditures for Hospital Services, Options for Stimulating Consumers to Use Medical Care Services More Effectively and Efficiently, and Alternative Delivery Systems October-August 10, 1981
Folder 3 Cabinet Members Remarks at H.C.C.C. Task Force Meeting November-December 3, 1981
Folder 4 Veto of S.B. 838 and Certificate of Need (CON) Regulation (requesting repeal of CON being obtained before proceeding with new health facilities or services) February 20, 1982
Folder 5 Draft of Final Report of H.C.C.C Task Force regarding Hospital Costs January 29, 1983
Folder 6 Governor's Task Force on H.C.C.C. Report on Hospital Costs March 3, 1983
Folder 7 HMO Feasibility Study March 7, 1983, December 20, 1983
Folder 8 Recommendations of the H.C.C.C. Task Force March 27, 1983
Folder 9 H.C.C.C. Task Force Report on Hospital Cost Containment March, 1983-February 23, 1984
Folder 10 Pre-paid Capitation Arrangements for Medical Assistance Recipients August-September, 1983
Folder 11 Health Care Cost Containment Coordination February-March, 1984
Folder 12 "Medical Assistance Cost Containment," by Walter W. Cohen and Gerald F. Radke March, 1984
Folder 13 Status Report on the Recommendations of the Governor's Task Force on H.C.C.C. April 20, 1984
Folder 14 Administration Strategies to Control Health Care Cost in PA April, 1984-January, 1985
Folder 15 Health Care Facilities Act (Act 136 of 1980) April 30, 1984
Folder 16 Healthcare Cost Containment Initiatives to be Included in Governor's Fiscal Year 85-86 Budget January 17, 1985
Folder 17 Revised press release regarding Health Care Cost Containment July 29, 1985
Folder 18 "Promoting Health Care Containment Through HMO Development in PA," by Dick Thornburgh for inclusion in Pennsylvania Association of HMO's August Newsletter July 30, 1985
Folder 19 "Cap" on Hospital Capital Investments Approved under CON Law August 14, 1985
Folder 20 Controls on Hospital Capital Investments in Other States September 13, 1985
Folder 21 Uncompensated Health Care September 24, 1985
Folder 22 Questions and answers regarding H.C.C.C Strategy October 21, 1985
Folder 23-24 "Health Care in America: Managing Medicine," Media and Society Program at Columbia University School of Journalism April 20, 1986

Section: Education and Training

Section: Basic Education Improvements

Box 274
Folder 1 Education Study Team Report December 8, 1978
Folder 2 Statewide High School for Those Gifted in Math & Science January 16, 1981-March 22, 1982
Folder 3 Correspondence 1981-1982
Folder 4 Progress Report on the PA School for the Sciences July 21, 1982
Folder 5 Back To School Press Kit August, 1982
Folder 6 Clippings 1982-1983
Folder 7 "Achieving Excellence: An Education Agenda for the 80's" July-September, 1983
Folder 8 "Turning the Tide: An Agenda for Excellence in PA Public Schools" October, 1983

Section: Basic Education Funding

Folder 9 PSEA on Basic Education Funding January 28, 1981-October, 1982
Folder 10 State Support of Public Schools June, 1982
Folder 11 NEA Statistics of Per Pupil Expenditures June, 1982-June, 1986

Section: Teachers

Folder 12 Teacher's Salaries January 14, 1981
Folder 13 Reform of Teacher Education and Certification in PA February, 1981-July, 1986
Folder 14 Teacher Reduction and School Enrollments October 4, 1981
Folder 15 Teacher Strikes and 180 Days of Instruction October-December, 1981

Section: Education Mandate/Block Grant

Folder 16 State Board Regulations Cost Study December 14, 1979
Folder 17 Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Mandates Review April 15, 1980-August 18, 1981
Folder 18 Office of Policy and Planning (OPP) Analysis of School Mandates April, 1980-July 22, 1981
Folder 19 Correspondence regarding School Mandates August 24-August 25, 1981
Folder 20 Announcement of Education Mandate Recommendations October 27, 1981
Folder 21 State Education Block Grant Proposal January 19-April 20, 1982
Folder 22 "Toward A New Partnership in Public Education: Pennsylvania's Strategy for Giving Greater Flexibility to Local Schools," a Budget and Policy Brief February 9, 1982
Folder 23 "Recommendations for Relief From Burdensome State Mandates," by the Pennsylvania Department of Education February, 1982
Folder 24 Pennsylvania Economy League School Mandate Study January 4, 1983
Folder 25 Pennsylvania Department of Education's information folder on mandates undated

Section: Special Education

Folder 26 Funding, allocations, cost analysis, and data 1977-1982
Folder 27 Delaware County Intermediate Unit No. 25 and Rose Tree Media School District v. Pennsylvania Department of Education November 6, 1980
Folder 28 Pennsylvania Department of Education Special Education Proposals February 1-October 16, 1981
Folder 29 Funding Formula June 9, 1981-February 1, 1982
Folder 30 Secretary Scanlon's proposed testimony before the House and Senate Education Committees regarding Special Education Funding September 22, 1981
Folder 31 Clippings 1981
Folder 32 Interim Report on Special Education Finance Committee undated

Section: Higher Education

Folder 33 Restructuring the state system of higher education November 17, 1980-January 23, 1981
Folder 34 Higher Education Financing in PA and other states January, 1981-June, 1986
Folder 35 Financing Community Colleges April 20-June 9, 1982
Folder 36 "Governor's Commission on the Financing of Higher Education: Final Report," prepared by Robert E. Kirby, Chairman April, 1985

Section: Library Improvements/Access Pennsylvania

Folder 40 "Access Pennsylvania: An Agenda for Knowledge and Information Through Libraries," Department of Education September 3, 1985

Section: Customized Job Training (CJT)

Box 275
Folder 1 Proposal to create a Customized Manpower Training Program in state government June 10-October 8, 1981
Folder 2 "Customized Job Training in Pennsylvania: A Progress Report" July 1, 1982-June 30, 1985
Folder 3 Program guidelines, agenda, and updates 1982
Folder 4 Press Meeting (overview of program, award announcements and statewide marketing of program) June 22, 1983
Folder 5 Updates and guidelines on the Program, 1983-1984 July 20, 1983
Folder 6 System for Announcing Customized Job Training Grant Awards July, 1983
Folder 7 Analysis of the First Year of PA's Customized Job Training Program November 29, 1983
Folder 8 Data on Customized Job Training projects August 20, 1984-February 5, 1986
Folder 9 Endorsement Letters August 21, 1984-September 16, 1985
Folder 10 Customized Job Training Legislation May-December, 1985
Folder 11 Funding guidelines and revisions May-June, 1985
Folder 12 "A Program Audit of Customized Job Training in Pennsylvania," conducted by the staff of the House Appropriations Committee June, 1985
Folder 13 Summary of Amendments to the Draft Customized Job Training September 27, 1985
Folder 14 Customized Job Training Program November 12, 1985
Folder 15 Working Paper undated
Folder 16 Questions and Answers regarding Customized Job Training Program undated
Folder 17 New industry training service in Pennsylvania brochure undated
Folder 18 PA Customized Job Training Program One Year Status Report undated

Section: Voc-Ed Reform

Folder 19 State Advisory Council's concerns regarding vocational education November 22, 1978
Folder 20 Background research on problems of vocational education and potential changes to be made January 27, 1981-March 1, 1982
Folder 21 Merging Vocational Education Programs June 17-July 28, 1981
Folder 22 Critiques of the background research on problems of vocational education July 10, 1981-February 17, 1982
Folder 23 Options for Improving Job Placement of Vocational Education Graduates January 13, 1982
Folder 24 "1976-1980 Career Follow-Up of Secondary Vocational Completers in Pennsylvania," prepared by the Pennsylvania Department of Education November 29, 1983
Folder 25 Reports and research on the vocational education system in Pennsylvania September, 1984-October, 1985
Folder 26 Possible revisions in vocational education system 1984
Folder 27 Comments From Schools on Vocational Education Plans prepared by Inter-Agency Task Force April 17-19, 1985
Folder 28 Plans for reorganizing and strengthening the vocational education system in Pennsylvania July, 1985-September, 1986
Folder 29 Drafts of Press Release regarding vocational educational reform September, 1985-October, 1985
Folder 30 Rationale for Technical Institutes undated
Folder 31 The Role of Vocational Education in Economic Development undated
Folder 32 "Investing in our Children: Business and Public Schools," a statement by the Research and Policy Committee of the Committee for Economic Development undated

Section: Job Training Coordination

Box 276
Folder 1 Plans for an employment and training program October 12-December 23, 1982
Folder 2 Federal Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) and a Comprehensive Job Training System of Pennsylvania December 9-15, 1982
Folder 3 Job Training Partnership Act summary fact sheet and reports February 8, 1983
Folder 4 Work Registration Program July-September, 1984
Folder 5 Comparison of U.S. JTPA Performance with JTPA Performance in PA during Program Year, 1984 1984
Folder 6 "Report on an Evaluation Study of Government Funded Job Training Programs in Pennsylvania," by the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee January, 1986

Section: Unemployment Compensation Crisis

Folder 7 "Background: Pennsylvania's Unemployment Compensation Crisis," prepared by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania March, 1980
Folder 8 "Guide to Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Law Changes," prepared by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1980
Folder 9 Maximum weekly benefit amount of unemployment compensation for a single person in each state July 19, 1982
Folder 10 "The Unemployment Compensation Problems: A Proposal to Restore Solvency to PA UC Fund," prepared by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania April, 1983
Folder 11 Improvements in Pennsylvania's unemployment compensation system during the Thornburgh administration undated

Section: State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee (SOICC)

Folder 12 Meeting and Conferences January, 1983-September, 1984
Folder 13 Correspondence and Press Releases July 13, 1983-November 19, 1985
Folder 14 Work Plan, Interagency Agreement and Updates August 30, 1983-September 11, 1984
Folder 15 SOICC/State Job Training Coordinating Council (SJTCC) Task Force on Labor Market and Occupational Information October 14-25, 1983
Folder 16 "PA Occupational Information System: Three Year Work Program," draft prepared by SOICC February, 1984
Folder 17 Proposal Submitted to the Executive Director of the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee for an ICDM Special Purpose Grant by SOICC August, 1984
Folder 18 "Pennsylvania Occupational Information System Labor Demand-Supply Relationship Component," Prepared by the Department of Labor and Industry and the Office of Employment Security with Pennsylvania State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee September 25, 1984
Folder 19 Pennsylvania Occupational Information Coordinating Committee (POICC) update regarding products related to economic development and job training November 7, 1984

Section: Economic and Community Development

Section: General Economic Development

Folder 20 Apparel Industry: Status of Apparel Industry Recommendations 1979-1982
Folder 21 Industrial Parks: Sites and Buildings Update January 19, 1981
Folder 22 Federal Product Liability Legislation April 10, 1981-June 3, 1985
Folder 23 Government Work Stoppages Report and Comparison January 27-February 9, 1982
Folder 24 Domestic Investments in Pennsylvania June 22-July 19, 1982
Folder 25 "Sources of Job Growth: A New Look at the Small Business Role," by Catherine Armington and Marjorie Odle of Brookings Institution September 9, 1982
Folder 26 Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) Data on Layoffs and Plant Closings October 27,1982-February, 1983
Folder 27 Proposal for a Community Economic Recovery Program January 7, 1983
Folder 28 Employee Investment in Pennsylvania Businesses January 28, 1983
Folder 29 "Taxes Affecting Business: A Comparison of Pennsylvania with Selected States," prepared by the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce August 29, 1984
Folder 30 Commerce Department Plant Closing Task Force February 4, 1985, February 28, 1985
Folder 31 "Report to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and the Pennsylvania Senate on Progress of Programs funded by the Pennsylvania Economic Revitalization Fund (PERF) and Administered by the Department of Commerce" March 1, 1986
Folder 32 Employment and Unemployment Changes in PA undated
Folder 33 Changes made to the Corporation Bureau undated

Section: Economic Development Policies and Reports

Folder 34 "Economic Development in Pennsylvania: A Status Report and Blueprint for the Future," by Dick Thornburgh, Governor April, 1983
Folder 35 "Pennsylvania's Economic Development and Community Conservation Strategy Budget and Policy Brief," prepared by Commonwealth of PA 1984-1985
Folder 36 "PA Economic Revitalization Tax Credit Guidelines: Program Description and Application Form," by James Scheiner, Secretary of Revenue and James Pickard, Secretary of Commerce October, 1985

Section: Advanced Technology

Folder 37 Correspondence April 24, 1972-December 31, 1985
Folder 38 Research papers regarding scientific, technical and engineering organizations in Pennsylvania 1975-1980
Folder 39 News clippings March 25, 1980-April 22, 1985
Folder 40 Pennsylvania Science and Engineering Foundation (PSEF) October 27, 1980-April 12, 1982
Folder 41 "New Urban Development Policies: Are Enterprise Zones the Answer?" by Neal R. Peirce, Syndicated columnist, Washington Post Writers Group December 9, 1980
Folder 42 National Science Foundation (NSF) Progress Report September 3-October 14, 1981
Folder 43 "California's Technical Future: Emerging Economic Opportunities in the 1980's," submitted by SRI International March, 1982

Box 277
Folder 1 "Advanced Technology Policies for the Commonwealth of PA," prepared by Geoffrey Stengel, Secretary of Department of Commerce and Walter Plosila, Director of Office of Policy and Planning August 5, 1982
Folder 2 Implementation of Advanced Technology for Pennsylvanians August 12, 1982
Folder 3 "Choices for Pennsylvanians: Status Report," a working paper of the Pennsylvania State Planning Board August 16, 1982
Folder 4 "Advanced Technology Industries: Current Situation and Future Growth Prospects," draft summary by the Office of Policy and Planning August 19, 1982
Folder 5 "Advanced Technology Development in the York Pennsylvania Area," draft working paper by the Office of Policy and Planning October 7, 1982
Folder 6 "Investing in Pennsylvania's Future: Governor Thornburgh's Education Proposal to Promote Advanced Technology in the Commonwealth," prepared by Robert C. Wilburn, Department of Education February, 1983
Folder 7 Ben Franklin Partnership: Progress Report and Programs March 1, 1983-April 30, 1986
Folder 8 State Planning Board for Choices for Pennsylvania 1983
Folder 9 "Business Services for Small Advanced Technology Companies," prepared by Advanced Technology Center of Southeastern Pennsylvania 1984-1985
Folder 10 "Ben Franklin Partnership: Linking Higher Education, Government and Business for Economic Growth," Information Service, No. 34, published by National Council for Urban Economic Development November, 1985
Folder 11 "Final Report of State Science Engineering and Technology Program," prepared by Governor's Office of Policy and Planning undated
Folder 12 "An Advanced Technology Policy for The Commonwealth of PA: A Document Addressing Pennsylvania's Approach to Economic Diversification for the 80's," prepared by Geoffrey Stengel, Department of Commerce, and Walter Plosila, Office of Policy and Planning undated
Folder 13 Thornburgh Administration Initiatives and Accomplishments In Advanced Technology undated

Section: Appalachian Report Commission (ARC)

Folder 14 Correspondence May 26, 1981-April 7, 1986
Folder 15 Memos and speeches June 22, 1981-April 10, 1986
Folder 16 Conference on Jobs and Skills for the Future sponsored by the Appalachian Regional Commission, Jackson, MI April 11-13, 1983
Folder 17 ARC Governors' Quorum Meeting, Washington, DC February 25, 1986

Section: Venture Capital/Pension Funds

Folder 18 Analysis of Pension Fund Management 1981-1982
Folder 19 "Pennsylvania Public Pension Funds for Economic Development," by Robert W. Coy, MILRITE Council, and related correspondence September 28, 1981-May 13, 1983
Folder 20 Implementation of MILRITE Venture Capital Study March 31, 1983-July 2, 1984
Folder 21 Analysis of MILRITE Council's Study on Pension Fund Investment in Economic Development Projects in PA May-June, 1983

Section: PA Industrial Development Program (PIDA)/PA Minority Business Development Authority (PMBDA)

Folder 22 Joint State Government Committee Report on PIDA October 15, 1980-September 15, 1983
Folder 23 Plans for restructuring PIDA February 26-April 10, 1981
Folder 24 PIDA Job Survey March, 1983
Folder 25 PIDA and PMBDA Sunset Performance Audit Reports September 8-October 1, 1986

Section: Infrastructure Improvements

Folder 26 Infrastructure expenditure and questionnaire responses August 20, 1982-January 31, 1984
Folder 27 Jobs Created by Infrastructure Spending September-October, 1982
Folder 28 Infrastructure Spending in Other States February 4, 1983

Section: Securities Commission Changes

Folder 29 Correspondence August, 1984-April, 1985
Folder 30 Letter to VENTURE Magazine from Dick Thornburgh May 24, 1985

Section: Enterprise Zone Program

Box 278
Folder 1 Research and correspondence regarding the concept of Enterprise Zones 1979-1982
Folder 2 Community Conservation Incentive Program September-October, 1981
Folder 3 Legislation for State Enterprise Development Area Program December 23, 1981-January 12, 1983
Folder 4 Tax Incentives for Enterprise Development Areas March 30, 1982-January 6, 1983
Folder 5 Initiative for Enterprise Development Area Program: reports and memos April 21-October, 1982
Folder 6 State Agencies' Commitments to Enterprise Development Area Program June 30-October 4, 1982
Folder 7 "Enterprise Development Area Program: A State Community Development Initiative," prepared by Shirley Dennis, Secretary of Department of Community Affairs (DCA) October, 1982
Folder 8 "Enterprise Development Area Program: A State Community Development Initiative Final Guidelines," prepared by Shirley Dennis, DCA February, 1983
Folder 9 Selection of Enterprise Development Areas May 24-October 7, 1983
Folder 10 Progress and Status Reports on Enterprise Development Area Program March 27, 1984

Section: Housing Policy

Folder 11 Development of Housing Policy 1979-1981
Folder 12 Establishment of the PA Housing Task Force and minutes from meetings June 18, 1981-December 23, 1982
Folder 13 Analysis of the Final Report of the Governor's Task Force on Housing March-June, 1983
Folder 14 Recommendations of Governor's Task Force on Housing June-July, 1983
Folder 15 Implementation of Selected Recommendations of the Governor's Task Force on Housing March 29, 1984

Section: Neighborhood Assistance Act

Folder 16 Regulations, analysis, legislation, and approved projects December 5, 1980-January 25, 1982

Section: State Assistance to Distressed Communities

Folder 17 Community PRIDE Program August 24, 1979-November 3, 1980
Folder 18 Community Conservation and Community Services Block Grant information October, 1979-August 27, 1986
Folder 19 "The States and Distressed Communities: ACIR Information Report," by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (includes Thornburgh administration reviews for 1980-1982) June 29, 1981-November 8, 1982

Section: Historic Preservation

Folder 20 Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission: A New Departure," by Larry E. Tise, Executive Director of the PHMC May 21, 1981

Section: Eximbank Advisory Committee

Box 279
Folder 1 Round Table Discussion on State Exim Banks, Washington, DC January 18, 1984
Folder 2 Charter of the Advisory Committee of the Exim Bank of the United States February 3-7, 1984
Folder 3 Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee November 28, 1984
Folder 4 National Governor's Association Policy Positions, 1984-1985 1984-1985
Folder 5 Correspondence 1985-1986
Folder 6 Exim Bank of the U.S. Advisory Committee Meeting April 5, 1985
Folder 7 Weekly Reports and Exim Bank Information for Standard and Poor's May, 1985
Folder 8 Summary of Westinghouse Study of the Net Impact on the Government of Exim Bank Financing, Prepared by Wharton Economics June 17, 1985
Folder 9 Material for Exim Bank Meeting June 26, 1985
Folder 10 Exim Bank Advisory Committee Meeting June 28, 1985
Folder 11 Memos regarding meetings June-December, 1985
Folder 12 Summary of Exim Bank Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation July 2, 1985
Folder 13 Economic Development Committee Meeting with the Governor and Exim Bank Officials September 11, 1985
Folder 14 Summary of Exim Bank Advisory Meeting (Thornburgh did not attend) September 20, 1985
Folder 15 Exim Bank Advisory Committee Meeting Materials November 8, 1985
Folder 16 Economic Development Committee luncheon with officials of Exim Bank of the United States December 9, 1985
Folder 17 Possible Pennsylvania companies which could be included in Exim Bank's competitiveness survey December 19, 1985-January 6, 1986
Folder 18 Exim Bank Advisory Committee June 23, 1986

Section: Pennsylvania Economic Revitalization Fund (PERF)

Folder 19 Correspondence to and from local groups regarding PERF programs August 20, 1980-December 6, 1984
Folder 20 Staff Paper for Appropriation Committee Hearing regarding the Impact of Governor's Budget on Economic Development and Relief February 24, 1983
Folder 21 Initial Proposal for Economic Development Bond Issues January-February, 1984
Folder 22 Analysis of legislation and plans to implement legislation February 7-May 7, 1984
Folder 23 Senate Bill 547 (Bond Issue) for Thornburgh's approval February 22, 1984

Box 280
Folder 1 Agricultural Loan Legislation February 22-June 15, 1984
Folder 2 Implementation of Economic Development Bond Issue March, 1984
Folder 3 Economic Development Bond Issue Concept Papers and correspondence March-April, 1984
Folder 4 Employee Ownership and Business Retention Program Legislation April 9-August 7, 1984
Folder 5 Youth Conservation Corps Legislation April 25-May 28, 1984
Folder 6 Legislation regarding Acquisition and Upgrading of Vocational Education and Engineering Equipment April 26, 1984
Folder 7 Business Infrastructure Legislation April 30-June 1, 1984
Folder 8 Administration's original version of Bond Issue Legislation April-June, 1984
Folder 9 Economic Revitalization Fund Legislation May 1-June 19, 1984
Folder 10 Small Business Incubators Legislation May 1-July 29, 1984
Folder 11 Recreational Improvement and Rehabilitation Act Legislation May 14-June 13, 1984
Folder 12 Minority Economic Development Act Legislation May 23-June 5, 1984
Folder 13 Pennsylvania Capital Loan Fund Act Legislation May, 1984
Folder 14 Drafts of Bond Issue Legislation May-June, 1984
Folder 14 Status of Negotiations on Economic Development Bond Issue Legislation and Implementation May, 1984-March, 1985
Folder 15 Engineering Equipment Act Legislation June 13, 1984
Folder 16 Suggestions for amendments to Bond Issue Legislation June, 1984
Folder 17 House of Representatives press conference and press release on Bond Issue legislation June, 1984
Folder 18 First and second printing of Bond Issue Legislation June, 1984
Folder 19 House and Senate Debates on Bond Issue Legislation June, 1984
Folder 20 House Majority Leader James Manderino's Statements on Bond Issue June-November, 1984
Folder 21 Economic Development Committee (EDC) of the Cabinet Meeting Agenda and Talking Points regarding Economic Development Bond Issue July 26, 1984
Folder 22 Legislative summaries of Bond Issue Legislation July, 1984
Folder 23 Instructions and guidelines for funding the Acquisitions of Vocational Instruction Equipment Act August-October, 1984

Box 281
Folder 1 Engineering Equipment Guidelines November, 1984
Folder 2 Updates to PERF "Resource Book" and Economic Development Bond Issue Binders December 2, 1984-March 19, 1984
Folder 3 Family Farm Assistance and Development Program December 3, 1984-June 4, 1985
Folder 4 Newspaper clipping 1984-1985
Folder 5 Information regarding the announcement of Bond Issue Projects January 7-March 6, 1985
Folder 6 House Democrats Criticism of Implementation of PERF legislation January-October, 1985
Folder 7 Criticisms of PERF from Outside Groups February 6, 1985-March 4, 1986
Folder 8 Reports to the General Assembly regarding progress of programs funded by PERF February 25-March 1, 1985
Folder 9 Business Infrastructure Development and Capital Loan Fund Program Client Surveys prepared by the Office of the Budget March 1, 1985
Folder 10 PERF Program Regulations May 10-27, 1985
Folder 11 Interest Rates on PERF Loans September, 1985
Folder 12 Status and Progress Reports on Implementation of Economic Development Bond Issue September-October, 1985
Folder 13 House Democrat Proposals to restructure PERF January-March, 1986
Folder 14 Renaissance Communities/PERF Legislation Compromise Agreements March 17-June 26, 1986
Folder 15 Reports to the General Assembly regarding progress of programs funded by PERF March, 1986

Section: Renaissance Communities Program

Folder 16 Minority Economic Development Guidelines May 29, 1984-September 5, 1985
Folder 17 Status of the Implementation of the Bond Issue June 18-November 28, 1984
Folder 18 Conservation Corps Guidelines June 19, 1984-September 5, 1985

Box 282
Folder 1 Funding Strategies and Cash Flow Estimates July 5, 1984-April 16, 1985
Folder 2 Recreational Improvement and Rehabilitation Program Guidelines July 26-October 12, 1984
Folder 3 Seed Capital Challenge Grant Program Guidelines August 6, 1984-April 16, 1985
Folder 4 Family Farm Assistance Program Guidelines and Regulations August 9, 1984-December 3, 1985
Folder 5-6 Business Infrastructure Development Program Guidelines August 16, 1984-October 9, 1985
Folder 7 Legislative Correspondence and Memos regarding the Economic Development Bond Issue August 21, 1984-January 31, 1985
Folder 8 Impact of Deficit Reduction Act on Economic Development Bond Issue August-November 6, 1984
Folder 9 Small Business Incubator Program Guidelines September 19, 1984-January 2, 1986
Folder 10 Capitol Loan Fund Policy and Guidelines October 7, 1984-February 27, 1985
Folder 11 Employee Ownership Assistance Program Guidelines October 16, 1984-September 9, 1985
Folder 12 IDB Documentation and Record Keeping Process November 21, 1984
Folder 13 Seed Capital Fund Applications from Western, Northeastern and Southeastern Pennsylvania February 26-March 21, 1985

Section: Welfare Reform

Section: General Files

Box 283
Folder 1 Statistical Reports for Case Openings and Closings 1977-1978
Folder 2 Principal Handicaps of Handicapped Employees March, 1980
Folder 3 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Legislative Journal 1980-1982
Folder 4 Newspaper Clippings regarding Welfare Reform 1980-1983
Folder 5 Welfare Reform Correspondence 1980-1984
Folder 6 Pennsylvania--A Welfare Haven, evidence provided by Walt Plosila March 10, 1982
Folder 7 Quality Control Error Rates in Welfare Reform March 17, 1982
Folder 8 Cash Assistance Statistics February, 1983
Folder 9 Number of Welfare Recipients February-April, 1983
Folder 10 "Pennsylvania Trends in the Average Number of Persons Dependent on Public Assistance," prepared by the Department of Public Welfare June, 1983
Folder 11 Questions and Answers regarding Welfare Reform October 4, 1983
Folder 12 Disability Advocacy Program September, 1984-December, 1985
Folder 13 Cash Assistance Applications for Persons Discharged from Institutions January-February, 1985

Section: PA Welfare Programs Compared to Other States

Folder 14 "Public Welfare: A Comparison of Pennsylvania with the Nation," Summary February 28, 1979
Folder 15 Public Assistance Programs in Michigan June-October, 1984
Folder 16 Oregon's Welfare Program May 5, 1982
Folder 17 1982 Update on "Public Welfare: A Comparison of Pennsylvania with the Nation" July 16, 1982
Folder 18 AFDC in Pennsylvania and other states 1982-1984
Folder 19 Information comparing General Assistance Benefits for Pennsylvania and Contiguous States September 21, 1983
Folder 20 Welfare Benefits in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware July 5, 1984
Folder 21 Massachusetts Employment and Training Program 1985-1986

Section: General Assistance (GA)

Folder 22 Costs January, 1979-March, 1981
Folder 23 Program Presentation Outline September 25, 1980
Folder 24 General Assistance Survey regarding Length of Time on Rolls January 6, 1981
Folder 25 OES Priority for General Assistance Recipients March-November, 1981
Folder 26 Statistics and Data April 17, 1981
Folder 27 "Where to Go to Get the Dough: A Refugees Guide to General Assistance," by Urban Systems Research and Engineering, Inc. May, 1983
Folder 28 Differences between General Assistance and AFDC-CU undated

Section: H.B. 633 (PA Employables Program)

Folder 29 Sections 405.1 and 405.2 August 7, 1979

Section: H.B 2044

Folder 30 "Money, Work, and Crime: A Summary of the Findings of the Transitional Aid Research Project (TARP)," by Peter Rossi, Richard Berk and Kenneth Lenihan June, 1979-June, 1980
Folder 31 "Welfare Reform: A Budget and Policy Brief" March, 1980
Folder 32 "Review of PA H.B. 2044 of the Commonwealth of PA Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee," by the Public Enterprise Research Program, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania May 30, 1980
Folder 33 "Report on H.B. 2044: Consequences for the General Assistance Population," prepared by the Department of City and Regional Planning, Regional Science Department, Urban Studies Program, University of Pennsylvania May 30, 1980
Folder 34 Testimony by Charles J. Lieberth, Helen O'Bannon and Governor Dukakis before the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee regarding H.B. 2044 June-September, 1980
Folder 35 Housing Assistance Access for GA Recipients affected by H.B. 2044 July 9, 1980
Folder 36 "An Analysis of the Impact of Reduced General Assistance Caseload under H.B 2044," by Willard C. Richan July, 1980
Folder 37 Residency Requirements for Public Assistance Applicants July-August, 1980
Folder 38 Impact of H.B. 2044 on Community Services Program August 15, 1980

Box 284
Folder 1 Abortion Amendments to H.B. 2044 August-September, 1980
Folder 2 Representative Laughlin's Proposal for SSI as an Amendment to Welfare Reform Bill August, 1980-June, 1981
Folder 3 Cost of H.B. 2044 Amendments proposed by the Senate Health and Welfare Committee September 22, 1980
Folder 4 S.B. 579 (amends Welfare Code and provides eligibility for chronically and transitionally needy persons) as amended by the House of Representatives September 24, 1980
Folder 5 Fact Sheet on Welfare Reform (S.B. 579/H.B. 2044) September 26, 1980
Folder 6 Child Welfare Amendments to H.B. 2044 September, 1980
Folder 7 Coppersmith Amendments September, 1980
Folder 8 Department of Public Welfare Amendments September, 1980
Folder 9 Grant Increase Amendments September, 1980
Folder 10 Hawkins Amendments September, 1980
Folder 11 House Health and Welfare Committee Amendments September, 1980
Folder 12 Lloyd Amendments September, 1980
Folder 13 Office of Policy and Planning Amendments September, 1980
Folder 14 Price Amendments September, 1980
Folder 15 Prisoner/Mental Patient Amendments September, 1980
Folder 16 Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee Amendments September, 1980
Folder 17 Snyder Amendments September, 1980
Folder 18 Tax Credit Amendment September, 1980
Folder 19 H.B. 2044 as amended by the PA Senate September-October, 1980
Folder 20 October version of H.B. 2044 October 3, 1980
Folder 21 Criticism of H.B. 2044 by Senate Democrats Zemprelli and Smith October 10, 1980
Folder 22 Suggestions of Roxanne Jones (Philadelphia Citizens in Action) regarding Welfare Reform, including correspondence, memos, and meeting information October, 1980-January, 1981
Folder 23 Helen O'Bannon's Legislative Proposals for H.B. 2044 November 28, 1980
Folder 24 S.B. 579: Summary of Key Provisions and Amendments January 13, 1981
Folder 25 Paper by Graduate School of Management and Urban Professions, New School for Social Research, Social Policy Research Institute undated
Folder 26 Questions and Answers regarding Welfare Reform (H.B. 2044) undated

Section: H.B. 2340 (Statewide Community Conservation and Employment Incentive Grant Program)

Folder 27 Proposal and amendments June-September, 1980

Section: S.B. 301 (Thornfare II)

Folder 28 Coordination of steps to be taken in implementation of bill 1980-1981
Folder 29 "Welfare Reform and Jobs Development: A Budget and Policy Brief" January, 1981
Folder 30 House Bill 363 February 2, 1981
Folder 31 House Democratic Health and Welfare Committee Hearings and corresponding testimony February 25, 1981
Folder 32 Welfare Reform Briefing Book and Updates February-March, 1981
Folder 33 Welfare Rights Organization (WRO) Criticism of Bill and Responses February-April, 1981
Folder 34 Amendments to H.B. 363 February-April, 1981
Folder 35 "Welfare Reform: An Alternative Approach that Develops Permanent Jobs and Stimulates the Pennsylvania Economy," by Senator T. Milton Street and Thornburgh Administration responses March 4, 1981

Section: H.B. 720 ("Welfare Reform Law")

Box 285
Folder 1 Correspondence 1979-1981
Folder 2 Senator Philip Price's Welfare Reform Proposal December, 1980-March, 1981
Folder 3 Analyses of Proposed Amendments January-April, 1981
Folder 4 H.B. 720 and Status of Welfare Reform Legislation February 27, 1981
Folder 5 Amendments to H.B. 720 March-October, 1981
Folder 6 Workfare Amendments April, 1981-March, 1982
Folder 7 Senate Amendments to H.B. 720 May-July, 1981
Folder 8 Summary of Federal Welfare Conformity Bill's impact on welfare October 8, 1981
Folder 9 Summary of proposal and position of Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee October 8, 1981
Folder 10-11 H.B. 720 Conference Committee Report October, 1981-March, 1982
Folder 12 Analysis and Questions and Answers for First H.B. 720 Conference December, 1981-May, 1982
Folder 13 Newspaper Clippings regarding H.B. 720 Conference Committee Report 1982
Folder 14 Cost/Savings of Federal Welfare Conformity Bill (Fiscal Notes) 1981-1983
Folder 15 Federal Conformity Act: Pennsylvania's request for a waiver 1981-1983
Folder 16 Analysis of H.B. 720 January 22, 1982
Folder 17 PA House of Representatives Voting Roll call January-April, 1982
Folder 18 Implementation of Welfare Reform Law April-June, 1982
Folder 19 Recommendations of the PA State Welfare Rights Organization June, 1982
Folder 20 Amendments resulting from Federal Conformity Bill undated
Folder 21 Summary of Welfare Reform Law undated
Folder 22 Options for Second Conference Committee Report undated

Section: S.B. 301 (Lloyd Tax Credit Bill)

Box 286
Folder 1 S.B. 301 and correspondence February, 1981

Section: S.B. 83 (Price Tax Credit Bill)

Folder 2 S.B. 83 and correspondence January-July, 1981
Folder 3 Comparison of S.B. 83 with the Thornburgh Administration's Employment Incentive Payment Proposal undated

Section: Act 75

Folder 4 Data on Welfare Recipients and Workfare October, 1981-April, 1982
Folder 5 Employment Incentive Payment Program January, 1982-May, 1983
Folder 6 Welfare Reform Regulations April-June, 1982
Folder 7 Status of Welfare Reform Implementation April-July, 1982
Folder 8 Conflicts with Federal Conformity Requirements August, 1982-March, 1983
Folder 9 Dot Forney's Concerns with Welfare Reform August-November, 1982
Folder 10 Program Analysis of Act 75 to determine social and economic impact upon the transitionally needy November 28, 1982
Folder 11 Welfare Reform Implementation November, 1982-January, 1983
Folder 12 Draft proposal of a follow-up study of General Assistance to the Transitionally Needy as specified by Act 75 1982-1983
Folder 13 Evaluations of the Impact of Welfare Reform February 23, 1983
Folder 14 Data on the Impact of Welfare Reform February-September, 1983
Folder 15 James Price et al v. Walter Cohen and the PA Department of Public Welfare June 21, 1983
Folder 16 Act 75 Administrative Status November 28, 1983
Folder 17 Sandra A. Fisher et al v. PA Department of Public Welfare April-May, 1984
Folder 18 Provision of 48 months of full-time employment April-June, 1984
Folder 19 Lutheran Coalition on Public Policy regarding unmet needs from Act 75 December, 1984-March, 1985
Folder 20 Pennsylvania's Initiatives to Assist the Needy October, 1985-May, 1986
Folder 21 Summary of Budgetary Initiatives relating to Welfare Reform undated
Folder 22 Transitionally Needy: Medical assessment form to determine chronically or transitionally needy status January 7, 1983
Folder 23 Transitionally Needy: Interviews with General Assistance Transitionally Needy recipients held September 1 and 2 September 19-21, 1983
Folder 24 Transitionally Needy: Labor and Industry Services June 18, 1984
Folder 25 Transitionally Needy: "A Study of Act 75: The Impact of Welfare Reform" June, 1984
Folder 26 Transitionally Needy: Examples of cases that were misfiled November, 1984-January, 1985
Folder 27 Transitionally Needy: "A Report on the status of employment and training programs for the transitionally needy and other chronically unemployed persons in North Philadelphia," by Senator Roxanne H. Jones July, 1985
Folder 28 Transitionally Needy: General Assistance for Drug and Alcohol Clients July-December, 1985
Folder 29 Transitionally Needy: Job training program and requests for proposals and grants 1985-1986
Folder 30 Workfare: Legislation and Analysis 1979-1986
Folder 31 Workfare: Comparisons with other States October, 1980-March, 1981
Folder 32 Workfare: Correspondence October, 1980-October, 1982
Folder 33 Workfare Analysis March 11, 1981
Folder 34 Workfare: Cost Estimates May, 1981
Folder 35 Workfare: Review of the Work Supplementation Program December 28, 1981
Folder 36 Workfare Clippings 1981-1983
Folder 37 Workfare: PA Local Government Conference Criticisms September 22, 1982
Folder 38 Workfare: Community Work Experience Program (CWEP) Fact Sheet September, 1982
Folder 39 Workfare: Status of the Review of the Community Work Experience Program Regulations by the General Assembly October 15, 1982
Folder 40 Workfare: CWEP Project Operators' information and implementation kit 1982
Folder 41 Workfare: Fact sheet on benefits to local governments 1982-January, 1983
Folder 42 Workfare: Summary of the CWEP Performance Audit December, 1983
Folder 43 Workfare: 2nd Annual Performance Audit of CWEP December, 1984-February, 1985
Folder 44 Workfare: Thornburgh's op-ed regarding CWEP February, 1986

Box 287
Folder 1 Workfare: Employment Placement Programs June 11, 1986
Folder 2 Workfare Options Modified by the Gruppo Amendment undated
Folder 3 Grant Increases: Cost estimates and fiscal notes for cash assistance recipients 1979-1982
Folder 4 Grant Increases: Cost Analysis 1980-1982
Folder 5 Grant Increases: Impact on Food Stamps September 1, 1982
Folder 6 Grant Increases: Criticism May-September, 1982
Folder 7 Tax Credit: Research and Analysis 1979-1981
Folder 8 Rendell Tax Credit Proposal February-March, 1981
Folder 9 Tax Credit Program November, 1980-July, 1981
Folder 10 Tax Credit Program April-July, 1982

Section: S.B. 969

Folder 11 Topics for Governor's discussion with the Speaker of the House October 21-25, 1983

Section: H.B. 1720

Folder 12 Regulations regarding general eligibility, allowances and benefits and general verification provisions June-November, 1982
Folder 13 Opinions of interested groups on H.B. 1720 November-December, 1983
Folder 14 Fiscal Notes for H.B. 1720 December, 1983
Folder 15 Potential Amendments December, 1983-January, 1984
Folder 16 Letters to Governor Thornburgh regarding H.B. 1720 September, 1984-December, 1985

Section: Memos from Walt Plosila

Folder 17-22 1979-1981

Section: Other Subjects

Section: PennDOT

Box 288
Folder 1 Transportation Achievements April 6, 1979-October 8, 1982
Folder 2 Papers by Secretary Larson and the Transportation Research Board (TRB) October, 1980-January 21, 1981
Folder 3 Transportation Partnership District January 30, 1985

Section: Rural Transportation/Paratransit

Folder 4 Interdepartmental Task Force on Rural Transportation: minutes, proposals, and recommendations August 7, 1979-May 1981
Folder 5 "Report to the Governor of the Interdepartmental Task Force on Rural Transportation," by Task Force Members January 1, 1981
Folder 6 Act 10 (Pennsylvania Rural and Intercity Common Carrier Surface Transportation Assistance Act) February 9-June 24, 1981
Folder 7 Drafts and final version of executive order on Development and Coordination of Rural Transportation Services April 22-August 24, 1981

Section: Child Passenger Restraints

Folder 8 Research and reports on Child Transportation Safety July, 1979-March, 1980
Folder 9 Child Highway Safety Task Force: legal and legislative tasks, minutes, and proposed legislation 1979-1980
Folder 10 "Preventing Childhood Death and Injury on Pennsylvania Highways: Opportunities and Responsibilities for State Government," Final Report of the Governor's Interagency Task Force on Highway Safety for Children, correspondence, analyses, and recommendations August-December, 1980
Folder 11 S.B. 592 (Child Passenger Protection Act), amendments and correspondence June 16, 1981-November 30, 1982

Section: Drunk Driving

Folder 12 Working paper regarding drunk driving and recommendations for the creation of a task force June 22-September 2, 1981
Folder 13 Pre-Governor Task Force on Drunk Driving Activities: Alcohol Highway Safety Advisory Committee (AHSAC) July 31-December 11, 1981
Folder 14 Executive order creating Governor's Task Force on Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and other Controlled Substances and appointments to task force October 13-December 9, 1981
Folder 15 Agendas and minutes from meetings of Governor's Drunk Driving Task Force December 21,1981-November 10, 1982
Folder 16 Newspaper clippings 1981-1982
Folder 17 Comparison of Senate Bill 1373 to Current Law and Drunk Driving Task Force Proposals March 30-April 12, 1982
Folder 18 Correspondence to and from the Governor regarding drunk driving March-July, 1982
Folder 19 Governor's Drunk Driving Task Force Proposed Legislation April 14-May 27, 1982
Folder 20 H.B. 2533 (Drunk Driving Legislation): Final legislation and presentation May 4-June 2, 1982
Folder 21 Federal Drunk Driving Legislation and comparisons with Pennsylvania's May 15, 1982-February, 1983
Folder 22 Governor's DUI Task Force Reports regarding Public Information and Education, Enforcement and Alcohol Safety Programs August 20, 1982
Folder 23 Governor's Drunk Driving Task Force Recommendations September 17, 1982
Folder 24 Final Report of Governor's Drunk Driving Task Force October 14, 1982
Folder 25 Analysis of H.B. 2533 and amendments October 25-November 22, 1982

Box 289
Folder 1 Briefing Materials on H.B. 2533 November 22-23, 1982
Folder 2 Thornburgh's bill signing message December, 1982
Folder 3 Final report of the Presidential Commission on Drunk Driving November, 1983

Section: Rail

Folder 4 Pennsylvania Rail Policy Seminar Material and Report October 23-24, 1980

Section: Coal

Folder 5 Governor's Coal Conference, Hershey, PA and following correspondence and memos June 23, 1980-August 19, 1981
Folder 6 Miners for Jobs: Correspondence and Memos July 18-December 3, 1980
Folder 7 Thornburgh-Scranton Administration Coal Revitalization Efforts August-November, 1980
Folder 8 Newspaper clippings 1980
Folder 9 Governor's Coal Conference: 18 Month Report July 23, 1981
Folder 10 Data and information on coal in Pennsylvania and the nation January 20, 1982-July 7, 1986
Folder 11 Coal Marketing October, 1984

Section: Conrail

Folder 12 Correspondence, notes, memos and testimony regarding the sale of Conrail May, 1984-August, 1986
Folder 13 Newspaper clippings 1984-1986

Section: High Speed Rail

Folder 14 H.B. 305 (High Speed Inner City Rail Passenger Commission) and related correspondence and memos February 24, 1980-September 14, 1984

Section: Axle Tax

Folder 15 Draft letter regarding proposed changes March, 1985
Folder 16 Background information and memos August, 1983-March, 1986

Section: Acid Rain

Folder 17 Newspaper clippings 1983-1986

Section: Asbestos

Folder 18 Correspondence, memos and clippings November, 1984-November, 1985

Section: Chesapeake Bay

Folder 19 Correspondence, memos, notes and clippings June 15, 1982-August 28, 1986

Section: Methyl Isocynate Transportation

Folder 20 Briefing, correspondence, memos and clippings December 19, 1984-October 8, 1985

Section: Low-Level Waste

Box 290
Folder 1 Low-Level Radioactive Waste Decision Memorandum December 6, 1982
Folder 2 "Go It Alone Option," regarding PA's ability to withdraw from compact 1982-1985
Folder 3 Minutes of CONEG meeting regarding the Environment and LLW July-August, 1983
Folder 4 "Where We Stand," by League of Women voters August, 1983
Folder 5 "Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal," prepared by Pennsylvania Radwaste Working Group September, 1983
Folder 6 County Representatives and Commissioners Positions and Resolutions on LLW September-October, 1983
Folder 7 Low Level Radioactive Waste, Disposal Plan of Action November 23, 1983
Folder 8 Petition file regarding regulations on cask safety and shipper's liability November 29, 1983
Folder 9 Draft responses to Governor's correspondence concerning LLW site November, 1983-January, 1984
Folder 10 Canadian Storage Methods December 6, 1983
Folder 11 "New York State Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Study: Preliminary State Energy Office Staff Findings" December, 1983-January, 1984
Folder 12 LLW Storage Task Force December, 1983-January, 1984
Folder 13 U.S. Ecology's proposed amendments to the Northwest Compact January 11, 1984
Folder 14 Letter to the Honorable Morris K. Udall, Chairman on Interior and Insular Affairs, United States House of Representatives, from Governors Bryan, Riley and Spellman regarding compacts March 23, 1984
Folder 15 Suggestions from Inventive Processing Company regarding the disposal of Low Level Nuclear Waste August 21, 1984
Folder 16 Department of Energy's and Office of Policy Development's comments regarding the DOE's "Low-Level Waste Compact Viability Report" September 11-October 11, 1984
Folder 17 Appalachian (Mid-Atlantic) States Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact and updates September 13-October 3, 1984
Folder 18 Justice Department Memo regarding synopsis of reservation to four compacts September 19, 1984
Folder 19 Review of points raised in Bacas' letter and analysis of H.B. 2251 (amends Solid Waste Management Act of 1980) October 3, 1984
Folder 20 Low-Level Waste Management Program National Status Report October 19, 1984
Folder 21 "Elements of a Future National Low-Level Waste Management System," Draft for review prepared by NGA and National Low Level Radioactive Waste Management Program November 30, 1984
Folder 22 Maryland's proposed amendments to the Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) Policy Compact December 19, 1984
Folder 23 Delaware's comments on Compact regarding LLRW Policy Compact December 21, 1984
Folder 24 Comparison of Appalachian (Mid-Atlantic) Compact with Northwest, Rocky Mountain, Central Interstate, and Southeast Compacts December 24, 1984
Folder 25 Pennsylvania's Options and Strategies for Implementing the LLW Compact December 24, 1984
Folder 26 Babcock and Wilcox's proposed LLW Volume Reduction Facility in Parks Township December 27, 1984-August 22, 1985
Folder 27 Appalachian States Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact (and correspondence) December 27, 1984
Folder 28 Slosky/Brown Amendments to the Udall Amendments to the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act December, 1984
Folder 29 Correspondence 1984-1985
Folder 30 Newspaper Clippings 1984-1985
Folder 31 LLRW Disposal Rough Screening Criteria January 11, 1985
Folder 32 Processes for LLW site and operator selection January 14, 1985
Folder 33 "Nuclear Legislative Status Report," regarding Price Anderson Act, Licensing Reform, Low-Level Waste Compacts and Nuclear Plant Internal Security January 30, 1985
Folder 34 Sierra Club correspondence and memos January-November, 1985
Folder 35 U.S. Justice Department Comments regarding LLRW Compact February 7-8, 1985
Folder 36 S.B. 417 (provides for an Appalachian States Low Level Radioactive Waste Compact) February 27, 1985
Folder 37 Negotiations on Post-1986 Access to LLW Disposal Facilities February 28, 1985
Folder 38 Testimony of Nick DeBenedictis before the House Conservation Committee regarding the importance of the Appalachian LLRW Compact March 28, 1985
Folder 39 Status of Pennsylvania Nuclear Power Plant Interim LLRW March, 1985
Folder 40 Testimony of Frank Wright before the Pennsylvania State Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee on proposed Appalachian LLRW Compact April 10, 1985
Folder 41 Delaware's Comments on S.B. 417 May 22, 1985
Folder 42 Information regarding Regional and State LLW Representatives Meeting held on May 29-30, 1985 June 3, 1985
Folder 43 Senator Musto's suggested amendments to S.B. 417 June 11, 1985
Folder 44 Requested Materials Relating to Federal Legislation on LLRW Compacts June 11, 1985
Folder 45 DER Staff's Preliminary Working Paper prepared for discussion at Public Advisory Committee Meeting on LLRW and comments June 14-September 6, 1985
Folder 46 Views and amendments regarding H.R. 1083 (provides framework for development of solutions to statement delaying final consent to proposed LLW compacts) June 17-October 4, 1985
Folder 47 DER Press Release on Municipal Waste Initiative June 17, 1985
Folder 48 S.B. 417 as amended and passed by Pennsylvania State Senate June 25, 1985

Box 291
Folder 1 Draft "Comparison of Proposed LLW Compacts" July 1, 1985
Folder 2 Testimony of Nick DeBenedictis before Subcommittee on Energy and Environment of the U.S. House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs (Udall Committee) July 23, 1985
Folder 3 Procedures for contacting the Northwest Interstate Compact Committee August 6, 1985
Folder 4 Meeting of the Citizen's Advisory Committee (CAC) and Public Advisory Committee On the Low-Level Waste Enabling Legislation August 22, 1985
Folder 5 Budget Office Comments on Fiscal Aspects of LLW Enabling Legislation Draft August 22, 1985
Folder 6 "Low Level Radioactive Waste: An In-Depth Study pursuant to House Resolution 24," by the Conservation Committee of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Representative Camille George, Chairman) August 26, 1985
Folder 7 Radiological Health Regulations Package August 28, 1985
Folder 8 Water quality criteria and threshold levels for the priority pollutants and other toxics (with corresponding tables) August, 1985
Folder 9 CONEG and NGA briefing on Low Level Waste Compacts and transition bills status report September 13-18, 1985
Folder 10 Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) October 9, 1985
Folder 11 Testimony for Pennsylvania House of Representatives Hearings on the Appalachian States Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact (S.B. 417) October 10, 1985
Folder 12 Amendments to S.B. 417 and summary of major changes October 29-December 13, 1985
Folder 13 Final Site Selection for LLW Facility November 11, 1985
Folder 14 Report of the Committee of Conference on S.B. 417 December, 1985
Folder 15 Governor's Program Bill regarding the low-level radioactive waste management act 1985
Folder 16 Draft of Screening Criteria developed by LLW Public Advisory Committee January 9, 1986
Folder 17 Briefing book regarding negotiations on Post-1986 access to LLW disposal facilities March, 1986
Folder 18 Draft Process for Siting a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility June-December, 1986
Folder 19 Paper on Disposal Technology undated
Folder 20 LLW Contacts for Compact undated
Folder 21 "A Media Resource Notebook on Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal and Management," by Pennsylvania State University Institute for Research on Land and Water Resources undated
Folder 22 Class C Low-Level Waste undated

Section: Centralia

Folder 23 "Problems in the Control of the Centralia Mine Fires," report by the Bureau of Mines, U.S. Department of the Interior August 15, 1980
Folder 24 Correspondence September, 1980-February, 1985
Folder 25 "Socioeconomic Impact Analysis: Centralia Mine Fire Abatement Alternatives," final report by Robins and Associates December 12, 1980

Box 292
Folder 1 Newspaper clippings 1981-1985
Folder 2 Centralia Task Force material and reports 1981-1986
Folder 3 Memos and corresponding reports 1981-1986
Folder 4 "Hazardous Gas Monitoring System for Centralia, PA," by the Giangarlo Scientific Company Inc. October 8, 1982
Folder 5 Executive Summary Engineering Analysis and Evaluation of the Centralia Mine Fire, prepared by GAI Consultants, Inc. 1983
Folder 6 Centralia Relocation Project April, 1984-May, 1985
Folder 7 Background information and notes undated

Section: Environmental Concerns

Folder 8 Thornburgh Administration Efforts regarding Drought February 10, 1980
Folder 9 Commonwealth Water Policy and Initiatives February 2, 1981
Folder 10 Water Bond Issue July-September, 1981
Folder 11 Toxic Waste and Prosecution Unit (TWIP) 1981-1982
Folder 12 Cogeneration Projects (encourages development of small scale energy production facilities) May, 1984-1986
Folder 13 Solid Waste Resource Recovery Options March 25, 1985
Folder 14 Radon July 30, 1986
Folder 15 Environment Achievements undated

Section: Chernobyl

Folder 16 Material regarding nuclear power and Chernobyl before and after the accident 1981-1986
Folder 17 Information on the Chernobyl Accident April 29, 1986-May, 1986
Folder 18-19 News Clippings April, 1986

Box 293
Folder 1-7 News Clippings May-September, 1986

Section: Limerick

Folder 8 News clippings 1981-1986
Folder 9 Report to Lt. Governor Scranton, III from the Pennsylvania Electric Utility Efficiency Task Force (Volumes I and II) March, 1983
Folder 10 Memos and Information regarding Safety Analysis of Limerick Generating Stations, Units 1 and 2 (Docket Nos. 50-352 and 50-353) January, 1984-August, 1986
Folder 11 Memos July, 1984-August, 1985
Folder 12 Weekly Reports August, 1984-December, 1985
Folder 13 Limerick Unit No. 2, Nuclear Generating Station Investigation, Docket No. I-840381 August, 1984-May, 1986

Box 294
Folder 1 "Technical Specifications, Limerick Generating Station, Unit No. 1, Docket No. 50-352," issued by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission October, 1984
Folder 2 "Energy Development Plan," adopted by the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority Board of Directors December, 1984-December, 1985
Folder 3 Safety Evaluation Reports related to the operation of Limerick Generation Station, Units 1 and 2 (Docket Nos. 50-352 and 50-353), Supplements 2, 3 and 6, issued by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 1984-1985
Folder 4 Direct Testimony of C. Hoff Stauffer, Chairman of the Board of ICF Inc., regarding Limerick Unit No. 2 Generating Station Investigation (Docket No. I-840381) February 14, 1985
Folder 5 Surrebuttal Testimony of C. Hoff Stauffer regarding Limerick Unit No. 2 Generating Station Investigation (Docket No. I-840381) March 27, 1985
Folder 6 Main Brief of the Staff of the Governor's Energy Council before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission regarding Limerick Unit No. 2 Investigation (Docket No. I-840381) (includes annotated drafts) April -May, 1985
Folder 7 Reply Brief of the Governor's Energy Council Staff regarding Limerick Unit No. 2 Nuclear Generating Station Investigation (Docket No. I-840381) May 7, 1985
Folder 8 Brief of the Governor's Energy Council Staff (Advanced Form) regarding Limerick Unit 2, Nuclear Generating Station Investigation (Docket I-840381) May 15, 1985
Folder 9 Recommended Decision of Allison K. Turner, Administrative Law Judge, regarding Limerick No. 2, Nuclear Generating Station Investigation (Docket No. I-840381) July 12, 1985
Folder 10 Philadelphia Electric Company Rate Case (Docket No. R-850152) September, 1985-June, 1986
Folder 11 Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Opinion and Order regarding Limerick Unit 2, Nuclear Generating Station Investigation (Docket I-840381) December 5, 1985
Folder 12 Testimony of J.W. Wilson regarding Philadelphia Electric Company Rate Case (Docket No. R-850152) January-February, 1986
Folder 13 Report of House Select Committee to Investigate Limerick II Pursuant to House Resolution 257 undated
Folder 14 Testimony regarding Docket Nos. 50-352 and 50-353 undated

Section: Agriculture

Box 295
Folder 1 Correspondence and Articles 1984-1986
Folder 2 Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFA) January 30-August 4, 1986
Folder 3 Avian Influenza 1986

Section: Apartheid

Folder 4 Publications November, 1982-June, 1985
Folder 5 Articles on Apartheid December 21, 1984-September 10, 1985
Folder 6 Correspondence 1985-1986
Folder 7 PA's Policy on South Africa June 8, 1905

Section: Liquor Control Board (LCB)

Folder 8 "Summary Comparison of Current System and Private Off-Premise Retail Proposal," Report of the Liquor Control Study Team and related studies October, 1980
Folder 9 Impact of the Private Retail Liquor System on Alcohol Abuse; State Store Project 1980-1984
Folder 10 Thornburgh Liquor Reform Proposal January, 1981
Folder 11 Liquor Control Board Proposal March 11, 1981
Folder 12 Wharton ABC Studies of Private Liquor System April 13, 1981
Folder 13 Governor's Liquor Reform Proposal June 19, 1981
Folder 14 U.C. Costs regarding Liquor Reform Proposal July 2, 1981
Folder 15 Agency Liquor Stores August 20, 1981
Folder 16 Senator Street's "Alternative Approach " to Liquor Reform September 29, 1981
Folder 17 Wine Institute Proposals and Winery Legislation September-November, 1981
Folder 18 Employment concerns for liquor clerks November 2, 1981
Folder 19 "Impact on State Revenues of Governor Thornburgh's Proposal for a Private Retail Liquor System," by Governor's Office of Budget and Administration November, 1981
Folder 20 Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board News Release regarding new marketing program to upgrade product selection August 24, 1982
Folder 21 Greenleaf Liquor Legislation November 8, 1982
Folder 22 Conversion to a Private Liquor Distribution System-Issues and Current Legislation March 15, 1983
Folder 23 Governor's Statements on Maintaining Wholesale Liquor Operations March 24, 1983
Folder 24 Wine Lobby Proposal April 21, 1983
Folder 25 Franchising Liquor Stores May 13, 1983
Folder 26 Draft of a "Proposed Strategy For Total Divestiture of The Commonwealth's State Controlled Liquor System June 1, 1983
Folder 27 Liquor Control Board Transition to A Private Retail Franchise Liquor System September 6, 1983
Folder 28 Lobbyist Paul Baker's Comments on Liquor Control September 7, 1983
Folder 29 Liquor Decontrol September 17, 1983
Folder 30 Fiscal Balance Sheet September 22, 1983
Folder 31 Summary of S.B. 833 (promote free-market system by eliminating all state proprietary interest in the marketing of liquor products) September 30, 1983
Folder 32 State Liquor Tax Systems October-November, 1983
Folder 33 Summary of S.B. 607-617 to amend the 1951 Liquor Code (Senator Greenleaf) October-November, 1983
Folder 34 S.B. 281 (Allowing Liquor Control Board to Conduct Special Sales) November 4, 1983
Folder 35 Excise Taxes Equivalent to 15% November 4, 1983
Folder 36 Poor Liquor Control Board Practices November 10, 1983
Folder 37 Synopsis of Liquor and Wine Divestiture Plan November 10, 1983
Folder 38 Tax Projections November 10, 1983
Folder 39 Proposed Education Programs To Be Funded By Proceeds of Liquor Franchise Sales November 15, 1983
Folder 40 Responses to questions regarding the Liquor Divestiture Plan November 21, 1983
Folder 41 Liquor Proposal Booklet November 22, 1983
Folder 42 Liquor De-Control November 28, 1983
Folder 43 S.B. 1169 (Liquor Control Board Reform Act) November 29, 1983
Folder 44 1983 State Store Revitalization Plan November, 1983
Folder 45 Lobbyist Raymond Kasser's Comments on Liquor De-Control November- December, 1983
Folder 46 CONEG Resolution on Drinking Act December 5, 1983
Folder 47 Liquor Control Board Personnel Complement Survey December 8, 1983
Folder 48 Final Draft of Amendments to H.B. 667 December 12, 1983
Folder 49 Estimated Operating Results from fiscal year Period 5, Periods 1-5 and Periods 1-13 December 15, 1983

Box 296
Folder 1 Governor's Plan For Transition to a Private Liquor System: Talking Points and Updates 1983-1984
Folder 2 1983-1984 Rebudget Summary 1983-1984
Folder 3 Correspondence 1983-1985
Folder 4 Memoranda 1983-1985
Folder 5 Newspaper Clippings 1983-1985
Folder 6 Proposed Amendments to the Governor's Liquor and Wine Proposal January 11, 1984
Folder 7 Comparative Data on Driving While Under the Influence (DUI) Arrests, Alcohol Related Traffic Fatalities, and Other Alcohol Related Social Problems January 18, 1984
Folder 8 Information On Liquor Divestiture For Mario Mele, Greenleaf and Corman January 20, 1984
Folder 9 Questions and Answers Concerning the Proposed Private Liquor System January 20, 1984
Folder 10 Responsibilities of Alcoholic Beverages Commission (ABC) and Liquor Code Enforcement Bureau Under H.B. 667 February 14, 1984
Folder 11 Department of the Auditor General's Projected Revenue Losses from a Private Liquor System February 23, 1984
Folder 12 Analysis of the Touche-Ross Study of the Liquor Control Board February 24, 1984
Folder 13 "A Plan to Retain State Stores in a Modernized System," presented by Senators Frank O'Connell, Edward Zemprelli, Robert Mellow and James Rhodes February-March, 1984
Folder 14 State Alcohol Profile Information System (SAPIS) Tables March 14, 1984
Folder 15 Out-of-State Liquor And Wine Purchases March 20, 1984
Folder 16 Response to Representative Wilson's Concerns With Some Details of the Governor's Liquor and Wine Divestiture Plan March 22, 1984
Folder 17 Questions from Representative Mayernik regarding a private liquor system May 7, 1984
Folder 18 Response to Secretary Elizabeth Dole's Questions about DUI Funding May 17, 1984
Folder 19 Reduction in Alcohol-Related Fatal Accidents May 21, 1984
Folder 20 Private Liquor Systems Update May 30, 1984
Folder 21 Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS) Annual Report August 3, 1984
Folder 22 "21 or Else Mandate Angers States" and "Merits of Lower Age Debated" by Elaine Knapp, editor, State Government News August, 1984
Folder 23 Financial Statements for fiscal year 1983-1984 September 20, 1984
Folder 24 Additional Information on Enforcement Activities of the Liquor Control Board October 25, 1984
Folder 25 Impact of Sunset of Executive Agencies (Agency Termination) October 25, 1984
Folder 26 Restrictions on Beer Distribution November 27, 1984
Folder 27 Restrictions of Happy Hour Practices December 11, 1984-January 24, 1985
Folder 28 Liquor Materials for Deloitte, Haskins and Sells December 12, 1984
Folder 29 Background Research and Updates regarding Liquor Control Board 1984
Folder 30 Liquor Law Enforcement in Other States 1984
Folder 31 Proposed Legislation by Senator Greenleaf to Transfer the Liquor Control Board's Licensing and Enforcement Responsibilities February-March, 1985
Folder 32 "Legislative and Finance Committee, Sunset Performance Audit of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, Volumes 2, 3 and 4," reports by Price Waterhouse and Deloitte, Haskens and Sells; and comments February, 1985
Folder 33 National Liquor Sales April 4, 1985
Folder 34 Impact of Sunset on the Liquor Control Board April 9, 1985
Folder 35 Draft Testimony by Frank Wright, Secretary for Policy and Planning, to the PA State Senate, Law and Justice Committee, on the Liquor Control Board Sunset Audit April 11, 1985
Folder 36 Liquor Control Board Sunset Audit Testimony of Frank Wright, James Scheiner, Richard Dario, Luceille Fleming, and David Kerr before the PA State Senate, Law and Justice Committee April 11, 1985
Folder 37 Senator Schumaker's Request for Additional Information at LCB Hearing of April 11 April 16, 1985
Folder 38 Governor's Requirements for Acceptance of a Continuation of the Liquor Control Board Under the Sunset Law April-December, 1985
Folder 39 Liquor Control Board Happy Hour Proposal Amendment to 40 PA Code, Chapter 13 June 5, 1985
Folder 40 Suggested Amendments to S.B. 770, Tournaments and Contests Conducted by LCB Licensees June 20, 1985
Folder 41 Draft Legislation to Transfer the Liquor Control Board's Licensing and Enforcement Responsibility June, 1985
Folder 42 Senator Kelley's Licensing and Enforcement Amendment to S.B. 964 July 15, 1985
Folder 43 Drunk Driving Incentives Grants July 15, 1985
Folder 44 Senate Law and Justice Committee Draft Liquor Control Board Report August 22, 1985
Folder 45 Update on Liquor Control Board Sunset Issues September 18, 1985
Folder 46 Liquor Control Board Performance Report-Fiscal Year 1984-1985 September 18, 1985
Folder 47 Analysis of Senate Law and Justice Committee's Liquor Control Board Sunset Report October 8, 1985
Folder 48 Liquor Amendments to H.B. 1112 October 8, 1985
Folder 49 H.B. 1384: Sale of wine in food stores October 18, 1985
Folder 50 "Wine in Food Stores? A Research Report," by PA Food Merchants Association October, 1985
Folder 51 H.B. 1384: Sale of wine in food stores October-November, 1985

Box 297
Folder 1 S.B. 757 November 19, 1985
Folder 2 Restrictions on Wine Manufacturers Owning or Having an Interest in the Wine Wholesale Business December 6, 1985
Folder 3 Summary of Amendments to Liquor Legislation December 9, 1985
Folder 4 Legislation 1985
Folder 5 Liquor Control Board -Articles 1985
Folder 6 Administration's Reform Efforts 1986
Folder 7 The Government Liquor Monopoly undated
Folder 8 Liquor Control Board White Paper undated
Folder 9 Interstate Price Comparisons undated
Folder 10 Comparison of Liquor Control Board with Lottery undated
Folder 11 H.B. 133 undated
Folder 12 Senate Law and Justice Committee Substitute Report undated

Section: Advisory Committee for Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR)

Folder 13 President Reagan's Proposal and Plans for Federalism August, 1981-May, 1982
Folder 14 National Governor's Association correspondence and material regarding Federalism August, 1981-May, 1986
Folder 15 Newspaper Clippings regarding Federalism September, 1981-August, 1982
Folder 16 Federalism in Pennsylvania October, 1981-May, 1982
Folder 17 ACIR publications regarding Federalism 1981-1982
Folder 18 Background research, publications and speeches commenting on Federalism February, 1982-September, 1984
Folder 19 ACIR information bulletins, agendas, speeches, testimony and hearing material February, 1982-August, 1986
Folder 20 "Fiscal Discipline in the Federal System: The Experience of the States and Reform at the National Level," working draft and technical appendix by Gary Anderson October-November, 1986

Section: Coalition of Northeastern Governors (CONEG)

Box 298
Folder 1 News releases, proposals and meeting material 1980-1981

Section: State Budget

Folder 2 Comparisons of Pennsylvania's budget and spending to other states' May, 1980-October, 1982
Folder 3 Human Services Funding January, 1981-September, 1982
Folder 4 Impact of the State Budget on Local Government February, 1981
Folder 5 Accelerated Cost Recovery System (ACRS) December, 1981-June, 1982
Folder 6 Newspaper clippings April-July, 1982
Folder 7 State spending increases and efforts to reduce the Commonwealth's debt June-August, 1982
Folder 8 Democratic Budget Proposal May 23-24, 1983
Folder 9 National Association of State Budget Officers regarding federal regulatory relief November-December, 1985

Section: State Employees

Folder 10 Comparison of Pennsylvania to Fortune 500 and other states September, 1982-May, 1983

Section: Federal Aid to Pennsylvania

Folder 11 "Federal Aid to Pennsylvania: Analysis of State Performance with Recommendations for Improvement," by H. Sheldon Parker, Jr., Chairman of Select Committee on Federal-State Affairs, House of Representatives, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and memos 1974-1983
Folder 12 Pennsylvania's position of military spending 1982-1983
Folder 13 Summary and Analysis of the AFSCME Report, "State of the States" March 4, 1983
Folder 14 Census Bureau Study of Federal Taxes Compared to Federal Aid May-August, 1983
Folder 15 Impact of Federal Finances on Pennsylvania June, 1984-July, 1985

Section: Business Taxes

Folder 16 Pennsylvania Economy League Study "Taxes Paid by Industry" August 25, 1980
Folder 17 ARCS Phase in Legislation: Briefing Materials October-December, 1981
Folder 18 Study and Summary of Federal Taxes Compared to Federal Aid May 10, 1982-July 7, 1986

Section: Executive Management

Folder 19 Review of Boards and Commission November, 1979
Folder 20 Reorganization Status Report January 13, 1981
Folder 21 A Preliminary Investigation Into False Identification Fraud in Commonwealth Programs February 22, 1982
Folder 22 Bureau of Management Services Projects April 6, 1983

Section: Implementation of Federal Jobs Bill

Box 299
Folder 1 Federal Job Bill and Analysis January, 1983-May, 1983
Folder 2 Historic Preservation Projects March-October, 1983
Folder 3 Implementing the Federal Jobs Bill in Pennsylvania April, 1983-November, 1984
Folder 4 Family Support Services Program April, 1983-June, 1984
Folder 5 In-Home Services Program April, 1983-April, 1985
Folder 6 Funds for dislocated workers under the Federal Jobs Bill May-June, 1983
Folder 7 Land and Water Conservation and Small Business Administration Parks and Recreation Area Programs May-October, 1983
Folder 8 Status of implementation of Jobs Bill Programs June-July, 1983
Folder 9 Use of Jobs Bill Money June-August, 1983
Folder 10 Child Day Care Grant June, 1983-March, 1984
Folder 11 Small Communities "Jobs Bill" Program July, 1983
Folder 12 Weatherization Allocations August-December, 1983
Folder 13 Library Construction Projects Awards September-October, 1983
Folder 14 Institutional Conservation Program undated

Section: State Agency Mandate Reduction

Box 300
Folder 1 Operation Repeal (abolishment of selected boards and commissions) April 10, 1981
Folder 2 Agency Mandate Report regulations August 14, 1981-May 4, 1982
Folder 3 Administrative Circular 81-79, Agency Mandate Report of Instructions, and associated reports and correspondence September, 1981-January, 1982
Folder 4 Correspondence to local governments and school boards requesting identification of burdensome mandates August 24, 1981-January 12, 1982

Section: Banking Deregulation

Folder 5 Research on Interstate Banking and implications on Pennsylvania 1983-1985
Folder 6 Interstate Banking proposals and comments by Governor's Office March-August, 1984
Folder 7 Updates and Status Reports on Interstate Banking January, 1984-October, 1985
Folder 8 Pennsylvania Bankers Association legislation proposals and reports July, 1984-August, 1985
Folder 9 Community Reinvestment July, 1985
Folder 10 S. B. 1075 (provides for reciprocal interstate banking), summaries, analysis, and amendments August, 1985-June, 1986
Folder 11 Testimony regarding Intrastate Banking before the House of Representatives Business and Commerce Committee September 20, 1985

Section: Insurance Investment Law Changes

Folder 12 Initial efforts and proposals for reform of Pennsylvania's insurance investment laws November, 1983-February, 1984
Folder 13 Senate Bills 934 (Property and Casualty Company Investments) and 935 (Life Company Investments) March-October, 1985
Folder 14 Insurance Industry and Economic Development November 15-December 20, 1985

Section: Oil Overcharge Fund

Box 301
Folder 1 S.B. 1277 (establishes special fund for moneys received by the Commonwealth as a result of oil overcharge settlements) November, 1985-September, 1986
Folder 2 H.B. 2099 (Amends Act 122 of 1986: Energy Conservation and Assistance Act) August-December, 1986

Section: DER (Department of Environmental Resources) Initiatives

Folder 3 "Developing a State Revolving Fund to Finance Pennsylvania's Sewerage Needs," prepared by Department of Environmental Resources (DER) January, 1986
Folder 4 "Addressing Pennsylvania's Shortfall of Disposal Capacity for Municipal Waste: The Governor's Resource Recovery Initiative and Mandatory Deposit Legislation," prepared by DER January-March, 1986
Folder 5 H.B. 366 (Solid Waste Facility Siting and Hazardous Waste Fund) March, 1986
Folder 6 S.B. 1211 (Municipal Waste Planning and Recovery Act) March, 1986
Folder 7 Municipal Waste Regulations regarding Chemotherapeutic Drugs July, 1986
Folder 8 Superfund Program Reauthorization July-August, 1986
Folder 9 Toxic Waste Investigations and Prosecutions Unit October 30, 1986
Folder 10 Pennsylvania Hazardous Waste Facilities Plan November, 1985-July, 1986
Folder 11 H.B. 1934 (creating a new state radon program) March-October, 1986
Folder 12 Water Facilities Loan Board May-August, 1986
Folder 13 Procedures and Criteria for Issuing Certificates of Public Necessity for Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal Facilities September 10, 1986

Section: Exports

Folder 14 Background research on creation and use of export trading companies in Pennsylvania November, 1984
Folder 15 Governor's Export Initiatives for Pennsylvania Farm Products August, 1985-August, 1986
Folder 16 Export Programs in Other States September, 1985-April, 1986
Folder 17 Research on Export Finance Project September, 1985-April, 1986
Folder 18 Export Finance Program for Pennsylvania December, 1985-May, 1986
Folder 19 U.S. Department of Commerce's State Agenda for Exporting (SAFE) Program January-April, 1986
Folder 20 Philadelphia Export Network (PEN) January-June, 1986
Folder 21 Cooperation with U.S. International Trades Administration January-August, 1986
Folder 22 Foreign Sales Corporations March-April, 1986

Section: 86-'87 Economic Development Initiatives

Folder 23 Mon Valley Economic Revitalization Program October 8, 1985-May 7, 1986
Folder 24 Enterprise Zone Programs December 13, 1985-January 14, 1986
Folder 25 Renaissance Community Initiatives for Rural Pennsylvania February-October, 1986
Folder 26 Pennsylvania Capital Loan Fund April-June, 1986
Folder 27 Shenango County Initiatives April-June, 1986
Folder 28 Business Outreach Initiative April-July, 1986
Folder 29 1985-1986 Rebudget July-October, 1986
Folder 30 Pennsylvania Economic Development Association August, 1986

Section: Committee on the Constitutional System (CCS)

Box 302
Folder 1 Meeting brochures and invitations 1980-1985
Folder 2 Report of third meeting September 9-10, 1983
Folder 3 Workbook for Constitutional Review binder, folder 1 February 24, 1984
Folder 4 Workbook for Constitutional Review binder, folder 2 February 24, 1984
Folder 5 Item Veto workshop January 10, 1985
Folder 6 Second Workbook supplement binder February 22, 1985
Folder 7 Members meeting in Washington DC, binder March 8-9, 1985
Folder 8 Norman Ornstein rebuttal regarding balanced budget amendment April 5, 1985
Folder 9 Correspondence April-November, 1985
Folder 10 Notice of Directors meeting and mission statement July 11, 1985
Folder 11 Governor's article regarding balanced budget amendment for publication by the American Constitutional Bicentennial August 20, 1985
Folder 12 Member meeting in Washington DC, binder September 13, 1985
Folder 13 Supplement to member meeting in Washington DC, binder September 14-15, 1985
Folder 14 Post meeting memo September 23, 1985
Folder 15 Statement and recommendations, and possible outreach program for CCS March-November, 1986
Folder 16 Bicentennial of U.S. Constitution signing 1987
Folder 17 Campaign financing research undated