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Subseries 9. Strike Force Subcommittee of the Attorney General's United States Attorneys Advisory Committee

Scope and Content Notes:

These are the files of the Subcommittee on Field Offices, known familiarly as the "strike force" subcommittee. The materials primarily evaluate the effectiveness of strike forces within various U.S. Attorney jurisdictions. These includes memoranda, teletypes, correspondence, news releases, reports, annotated articles and the questionnaire that Thornburgh issued to all of the U.S. Attorneys for evaluation of the Organized Crime Strike Forces in their districts. The final reports of this subcommittee are included with the above "Advisory Committee" files.

Strike Forces are federal teams comprised of investigators and prosecutors who combine their efforts in a single geographic area with a significant organized crime problem in an attempt to control organized crime and racketeering activities within that area. "The 'Strike Forces' had become institutionalized and expanded under [Attorney General] John Mitchell to the point that considerable friction had developed in a number of areas over 'turf' issues and the allocation of cases between the U.S. Attorney, the presidentially-appointed chief law enforcement officer for the district, and the local 'Strike Force' chief, appointed by and responsible to the Attorney General ... Our report, ultimately recommended that the 'Strike Forces' be returned to their original status as 'trouble-shooting' teams and that the role of the U.S.Attorney as the chief federal law enforcement officer in his community be reaffirmed" ("Evidence" draft, p. 196-7).

Files of the other subcommittees of the Attorney General's U.S. Attorneys Advisory Committee follow here. Also see "Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division" files on Strike Forces.

Folder 6 President's Advisory Council on Executive Organization: Report on the Effectiveness of the Executive Branch in Combating Organized Crime: Strike Force Section October 16, 1969
Folder 7 Strike Force reports 1969-1976
Folder 8-9 Memoranda Regarding Strike Force/Organized Crime 1969-1970, 1973-1975
Folder 10 Office of the Attorney General: Order no. 431-70 Establishing Guidelines Governing Interrelationships Between Strike Forces and U.S. Attorneys' Offices April 20, 1970
Folder 11-12 Questionnaires received from United States Attorneys in areas with a Strike Force (and commentary) 1973
Folder 13 Results of U.S. Attorneys' Answers to Strike Force Questionnaire 1973-1974
Folder 14 Correspondence from Strike Force Head 1973-1974
Folder 15 Strike Force related correspondence to and from Thornburgh 1973-1975
Folder 16 Strike Force teletypes to and from Thornburgh 1973-1975
Folder 17 Thornburgh notes on Strike Force 1973-1975
Folder 18 Thornburgh's Strike Force Committee working file 1973-1976