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Collection Inventory

Series XIV. Campaign for U.S. Senate, 1991

Scope and Content Notes:

Having resigned as Attorney General of the United States, and with less than three months before Election Day, planning for the campaign for U.S. Senate moved quickly. Staff was assembled, a media team was selected, and Evans Rose once again agreed to chair the fund-raising effort. That effort went well and President Bush appeared on Thornburgh's behalf at two events.

The immediate goal was to touch political bases in Pennsylvania, knowing at the outset that there would be very little opportunity to put together a grassroots organization in such a short time. Running against a lesser known candidate in Harris Wofford, the two-month time frame was seen as a potential advantage. However, the campaign would need to depend heavily on the Republican organization to provide local level support and activity.

Thornburgh's announcement speech touched upon all the themes to be emphasized during the campaign. One crucial paragraph, however, referring to "the corridors of power," was turned into a negative perception as supporting the status quo, rather than enabling Thornburgh to effectively represent Pennsylvania's interests in Washington as he had intended. This was but the beginning of a successful, and damaging media strategy by Wofford's chief campaign consultant, James Carville, who had "hammered Bill Scranton viciously in the 1986 gubernatorial campaign" (Evidence draft, p. 846).

The central message of the Wofford campaign was stated in a Thornburgh-Wofford debate on September 6. "Early in [the] exchange, Senator Wofford displayed a pocket copy of the constitution and first raised the issue at which he would hammer for the rest of the campaign: 'If the constitution guarantees criminals the right to a lawyer, shouldn't it guarantee working Americans their right to a doctor as well?' Thereafter, most of his public message was focused almost exclusively on the issue of health-care reform, paying heed to the colorful words of James Carville: 'Reporters are like children in a school cafeteria. If you want them to eat spinach, don't put anything else on their plates' " (Evidence draft, p. 847). Although Thornburgh had spotted the health care issue as significant while still in Washington, even with good research and a serious proposal addressing the quality of care for all Americans, by the time it was presented it was effectively "too late and too little" (Evidence draft, p. 847).

Although the Thornburgh campaign had a successful gubernatorial record to remind voters of, and Governor Casey's economic policies had eaten up the surplus and even the Rainy Day Fund left by Thornburgh, by the time of the election "voters were seen to vote against the candidate seen as most qualified and who would most effectively bring federal dollars to the state, namely Dick Thornburgh ... Post-mortem analysis characterized the election as a 'time for a change' election ... and by mid-October over 70% of the state's voters said the country was headed in the wrong direction. Thus, whatever message we sought to convey about this election was subsumed in larger national issues on the minds of the voters. Wofford was to characterize his effort from the outset as one designed to 'send a wake-up call to Washington'" (Evidence draft, p. 848).

However, a valiant, committed Thornburgh campaign is well documented here. The schedules, the events, the extensive research on all issues thoughtfully and realistically presented, the constant campaign appearances by Thornburgh and his remarkable wife, Ginny, the speeches and news releases, the media ads, debate preparation and transcripts, and the successful fund-raising are all included. Also, there are the daily news clippings depicting the day to day progress of the campaign, as well as some campaign blunders, the increasingly evident lack of familiarity of campaign press staff with the state, and what appeared even to supporters and friends to be an inability of the campaign staff to even put the best foot forward. One Philadelphia Inquirer reporter, Kit Seelye, "credited Wofford with being 'guided by the more formidable campaign handlers, noting that I wasn't 'always well-served by my staff' ... and put the ultimate question as: 'Can an uncertain candidate [Wofford] with a sure-footed campaign overcome a sure-footed candidate [Thornburgh] with an uncertain campaign?' Her response? 'Stay tuned.'" (Evidence draft, p. 855).

Ultimately, and ominously, the editorial endorsements, usually a source of strong Thornburgh support in previous campaigns, did an about-face. The Harrisburg Patriot, for example, concluded in its Sunday, October 27, editorial: "In the end, the decision really comes down to this: If you think the country is pretty much on the right course, Thornburgh is your man. If you think the nation has to address a number of serious domestic issues soon or face further economic and social deterioration, Wofford deserves your vote." All the major newspapers that had endorsed Thornburgh in his gubernatorial campaigns now went against him, and "the remaining steam did seem to go out of our effort" (Evidence draft, p. 859).

Although by Election Day, November 5, the Thornburghs had felt the election slipping away, no one was prepared for the magnitude of the reversal, a 55% to 45% margin. In his election night remarks Thornburgh stated: "So I come before you this evening at a time of reversal, to be sure, but sustained by pride and fulfillment in having had the marvelous opportunities I have had over the past 25 years. I say reversal, and not defeat, because reversals are counted in the numbers; defeat can come only in the soul, and my soul's alive and kicking tonight!"

"The effect of the election outcome was electrifying nationally ... Few put it as succinctly as Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer ('One way to view the Wofford victory is that if you campaign in depressed times and promise to pay everybody's doctor bills, you are likely to win.') ... The post election analysis prepared for [pollster] Bob Teeter found an astonishing 24% of those voting for Wofford 'feel that Thornburgh is more experienced and qualified to be U.S. Senator.' So much for the argument that one can swim effectively against the kind of tide that was developing in 1991 and which broke in full force during the 1992 presidential election ... Wofford, of course, was unable to fulfill his extravagant promises of free health care ... and was soundly defeated when he sought reelection" (Evidence draft, p. 862).

The newspaper endorsements, campaign brochures, campaign ads (both transcripts and online videos), election results and election analyses are all included here. In addition, a final blow related to campaign debt, a case against Thornburgh resulting in his having to pay $350,000 with personal funds, is also documented here. This followed three years of litigation and surprisingly "established for the first time the legal obligation of a candidate, as distinguished from his or her campaign committee, for unpaid campaign bills" ( Evidence, p. 314).

The files are presented in the following sections: Speeches; News Releases; Campaign in Progress; Questionnaires; Schedules and Events; Candidate Thornburgh's Files; Ginny Thornburgh Files; Issue Research; Wofford Opposition Research; News Clippings, Ephemera; and Kirkpatrick & Lockhart (K & L) Files.

Subseries 1. Speeches and Testimony

Scope and Content Notes:

The two principal speeches from the Campaign for U.S. Senate are both available here online. The files include additional drafts and notes. It will be of interest that the concession speech video is available here online.

Box 912
Folder 1 Announcement Speech by Dick Thornburgh, Candidate for the United States Senate from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania August 29 and 30, 1991
Folder 2 Concession Speech November 5, 1991

Subseries 2. News Releases

Scope and Content Notes:

All campaign news releases, September-November 6, 1991, have been digitized and are available here online. They follow the progress of the campaign are present a good overview.

Folder 3 September, 1991
Folder 4 October-November, 1991

Subseries 3. Campaign in Progress

Scope and Content Notes:

Among the scores of material generated during any campaign for political office, there are those core files that really can be called "the campaign" files, here referred to as "campaign in progress." These include such items as correspondence, media appearances and advertisements, financial information, and scheduling, etc. They are the foundation upon which a campaign proceeds up to and including election day, and essentially track its progress. A court case challenging the procedures for filling the Senate vacancy delayed the onset of Thornburgh's campaign. Within a week after the court decision on August 6th, Thornburgh submitted his resignation as Attorney General, and the campaign was off and running. Researchers will be interested in the online videos available here of campaign ads and Thornburgh's concession speech on election night, November 5, 1991.

The "Campaign in Progress" files are organized in the ten following sections: 1) Campaign actions and issues, including staff files, general campaign files and endorsements; 2) Media, including transcripts of the debates between Thornburgh and Harris Wofford, press kits, mailings sent by campaign staff to editorial writers, and other coverage by newsletters and bulletins; 3) Campaign issue statements, released by the Thornburgh campaign, arranged chronologically by date; 4) Opposition research regarding Harris Wofford's record and campaign issues; 5) Campaign briefing binders, documenting Thornburgh's and Wofford's positions on issues, campaign strategies, and other research; 6) Finances, including receipts and expenditure reports, campaign contributions, and FEC fundraising reports; 7) Pennsylvania county briefing materials, including general information and history for each, arranged alphabetically by county name; 8) Campaign correspondence, including two separate groups of materials: general correspondence to and from Thornburgh (arranged alphabetically by sender's last name) and post-election condolence letters and responses (also arranged alphabetically by sender's last name); 9) Election results and post-election analyses, including post-election coverage and reports; 10) Articles and news clippings, including one section of clippings used for research on comparative positives and negatives of Dick Thornburgh, Harris Wofford, and Robert P. Casey (including his gubernatorial officials William Keisling and Donald Mazziotti).

Section: Campaign Actions and Issues

Folder 5 Volunteer requests June-September, 1991
Folder 6 Telephone etiquette and volunteer phone banks September-October, 1991
Folder 7 Contacts for information on various issues September, 1991
Folder 8 Memorandum from Harold Miller regarding campaign strategy July 29, 1991
Folder 9 Scheduling, events and speaking requests September, 1991
Folder 10 Campaign staff contacts and biographies of Ginny and Dick Thornburgh April-August, 1991
Folder 11 "Dick Thornburgh: Rhetoric v. Reality," by Citizens for Senator Wofford in response to Thornburgh's announcement speech September 2, 1991
Folder 12 Responses to Democrat charges about Thornburgh tax increases September 3, 1991
Folder 13 Thornburgh campaign endorsements list September-October, 1991
Folder 14 Bedford County Press Endorsement September 4, 1991
Folder 15 Lancaster New Era Endorsement September 14, 1991
Folder 16 Pennsylvania State Troopers Association Endorsement September 25, 1991
Folder 17 National Association of Whole-saler Distributors Endorsement October, 1991
Folder 18 Pennsylvania State Troopers Association Endorsement October 8, 1991
Folder 19 Johnstown Tribune Democrat Endorsement October 20, 1991
Folder 20 Transport Workers Union of America Endorsement October 22, 1991
Folder 21 National Federation of Independent Business Endorsement October 28, 1991
Folder 22 Citizens for Law and Order (CLO) Endorsement October 30, 1991
Folder 23 Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation PAC Endorsement undated
Folder 24 Endorsement letter from President Ronald Reagan undated
Folder 25 Pro-Thornburgh "Letters to the Editor campaign" October, 1991
Folder 26 Murray Dickman's files, regarding voter turnout and campaign mailings, etc. June-October, 1991
Folder 27 Paul Critchlow's files, regarding media and public relations 1991
Folder 28 Direct Opinions poll: "Thornburgh is the Top Choice for Pennsylvania Senator" July 25, 1991
Folder 29 Miscellaneous campaign material 1991

Section: Media

Folder 30 The Media Team (public relations consultants), strategies, issues and ads July-August, 1991
Folder 31 Media summary prepared by the Media Team, and notes September 3-9, 1991
Folder 32 CNN "Evans and Novak" regarding Thornburgh's career as Attorney General and upcoming candidacy for U.S. Senate August 17-19, 1991
Folder 33 Thornburgh and Wofford debate, "The Editors" September 6, 1991
Folder 34 Thornburgh and Wofford debate, Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters October 18, 1991
Folder 35 Memorandum to Thornburgh from Dan Eramian regarding election press appearances November 2, 1991
Folder 36 Thornburgh advertisements August-November, 1991
Folder 37 Wofford advertisements August-November, 1991
Folder 38 Commercial script drafts 1991
Folder 39 "A Look at Nate Smith," Black Opinion magazine, Thornburgh photo with Nate Smith, president of Operations Dig and Careers (a Pittsburgh-based career and development program) May-June, 1991
Folder 40 Keystone Gazette article by Dick Thornburgh regarding his Senate campaign and his record as Governor May-November, 1991
Folder 41 Direct mailings 1991
Folder 42 Campaign press kit 1991

Box 913
Folder 1 Campaign article mailing October, 1991
Folder 2 Announcement speech, news clippings and statements sent to editorial writers September, 1991
Folder 3 Factual analysis on Wofford advertisements, sent to editorial writers October 1-16, 1991
Folder 4 Clippings and news releases sent to editorial writers October 11, 1991
Folder 5 Media advisories sent regarding Thornburgh's campaign schedule August 27-October 31, 1991
Folder 6 White House Bulletin, coverage of Attorney General Thornburgh's candidacy for Senate June 4-November 4, 1991
Folder 7 Pennsylvania Report, coverage of Thornburgh's candidacy for Senate August-October, 1991
Folder 8 Thornburgh campaign press kits 1991

Section: Campaign Issue Statements

Folder 9 Positions on health care and fast track authority September 3, 1991
Folder 10 Thornburgh's record on helping veterans September 10, 1991
Folder 11 "Thornburgh's Commitment to Persons with Disabilities" September 16, 1991
Folder 12 "Thornburgh urges Congressional Support for School Reform Initiatives" September 18, 1991
Folder 13 "Thornburgh's Assistance to Small Businesses" September 19, 1991
Folder 14 "Thornburgh Calls for 'Industrial Renaissance' Initiative to Create Jobs at Abandoned Industrial Sites" September 23, 1991
Folder 15 "Dick Thornburgh: Fighting for Lower Taxes" September 25, 1991
Folder 16 Letter to Editor of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Dan Eramian, spokesman for Thornburgh for Senate, regarding civil rights issues September 27, 1991
Folder 17 "Testimony of Dick Thornburgh regarding USAir's application for Pittsburgh-Italy service" October 1, 1991
Folder 18 "Dick Thornburgh: Fighting for Jobs" October 3, 1991
Folder 19 "Thornburgh Calls for Federal Enterprise Zone Legislation" October 10, 1991
Folder 20 "Dick Thornburgh is Good for Taxpayers" October 10, 1991
Folder 21 "Thornburgh Urges Prompt Action in Multilateral Steel Agreement to Protect Steel Jobs Against Foreign Competition" October 15, 1991
Folder 22 "Thornburgh Calls for Overhaul of Senate Confirmation Process" October 16, 1991
Folder 23 "Thornburgh issues Six point Plan for Congressional Reform" October 25, 1991
Folder 24 "Thornburgh Calls for Tax Relief for Working Families" October 27, 1991
Folder 25 "Seniors Defend Thornburgh Record" November 2, 1991
Folder 26 "Thornburgh says National Health Insurance Could Cost Pennsylvania Jobs" November 4, 1991
Folder 27 "Fact Sheet: Dick Thornburgh and Harris Wofford" May-November, 1991
Folder 28 "Dick Thornburgh's Agenda for the 90s" May-November, 1991
Folder 29-30 "Thornburgh Administration Accomplishments Related to America 2000," national education program introduced by George Bush May-November, 1991
Folder 31 "Dick Thornburgh's Commitment to Basic Education" May-November, 1991
Folder 32 Positions on jobs, unemployment compensation, taxes, abortion, health care, foreign trade, family leave, gun control, Social Security, education and transportation (includes Rick Stafford's notes) May-November, 1991
Folder 33 "Dick Thornburgh's Proposals to Create and Preserve Jobs in Pennsylvania" May-November, 1991
Folder 34 "Straight Talk about Dick Thornburgh's Record of Helping Senior Citizens" May-November, 1991
Folder 35 "Dick Thornburgh: Protecting Our Environment" May-November, 1991
Folder 36 "Thornburgh Environmental Position" and "Snapshot of the Thornburgh Environmental Record" May-November, 1991
Folder 37 "Dick Thornburgh's 14-Point Plant Plan for Affordable Health Care," Thornburgh and Wofford's positions and background material May-November, 1991
Folder 38 "Responsible Health Care Reform," essay by Dick Thornburgh, candidate for United States Senate May-November, 1991
Folder 39 "Bank of Credit Commerce International (BCCI) Facts" May-November, 1991
Folder 40 "Fact Sheet: Working People" May-November, 1991
Folder 41 "Dick Thornburgh: Leadership on the Issues" May-November, 1991
Folder 42 Positions on issues concerning Philadelphia, PA July-September, 1991
Folder 43 Positions on issues concerning Pittsburgh, PA August, 1991
Folder 44 Positions and research on the Jewish community 1990-1991
Folder 45 Thornburgh positions May-November, 1991
Folder 46 Thornburgh campaign responses and defenses of record in response to Wofford attacks August-October, 1991

Section: Campaign Statements regarding Harris Wofford

Box 914
Folder 1 "Harris Wofford and the Savings and Loan Crooks" May-November, 1991
Folder 2 "Did Bryn Mawr College Have a Deficit While Harris Wofford was President?" May-November, 1991
Folder 3 "Straight Talk About National Health Insurance," letter from U.S. Congressmen, letter to editor with corrections, and memorandum May-November, 1991
Folder 4 "Harris Wofford: Pennsylvania's Last Choice for the U.S. Senate Seat," preliminary opposition research binder prepared by Thornburgh campaign May 23, 1991
Folder 5 "Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania: Senator Wofford in Violation of Federal Law" September 4, 1991
Folder 6 "State GOP questions Wofford fund raising," Philadelphia Inquirer September 6, 1991

Section: Campaign Briefing Binders

Folder 7-9 Thornburgh's briefing binder, regarding positions, Wofford, issues research and strategy reports (annotated) May-November, 1991
Folder 10 Items removed from Thornburgh's campaign briefing binder July-August, 1991
Folder 11 Research and issue material, prepared by Harold Miller August 17, 1991

Box 915
Folder 1 "Work plan and Defensive Issues Paper," prepared by Harold Miller July 4, 1991

Section: Fundraising

Folder 2 Lists of donors September 20, 1991
Folder 3 Fundraising events and plans September-November, 1991
Folder 4-6 Campaign contributions, report of receipts and disbursements August-September, 1991
Folder 7 Fundraising and reimbursement receipts 1991-1992
Folder 8 Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports August 16, 1991-June 30, 2002

Section: County Briefing Materials

Folder 9 Adams 1991
Folder 10 Allegheny 1991
Folder 11 Armstrong 1991
Folder 12 Beaver 1991
Folder 13 Bedford 1991

Box 916
Folder 1 Berks 1991
Folder 2 Blair 1991
Folder 3 Bradford 1991
Folder 4 Bucks 1991
Folder 5 Butler 1991
Folder 6 Cambria 1991
Folder 7 Cameron 1991
Folder 8 Carbon 1991
Folder 9 Centre 1991
Folder 10 Chester 1991
Folder 11 Clarion 1991
Folder 12 Clearfield 1991
Folder 13 Clinton 1991
Folder 14 Columbia 1991
Folder 15 Crawford 1991
Folder 16 Cumberland 1991
Folder 17 Dauphin 1991
Folder 18 Delaware 1991
Folder 19 Elk 1991
Folder 20 Erie 1991
Folder 21 Forest 1991
Folder 22 Franklin 1991
Folder 23 Fulton 1991
Folder 24 Greene 1991
Folder 25 Huntingdon 1991
Folder 26 Indiana 1991
Folder 27 Jefferson 1991
Folder 28 Juniata 1991
Folder 29 Lackawanna 1991
Folder 30 Lancaster 1991
Folder 31 Lawrence 1991
Folder 32 Lebanon 1991
Folder 33 Lehigh 1991
Folder 34 Luzerne 1991
Folder 35 Lycoming 1991
Folder 36 McKean 1991
Folder 37 Mercer 1991
Folder 38 Mifflin 1991
Folder 39 Monroe 1991
Folder 40 Montgomery 1991
Folder 41 Montour 1991
Folder 42 Northampton 1991
Folder 43 Perry 1991
Folder 44 Pike 1991
Folder 45 Philadelphia 1991
Folder 46 Potter 1991
Folder 47 Schuylkill 1991
Folder 48 Snyder 1991
Folder 49 Somerset 1991
Folder 50 Sullivan 1991
Folder 51 Susquehanna 1991
Folder 52 Tioga 1991
Folder 53 Union 1991
Folder 54 Venango 1991
Folder 55 Warren 1991
Folder 56 Washington 1991
Folder 57 Wayne 1991
Folder 58 Westmoreland 1991
Folder 59 Wyoming 1991

Box 917
Folder 1 York 1991

Section: Alphabetical Correspondence

Folder 2-25 A-Z August-November, 1991
Folder 26-27 A-Z December, 1991-January, 1992

Section: Election Results and Post-election Analysis

Box 918
Folder 1 Thank you calls to be made by the Governor November 2, 1991
Folder 2 Election results newspaper coverage, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette November 7, 1991
Folder 3 Media Team's and other analyses of campaign and defeat November 20, 1991
Folder 4 "White House Bulletin" and Mike Berman's "Washington Political Watch," analyses of election results December, 1991-July, 1992

Section: Articles and News Clippings regarding Thornburgh, Casey and Wofford

Folder 5-12 Thornburgh's Gubernatorial record 1979-1987
Folder 13 Articles from end of Thornburgh administration ("administration positives") January, 1987
Folder 14 Card file indexing positive and negative news clippings regarding Dick Thornburgh, Harris Wofford and Robert Casey 1986-1991
Folder 15 Positive and negative news clippings regarding Dick Thornburgh, Harris Wofford, and Robert Casey 1986
Folder 16 Donald Mazziotti and William Keisling, officials in the Casey administration February-October, 1987
Folder 17-43 Positive and negative news clippings regarding Dick Thornburgh, Harris Wofford, and Robert Casey 1987-1991

Subseries 4. Questionnaires

Scope and Content Notes:

Before an election, it is common for newspapers and varying other organizations to request from candidates either responses to questionnaires or specific position statements. The questions asked reflect the group's interests in some way and/or are designed to present views of the candidates to the voting public. The answers that the candidates provide may lead to campaign endorsements, but the information almost always is shared with the organization's members or the newspaper's readers.

The questionnaires are a group of requests from organizations to Dick Thornburgh and, in most cases, his subsequent responses are included. They are arranged alphabetically by organization or publication name.

Box 919
Folder 1 Allentown Morning Call October 24, 1991
Folder 2 American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) October 15, 1991
Folder 3 American Insurance Association September 12, 1991
Folder 4 American Metal Market October 29, 1991
Folder 5 Associated Press (AP) October 7, 1991
Folder 6 Atlantic Apparel Contractors Association, Inc. September 13, 1991
Folder 7 BAND Together for Global Security October 10, 1991
Folder 8 Blue Cross/Blue Shield September 23, 1991
Folder 9 Clean Water Action August 22, 1991
Folder 10 Conservative Victory Fund (CVF) August 16, 1991
Folder 11 Farmer's Friend newspaper undated
Folder 12 Gannet News Service October 18, 1991
Folder 13 Lancaster County ACTION September 18, 1991
Folder 14 League of Conservation Voters August 16, 1991
Folder 15 League of Women Voters September 3, 1991
Folder 16 National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors September 17, 1991
Folder 17 National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Free Enterprise PAC September 13, 1991, October 7, 1991
Folder 18 National Right-to-Life August 21, 1991
Folder 19 Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children (AEYC) October 16, 1991
Folder 20 Pennsylvania Association of Life Underwriters September 12, 1991
Folder 21 Pennsylvania Catholic Conference September 24, 1991
Folder 22 Pennsylvania Credit Union League September 16, 1991
Folder 23 Pennsylvania Family Institute September 1, 1991
Folder 24 Pennsylvania Farmers' Association (PFA) September 4, 1991
Folder 25 Pennsylvania Medical Political Action Committee (PaMPAC) August 29, 1991
Folder 26 Pennsylvania Medical Society September 23, 1991
Folder 27 Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association (REA) Allegheny Electric Cooperative, Inc. October 10, 1991
Folder 28 Pennsylvania State Education Association Political Action Committee for Education (PSEA-PACE) August 12, 1991
Folder 29 Public Service Research Council August 22, 1991
Folder 30 Sierra Club August 2, 1991, August 31, 1991
Folder 31 Snyder, Union and Northumberland (S.U.N.) Counties Chapter of the National Organization of Women August 22, 1991
Folder 32 United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America, Local 506 September 17, 1991
Folder 33 Veterans Political Action Council (VPAC) August 14, 1991
Folder 34 Wilkes-Barre Times Leader October 28, 1991

Subseries 5. Schedules and Events

Scope and Content Notes:

Daily and weekly schedules for the campaign are included in this section in addition to the following events.

The events for the campaign date from August 19, 1991 to November 5, 1991. These events contain background information for press announcements, meetings, and editorial boards. They also such items as conferences, rallies, festivals, interviews, meetings, county receptions, walking tours, trade fairs, and even pig roasts. There is a board range of issues and constituencies, for example: senior citizens, disabilities, health care, economic development and business enterprise zones. There are also several fundraising events, sponsored by the Thornburgh for Senate Committee (TSC). The events well represent the commitment of Candidate Thornburgh.

Section: Schedules

Box 920
Folder 1 Daily Schedules August-November, 1991
Folder 2 Weekly Schedules August-November, 1991

Section: Events

Folder 3 Press conference at Rehabilitation Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh August 19, 1991
Folder 4 Pittsburgh media interviews, Pittsburgh August 20, 1991
Folder 5 Funeral service for Mercer Tate, Mt. Airy August 20, 1991
Folder 6 Pennyback Woods Community Center, remarks, Philadelphia August 22, 1991
Folder 7 PMA reception and meeting with Philadelphia business leaders, Philadelphia August 22, 1991
Folder 8 Meeting with Montgomery County Republican leaders, Norristown August 23, 1991
Folder 9 Lycoming County Republican committee picnic with brief remarks, Williamsport August 25, 1991
Folder 10 Reception in honor of Senator Charlie Lemmond, Dallas August 25, 1991
Folder 11 Meeting with employees at Precision Industries, Inc., Washington August 26, 1991
Folder 12 Walking tour of Main Street with County Commissioner Ed Paluso, Washington August 26, 1991
Folder 13 Meeting with Harold Miller regarding briefing materials, Pittsburgh August 26, 1991
Folder 14 Meetings with Evans Rose and CEOs of private companies, Pittsburgh August 27, 1991
Folder 15 K&L partners luncheon, Pittsburgh August 27, 1991
Folder 16 National Rehabilitation Week, Presentation of the Senator John Heinz Memorial Legislative Award, Washington, DC August 28, 1991
Folder 17 Statewide Candidacy Announcement, multiple locations August 29-30, 1991
Folder 18 Doylestown Polish Festival, Doylestown September 2, 1991
Folder 19 Debate: WQED "The Editors", Pittsburgh September 6, 1991
Folder 20 Thornbury Corn Boil, Thornbury September 8, 1991
Folder 21 Pig-Roast in honor of Jay Moyer, Treasurer of Montgomery County, Ledrach September 8, 1991
Folder 22 Visits with Republican leaders from Beaver and Butler Counties; Interview with Print and Radio reporters, Butler September 9, 1991
Folder 23 Pittsburgh Italian Scholarship Fund Dinner, Pittsburgh September 9, 1991
Folder 24 Quad-Chamber Legislative Forum, Remarks, St. Clair September 10, 1991
Folder 25 Meeting with Fayette County Republican leaders, Uniontown September 10, 1991
Folder 26 United Way "Day of Caring" Senior Festival Days, Pittsburgh September 11, 1991
Folder 27 Meeting with Pro-Family Coalition of Southwest PA, Pittsburgh September 11, 1991
Folder 28 Chester County Republican Candidates Rally, West Chester September 12, 1991
Folder 29 Presidential Salute to Dick Thornburgh, with remarks by President Bush, Philadelphia September 12, 1991
Folder 30 Meetings with Republican leaders, Harrisburg September 13, 1991
Folder 31 Meetings with Republican leaders, Lancaster September 13, 1991
Folder 32 Third Annual Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, Remarks, Grantville September 14, 1991

Box 921
Folder 1 Meeting with Organizations United for the Environment, McClure September 14, 1991
Folder 2 100th Annual McClure Bean Soup Festival, McClure September 14, 1991
Folder 3 American Legion "Colonel Charles Young Day," remarks and tour, Philadelphia September 15, 1991
Folder 4 Fundraising breakfast hosted by Daniel Shapira, Pittsburgh September 16, 1991
Folder 5 Walking tours of the Lord Corporation Aerospace Plant, Gertrude Barber Center, and the Soldiers and Sailors Home, Erie September 17, 1991
Folder 6 Meeting with Admiral John Dalrymple, Commander of the Philadelphia Naval Base, Philadelphia September 18, 1991
Folder 7 Easton Area Middle School, classroom session and press conference, Easton September 18, 1991
Folder 8 Binney and Smith, Inc., visit with employees, meeting with management and public affairs committees, Easton September 18, 1991
Folder 9 Meeting with Pittsburgh Area Business Leaders, Pittsburgh September 18, 1991
Folder 10 Pennsylvania Small Business Trade Fair, Remarks, Monroeville September 19, 1991
Folder 11 Ribbon cutting ceremony for Commissioner candidates Peters and Senio, Scranton September 19, 1991
Folder 12 Notarianni & Company employees visit, Scranton September 19, 1991
Folder 13 Allied Services National Rehabilitation Week award dinner, Scranton September 19, 1991
Folder 14 Thornburgh for Senate Committee reception, hosted by Ralph and Joyce Lomma and Ernie Preate, Sr., Scranton September 19, 1991
Folder 15 Gun Rights Policy Conference, remarks, Philadelphia September 21, 1991
Folder 16 Super Sunday, Allentown September 22, 1991
Folder 17 Allegheny County Republican Family Picnic, brief remarks, Pittsburgh September 22, 1991
Folder 18 Pittsburgh Technology Center, tour and Economic Development Program announcement, Pittsburgh September 23, 1991
Folder 19 Reception in honor of European Parliament members, Pittsburgh September 23, 1991
Folder 20 Amen Corner, dinner and remarks, Pittsburgh September 23, 1991
Folder 21 ADA breakfast, "The Forging of a New Freedom Campaign," remarks, Pittsburgh September 24, 1991
Folder 22 Meeting with the National Association of Hispanic Elderly, Philadelphia September 24, 1991
Folder 23 Thornburgh for Senate Committee reception, Unionville September 24, 1991
Folder 24 Publicker Industries, industrial renaissance program announcement , Philadelphia September 25, 1991
Folder 25 Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, luncheon, remarks, Harrisburg September 25, 1991
Folder 26 Thornburgh for Senate Committee Schuylkill County Rally, remarks, Pottsville September 25, 1991
Folder 27 Pittsburgh American Association of Retired Persons meeting, remarks, Pittsburgh September 26, 1991
Folder 28 Thornburgh for Senate Campaign staff dinner, Pittsburgh September 26, 1991
Folder 29 Hollidaysburg Veterans Home, Johnstown September 27, 1991
Folder 30 Johnstown Corporation Production Facility, tour, economic development program press announcement, Johnstown September 27, 1991
Folder 31 Johnstown Tribune-Democrat editorial board meeting, Johnstown September 27, 1991
Folder 32 Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania Township Officials annual conference, remarks, Champion September 27, 1991
Folder 33 Mt. Olivet Baptist Tabernacle church service, annual "Missionary Service," Philadelphia September 29, 1991
Folder 34 Home Association Bi-Annual "Pig Roast," Philadelphia September 29, 1991
Folder 35 Republican Women of the Main Line Candidate's event, Haverford September 29, 1991
Folder 36 York Dispatch editorial board meeting, and interview with print and radio reporters, York September 30, 1991
Folder 37 Pennsylvania League of Cities Annual Fall Conference, remarks, Harrisburg September 30, 1991
Folder 38 Interview with Pennsylvania Catholic Conference newspaper, Harrisburg September 30, 1991

Box 922
Folder 1 Press availability and interviews, "Straight talk on economic development and taxes," Hershey September 30, 1991
Folder 2 Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, Hershey September 30, 1991
Folder 3 York Parents Against Drug Abuse and WSBA Radio Awareness Campaign Kick-Off, York October 1, 1991
Folder 4 Meeting with the Christian Action Council and interview with WDAC Christian Broadcasting Radio, Lancaster October 1, 1991
Folder 5 USAir Competitive Aviation Hearing, testimony regarding "Pittsburgh-Italy Air Service," Washington, DC October 1, 1991
Folder 6 Inner Circle Caucus Reception, remarks, Philadelphia October 1, 1991
Folder 7 Presidential Luncheon Fundraising Event with President Bush, Pittsburgh October 2, 1991
Folder 8 National Republican Senatorial Committee, Senatorial Trust meeting, remarks, Washington, D.C. October 3, 1991
Folder 9 Drexel Hill Middle School, classroom visit and press announcement on America 2000, Drexel Hill October 4, 1991
Folder 10 Tour of Collingdale Community Center, Drexel Hill October 4, 1991
Folder 11 Photo-op with the Pennsylvania Restaurant Association, Philadelphia October 4, 1991
Folder 12 Knights of Columbus Mass at St. Peter's Cathedral, Scranton October 6, 1991
Folder 13 Meeting with the Specialty Steel Industry Leaders, Pittsburgh October 7, 1991
Folder 14 Pittsburgh Press Editorial Board meeting, Pittsburgh October 7, 1991
Folder 15 Visit to Western Pennsylvania Foundation's Caring for Children headquarters, Pittsburgh October 7, 1991
Folder 16 Tour of Indiana County Courthouse, Indiana October 7, 1991
Folder 17 Thornburgh for Senate Committee reception, Pittsburgh October 7, 1991
Folder 18 Thornburgh for Senate Committee (TSC) breakfast hosted by Mayer Mitchell, Washington, DC October 8, 1991
Folder 19 Veterans Coalition Endorsement, Philadelphia October 8, 1991
Folder 20 International Brotherhood of Painters Leadership meeting, Philadelphia October 8, 1991
Folder 21 Disabilities Community and ADA tribute to the Thornburghs, Washington, DC October 8, 1991
Folder 22 Thornburgh for Senate Committee reception hosted by the Senate Republican Leadership, Washington, DC October 8, 1991
Folder 23 Republican Senatorial Presidential Roundtable breakfast, Washington, DC October 9, 1991
Folder 24 Meeting with the Pennsylvania Business Roundtable executive committee, Harrisburg October 9, 1991
Folder 25 Meeting with Harrisburg Patriot News editorial board, Harrisburg October 9, 1991
Folder 26 Meeting with Pennsylvania Builders Association, Harrisburg October 9, 1991
Folder 27 Thornburgh for Senate Committee reception hosted by the Butler Country Club, Butler October 9, 1991
Folder 28 Interview with Fred Honsberger, KDKA Radio, Pittsburgh October 9, 1991
Folder 29 Victory '91 breakfast with Secretary Kemp, Conshohocken October 10, 1991
Folder 30 Conshohocken Economic Development Corporation, Enterprise Zone press conference, Conshohocken October 10, 1991
Folder 31 Meeting with PA Medical Political Action Committee (PAC), Strasburg October 10, 1991
Folder 32 Thornburgh for Senate Committee luncheon hosted by Marilyn Lewis, Strasburg October 10, 1991
Folder 33 Farmers for Thornburgh endorsement, Millersville October 10, 1991
Folder 34 Thornburgh for Senate Committee meeting with Drinker, Biddle & Reath lawyers, Philadelphia October 10, 1991
Folder 35 Thornburgh for Senate Committee reception hosted by the Binswangers, Philadelphia October 10, 1991
Folder 36 Arcola Intermediate School's US Department of Education Excellence Award Recognition Ceremony, Morristown October 10, 1991
Folder 37 Meetings with Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, Philadelphia October 11, 1991
Folder 38 Fundraising Luncheon with Vice President Quayle, Harrisburg October 11, 1991
Folder 39 Pennsylvania Pro-Life Annual Conference, White Haven October 12, 1991
Folder 40 "Hello Columbus 1992" ceremony, Norristown October 12, 1991
Folder 41 Homecoming dinner in honor of American Legion Commander, Dominic DiFrancesco, Harrisburg October 12, 1991
Folder 42 Church service at Wayland Temple Baptist Church, Philadelphia October 13, 1991
Folder 43 Thornburgh for Senate Committee reception hosted by Chuck and Dottebob Andes, Villanova October 13, 1991

Box 923
Folder 1 Thornburgh for Senate Committee reception and dinner, Los Angeles, CA October 14, 1991
Folder 2 Allegheny Ludlum's Specialty Steel Plant, demonstrations and trade policy announcement, Vandergrift October 15, 1991
Folder 3 American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Volunteer Leadership meeting, candidates forum, Harrisburg October 16, 1991
Folder 4 Pennsylvania Baptist State Convention, King of Prussia October 16, 1991
Folder 5 Chester County Republican Gala, Kimberton October 16, 1991
Folder 6 James Weldon Johnson Homes, tour with Barbara Bush, Philadelphia October 17, 1991
Folder 7 Thornburgh for Senate Committee fundraising luncheon with Barbara Bush, Philadelphia October 17, 1991
Folder 8 Montgomery County Republican Committee Annual Fall Dinner, Pottstown October 18, 1991
Folder 9 Mass at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Wilkes-Barre October 20, 1991
Folder 10 Northampton County GOP Rally, Pen Argyl October 20, 1991
Folder 11 Thornburgh for Senate Committee reception hosted by Tom Decker and Frank Wright, Villanova October 20, 1991
Folder 12 Northeast Tier Ben Franklin Technology Center, press announcement, Bethlehem October 21, 1991
Folder 13 Thornburgh for Senate Committee fundraising breakfast hosted by Nick DeBenedictis, John Boyer and the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, Valley Forge October 21, 1991
Folder 14 Thornburgh for Senate Committee luncheon with Education Secretary Lamar Alexander, Lehigh University, Bethlehem October 21, 1991
Folder 15 Meeting with Allentown Morning Call editorial board, Allentown October 21, 1991
Folder 16 Delaware Republican Committee, reception and dinner, Springfield October 21, 1991
Folder 17 Thornburgh for Senate Committee breakfast hosted by Karen and Rick Pfeffer, Altoona October 22, 1991
Folder 18 Meeting with Altoona Mirror editorial board, Altoona October 22, 1991
Folder 19 Meeting with Centre County Republican leaders, State College October 22, 1991
Folder 20 Meeting with the Centre Daily Times editorial board, State College October 22, 1991
Folder 21 Stardyne, Inc., tour and press availability, Johnstown October 22, 1991
Folder 22 Meeting with Pittsburgh Post Gazette editorial board, Pittsburgh October 23, 1991
Folder 23 Public Affairs Forum Luncheon; and Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, reception and dinner, Pittsburgh October 23, 1991
Folder 24 Thornburgh for Senate Committee reception, Greensburg October 23, 1991
Folder 25 Philadelphia labor unions endorsements, Philadelphia October 24, 1991
Folder 26 Editorial board meetings with Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia October 24, 1991
Folder 27 Thornburgh for Senate Committee fundraising reception hosted by Herb Collins, Boston, MA October 24, 1991
Folder 28 Thornburgh for Senate Committee breakfast, New York, NY October 25, 1991
Folder 29 Thornburgh for Senate Committee fundraising luncheon hosted by Gene Roth, Wilkes-Barre October 25, 1991

Box 924
Folder 1 Classroom visit with Bishop Hoban High School students, Wilkes-Barre October 25, 1991
Folder 2 Lackawanna County Republican Committee Pre-Election reception and dinner, Peckville October 25, 1991
Folder 3 Meeting with Scranton Times editorial board, Scranton October 25, 1991
Folder 4 White Ribbons against Pornography rally, Harrisburg October 26, 1991
Folder 5 Meeting with Passyunk Avenue civic leaders and tour, Philadelphia October 26, 1991
Folder 6 8th National Asian-American Convention sponsored by Asian-American Voters Coalition, Philadelphia October 26, 1991
Folder 7 Republican Senatorial Inner Circle welcoming reception, Washington, DC October 27, 1991
Folder 8 Allegheny County Black Republican Council breakfast, Pittsburgh October 28, 1991
Folder 9 Live interview with WTAE-TV, "Good Day Pittsburgh" noon broadcast, Pittsburgh October 28, 1991
Folder 10 Rosslyn Farms Community Center, congressional reform announcement, Pittsburgh 5/3/2004
Folder 11 Pennsylvania Hispanic leaders endorsement, Philadelphia October 28, 1991
Folder 12 Laborers Local 332 Candidates Night, Philadelphia October 28, 1991
Folder 13 Interview with Jack Holcomb of WEEU Radio and meeting with Reading Eagle editorial board, Reading October 29, 1991
Folder 14 Thornburgh for Senate Committee breakfast fundraiser hosted by Joe Welch, Reading October 29, 1991
Folder 15 Tour of the R.M. Palmer Co., Reading October 29, 1991
Folder 16 Tour of Rising Sun Avenue and Foxchase Neighborhood, Philadelphia October 29, 1991
Folder 17 Meeting with Chester County Anti-Tax and Pro-Family leaders, Malvern October 29, 1991
Folder 18 Philadelphia Republican City Committee fall reception, Philadelphia October 29, 1991
Folder 19 Interview with WWDB Talk Radio Call-In Show, Philadelphia October 30, 1991
Folder 20 Meeting, tour, and press availability at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh October 30, 1991
Folder 21 Upper Darby Senior Center "Seniors Supporting Thornburgh" announcement, Upper Darby October 30, 1991
Folder 22 Meet Montgomery County voters at the Ardmore Suburban Square Shopping Center, Ardmore October 30, 1991
Folder 23 Meeting with American Street Corridor Business Association, economic development program announcement and tour of the American Street Enterprise Zone, Philadelphia October 31, 1991
Folder 24 Midfield Terminal Construction Site, economic development program announcement and tour, Pittsburgh October 31, 1991
Folder 25 Meeting with United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh Board of Directors, Pittsburgh October 31, 1991
Folder 26 Interview with Fred Honsberger, KDKA Radio October 31, 1991
Folder 27 Visit with voters outside Pittsburgh Penguins game, Pittsburgh October 31, 1991
Folder 28 Pittsburgh Fraternal Order of Police endorsement, Pittsburgh November 1, 1991
Folder 29 Tour of Erie Business District, Erie November 1, 1991
Folder 30 Lehigh County Republican Committee fall reception, Allentown November 1, 1991
Folder 31 Bucks County Republican Committee Fall Dinner, Bensalem November 1, 1991
Folder 32 PA Special Olympics Fall Festival, Villanova November 2, 1991
Folder 33 Anti-Crime Press Conference with Senator Arlen Specter, Philadelphia November 2, 1991
Folder 34 Thornburgh for Senate Committee rally, Scranton November 2, 1991
Folder 35 "Sons of Italy" Mass at Peter and Paul Cathedral in honor of Mayor Rizzo, Philadelphia November 3, 1991
Folder 36 Thornburgh for Senate Committee rally with Representative Gallen, Reading November 3, 1991
Folder 37 "Rizzocrats for Thornburgh" rally, South Philadelphia November 3, 1991
Folder 38 Health Care press announcement, Pittsburgh November 4, 1991
Folder 39 Thornburgh for Senate Committee rally, Lancaster November 4, 1991
Folder 40 Election Day--visits to Pittsburgh polling places, Pittsburgh November 4, 1991
Folder 41 Election Day--Thornburgh for Senate Committee Election Night celebration, Pittsburgh November 5, 1991

Subseries 6. Candidate Thornburgh's Files

Scope and Content Notes:

During the 1991 Campaign for Senate, Thornburgh kept, as for all other campaigns and offices he held, a personal collection of materials known here as " Candidate Thornburgh's files." These are the working files kept close at hand for, in this case, the candidate's ready use and reference. These files of convenience and contain materials that are, in many cases, a condensed version of other campaign matters, and many of which have annotations and notes by Thornburgh.

"Candidate Thornburgh's files" are organized as follows: 1) "The Campaign," a general section of material containing "core" campaign materials, including speeches (and notes), schedules, media materials, debate preparation, polling data, and others, all arranged roughly by the type of material; 2) Fundraising materials and various finance reports; 3) Issue research, including specialty steel, health care reform, "Dick Thornburgh's Agenda for the 90s," and research on opponent Harris Wofford; 4) Clippings, including the Senate race, Pennsylvania, and post-election clippings (and notes).

Section: The Campaign

Box 925
Folder 1 Resignation letter to President Bush regarding Thornburgh's intention to run for U.S. Senate August 9, 1991
Folder 2 Announcement speech and notes August 29-30, 1991
Folder 3 "Stump speech" outline and notes September, 1991
Folder 4 Concession speech and notes November 5, 1991
Folder 5 Campaign mailings to family and close friends August-October, 1991
Folder 6 Thornburgh's campaign notes, to-do lists, contacts and staff information 1991
Folder 7 Media, including advertisements and consultant information 1991
Folder 8 Issue clippings and articles May-November, 1991
Folder 9 Telephone logs and notes 1991
Folder 10 Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters, debate between Wofford and Thornburgh, Thornburgh's notes October 18, 1991
Folder 11 Polling data April-October, 1991
Folder 12 Dick and Ginny Thornburgh's weekly schedules, tentative and confirmed (annotated) September 2-November 4, 1991
Folder 13 Personal notes and correspondence August-November, 1991
Folder 14 Lawsuit, Trinsey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, et al., U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Docket Nos. 91-1490 and 91-1491 August 6, 1991
Folder 15 Pennsylvania issue updates 1987-April, 1991
Folder 16 U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) issues and updates 1989-1991

Section: Fundraising

Folder 17 Presidential Salute to Dick Thornburgh fundraiser, attendees list September 3, 1991
Folder 18 Thornburgh for Senate fundraiser, remarks by President Bush, Philadelphia, PA September 12, 1991
Folder 19 Richard Thornburgh Breakfast, attendees list, Washington, DC October 3, 1991
Folder 20 Fundraising Committee correspondence and memoranda from Evans Rose to Thornburgh 1987-1991
Folder 21 Senate Public Financial Disclosure information and reports August-November, 1991
Folder 22 Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports regarding Thornburgh's work at Kirkpatrick & Lockhart (K&L), and other materials September-November, 1991

Box 926
Folder 1 Campaign debt case: U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, Karl Rove v. Richard Thornburgh, Docket No. 93-8451 ca. 1993

Section: Campaign Positions and Research

Folder 2 "Dick Thornburgh's Agenda for the 90s" October 28, 1991
Folder 3 "Thornburgh Announces 14-Point Plan for Affordable Health Care" October, 1991
Folder 4 Affordable health care, related news clippings October, 1991
Folder 5 Specialty steel industry October 22, 1991
Folder 6 Wofford 1991

Section: News Clippings, Notes and Memoranda

Folder 7 Regarding U.S. Senate April-September, 1991
Folder 8 Regarding Senate campaign and race August 20-October 1, 1991
Folder 9 Thornburgh annotated articles and staff memoranda 1991
Folder 10 Thornburgh "special" Pennsylvania clippings and annotated articles 1991
Folder 11 Post election, including election results, and Thornburgh's notes November-December, 1991
Folder 12-13 Pennsylvania clippings 1988-1991
Folder 14 Miscellaneous 1987-1992
Folder 15 Post election material regarding Wofford and health insurance issue 1991-1994

Subseries 7. Ginny Thornburgh's Files

Scope and Content Notes:

As usual, Ginny Thornburgh was an active campaigner on behalf of the husband's quest for the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat. Her files here consist of her schedules and event files and include her resume at the time.

Section: Event Files

Folder 16-27 September-November, 1991
Folder 28 Confirmed Events May-September, 1991
Folder 29 Prospective Events September-October, 1991

Section: Campaign Files

Folder 30 Thornburgh Campaign Names September-October, 1991
Folder 31 County Chairmen phone list October 9-24, 1991
Folder 32 Thornburgh for Senate Committee Travel Policy and Expense Report undated
Folder 33 Ginny Thornburgh resume August, 1991

Subseries 8. Issue Research

Scope and Content Notes:

During the campaign, the daunting job of research fell solely to Harold Miller, who had served as a Director, Office of Policy Development, while Thornburgh was Governor. Since Thornburgh was running for office in a state which he had left only four years previously with a 72% approval rating, a major campaign strategy related to his notable past accomplishments. Harold Miller's familiarity with Thornburgh's gubernatorial record well equipped him for the task.

In addition to information about Thornburgh's past record, the 1991 campaign issue files also include some "administrative" campaign files, such as those related to media contacts and Thornburgh's ongoing campaign positions. It should be noted, too, that Miller also provided opposition research on Harris Wofford, Thornburgh's opponent, and answered the questionnaires, most of which are available in a separate section by that name. Due to Miller's unique organization of his detailed and extensive files, researchers should note that the best approach to using them is to search on a topic of interest. Important information may be overlooked if one simply browses this valuable group of materials.

The issue research files are organized as follows: 1) Thornburgh's pre-gubernatorial record, research and documentation, which includes information on achievements and initiatives when Thornburgh served as U.S. Attorney, 1969-1975; 2) Research on Pennsylvania issues, including Thornburgh's gubernatorial record, which includes a large amount of material on issues relating to budget and taxes, education, arts, economic development, cost cutting, housing, etc; 3) Research on federal issues and Thornburgh's Attorney General record, including the Bank of Credit Commerce International (BCCI) case, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Savings and Loan (S and L) scandals; 4) Campaign research, including five sections of material entitled: administrative materials, media, Thornburgh's campaign positions, endorsements, and miscellaneous. Together they document the major efforts of the campaign, including volunteers, commercials and advertisements, and endorsements; 5) Research on Governor Casey and his gubernatorial record, which includes Casey's campaign and years as governor of Pennsylvania, his administrative goals and priorities. This was relevant information since Wofford had been a member of Casey's cabinet; 6) Issue files, including research material that is generally separate from those specific categories mentioned above; 7) Campaign controversies; and 8) Campaign clippings regarding the Senate race.

Section: Thornburgh's Pre-Gubernatorial Record: Research and Documentation

Box 927
Folder 1 Position papers issued by Thornburgh, Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representatives November, 1966
Folder 2 Death penalty, letter from Thornburgh, United States Attorney, to the Attorney General January 25, 1977
Folder 3 Thornburgh's achievements as United States Attorney 1969-1975
Folder 4 Articles written by Thornburgh 1966-1967

Section: Research on Pennsylvania Issues, including Thornburgh's Gubernatorial Record

Folder 5 Congressional voting records from various groups during Governor Thornburgh's first term 1979-1982
Folder 6 Status report on 1979-1980 legislation December 30, 1980
Folder 7 Status report, legislative priorities in Governor's 1979 message January 1, 1985
Folder 8 Status report on 1981-1982 legislation 1981-1982
Folder 9 Selected comparisons and zingers! regarding New York and Pennsylvania 1984-1986
Folder 10 Program policy guidelines (PPGs) for 1987-1988 departmental budget requests September 2, 1986
Folder 11 Mental health/mental retardation (MH/MR) block grants and initiatives July 3, 1984
Folder 12 Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) for Pennsylvania December 6, 1982
Folder 13 Options for improving rural health care in Pennsylvania, analysis and memorandum from Walt Plosila March 19, 1982
Folder 14 Summary of GAO report on expanded home care services for the elderly January 31, 1983
Folder 15 H.B. 1901, regarding mandatory alcohol, drug abuse and mental health insurance coverage August, 1983-November, 1984
Folder 16 H.B. 1901, studies on mental health insurance coverage ca. 1984
Folder 17 Local Government Commission's "Financially Distressed Municipalities Act," includes S.B. 1714, S.B. 1143, S.B. 1249 August-November, 1986
Folder 18 Human services, minutes of the Department of Public Welfare state/county human service delivery issues policy meetings September, 1984-March, 1986
Folder 19 Human services, County Human Service Directors meetings October, 1984-September, 1985
Folder 20 Human services, initiatives and concept papers regarding the needy March-July, 1986
Folder 21 State asbestos regulations February-November, 1985
Folder 22 State funding for the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program January-June, 1986
Folder 23 Possible criminal justice training initiative October, 1981
Folder 24 Mack Truck issue, summary September 12, 1991
Folder 25 Act 148 funding, memorandum from the Office of Children, Youth and Families September, 1985
Folder 26 Analysis of the Crime Victims Compensation Board regarding the Crime Victims Compensation Program 1982-1984

Box 928
Folder 1 Analysis of the Crime Victims Compensation Board regarding the Crime Victims Compensation Program 1982-1984
Folder 2 Drug forfeiture law analyses March, 1983
Folder 3 Memorandum from Carnegie Mellon University to Claire Walker of the Office of Policy Development (OPD) regarding Title XX and subsidized day care March, 1983
Folder 4 Tax amnesty and its possible use in Pennsylvania January-March, 1984
Folder 5 Creating export companies in Pennsylvania November, 1984
Folder 6 Usury rates in Pennsylvania and their elimination December, 1984
Folder 7 Securities law and regulations in Pennsylvania December, 1984
Folder 8 Review of a proposal for a new financial intermediary for Pennsylvania using pension fund investments November 13, 1981
Folder 9 Economic and community development proposals made by Belden Daniels in his book, Innovations in Development Finance 1979-1987
Folder 10 Responses to anti-Thornburgh points in press conference with Senator Lloyd 1979-1987
Folder 11 Analysis of Congressman Ertel's economic development proposals 1979-1987
Folder 12 Analysis of Senator Lloyd's economic development proposals 1979-1987
Folder 13 Possible elements for the Pennsylvania "War on Drugs" 1979-1987
Folder 14 Constitutionality of S.B. 1151, establishing mandatory prison terms for crimes against the elderly and youth 1979-1987
Folder 15 Private sector plant closings in 11 states, review and responses June 10, 1985
Folder 16 Pennsylvania Subchapter "S" provision corporations June 6, 1985
Folder 17 "An Analysis of the State Fire and Panic Act," prepared by the Office of Policy Development (OPD) 1979-1987
Folder 18 "The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency: Its Role and Potential" 1979-1987
Folder 19 "Strategies and Policy Options for Improving Housing in Pennsylvania" 1979-1987
Folder 20 "Analysis of the Minnesota/Wisconsin Home Improvement Program" 1979-1987
Folder 21 "Analysis of the North Dakota Beginning Farmer Loan Program Assistance Acts and the Georgia Family Farm Bond Program" 1979-1987
Folder 22 Modifications to S.B. 664, to establish a Municipal Economic Development Agency to promote economic development and job creation November, 1983
Folder 23 Limitations on loan guarantees in the Family Farm Assistance Program August, 1984
Folder 24 "Labor Market Forecasting in Pennsylvania," prepared by the Office of Policy Development (OPD) 1979-1987
Folder 25 "Review of the Work Sharing Concept for Use in Pennsylvania" 1979-1987
Folder 26 Unemployment rate changes in Pennsylvania June 26, 1981
Folder 27 "An Analysis of the Primary Health Care Shortage in Pennsylvania" 1979-1987
Folder 28 "Economies in Transition: Strategies for Coping with Plant Closings" March, 1982
Folder 29 "Analysis of the Worksharing Concept and Feasibility of Use in Pennsylvania," prepared by the Office of Policy Development (OPD) December 13, 1982
Folder 30 Proposed statewide Department of Public Works (DPW) transportation block grant, proposal and memorandum December 6, 1982
Folder 31 Cost Reduction I, II and III, Accomplishments and Actions, prepared by the Cost Reduction Study Team November, 1979-April, 1982
Folder 32 "Roots of Realignment: A Reinstatement of Republican Principles," Thornburgh's address to Yale University November 7, 1985
Folder 33 Department of Public Works (DPW) State/County Human Service Delivery Issues September 24, 1984
Folder 34 Human services zingers! and accomplishments, includes information regarding the Governor's address to the Harrisburg YMCA April-July, 1986
Folder 35 Human services funding and expenditures 1983-1986
Folder 36 Summaries of Mental Health/Mental Retardation (MH/MR) initiatives for the 1986-1987 budget August 11, 1986
Folder 37 Mental Health/mental retardation (MH/MR) program funding 1985-1986
Folder 38 Welfare fraud data February 16, 1982
Folder 39 ADFC error rates, questions and answers 1979-1987
Folder 40 Talking points on economic development 1986-1987

Box 929
Folder 1 Business climate in Pennsylvania August 19, 1982
Folder 2 Employment zingers! April 19, 1982
Folder 3 Economic development funding September 12, 1984
Folder 4 Dun and Bradstreet Corporation, Data on new business incorporations and corporate locations in Pennsylvania September 24, 1985
Folder 5 Movement of Pennsylvania firms to the Sunbelt May 27, 1982
Folder 6 Economic development studies 1986
Folder 7 Top 50 Pennsylvania employers, contrasting March of 1978 with December of 1985 1978-1985
Folder 8 Alexander Grant and Co., Seventh Annual General Manufacturing Climates study June 2, 1986
Folder 9 Economic Revitalization Tax Credit (ERTC) October 16, 1986
Folder 10 Commerce Department achievements (includes information regarding Ben Franklin Partnership) 1986
Folder 11 Foreign investment in Pennsylvania February-March, 1982
Folder 12 Travel and tourism expenditures and Pennsylvania's resulting economic growth 1986-1987
Folder 13 Business opinions on the Pennsylvania economy 1986
Folder 14 Firms and jobs in specific industries June-July, 1986
Folder 15 Venture capital in Pennsylvania April-October, 1986
Folder 16 Securities reforms and facts on the Pennsylvania Security Commission's initiatives for economic development 1986
Folder 17 Exports and international trade 1985-1986
Folder 18 Stanford Research Institute (SRI): International, Economic Development Project to help enhance economic competitiveness in the Appalachian region September-October, 1986
Folder 19 Enterprise Zone program 1983-1986
Folder 20 Economic revitalization in Pennsylvania and Michigan August 15, 1986
Folder 21 Lindsey, Robert, "Long-term woes seen for California economy," New York Times, article regarding California's economic troubles September 29, 1986
Folder 22 Pennsylvania historic employment and unemployment data and growth rate September 19, 1986
Folder 23 Manufacturing employment in Pennsylvania September 13, 1982
Folder 24 Industry-specific employment trends 1983-1986
Folder 25 Positive economic data and Pennsylvania zingers! February-November, 1986
Folder 26 Monthly employment and unemployment data and Pennsylvania rankings 1979-1987
Folder 27 Annual Inc. magazine article entitled "Rate the States," regarding states' economies October 1, 1986
Folder 28 Personal income for states May-August, 1986
Folder 29 Pennsylvania Business Survey regarding employment April-August, 1986
Folder 30 National Planning Association (NPA) employment data April 15, 1986
Folder 31 Pennsylvania's economy February-March, 1986
Folder 32 "Summary of Day Care Changes in Pennsylvania" 1979-1987
Folder 33 Walton, Mary, "Saying No to Welfare," The Philadelphia Inquirer article February, 1988
Folder 34 Rankings of employment and unemployment changes 1983-1986
Folder 35 Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) unemployment data 1986
Folder 36 Pennsylvania county unemployment data August, 1986
Folder 37 Dun and Bradstreet Corporation, data on new business incorporations for the first six months of 1986 September 12, 1986
Folder 38 Workers Compensation facts June 2, 1982
Folder 39 Job service placements and zingers! July 15, 1986
Folder 40 Bridge construction data and statistics June-August, 1982
Folder 41 Highway spending and new jobs March 19, 1982
Folder 42 Transportation information and highway program January-July, 1982
Folder 43 Motor License Fund revenues September 15, 1982
Folder 44 Highway and bridge improvements June-July, 1986
Folder 45 Allocation of revenues from recent surpluses 1983-1986
Folder 46 State credit ratings July-December, 1986
Folder 47 General fund budget increases and expenditures ca. 1982
Folder 48 Average employment, total wages, taxable wages and average annual wage by major industry group 1983-1986
Folder 49 Federal funds and expenditures June-July, 1986
Folder 50 Tax increases and budget cuts in other states 1986
Folder 51 Pennsylvania state debt June 18, 1982

Box 930
Folder 1 Fiscal management talking points April-October, 1986
Folder 2 Local property taxes 1982
Folder 3 Local school taxes July, 1982
Folder 4 Local school tax revenue increases September-October, 1982
Folder 5 Pennsylvania tax data and rankings 1984-1986
Folder 6 Local jurisdictions funding August-November, 1986
Folder 7 1977 Steel Conference recommendations and Thornburgh's implementation August, 1982
Folder 8 Pennsylvania Industrial Technology Assessment Project 1984-1985
Folder 9 Federal aid to Pennsylvania April-July, 1985
Folder 10 Pennsylvania Economy League (PEL) "Study to Analyze State Expenditures and Implications of Spending Cuts" (during Thornburgh's governorship) March, 1991
Folder 11 "Turning the Tide" program, implementation in Pennsylvania schools 1985-1987
Folder 12 Aging expenditures and zingers! June, 1982
Folder 13 Administration priorities February-March, 1986
Folder 14 "Background on Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment Efforts in Pennsylvania" July 17, 1984
Folder 15 Neighborhood Assistance Act tax credits for food and shelter 1986-1987
Folder 16 Pennsylvania's child day care system May 27, 1986
Folder 17 State aid to higher education 1986-1987
Folder 18 American Federation of Teachers (AFT) report on teacher salaries November 14, 1986
Folder 19 Expenditures and family and child welfare 1985-1986
Folder 20 "Fact sheet: early intervention programs in Pennsylvania" for handicapped preschool children 1986
Folder 21 "Pennsylvania's Initiatives to Assist the Needy" May 23, 1986
Folder 22 Medical Assistance Program expenditures December 19, 1983
Folder 23 Education expenditures 1982-1986
Folder 24 Allocations of new state revenues in the Thornburgh and Shapp administrations June 6, 1983
Folder 25 Zingers! on state spending priorities October 11, 1983
Folder 26 Status of legislation in Pennsylvania House and Senate 1984-1985
Folder 27 Legislative achievements 1979-1986
Folder 28 Budget Office review and verification of zingers! and accomplishments August-October, 1986
Folder 29 Pennsylvania summaries of state initiatives January, 1985-May, 1986
Folder 30 Summary of initiatives in 1986-1987 Budget August-September, 1986
Folder 31 Pooled Local Government Loan Program 1979-1986
Folder 32 "Comparable Worth," analysis of equal pay for women and legislation (H.B. 1130) 1979-1987
Folder 33 Local financial emergencies options, and possibility for development in Pennsylvania October 1, 1982
Folder 34 Property taxes and reform 1978-1979
Folder 35 "User's Manual to the Pennsylvania State Mandate Project" July, 1982
Folder 36 Admissions testing program of the College Board and Pennsylvania's performance May 22, 1985
Folder 37 History of state appropriations for education January 31, 1980
Folder 38 Local school tax revenue increases September-October, 1982

Box 931
Folder 1 National Education Association (NEA) report on education expenditures February-October, 1984
Folder 2 "Education of Exceptional Children," by Jack Weinstein, Chreighton Law Review, Vol. 12, No. 4 June, 1979
Folder 3 Real growth in education subsidies January 22, 1985
Folder 4 Tax increases for selected Harrisburg area school districts 1982
Folder 5 National Education Association (NEA) statistics on per pupil expenditures October 6, 1983
Folder 6 National Education Association (NEA) "Ranking of the States" October 30, 1985
Folder 7 Community colleges and technical institutions funding 1979-1987
Folder 8 "Jobs for America's Graduates," program design effort 1983-1984
Folder 9 Fact sheet and comparison of Pennsylvania's basic educational system to that of other states 1984-1985
Folder 10 "Turning the Tide" educational program publications 1983-1985
Folder 11-12 Governor's Commission on Higher Education 1984-1985
Folder 13 Role of Counties in policy setting and financing of human services July, 1983
Folder 14 "Health Occupations Training Policy for Pennsylvania" 1979-1987
Folder 15 Expanded Home Care Services for the Elderly 1979-1987
Folder 16 Governor's Task Force on Special Needs Children, includes Final Report and Recommendations dated July, 1980 1980-1983
Folder 17 Prevention of fraud in government benefit programs July 6, 1982
Folder 18 Pension funds and housing March-July, 1981
Folder 19 Coordination and consolidation of funding programs for Paratransit Service 1979-1987
Folder 20 Background material on housing problems 1979-1987
Folder 21 Governor's meeting with the Housing Task Force, and presentation of its Final Report June 8, 1983
Folder 22 Creation of a Transportation Block Grant to Counties January 10, 1983
Folder 23 "An Analysis of the State's Role in Responding to Overcrowding and Physical Plant Deficiencies in Pennsylvania's County Jails," prepared by the Office of Policy Development June 6, 1983
Folder 24 Feasibility of coordinating funding for Mental Health/Mental Retardation (MH/MR) programs June, 1984
Folder 25 Concept Paper for a Family Support Services Program for Unemployed Workers by Harold Miller May 5, 1983
Folder 26 Legal services for the poor May 8, 1981
Folder 27 "Options for Preventing and Responding to Plant Closings in Pennsylvania" November, 1983-January, 1984
Folder 28 Proposed new program and initiative regarding plant closings and economic adjustment November, 1983-January, 1984
Folder 29 Overview of state loan guarantee program August 1, 1984
Folder 30 Problems with mandatory plant closing legislation October 1, 1984
Folder 31 Changes in PIDA practices, including apparent increases in loans to small businesses March 2, 1981
Folder 32 Massachusetts Capital Resources Company 1979-1987
Folder 33 Analysis of the California Home Ownership Co-investment Program July 27, 1981
Folder 34 "Improving Pension Fund Investments in Pennsylvania" 1979-1987
Folder 35 Pennsylvania Building Code Alliance's proposed Uniform Construction Regulatory System June-August, 1981
Folder 36 "The Opportunity Funding Corporation: Possible Initiatives Worthy of Consideration in Pennsylvania" 1979-1987
Folder 37 New York state's Business Improvement District Law 1979-1987
Folder 38 "Massachusetts' Community Development Action Grant Program: Potential for Duplication in Pennsylvania" 1979-1987
Folder 39 Analysis of the House Democratic Policy Committee Report on Rural Pennsylvania April-May, 1983
Folder 40 Massachusetts' Community Business Development System (MCBDS) April, 1983
Folder 41 Analysis of S.B. 664, to create a Municipal Economic Development Agency July, 1983
Folder 42 Assessment of New Jersey's proposed "Infrastructure Bank" July 7, 1983
Folder 43 Review of the Department of Education's Analysis of Options for Reducing Teacher Strikes in Pennsylvania October-December, 1981
Folder 44 Analysis of the report "Regional Changes in Manufacturing Productivity" January 13, 1982

Box 932
Folder 1 Minnesota's study of business licensing, summary and analysis June 25, 1982
Folder 2 Cash Flow Reserve Fund proposal February 28, 1983
Folder 3 Governor's meeting with the Housing Task Force June 8, 1983
Folder 4 House Democratic Caucus "Statement of Policy" and analysis June 4, 1981
Folder 5 "A Preliminary Investigation into False Identification Fraud in Commonwealth Programs" February 22, 1982
Folder 6 "Comparison of Municipal Police Training in Pennsylvania and Other States" 1979-1987
Folder 7 "Education and Training Assistance to District Attorneys" 1979-1987
Folder 8 Prescription drug abuse, Prescription Abuse Data Synthesis (PADS) program May, 1986
Folder 9 Options for encouraging urban homesteading in Pennsylvania January 25, 1982
Folder 10 State Housing Task Force review of a Uniform Construction Regulatory System June-December, 1981
Folder 11 "Our Troubled Cities: Reality and Hope in the Urban Centers," report by the House Democratic Caucus January 30, 1984
Folder 12 Use of Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) and Community Development (CD) housing funds for rehabilitation August 31, 1982
Folder 13 Home ownership co-investment programs July-August, 1981
Folder 14 "Mental Health Policy Formulation and Knowledge: Use at the National and State Levels" by Carnegie Mellon University School of Urban and Public Affairs (SUPA) June, 1983
Folder 15 Mental Health Procedures Act (MHPA) 1979-1987
Folder 16 Summary of therapies for mental illnesses 1979-1987
Folder 17 "Evaluation of the Mental Health Procedures Act (MHPA)" by Margaret Mary Pepe 1979-1987
Folder 18 Reorganization and consolidation of the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) and the Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services (BVS) August 13, 1984
Folder 19 Funding for the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) and the Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services (BVS) November, 1983-March, 1984
Folder 20 Public school expenditures for elementary and secondary education July 29, 1983
Folder 21 Budget, inflation and taxes, achievements and zingers! February 11, 1982
Folder 22 General information on state budget July 31, 1980
Folder 23 "Putting Pennsylvania's Budget Process into Perspective," by Raymond Pepe 1979-1987
Folder 24 "Comparable Worth," possible mitigating factors and amendments to legislation 1979-1987
Folder 25 "Women and Home-based Work," by Kathleen Christensen, Social Policy Winter, 1985
Folder 26 Causes of income differentials for minority populations 1979-1987
Folder 27 Hostile tender offers July, 1984
Folder 28 Analysis of Motor Vehicle Inspection (MVI) Effectiveness by the Office of Budget and Administration (OBA) January, 1981
Folder 29 "The Role of Analysis in Government" by John Gibbons for the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) for the U.S. Congress April 9, 1981
Folder 30 Administration position on local tax reform and meeting with the Pennsylvania Association of Township Supervisors April 2, 1983
Folder 31 "The Real Estate Tax and its Administration" prepared for the Business Council of Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Economic League (PEL) March, 1983
Folder 32 Rebuttal to Commonwealth Association of Students' contentions regarding Thornburgh's record in higher education December 17, 1982
Folder 33 State support of higher education February 3, 1984
Folder 34 Oil legislation veto by Governor Thornburgh October 12, 1984
Folder 35 National Governors Association (NGA) meetings and sessions 1983-1985
Folder 36 Unemployment tax delinquency 1987-1989
Folder 37 "A Study of Act 75: The Impact of Welfare Reform" June, 1984
Folder 38 Ben Franklin Partnership 1983-1988
Folder 39 Labor and Industry weekly report material 1983-1986

Box 933
Folder 1 Labor and Industry accomplishments 1979-1988
Folder 2 "A Housing Policy for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: A Document Addressing Pennsylvania's Housing Needs for the 80s" ca. 1981
Folder 3 "Medical Assistance Cost Containment," by the Department of Public Welfare March, 1984
Folder 4 Thornburgh tort reform initiative September 23, 1986
Folder 5 Recreation Improvement and Rehabilitation Act (RIRA) January, 1987
Folder 6 Thornburgh's position on the federal revenue sharing program February 5, 1985
Folder 7 Pennsylvania Cancer Control, Prevention and Research Advisory Board 1984
Folder 8 Bell of Pennsylvania state contract 1984
Folder 9 Pennsylvania Enterprise Zones publications 1982-1983
Folder 10 Conshohocken, PA as an Enterprise Zone 1986
Folder 11 Pennsylvania economic development reports 1983-1987
Folder 12 Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and women 1988
Folder 13 National Governors Association (NGA) suggestions for health insurance plans for the unemployed July-October, 1983
Folder 14 Aid to basic education, comparison with other states 1983-1985
Folder 15 Aid to Philadelphia, PA June 14, 1985
Folder 16 Balanced Budget Amendment 1985-1986
Folder 17 Economic Development Committee (EDC) and CLIME reports 1982-1986
Folder 18 Creation of jobs during governorship 1979-1987
Folder 19 "Reducing the Cost of State Government: A Report on Cost Reduction to the Taxpayers of Pennsylvania" 1979-1986
Folder 20 Awards presented to Thornburgh from agencies, groups and other associations 1982-1988
Folder 21 "Transforming Pennsylvania's Mental Retardation System: The Thornburgh Years" April, 1988
Folder 22 Rebuilding the Pittsburgh Midfield International Airport, information and press kit 1988-1991
Folder 23 Philadelphia Shipyard 1988-1991
Folder 24 American Petroleum Institute issues 1988-1991
Folder 25 Notch babies issue 1991
Folder 26 Bethlehem Steel Corporation and the steel industry 1981-1991
Folder 27 R. P. Simmons, chairman of the board of Allegheny Ludlum Corporation, regarding trade laws and negotiations 1991
Folder 28 Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association (REA), regarding "60 Minutes" segment on the REA October 28, 1991

Box 934
Folder 1 "Science, Technology and Congress: Analysis and Advice from the Congressional Support Agencies," a report from the Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology and Government October, 1991
Folder 2 "Governor's Annual Work Force Report" 1987
Folder 3 Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) annual report 1985-1986
Folder 4 "Choices for Pennsylvanians: Final Summary" June, 1986
Folder 5 "Pennsylvania's Economic Development and Community Conservation Strategy," budget and policy brief 1984
Folder 6 Ben Franklin Partnership Challenge Grant Program for Technological Innovation: 48 month Progress Report March, 1983-February, 1987
Folder 7 "The Economic Development Partnership Board, Committee on the Housing Industry briefing book" 1988
Folder 8 "Economic Impact of the Philadelphia Naval Base and Shipyard on the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area," prepared by the Pennsylvania Economy League (PEL) October, 1990
Folder 9 Thornburgh's record with the Pennsylvania Builders Association 1979-1987
Folder 10 Project VOTE! and Governor Thornburgh's attempt to bar voter registration drives inside state government offices 1984-1986
Folder 11 Community-based housing policy March-August, 1981
Folder 12 Long-term housing for the homeless 1984
Folder 13 White House and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Cost Reduction Projects 1980
Folder 14 Implementation of selected Governor's Housing Task Force recommendations September, 1983
Folder 15 Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) initiatives 1985-1986
Folder 16 ACIR Balanced Budget Amendment recommendations June, 1987
Folder 17 "The Three Mile Island (TMI) Experience: Ten Lessons in Emergency Management," Governor Thornburgh's address to Duke University April 18, 1985
Folder 18 Annual and monthly unemployment rate rankings May 25, 1982
Folder 19 Abortion and family planning 1981-1991
Folder 20 Federal and state Job Training Partnership Acts (JTPA) and Customized Job Training (CJT) programs 1983-1991
Folder 21 Rockwell International New Castle planned plant closing November, 1991
Folder 22 Dangerous Juvenile Offenders (DJO) strategy and legislation 1985
Folder 23 Testimony on Dangerous Juvenile Offenders (DJO) legislation September, 1985
Folder 24 Medicaid co-payments regulations and proposals 1983-1984

Box 935
Folder 1 Idea for "Pennsylvania War on Drugs" December, 1982-April, 1984
Folder 2 Pennsylvania crime statistics 1981-1983
Folder 3 House Democratic Caucus "Statement of Policy" and analysis April-May, 1981
Folder 4 Transportation block grant to Counties ("Paratransit Project") June, 1982-January, 1983
Folder 5 Possible state actions relating to asbestos May 3, 1985
Folder 6 Reducing high school sports injury in Pennsylvania July, 1981
Folder 7 Meeting with Department of Public Works (DPW) regarding community mental health/mental retardation (MH/MR) and budget needs July, 1983
Folder 8 Indigent care and health care cost containment September, 1985-June, 1986
Folder 9 National Study Group on State Medicaid Strategies January 2, 1984
Folder 10 United Services Agency (USA) transportation system May, 1983
Folder 11 Philadelphia: Past, Present and Future project 1982
Folder 12 "Demographic Trends: Past, Present and Future," a speech delivered to the Republican Governors' Association (RGA) by Vincent P. Barbara, Director of the U.S. Bureau of the Census November-December, 1980
Folder 13 "Legislative Update: An Update Report of the October 2, 1979 Legislative Message of Dick Thornburgh" September 17, 1980
Folder 14 Business Council economic development proposal April, 1984-April, 1986
Folder 15 Democrat "PREPARE" initiative for job training January-February, 1986
Folder 16 Job training legislation September-November, 1986
Folder 17 Criteria for the use of the Sunny Day Fund January-August, 1986

Box 936
Folder 1 Use of pension funds for venture capital September 23, 1985
Folder 2 Plant closing legislation and strategies 1983-1986
Folder 3 Business production opportunities in Pennsylvania extended to corporations, including Saturn February, 1985
Folder 4 Pennsylvania Securities Commission August-September, 1982
Folder 5 Criticisms of Belden Daniels' consultative work to states 1982
Folder 6 "Governing the States: Reflections of Duke University's Gubernatorial Fellows," Capital Ideas newsletter of the National Governors' Association (NGA) November 1, 1986
Folder 7 Labor and Industry, Evaluation of the Joint Departments of Labor and Industry/Public Welfare/Education Initiative to Increase Service to Welfare Recipients September 8, 1987
Folder 8 Economic development in Pennsylvania January-August, 1987
Folder 9 "Report to the Allegheny Board of Commissioners for the Economic Revitalization of the Monongahela, Youghiogheny, and Turtle Creek Valleys," prepared by the Mon Valley Commission February, 1987
Folder 10 Clifford Jones, president of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce, article and budget report February, 1986
Folder 11 Economic "scene" for service jobs 1985-1986
Folder 12 Comparison of Pennsylvania economy to that of other Northeast states August, 1985-March, 1986
Folder 13 "Road to Renaissance: Growth Industries for Pennsylvania," prepared by the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce April-June, 1986
Folder 14 Asbestos in schools September 10, 1986
Folder 15 Department of Health Maternal and Child Health (MCH) funds 1985-1986
Folder 16 Pennsylvania health services for children 1983-1986
Folder 17 Chronically ill children, studies and research 1983-1985
Folder 18 Analysis of personal care boarding homes (PCBHs) November-December, 1986
Folder 19 S.B. 337, regarding personal care boarding homes (PCBHs) November-December, 1986
Folder 20 "A Study of 1982 Transfers to Criminal Court in Pennsylvania," prepared by the Juvenile Court Judges Commission April 17, 1984
Folder 21 National Governors' Association (NGA) meetings regarding various issues 1982-1983
Folder 22 National Governors' Association (NGA) meetings regarding criminal justice, talking points for Governor Thornburgh July 30, 1984
Folder 23 NGA Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Protection February 25, 1985
Folder 24 "Charting a Course for Services to Serious Youthful Offenders: Initial Findings of a Survey of Judges, Chief Juvenile Probation Officers, and District Attorneys regarding Serious Youth Offenders in Pennsylvania, prepared by the Pennsylvania DPW April 18-19, 1984

Box 937
Folder 1 Statistics on Dangerous Juvenile Offenders (DJOs) January-February, 1986
Folder 2 Questions and answers regarding Governor Thornburgh's Proposal to Crack Down on Dangerous Juvenile Offenders (DJOs), and legislation S.B. 838 March-September, 1985
Folder 3 Achievements and zingers! for Northwest Pennsylvania 1981-1986
Folder 4 Governor's appearances in Northwest Pennsylvania 1980
Folder 5 State assistance to Philadelphia, PA 1978-1982
Folder 6 "Factors Influencing the Economic Development of Pennsylvania," prepared by Wharton Applied Research Center (ARC) September, 1979
Folder 7 Pennsylvania's sensitivity to the business cycle March 25, 1982
Folder 8 Contracting of minority businesses January, 1985
Folder 9 "Select Comments on Public Planning and Actions to Revitalize the Northeast with Special Attention to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania," by Pat Choate ca. 1979
Folder 10 "Choosing a Place to Grow: Business Location Decisions in the 1970s," by David Birch January, 1981
Folder 11 "Economic Development Programs in Three District States (Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey): Three Approaches," by Eleanor Craig, Business Review September-October, 1983
Folder 12 "Human and Research Development Resources for Advanced Technology in Pennsylvania," by Robert Coy and the Pennsylvania MILRITE Council ca. 1979
Folder 13 "Silicon, Sensors and Software: Listening to Advanced Technology Enterprises in Pennsylvania," a report by the Pennsylvania MILRITE Council July, 1983
Folder 14 Inc. magazine's small business climate ratings October, 1982
Folder 15 Job training funds July, 1981
Folder 16 "Analysis of Worksharing Concept and Feasibility for Use in Pennsylvania," prepared by the Office of Policy Development (OPD) December 13, 1982
Folder 17 Youth employment programs 1980
Folder 18 Summary of H.B. 402, Usury deregulation legislation January-March, 1985
Folder 19 Pennsylvania banks, state v. national chartering May-June, 1984
Folder 20 "Overcoming the Limits to Personnel Cutbacks: Lessons Learned in Pennsylvania," by Bob Wilburn 1980
Folder 21 Tax incentives to encourage technological innovation 1980-1981
Folder 22 Employment changes in Pennsylvania January, 1981
Folder 23 Foreign investment in Pennsylvania March 26, 1982
Folder 24 "Balloon" interest and principal repayment on PIDA loans August 23, 1982
Folder 25 Municipal Economic Development Agency (MEDA) bill, S.B. 664, H.B. 1751, S.B. 1151 1983-1984
Folder 26 "Economic Development in Pennsylvania," prepared by Council for Community Development for Senator James Lloyd 1982

Box 938
Folder 1 Office of Policy Development (OPD) reports on various issues, including lead-based paint, Head Start program, rental assistance, and child day care 1983-1986
Folder 2 Securities market and legislation 1986
Folder 3 Low income and public assistance projects 1983-1986
Folder 4 "Final report of the Environment/Energy Transition Study Team" for Governor-elect Dick Thornburgh 28-Dec-78
Folder 5 Environment/Energy Transition Study Team, background materials 28-Dec-78
Folder 6 "Pennsylvania's Future: Issues and Choices, Volume 1," a report by the Pennsylvania State Planning Board December, 1978
Folder 7 "Pennsylvania's Future: Issues and Choices, Volume 2," a report by the Pennsylvania State Planning Board December, 1978
Folder 8 "A Land Policy Program for Pennsylvania: A Final Policy Report," prepared by the Office of State Planning and Development March, 1978
Folder 9 Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission Biennial Report 1984-1986
Folder 10 "Management of Subsidized Day Care in Allegheny County: Report to the Pennsylvania Department of Public Works (DPW)" November 3, 1986
Folder 11 CEO Venture Fund, proposal for the Ben Franklin Partnership Seed Capital Fund Program November 25, 1986
Folder 12 "Adolescent Pregnancy in Pennsylvania: Prevention and Care, Toward a Statewide Plan," by Lulu Mae Nix (includes other teenage pregnancy materials) 1985-1987

Box 939
Folder 1 "Program and Policy Options for the Chronically Unemployed," by Demetra Smith Nightingale September 18, 1984
Folder 2 "Strategies for Reducing Infant Mortality in Pennsylvania," by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Ad. Hoc. Infant Mortality Community December 11, 1985
Folder 3 "The Tide is Turning: A Progress Report on the Agenda for Excellence in Pennsylvania Public Schools," by the Department of Education 1986
Folder 4 "Work and Welfare," State Services Program Brief by the National Governors' Association (NGA) November, 1986
Folder 5 "'Pennsylvania Vital Statistics, Annual Report, 1987," by the Department of Health May, 1989
Folder 6 "Pennsylvania Natality and Mortality Statistics," by the Department of Health and Health Data Center July 1, 1978
Folder 7 York 2000 Commission 1986
Folder 8 Governor-elect Thornburgh's address to the Pennsylvania Society 1978
Folder 9 Mental Health/Mental Retardation (MH/MR) payment and emergency hospital admissions 1984
Folder 10 Centralized intake and case management demonstration project October, 1986
Folder 11 "A Sunset Performance Audit of the State Civil Service Commission" November, 1986
Folder 12 "Survey of State and Local Government Expenditures for Low Income Persons" and Pennsylvania's response August-October, 1986
Folder 13 Governor's Statewide Block Grant Advisory Committee, final report December, 1983
Folder 14 "A Republican Environmental Agenda," a lecture by Governor Thomas Kean May 13, 1986
Folder 15 "Policy Analysis Background Briefing Paper: Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA), Long Term Effect on Pennsylvania's Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) Program" August 13, 1984
Folder 16 "Feasibility of a Block Grant to Counties for Handicapped Persons in Pennsylvania," by Ed Geiger undated
Folder 17 "Enhancing the Operational Efficiency of Pennsylvania's Securities Markets: The Revised Pennsylvania Securities Act (RPSA)" October 1, 1983
Folder 18 Policy paper on distressed communities January 27, 1986
Folder 19 National Governors' Association (NGA) Transition Assistance Program for the end of the Thornburgh administration October, 1986
Folder 20 Bills awaiting Governor Thornburgh's signature July-December, 1986
Folder 21 Providing assistance to the homeless July 24, 1986
Folder 22 ACIR Fiscal Discipline Report December 22, 1986
Folder 23 "The Medical Assistance Hospital Protective Payment System," by the Department of Public Works (DPW) February, 1986
Folder 24 "Annual Report to the Governor, 1984-1985, and Governor's Coordination of Special Services Plan, 1986-1988," by the State Job Training Coordinating Council June, 1986
Folder 25 "What's Ahead for Pennsylvania's Economy? A Report on a Conference of Pennsylvania's Economic Future" April 19, 1983
Folder 26 "Demographic Trends and Human Service Choices for Pennsylvanians," by Gordon F. DeJong 1983-1986
Folder 27 Infant Mortality Conference, Princeton, NJ August 15-16, 1985
Folder 28 Reports on economic performance and education by the Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology and Government September, 1991
Folder 29 "In Search of Proper Balance," National Symposium on Civil Justice April 30-May 1, 1986

Box 940
Folder 1 "Escape from the Underclass" study July 20, 1984
Folder 2 "Capital Markets and Competitive Decline," by Richard Ellsworth, reprinted from the Harvard Business Review September-October, 1985
Folder 3 Wenger, Michael of the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), prepared remarks to the National Governors' Association (NGA) Committee on Economic Development and Technological Innovation meeting, Hilton Head Island, SC August 25, 1986
Folder 4 County Boards of Assistance, Dauphin, Berks and Bedford Counties, PA 1983-1985
Folder 5 "Social Policy," by House Wednesday Group November 13, 1985
Folder 6 Report of Subcommittee on Economic Development Tools October 22, 1985
Folder 7 Materials on workforce and business from Edward Donley of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. September 19, 1991
Folder 8 "Enhancing the Operational Efficiency of Pennsylvania's Securities Markets: Reforming the Pennsylvania Securities Act," for the Senate Republican Caucus Policy Committee February 1, 1986
Folder 9 "Pension Funds and Economic Development: How Public and Private Pension Funds Can Contribute to the Pennsylvania Economy," by the Pennsylvania MILRITE Council March, 1983
Folder 10 Options and strategies for addressing plant closings in Pennsylvania January, 1984
Folder 11 Emergency Aid to Financially Distressed Communities, S.B. 1249 and S.B. 1143 1985
Folder 12 Early Warning System (EWS) for fiscal distress, proposals and legislation January-November, 1986
Folder 13-15 Securities law reform 1979-1987
Folder 16 Dangerous Juvenile Offenders (DJO) legislation, S.B. 838 1985-1986
Folder 17 Anti-drug efforts August 1, 1986
Folder 18 Victims of crime May-June, 1986
Folder 19 Criminal justice zingers! 1986-1987
Folder 20 State aid to counties 1986

Box 941
Folder 1 Local government talking points April-August, 1986
Folder 2 Amendments to the Parole Act 1983-1984
Folder 3 Pennsylvania efforts on behalf of women 1979-1987
Folder 4 Analysis of the "Women's and Children's Budget" February 7, 1985
Folder 5 Radon update July 30, 1986
Folder 6 Background on drug law enforcement in Pennsylvania July, 1984
Folder 7 "Elder Abuse Prevention," a report by the Task Force on Elderly Crime Prevention June 7, 1983
Folder 8 Goals of sentencing modification 1979-1987
Folder 9 Criminal justice expenditures July 22, 1982
Folder 10 Crime rate changes in Pennsylvania March 18, 1982
Folder 11 Impact of federal finances on Pennsylvania 1984-1985
Folder 12 Veterans and agriculture initiatives July 17, 1986
Folder 13 Assistance to urban areas August 6, 1986
Folder 14 "Pennsylvania Firsts," prepared by the Office of the Budget undated
Folder 15 Utility statistics May 19, 1986
Folder 16 "Analysis of Allegheny County's Proposed Revisions in State Regulatory Mandates" 1979-1987
Folder 17 Housing September 8, 1986
Folder 18 Voluntary repayment of advances from Federal Unemployment Compensation Loan Fund May, 1986
Folder 19 County expenditure reports June-September, 1986
Folder 20 Education and training assistance to District Attorneys January-March, 1983
Folder 21 Education program audits with corrections June 26, 1980
Folder 22 District Attorneys Commission 1981-1983
Folder 23 Gun control 1973-1988
Folder 24 Generalized Aptitude Test Battery for Selection and Referral in Employment and Training Programs, and the race norming issue July, 1990-September, 1991
Folder 25 Foreign aid 1990-1991
Folder 26 Pennsylvania's involvement in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and relations with Mexico 1991
Folder 27 "Economic Blueprint for Pennsylvania," Pennsylvania Senate Republican initiative February-July, 1991
Folder 28 Walt Plosila's ideas for economic development in Pennsylvania ca. 1985
Folder 29 Duquesne Light Company, power plant reactivation and transmission line initiative to spend new capital investments August 28, 1991
Folder 30 Pittsburgh's Dropout Prevention program September 23, 1991
Folder 31 National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and impact in Pennsylvania September, 1991
Folder 32 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh district, proposed corps reorganization study September 6, 1991
Folder 33 "The Big Picture: A Show About Allegheny County," informational packet September 18, 1991

Box 942
Folder 1 Medical Malpractice Reform 1986
Folder 2 "An Analysis of the Jobs-At-Risk Associated with Mandated Employer Health Insurance," report by the Partnership on Health Care and Employment November, 1991
Folder 3-5 Health insurance, medical care and health policy 1987-1991
Folder 6 Senator John Heinz statements on health care 1986-1991
Folder 7 Pennsylvania state tuition increases 1991
Folder 8 Pennsylvania budget and taxes 1991-1992
Folder 9 Tax increases in other states August 29, 1991
Folder 10 State unemployment rates 1986-1991
Folder 11 Pennsylvania tax reform legislation 1991
Folder 12 Crime and the Pennsylvania criminal justice system 1973

Section: Federal Issues, including Thornburgh's Attorney General Record

Folder 13 Public relations policies and "leaks" at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) 1989
Folder 14 Background on the specialty steel industry in the United States undated
Folder 15 Thornburgh's finances "flap" 1988-1991
Folder 16 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) modernization project July 31, 1991
Folder 17 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) 1991
Folder 18 Fire and emergency services 1991
Folder 19 Medicare physician reimbursement August 3, 1991
Folder 20 Questions and answers for Attorney General Thornburgh regarding his record at the Department of Justice (DOJ) July 19, 1991
Folder 21 American Civil Liberties Union, "flap" October, 1988

Box 943
Folder 1 Bank of Credit Commerce International (BCCI) investigation 1988-1991
Folder 2 Bank of Credit Commerce International (BCCI) investigation, links to Senate Democrats July, 1991
Folder 3 Civil justice reform August-September, 1991
Folder 4 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) March, 1990-May, 1991
Folder 5 Comprehensive American Health Care Act of U.S. Senate (S.B. 454) February, 1991
Folder 6 AIDS 1988-1991
Folder 7 National debt September 28, 1991
Folder 8 U.S. economy 1986
Folder 9 Emergency Economic Growth and Job Creation Act July-September, 1991
Folder 10 Positions on family and medical leave September-October, 1991
Folder 11 Federal export programs September, 1991
Folder 12 House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt's views on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) May-October, 1991
Folder 13 Attorney General's responsibilities in the Department of Justice (DOJ) 1989-1991
Folder 14 Attorney General Thornburgh's resignation letter to President Bush August 9, 1991
Folder 15 Thornburgh's adoption program for the Department of Justice (DOJ) October 5, 1989
Folder 16 Activities of the Antitrust Division August 27, 1991
Folder 17 Asset forfeiture criticisms and talking points August 27, 1991
Folder 18 Asylum regulations July 18, 1990
Folder 19 President Bush's remarks to the Fraternal Order of Police August 14, 1991
Folder 20 Office of the Attorney General (OAG) redecorating "flap" August 1, 1991
Folder 21 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request regarding furnishing of the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) October 3, 1990
Folder 22 Exxon Valdez oil spill July 22, 1991
Folder 23 "The Growing International Role of the Justice Department," article by Attorney General Thornburgh, World Affairs Journal: A Compendium, Vol. 1, No. 1 April 24, 1989
Folder 24 Remarks of Attorney General Thornburgh at his Farewell Ceremony August 15, 1991
Folder 25 Favorable quotes and articles regarding Thornburgh's record as Attorney General August 1, 1991
Folder 26 Thornburgh's achievements as Attorney General 1988-1991
Folder 27 Thornburgh's speeches as Attorney General (selected) 1988-1991
Folder 28 News releases regarding Thornburgh as Attorney General (selected) 1988-1991
Folder 29 Thornburgh's record as Attorney General 1988-1991

Box 944
Folder 1 Don Bailey, Auditor General, and Hubco Ford Truck Sales "flap" 1987-1988
Folder 2 Attorney General Nomination Hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee August 5, 1988
Folder 3 Domestic Policy Council (DPC) status reports and policy initiatives 1990-1991
Folder 4 Inslaw case 1990-1991
Folder 5 Irish Republican Army (IRA), Joseph Doherty political asylum and deportation 1989-1991
Folder 6 Organized Crime Strike Forces April, 1989
Folder 7 Pornography, child exploitation and obscenity 1989-1991
Folder 8 Thornburgh Recusals February, 1989-June, 1990
Folder 9 Savings and Loan scandal accomplishments July-October, 1991
Folder 10 Bank of Credit Commerce International (BCCI) and Savings and Loan 1988-1991
Folder 11 Sentencing Commission guidelines October, 1990-August, 1991
Folder 12 "Stonewall Congress" 1990-1991
Folder 13 Thornburgh and airplane travel "flap" August-September, 1991
Folder 14 Drug allegations regarding son of the Attorney General August, 1990
Folder 15 "Weed and Seed" reform to prevent illegal drug use and drug trafficking August-October, 1991
Folder 16 Wichita, KS case August-September, 1991
Folder 17 Worklife Policy May 17, 1991
Folder 18 U.S. Congress ethics related issues 1991
Folder 19 Positions of Senator John Heinz on issues, including legislation sponsored by him 1981-1991
Folder 20 National Governors' Association (NGA) recommendations on Social Security 1981-1987
Folder 21 Tony Grosso 1978-1991

Section: Campaign Issues Background

Box 945
Folder 1 Past positions on issues 1970-1991
Folder 2 Positions on issues, with overview July 15, 1991
Folder 3 Federal budget cuts August 5, 1991
Folder 4 Tax cuts proposal September 28, 1991
Folder 5 Wetlands policy September-October, 1991
Folder 6 Environment September, 1991
Folder 7 Clarence Thomas October 15, 1991
Folder 8 Pornography September, 1991
Folder 9 Striker replacement September-October, 1991
Folder 10 Bank of Credit Commerce International (BCCI), crime, civil rights, and former Deputy Attorney General Donald Ayer September-October, 1991
Folder 11 Israel September 23, 1991
Folder 12 Philadelphians for Good Government (PGG) poll October 28, 1991
Folder 13 Political reports and publications (includes Pennsylvania Report) June-September, 1991

Section: Research on Governor Robert Casey and his Gubernatorial Record

Folder 14 1990-1991 Budget 1990-1991
Folder 15 Tax portions of the 1991-1992 Budget 1991-1992
Folder 16 Casey's "negative" initiatives July 15, 1991
Folder 17 Attacks on Thornburgh September 6, 1991
Folder 18 Worker's Compensation program March-June, 1987
Folder 19 Cabinet appointments 1987
Folder 20 Ben Franklin Partnership cuts April-August, 1991
Folder 21 Health Care Task Force undated
Folder 22 Environment programs July 6, 1990
Folder 23 Economic development 1987-1989
Folder 24 William Keisling, chief of staff, bond counsel 1987-1989
Folder 25 Unemployment Compensation fund 1988-1991
Folder 26 Proposals and initiatives, in campaign and early in gubernatorial term 1986-1987
Folder 27 Newspaper clippings regarding Casey's 1986 campaign, election and victory May-December, 1986

Section: Harold Miller Campaign Files

Folder 28 Assistance for Workers Under the Trade Act of 1974 undated
Folder 29 Miscellaneous research on Wofford and Thornburgh positions and general campaign information 1991
Folder 30 Information on Arlen Specter and Carl Feldbaum July-September, 1991
Folder 31 Katie True, of Pennsylvania's AWARE program, request for Harold Miller to visit Lancaster County August 26, 1991
Folder 32 Federal Election Commission's complaints against the Thornburgh campaign October 8, 1991
Folder 33 Harold Miller's meeting with Bob Benko, regarding Pennsylvania statistics July 22, 1991
Folder 34 Status of projects in the Policy Development Office in Pennsylvania July 17, 1991
Folder 35 Senator John Heinz legacy undated
Folder 36 PennDOT maintenance workers furlough issue September-October, 1991

Box 946
Folder 1 Americans for Tax Reform pledge September 17, 1991
Folder 2 Thornburgh at Kirkpatrick and Lockhart (K&L) September 5, 1991
Folder 3 Robert Kennedy (Attorney General) makes bid for Senate seat 1964
Folder 4 Legislative agenda at the U.S. Senate May 10, 1991
Folder 5 112th Air National Guard Unit September-October, 1991
Folder 6 Matries Coal Company mine loan September, 1991
Folder 7 Trade bill 1989-1991
Folder 8 Capital gains 1989-1991
Folder 9 Striker replacement July-September, 1991
Folder 10 "Border adjustable" taxes September 4, 1991
Folder 11 President Bush's tax proposal October 8, 1991
Folder 12 Possible tax initiative August 30, 1991
Folder 13 Working Family Tax Relief Act September 9, 1991
Folder 14 Tax relief to families with working children July 27, 1991
Folder 15 Expiring tax credits 1991
Folder 16 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) 1990-1991
Folder 17 Senator Lloyd Bentsen tax cut proposal October 25, 1991
Folder 18 Thornburgh accomplishments in international trade 1983-1986
Folder 19 Problems with the Shared Ride program March 20, 1986
Folder 20 Congressional ethics 1989-1991
Folder 21 State Workmen's Insurance Fund (SWIF) February 1, 1991
Folder 22 Tax increases, New Jersey v. Pennsylvania August 19, 1991
Folder 23 International League of Human Rights May 15, 1991
Folder 24 Edmund Reggie indictment (Savings and Loan) August 30-September 14, 1991
Folder 25 Pennsylvania Statewide survey by Millersville University, Center for Politics and Public Affairs October 29, 1991
Folder 26 World federalism August 29, 1991

Section: Campaign Controversies

Folder 27 Thornburgh administration phone bill "flap" May-July, 1986
Folder 28 Jack Nard "flap" 1967-1988
Folder 29 Governor's Mansion usage "flap" January, 1983
Folder 30 Transportation and security for Thornburgh's sons "flap" 1984-1986
Folder 31 Cheese "flap" and food surpluses 1983-1986
Folder 32 Capitol addition "flap" 1986-1987
Folder 33 Bond counsel and lawyers "flap" 1984-1988

Section: Clippings regarding the Senate Race and Various Issues

Folder 34-36 1978-1991

Subseries 9. Oppositions Research, Harris Wofford

Scope and Content Notes:

Thornburgh's opponent, Senator Harris Wofford, previously had served under Pennsylvania Governor Robert Casey as Secretary of Labor and Industry (L & I) from 1987-1991. Then, after U.S. Senator John Heinz (PA) died in May 1991, Governor Casey appointed Wofford to fill Heinz' seat, until a special election could be held to elect a new Pennsylvania Senator. Wofford had also been an aide in the Kennedy administration and was the former president of Pennsylvania's Bryn Mawr College. Thornburgh was not impressed with Governor Casey's choice of the 65-year-old Secretary as U.S. Senate candidate, saying, "I knew Wofford slightly and regarded him as a classic 1960s liberal; he had a distinguished record in the civil rights area but was hardly a powerhouse candidate for the 1990s. Media reaction to the appointment was similar" ( Evidence, p.300).

Harold Miller, the primary researcher for the campaign, was responsible for providing information and research about Wofford, his record as president of Bryn Mawr, as secretary in the Casey Administration and as interim U.S. Senator. Harold Miller's other issue research will be found in the "Issue research" materials in this campaign.

The Opposition research materials are organized as follows: 1) Wofford's record, research on his life in public service, as president of Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania Labor and Industry Secretary, and U.S. Senator; 2) Wofford's positions on issues, as used in his campaign; 3) "The Campaign," core group of Wofford campaign planning materials, including finances, advertisements, debates, and endorsements; 4) Clippings, from Wofford's years under Governor Casey up and including this election.

Section: Research on Wofford's Record

Section: Pre-gubernatorial Record: President of Bryn Mawr College and Kennedy Administration

Box 947
Folder 1 Bryn Mawr College: budgets and deficits 1970-1977
Folder 2 Bryn Mawr College, budgets for the President's office 1972-1974
Folder 3 Bryn Mawr College, General fund, gifts and unrestricted resources 1955-1974
Folder 4 Bryn Mawr College, financing, investments and endowments 1970-1976
Folder 5 Bryn Mawr College, Treasurer's Preliminary Report on Operations 1971-1976
Folder 6 Bryn Mawr College and other community college tuition rates 1969-1977
Folder 7 Solicitation of funds from Adnan Khashoggi, prominent international arms dealer and orchestrator of the Iranian arms scandal 1970-1978
Folder 8 Lemann, Nicholas, "The Unfinished War," The Atlantic, Wofford's record with the Kennedy administration December, 1988

Section: Record as Pennsylvania Secretary of Labor and Industry under Governor Robert Casey

Folder 9 Secretary Wofford's testimony before the Pennsylvania State Senate Committee of Appropriations, budget hearings for the Department of Labor and Industry 1987-1991
Folder 10 Labor record 1987-1991
Folder 11 Illegal use of federal funds to send Casey Administration public relations letter to 235,000 employers in Pennsylvania March-May, 1990
Folder 12 PennSERVE program for job training and community service 1989-1991
Folder 13 Resignation letter to serve as U.S. Senator after the death of Senator John Heinz May 8, 1991

Section: Record as Appointive U.S. Senator and Related Materials

Folder 14 Governor Casey's announcement speech that Wofford replace Senator John Heinz in the U.S. Senate May 8, 1991
Folder 15 Remarks made on the floor of the U.S. Senate May 9-October 8, 1991
Folder 16 Voting record in the U.S. Senate July-October, 1991
Folder 17 Vote on Department of Transportation appropriations that cost Pennsylvania 14 million dollars in federal highway funds September 18, 1991
Folder 18 Sponsored and co-sponsored bills May-October, 1991
Folder 19 "Waste Watch" rating in the Senate, by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) 1991
Folder 20 Wofford making commitments of position on National Energy Security Act in return for efforts to secure funds for campaign November 1, 1991
Folder 21 Allegheny Busway Project campaign fraud September 12, 1991
Folder 22 Memorandum regarding Wofford and Peace Corps August 29, 1991

Box 948
Folder 1 "Spare Us from Harris: Senator Harris Llewellyn Wofford Fact Book," prepared by the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania September-October, 1991
Folder 2 Negative facts about Wofford's record 1991

Section: Campaign Positions

Folder 3 Abortion July 18, 1991
Folder 4 Agriculture 1991
Folder 5 Capital gain tax cuts September 20, 1991
Folder 6 Civil disobedience: Wofford's remarks to the American Bar Association (ABA) August 6, 1968
Folder 7 Civil Rights Bill October 29, 1991
Folder 8 Drug kingpins June-October, 1991
Folder 9 Environment October 23, 1991
Folder 10 Environment Crimes Bill October 10, 1991
Folder 11 Gun control May 25, 1991
Folder 12 Higher education September-October, 1991
Folder 13 Israel June 17, 1991
Folder 14 Military base closings September 11, 1991
Folder 15 Miscellaneous positions August-September, 1991
Folder 16 National health insurance October 31, 1991
Folder 17 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and "fast track" September, 1991
Folder 18 Nuclear arms race and California Democrat Alan Cranston 1983
Folder 19 Pornography September 20, 1991
Folder 20 Product Liability Reform Act October 29, 1991
Folder 21 Striker replacements August-September, 1991
Folder 22 Union County, PA and hazardous waste November 1, 1991
Folder 23 Women 1968-1991

Section: The Campaign" (Wofford)

Folder 24 Democratic Party platform 1980-1984
Folder 25 Hiring James Carville as campaign consultant 1991
Folder 26 Campaign staff July 29, 1991
Folder 27 Poll conducted by Petts Research, Inc. August-September, 1991
Folder 28 Campaign contributions October 22, 1991
Folder 29 Fundraising events September 16, 1991
Folder 30 Finances and income June-September, 1991
Folder 31 Campaign funds and receipts 1991
Folder 32 Citizens for Senator Wofford memoranda 1991
Folder 33 Books and articles by and about Wofford 1946-1991
Folder 34 Attacks on Thornburgh: "burning records" "flap" 1987
Folder 35 Attacks on Thornburgh, false advertising September 3, 1991
Folder 36 Attacks on Thornburgh, negative advertising and campaign bulletins October-November, 1991
Folder 37 Attacks on Thornburgh, involvement in the Bank of Credit Commerce International (BCCI) scandal 1988-1991
Folder 38 Pro-Wofford advertisements 1991
Folder 39 Anti-Wofford advertisements 1991
Folder 40 Debate between Thornburgh and Senator Wofford October 18, 1991
Folder 41 Endorsements for Senator Wofford 1991

Section: News Clippings regarding Campaign and Election

Folder 42-44 May-December, 1991

Subseries 10. News Clippings

Scope and Content Notes:

The news clippings here are extensive, despite the short period of the campaign, August 1991-November 1991. Here the researcher will find articles from several newsgathering sources making up three sections: daily clippings about the election including prospectively (April 1991-November), Republican Rumbles (April 1991-March 1992), and AM/PM clippings (from the Department of Justice, August-November). While the time period is brief, these articles will provide researchers with complete documentation of the daily ups and downs and issues of the campaign. All three sections are arranged chronologically.

Box 949
Folder 1-9 Daily Clippings April-October 28, 1991

Box 950
Folder 1-2 Daily Clippings October 29-November, 1991
Folder 3 Campaign Cartoons Fall, 1991
Folder 4 Daily Clippings undated
Folder 5-6 Republican Rumbles April-May, 1991

Box 951
Folder 1-5 Republican Rumbles June-September, 1991

Box 952
Folder 1-3 Republican Rumbles October-December, 1991

Box 953
Folder 1-3 Republican Rumbles January-March, 1992

Box 954
Folder 1-4 DOJ: AM/PM's August-November, 1991

Subseries 11. Ephemera

Scope and Content Notes:

The files contain all the typical campaign ephemera, including buttons, fliers, bumper stickers and brochures.

Box 955
Folder 1 Memorabilia, ephemera and Thornburgh stationery 1991
Folder 2 Buttons, brochures, handouts and bumper stickers 1991

Subseries 12. Kirkpatrick and Lockhart (K & L)

Scope and Content Notes:

After Thornburgh resigned as Attorney General to run for the U.S. Senate seat, he rejoined Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, as he had done in the past when not holding public service positions. Thus the files contain some campaign related materials, from August-November 1991, but also event, trip and correspondence files from following the election. Of note is the fact that having lost the election, Thornburgh naturally was expecting to remain with the law firm. However, as with his career in the past, he was not expecting the call which came from President Bush, on February 3, 1992, stating "I'm not sure if this is something you would be interested in, but we need some help at the United Nations" ( Evidence, p. 316).

The files are primarily correspondence, event, and schedule related. They include both the campaign, and the post election period, prior to Thornburgh's subsequent naming as Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, in February.

Of note are the files from the Rome Vatican-sponsored conference on drug and alcohol abuse. Experts from around the world attended and the trip gave Ginny Thornburgh the opportunity to start developing the agenda for the November 1992 disability conference. Also of particular interest are the files from Thornburgh's debate before the distinguished Oxford Union Society, entitled "This House Believes that British Citizens Need a Bill of Rights."

Section: Correspondence

Box 956
Folder 1-6 Pre-election congratulatory correspondence from miscellaneous persons April-September, 1991
Folder 7 Pre-election congratulatory correspondence from ambassadors and foreign dignitaries May-September, 1991
Folder 8 Pre-election congratulatory correspondence from US Attorneys August, 1991
Folder 9 Pre-election congratulatory correspondence from Washington DC persons August, 1991
Folder 10-12 Event Correspondence September, 1991-March, 1992
Folder 13-14 Event Regrets 1991-1992

Box 957
Folder 1 Event Regrets 1991-1992
Folder 2-3 Miscellaneous Correspondence 1991-1992
Folder 4-6 Chronological Correspondence September, 1991-February, 1992
Folder 7-9 Alphabetical Correspondence: A-C 1991-1992

Box 958
Folder 1-18 Alphabetical Correspondence: D-Z 1991-1992

Section: Post-election Schedules and Events

Folder 19 Long range schedules November 11, 1991-April 5, 1992
Folder 20 Conference on "Doing Business in Central and Eastern Europe," keynote address by Dick Thornburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, November 12, 1991

Box 959
Folder 1-2 Vatican Conference on Drug and Alcohol Abuse, address by Dick Thornburgh, Rome, Italy November 23, 1991
Folder 3 Pennsylvania Society Ninety-third Annual Dinner, New York, NY December 14, 1991
Folder 4-5 Annual meeting of the Washington Metropolitan Area Corporate Counsel Association, luncheon address on civil justice reform by Dick Thornburgh, Washington DC January 14, 1992
Folder 6-8 Oxford Union Society debate, "This House Believes that British Citizens Need a Bill of Rights," Oxford, England, folder 1 January 30, 1992
Folder 9 Pittsburgh Legal Spectrum conference and trade show, "Choosing Public Service," with address by Dick Thornburgh, Pittsburgh, PA February 6, 1992
Folder 10 Cancelled events--after nomination as Under-Secretary General of the United Nations; letter to K&L re leaving firm for one year January-April, 1992

Section: Telephone Logs

Folder 11 September 5, 1991-February 25, 1992