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Subseries 5. Judiciary Committee Working Files

Scope and Content Notes:

Most of the early work of the convention was done in committee. Thornburgh was appointed to the Judiciary Committee where he served as Secretary. This rich group of files includes minutes, issues, drafts, memoranda, schedules, correspondence and proposals. There is much regarding Delegate Proposal 1000, the first proposed amendment to the constitution, which was submitted by Dick Thornburgh. This was the judicial reform plan drafted by the Pennsylvania Bar Association upon which he had worked for the previous five years. There is much here about the Judicial Committee Proposal 7 and rebutting objections to it. Attacks on the proposal focused on "merit selection" provisions designed to take judicial selection out of the political arena. The Judiciary Committee was co-chaired by former Governor Scranton and Philadelphia financier and community leader Gustave Amsterdam.

Folder 12 Minutes, Assignments and issues 1967-1968
Folder 13 Drafts, Memoranda. Schedules and Correspondence 1967-1968
Folder 14 Action Reports 1968
Folder 15 Judiciary Proposal, drafts January, 1968
Folder 16 Judiciary Article, Amendments (annotated) February, 1968
Folder 17 Delegate Proposal 1000, by RLT (annotated) later Judicial Proposal No.7 1967-1968
Folder 18 Judiciary Committee Proposal No. 7 Original and amended 1968
Folder 19 Endorsement of Proposal 1000 from Allegheny Bar Association: letter (Proposal 7) December 22, 1967
Folder 20 Schedules to Supplement Proposal No. 7 February, 1968
Folder 21 Judicial Committee Report in Support Of Committee Proposal No. 7 and Supporting correspondence February, 1968
Folder 22 Proposal No. 7: Pomeroy on behalf Of Allegheny County Bar Assn rebuts Objections to Proposal 7 April, 1968