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Subseries 4. Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, and Institute of Politics Files

Scope and Content Notes:

These file relate to all three "institutions" with which Thornburgh was associated and are in four relevant sections: Harvard materials are arranged in a general chronological order and include news articles, newsletters and Harvard publications, as well as information on major Harvard "personalities" in preparation for meetings.

John F. Kennedy School of Government (JFK School) materials deal with information from the 50th anniversary of the school, curricula reviews and information, possible courses of interest to Thornburgh, and memoranda from Graham Allison, dean of the Kennedy School.

Institute of Politics (IOP) administration and organization files include information on budget, fundraising, organization of the office's materials, concept papers on various political topics, information on prospective visiting fellows, materials from committees, and IOP publications and brochures.

Files from the Institute of Politics (IOP) programs, conferences, and workshops are arranged in a general chronological order and include materials on those in which Thornburgh participated or helped plan. Examples include "The Public, the Soviet and Nuclear Arms Conference," "Latin American Debt Conference," " Program for Newly-Elected Members of Congress," and the "ARCO Forum on Public Affairs." Please note that the archives include a complete set of the ARCO Forum posters.

Section: Harvard University Material

Folder 6 Harvard personalities: briefing sheets for meetings June, 1987
Folder 7 Center for Business and Government, Public and Private Careers Project, uniting public and private sectors to solve U.S.'s major problems August-December, 1987
Folder 8 Center for Business and Government, Privatization Study Group, for privatization of state-owned enterprises August, 1987-January, 1988
Folder 9 Harvard Political Review Spring, 1987-November, 1988
Folder 10 Guidebook to Harvard University, the Crimson Key Society's 350th Anniversary Edition, published by the President and Fellows of Harvard College 1986
Folder 11 Miscellaneous Harvard publications, including Update, State, Local and Intergovernmental Report, and Harvard Magazine 1986-1988
Folder 12 Articles and news clippings 1987-1988
Folder 13 "Future of IOP, politics bright, says new director Thornburgh," Harvard University Gazette article June 11, 1987

Section: John F. Kennedy School of Government Material

Folder 14 "50 years" anniversary newsletter and published book 1986
Folder 15 "From Harrisburg to Harvard: Richard Thornburgh welcomed to IOP," John F. Kennedy School of Government Bulletin article Spring, 1987
Folder 16 John F. Kennedy School of Government Bulletin Spring-Summer, 1988
Folder 17 Public Opinion, Politics and the Press, course taught by Gary Orren at the KSG, memoranda on development and syllabus July-October, 1987
Folder 18 Architectural information on JFK/IOP building, sent by Sheila Sheridan, director of special projects and construction 1986
Folder 19 Allison, Graham, dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government, memoranda to Thornburgh July, 1987-March, 1988
Folder 20 Curriculum review, committee to review the School's degree programs and all courses offered for credit November, 1987-January, 1988
Folder 21 Fundraising "flap" November, 1987
Folder 22 Catalogue of programs and courses of study 1987-1988

Section: Institute of Politics Administration and Organization Files

Folder 23 General and miscellaneous clippings, memoranda, correspondence, and memorabilia February, 1986-April, 1988
Folder 24 Budget, notes, memoranda and calculations 1987-1988
Folder 25 Letter to and research on Walter Annenberg, chairman of Triangle Publications and president of the Annenberg Fund, in effort to receive funding December, 1987-May, 1988
Folder 26 Records Management report on the assessment and organization of IOP files and materials, by Nancy Watson, consultant to director Thornburgh May-September, 1987
Folder 27 Mailing lists 1987-1988
Folder 28 Concept papers on topics related to politics 1987-1988
Folder 29 Fellows: notes, memoranda and correspondence to, from, and about visiting Fellows 1987-1988

Box 712
Folder 1 Prospective Fellows for Fall term 1987: schedules, plans and notes 1986-1987
Folder 2 Visiting Fellows for Spring term 1988: schedules, correspondence, plans and notes October, 1987-February, 1988
Folder 3 Visiting Fellows for Fall term 1988: schedules, correspondence, plans and notes May-August, 1988
Folder 4 Fellows' Orientation Week program and information packet September 14-18, 1987
Folder 5 Fellows: "pool" of possible candidates August, 1987
Folder 6 Advisory Committee on Women in Politics October-November, 1988
Folder 7 Student Advisory Committee (SAC): student programs binder and reports on spring semester 1988 June 14, 1988
Folder 8 Student Advisory Committee (SAC): recommendation letters, correspondence to and from Thornburgh, internal committee correspondence, and memoranda 1987-1988
Folder 9 Student Advisory Committee (SAC): study groups, participants, topics, leaders, and evaluations 1987-1988
Folder 10 Student Advisory Committee (SAC): externships, lists of extern match-ups, and coordination of opportunities for students 1988
Folder 11 Student Advisory Committee (SAC): internships and job opportunities for undergraduates 1987
Folder 12 Student Advisory Committee (SAC): Summer in Washington Program for undergraduates and newsletters regarding events Summer, 1988
Folder 13 Student Advisory Committee (SAC): Summer stipends awards program, recipient list, and news releases Summer, 1988
Folder 14 Student Advisory Committee (SAC): Summer in Boston program, meetings, and activity lists Summer, 1987
Folder 15 Student Advisory Committee (SAC): Summer in Boston program, application for coordinator position, and newsletters with activities information Summer, 1988
Folder 16 Student Advisory Committee (SAC): Students' resumes, recommendation letters, graduates' forwarding address lists, and notes 1988
Folder 17 Senior Advisory Committee: meeting binder November 30, 1987
Folder 18 Senior Advisory Committee: contact lists and correspondence July, 1987-July, 1988
Folder 19 Senior Advisory Committee: letter from Thornburgh requesting a leave of absence to serve as U.S. Attorney General August 11, 1988
Folder 20 Newsletters and related correspondence November, 1987-Winter, 1988
Folder 21 What's Happening newsletter October-December, 1987
Folder 22 Publications and brochures, includes 25th anniversary booklet, sent to Thornburgh while Attorney General 1987-1991
Folder 23 Proceedings 1966-1988

Box 713
Folder 1 Correspondence regarding The Electronic Commonwealth: The Impact of New Media Technologies on Democratic Politics August 8-12, 1988
Folder 2 Invitation from Dunster House, Senior Common Room, for Thornburgh to join and information about the Houses of Harvard 1987-1988
Folder 3 Women's Clearinghouse and advisory committee to promote more women candidates for public office December, 1987-June, 1988

Section: Institute of Politics Programs, Conferences and Workshops

Folder 4 Status reports on programs and special projects July-October, 1987
Folder 5 Campaign '88, 15-week PBS program on 1988 Presidential Campaign candidates, interviews hosted by Marvin Kalb June, 1987-1988
Folder 6 Campaign '88, 15-week PBS program on 1988 Presidential Campaign candidates, fundraising lists and correspondence regarding funding July-September, 1987
Folder 7 Arco Forum of Public Affairs: program, schedules of activities, correspondence, articles, and news clippings July, 1987-July, 1988
Folder 8 Seminar on Transition and Leadership for Newly-elected Mayors November-December, 1987
Folder 9-10 The Public, the Soviet and Nuclear Arms Conference: memos, reports, and correspondence June, 1987-August, 1988
Folder 11-12 Left, Right and Center Conference: drafts, memoranda, correspondence, and invitations to public officials (conference cancelled due to lack of funding) February 25-27, 1988
Folder 13 Presidential Transition Project May-June, 1988
Folder 14 Latin American Debt Conference: correspondence to country leaders June, 1988
Folder 15 Women Leaders Workshop September 8-13, 1988
Folder 16 Program for Newly-Elected Members of Congress: correspondence regarding 1988 program and final report from 1986 program December 8-14, 1988