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Subseries 7. Campaign Memoranda and Planning Documents

Scope and Content Notes:

The valuable files grouped here contain materials that Thornburgh kept close at hand during the campaign. They include campaign planning and strategy documents from outside consultants, which are particularly interesting since they date early in 1978 when the campaign was just taking shape. Also notable are the media planning documents from Garth Associates and Bailey, Deardourff, both of whom participated significantly in the campaign media effort. There are name files regarding politicians, polls, and polling results. Significant communication during the campaign and among staff was via memoranda that relate interestingly to campaign planning and organization as well as to other active political figures.

Section: Planning Documents

Box 97
Folder 1 Campaign Staff, lists, position descriptions, charts 1977-1978
Folder 2 Garth Associates to Rick Stafford, research plan and clippings January 16, 1978
Folder 3 Bailey, Deardourff and Associates, Inc. correspondence to staff, regarding campaign plans 1977-1978
Folder 4 Eddie Mahe Correspondence to staff and memo: "Thoughts on Organization" 1977-1978
Folder 5 1978 Campaign Plan for Richard L. Thornburgh, Campaign for the Governor of Pennsylvania, Submitted by Eddie Mahe, Jr. February 8, 1978
Folder 6 POLITICON: Robert J. Colonna, National Direct Mail Services, Inc., correspondence from Colonna to Thornburgh 1977
Folder 7 The Agency, correspondence from Harkins and Uhre to Thornburgh 1977
Folder 8 Larry Dunn, "Proposed Campaign Plan to Elect Governor Thornburgh" 1977
Folder 9 V. Lance Tarrance and Associates, "Research Design for 1978 Governor's Race" September, 1977
Folder 10 Patrick H. Caddell, "Working paper on Political Strategy" December 10, 1976
Folder 11 Michael A. Poling, "Suggested Research Approach" September 1, 1977
Folder 12 Time Allocation, memos of Jay Waldman (JCW) and Jim Seif (JMS) to Thornburgh 1977
Folder 13 Republican National Committee research manuals: opposition research and campaign research techniques October, 1969

Section: Staff Memoranda

Folder 14 From Paul Critchlow 1977-1978
Folder 15 From Pat Crawford July 28, 1978-September 25, 1978
Folder 16 From Jim Seif (JMS) April 27, 1977-October 22, 1978
Folder 17 To Jim Seif (JMS) from Thornburgh (RLT) December 7, 1977-August 29, 1978
Folder 18 Waldman memoranda, Primary election 1977-1978
Folder 19 Waldman memoranda, General election 1978
Folder 20 Thornburgh binder of memoranda, General election 1978

Box 98
Folder 1 From Rick Stafford (RAS) November 25, 1977-June 2, 1978
Folder 2 To Rick Stafford (RAS) from Thornburgh (RLT) September 20, 1977-September 6, 1978
Folder 3 Rick Stafford (RAS) notes 1977-1978
Folder 4 From Thornburgh (RLT) "to file" May 9, 1977-July 24, 1978
Folder 5 From Thornburgh (RLT) to various staff members September 6, 1977-September 18, 1978
Folder 6 To Jay Waldman (JCW) from Thornburgh (RLT) November 30, 1977-June 13, 1978
Folder 7 Regarding Schweiker October 11, 1977-January 11, 1978
Folder 8 Regarding Specter October 11, 1977-January 28, 1978
Folder 9 From other staff members: John Thornburgh (JKT), Murray Dickman (MGD) (polls), John Kelly, Bob Antonelli, John Casey, H. W. Turner, Ginny Thornburgh (VJT), Rodger Morrow, Tom Darr, and Bill Scranton (WWSIII) January 5, 1978-September 14, 1978