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Subseries 6. United States Attorney of Western Pennsylvania's Files

Scope and Content Notes:

These files contain information kept close at hand by Thornburgh for his personal reference. Here, for example, is the transcript of his swearing in ceremony, accomplishments of his time as USA, annotated issue materials, Thornburgh articles written and published, staff notes and committee reports of significance, including some related to the strike forces. These files serve as an interesting personal overview of Thornburgh's years as U.S. Attorney.

Box 41
Folder 1 Thornburgh Biographies 1969-1975
Folder 2 Thornburgh, U.S. Attorney, miscellaneous 1969-1975
Folder 3 Appointment and reappointment, U.S. Attorney 1969, 1973
Folder 4 Transcription of "Swearing In Ceremony of Richard L. Thornburgh as United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania" June 6, 1969
Folder 5 Unpublished Article by Thornburgh regarding narcotics and judicial reform undated
Folder 6 "Accomplishments of the Office of Richard L. Thornburgh, U.S. Attorney for Western Pennsylvania" 1969-1975
Folder 7 U.S. Attorney Office Staff Notes 1970-1975
Folder 8 Thornburgh's Notes From U.S. Attorneys Conferences 1969-1973
Folder 9 Petition for home rule in Pittsburgh 1972
Folder 10 "Support Your Local Police: The Case for Strict Handgun Controls," by Richard Thornburgh, Juris, Vol. VI, No. 1 (includes background material and correspondence) 1972
Folder 11 "Changing Priorities in the United States Attorney's Office," by Richard Thornburgh, Juris, Vol. Viii No. 2 (includes background material) December 1974
Folder 12 Notes on Criminal Justice 1969-1975
Folder 13 Reports on the Pennsylvania Crime Commission 1969-1974
Folder 14 Pennsylvania Crime Commission: Legislation and Hearings 1972-1973
Folder 15 Correspondence regarding the infiltration of legitimate business by Organized Crime 1972-1974
Folder 16 1899 Refuse Act Prosecution 1971-1972
Folder 17 Third Regional Symposium on Careers in Criminal Justice, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 1973
Folder 18 Reference Materials on Supreme Court Decisions 1969-1975
Folder 19 Testimony regarding proposed amendments to Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure September 17, 1974
Folder 20 Hoiles Committee Meeting: Response from U.S. Attorneys to Proposed Amendment to Rule 16 (B) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 1975
Folder 21 Reactions to H.R. 6799: Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures Amendments Act 1975
Folder 22 "Representative Examples of Threats to Government Witnesses in Federal Prosecutions 1970-1975" submitted by Thornburgh, Chairman of the Legislation and Court Rules Subcommittee, Attorney General's Advisory Committee of U.S. Attorneys" March 31, 1975
Folder 23 Newspaper clippings and ephemera about Thornburgh's appointment as Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division 1975
Folder 24 Employment File of Thornburgh, U.S. Attorney 1969-1975
Folder 25 Thornburgh's United States Attorney ephemera 1969-1975
Folder 26 Thornburgh's personal daily calendars 1970-1971