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Series IV. Politics, 1960s-1970s

Scope and Content Notes:

While interested in politics generally, it was after the 1964 presidential election when Lyndon Johnson (D) defeated Barry Goldwater (R) that Thornburgh's participation in rebuilding the Republican Party became pronounced. In his book, Where the Evidence Leads, Thornburgh writes of a dinner party where his hostess responded to his political diatribe by suggesting that he "...do something about it." He states that "over the next six weeks, I undertook a crash course in Practical Politics 101, [and by] studying census tracts and election results, I constructed a fairly reliable political profile of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, the extent of my immediate horizon" ( Evidence, p. 22). These files are, in many ways, the documentary evidence of Thornburgh's research which resulted most notably in his article "The Republican Party in the City of Pittsburgh: A Tentative Analysis and Some Recommendations" which was circulated privately among local and state party leaders and is available here online.

Subsequently Thornburgh was appointed to the GOP Platform Committee, became increasingly involved in political organizations, wrote other articles, and participated in many campaigns at the local and state levels. At the national level, Thornburgh was active with the John Lindsay campaigns for Congress and Mayor of New York, and Nelson Rockefeller's team recruited Thornburgh as their Western Pennsylvania chairman in his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 1968. These varying campaign files provide an excellent look at politics of the time, particularly in Allegheny County.

Those interested in campaigns should also refer to the section entitled "Campaign for U.S. Congress, 1966." One of the results of all Thornburgh's research was this determined campaign for Congress that is well documented in the archive. His loss was not surprising, running against a strong Democrat incumbent, but the experience served well to stimulate him into increasing political activity, particularly the Lindsay and Rockefeller campaigns, more national in import. The Campaign for U.S. Congress falls in the same time frame as these "Politics" files, but the campaign files are in such quantity and depth that they have been arranged separately.

Researchers also should note the unavoidable overlaps in time and even some content with files in "Early Legal Career," "Pittsburgh Civic Activity," "Campaign for U.S. Congress," " Constitutional Convention," and "U.S. Attorney." For example, correspondence in one section may well pertain to issues or situations in another area and political activity is represented in the "Campaign for U.S. Congress" as well as more generally here. Also valuable, Ginny Thornburgh put together scrapbooks of Thornburgh's clippings that effectively document his increasingly public career and activities during these years. This valuable resource has been reformatted and is available in the archives (Section 21).

The "Politics" files are organized into five sections: "GOP Committees and Activities"; "Research and Notes on Politics"; "Campaigns"; "John Lindsay Campaigns"; and "Rockefeller for President."

Subseries 1. GOP Committees and Activities

Scope and Content Notes:

The files here document the Republican committees and activities in which Thornburgh was involved in efforts to revitalize the party locally. The materials are arranged chronologically and consist of correspondence, annotated notes, minutes, memoranda, and reports. Included are two articles Thornburgh wrote about the Republican Party in Pittsburgh, both of which are available here online and indicative of Thornburgh's energetic participation in the political scene at the time.

Box 17
Folder 8 Political Correspondence 1964-1965
Folder 9 Republican Platform Committee, Correspondence and Notes 1965
Folder 10 Republican Research and Planning Corporation, Notes and Research 1965
Folder 11 Proposed Allegheny County Republican Forum: draft memorandum by Dick Thornburgh and John Heinz, Co-chairmen of Committee December, 1965
Folder 12 "The Republican Party in the City of Pittsburgh: A Tentative Analysis and Some Recommendations," by Richard L. Thornburgh 1965
Folder 13 Republicans for Progress 1965-1967
Folder 14 Ripon Society 1965-1974
Folder 15 Political Correspondence 1966
Folder 16 Allegheny Republican Council By-Laws, Correspondence, and Minutes 1966-1968
Folder 17 Correspondence 1967
Folder 18 Allegheny County Republican Party Rules Committee 1967
Folder 19 Allegheny County Republican Research and Issues Committee: Memorandum, Correspondence, Notes, and Reports 1967
Folder 20 Republican Executive Committee of Allegheny County 1967-1968

Box 18
Folder 1 14th Ward Republican Committee 1967-1971
Folder 2 Political Correspondence 1968
Folder 3 Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women 1968
Folder 4 1968 Republican Convention, Programs, Schedules, and Memorabilia July-August, 1968

Subseries 2. Research and Notes on Politics

Scope and Content Notes:

The files here successfully represent the political scene in Pittsburgh at the time, including several local campaigns and the state of Pittsburgh's finances and mayoral politics. Files are arranged chronologically and consist of annotated notes, newspaper clippings, reports, and news releases about Pittsburgh politics and issues. The news releases are available here online.

Folder 5 Notes and research on statistical material regarding politics 1960-1965
Folder 6 Research on the Republican Party 1964-1966
Folder 7 Biographical information, notes, and clippings on Honorable Michael J. Musmanno 1964
Folder 8 Thornburgh's research and notes on politics 1965
Folder 9 "The State of Allegheny: The Republican Party in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County from 1930-1961," by H. Sheldon Parker 1965
Folder 10 Republican Party in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, reports and notes 1965-1977
Folder 11 Research on election reform matters 1967-1974
Folder 12 Mayor Joseph Barr regarding Pittsburgh's financial crisis 1968
Folder 13 News Releases regarding politics in Pittsburgh January, 1969
Folder 14 Research and correspondence regarding elections and polls in Pennsylvania 1961-1972
Folder 15 Information regarding Mayor Zoran Popovich 1972
Folder 16 Observations on the Pennsylvania political scene 1972 and 1974

Subseries 3. Campaigns

Scope and Content Notes:

The breadth and depth of Thornburgh's political participation is well documented in these numerous and various campaigns during the sixties and seventies. Many are local (Cohill for Judge, Bob Friend for Comptroller, Gary for Alderman, for example), some statewide (Scranton for Governor, Judge Hannum, State Senator Clark, and McGregor for State Senator, for example) and others national (Heinz for Senator, Eisenhower-Nixon, for example). These files consist of correspondence, annotated notes, and campaign material. There is also material about a potential Thornburgh Pittsburgh mayoral candidacy (1972).

Section: Pittsburgh and Allegheny County

Folder 17 Pittsburgh and Allegheny County political scene 1965
Folder 18 Judge Maurice Cohill campaign management September-November, 1965
Folder 19 Judge Cohill Campaign Correspondence July, 1965-January, 1966
Folder 20 Bob Friend: Candidacy for Comptroller, Allegheny County 1967
Folder 21 Algia Gary: Republican Candidate for Alderman, 13th Ward of Pittsburgh 1967

Box 19
Folder 1 Republican Party of Allegheny County, Richard Thornburgh, City Coordinator, Primary March, 1967
Folder 2 Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Political Scene 1967-1968
Folder 3 Political Party Campaign Mailings 1968
Folder 4 Candidate Campaign Mailings 1968
Folder 5 Pittsburgh and Allegheny County political scene 1969
Folder 6 Campaign materials 1969
Folder 7 Pittsburgh and Allegheny County political scene 1970
Folder 8 Pittsburgh and Allegheny County political scene, Primary 1971
Folder 9 Pittsburgh and Allegheny County political scene 1971
Folder 10 Catarinella for Congress (14th Ward, Pittsburgh) ca. 1971
Folder 11 Pittsburgh and Allegheny County political scene 1972
Folder 12 Information generated in response to Thornburgh's potential Pittsburgh Mayoral candidacy 1972
Folder 13 Pittsburgh and Allegheny County political scene 1973

Section: Pennsylvania

Folder 14 Citizens for Scranton-VanZandt, correspondence and notes June-November, 1962
Folder 15 Citizens for Scranton-VanZandt, county citizens checklists 1962
Folder 16 Senator Jack E. McGregor, correspondence 1965
Folder 17 Judge John B. Hannum, Superior Court of Pennsylvania Campaign 1968
Folder 18 U.S. Senate Campaign in Pennsylvania 1968
Folder 19 Joseph S. Clark: Campaign for State Senator in Pennsylvania, campaign mailings 1968
Folder 20 Richard Schweiker: U.S. Senate Campaign in Pennsylvania, campaign mailings 1968
Folder 21 Jim McGregor: Campaign for State Senator 1970
Folder 22 Jack McGregor: Campaign for PA Governor 1970
Folder 23 John Heinz, U.S. Senate Campaign in Pennsylvania, correspondence, notes, and news releases 1976

Section: National

Folder 24 Eisenhower and Nixon, Presidential Campaign 1956
Folder 25 Johnson and Goldwater, Presidential Campaign 1964
Folder 26 Election '64: A Ripon Society Report 1965

Subseries 4. John Lindsay Campaigns (Mayor and Congress)

Scope and Content Notes:

Thornburgh's interest in John Lindsay was due to "his rising stature as a symbol of moderate Republicanism," ("Evidence" draft, p. 91). Thornburgh had first heard him speak in Pittsburgh at a 1961 campaign rally for Pittsburgher John Tabor, then running for city council. Lindsay at the time was a U.S. Congressman and went on to a surprising victory in the New York mayoralty campaign in 1965. The files here consist of campaign material, correspondence, annotated newspaper and magazine clippings, statements and news releases.

Box 20
Folder 1 Campaign Material for Lindsay's Re-Election Campaigns for Congress 1962-1964
Folder 2 Correspondence between Thornburgh and Lindsay 1963-1965
Folder 3 Newspaper and Magazine Clippings about John Lindsay (annotated) 1964-1967
Folder 4 Campaign Material for Lindsay's Campaign for Mayor of New York 1965
Folder 5 Newspaper and Magazine Clippings regarding Lindsay's Campaign for Mayor of New York (annotated) 1965
Folder 6 Lindsay's Statements and Press Releases 1967-1968
Folder 7 Campaign Material for Lindsay's Re-Election Campaign for Mayor of New York 1969
Folder 8 Magazine Articles Post Lindsay's Election to Mayor of New York 1965-1978

Subseries 5. Rockefeller for President

Scope and Content Notes:

Shortly after Dick Thornburgh's participation in Pennsylvania's Constitutional Convention (see extensive files here in Section 6) the national political scene in 1968 included New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller's campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, contesting former Vice-President Nixon. The Rockefeller forces had recruited Thornburgh as their Western Pennsylvania chairman. These files are organized into the "Presidential Campaign Scene in 1968," "Campaign fact sheets, mailings and handouts" and "Western Pennsylvanians for Rockefeller for President." The material consists of reports, correspondence, campaign handouts, mailings, Rockefeller speeches, news releases, position papers, and annotated notes that together well represent national politics in action at the local level.

Section: Presidential Campaign Scene in 1968

Folder 9 "Metropolitan Areas and Key Counties in the Presidential Election of 1964," by the Republican National Committee June, 1965
Folder 10 "Presidential '68," in Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report September 29, 1967
Folder 11 Correspondence, Notes, and Clippings on 1968 Presidential Campaign 1968
Folder 12 Humphrey for President, Campaign Mailings 1968
Folder 13 Nixon for President, Campaign Mailings 1966-1968
Folder 14 GOP Truth Squad Information for 1968 Presidential Campaign October, 1968
Folder 15 McCarthy for President, Campaign Mailings 1968
Folder 16 Wallace for President, Campaign Mailings 1968

Section: Campaign Fact Sheets, Mailings and Handouts

Folder 17 Fact Sheets and Information on Rockefeller 1964-1968
Folder 18 Campaign Mailings 1968
Folder 19 Media and Handouts 1968
Folder 20 Memoranda 1968
Folder 21 "News from Rockefeller for President" 1968
Folder 22 Rockefeller's Speeches and Position Papers 1968
Folder 23 Newspaper and Magazine Clippings 1968

Section: Western Pennsylvanians for Rockefeller for President

Box 21
Folder 1 Pennsylvanians for Rockefeller News Releases 1968
Folder 2 Western Pennsylvanians for Rockefeller News Releases May-August, 1968
Folder 3 Western Pennsylvania for Rockefeller, Correspondence and Notes 1968
Folder 4 Rockefeller for President Committee, Correspondence, News Releases, and Notes 1968
Folder 5 Endorsements for Rockefeller 1968
Folder 6 Anti-Rockefeller Correspondence 1968
Folder 7 Letter from Rockefeller to Thornburgh June 11, 1968
Folder 8 Campaign Correspondence 1967-1968
Folder 9 "The Case for Nelson Rockefeller," by Dick Thornburgh 1968
Folder 10 Campaign Headquarters Notes 1968
Folder 11 Campaign Headquarters Staff and Volunteers 1968
Folder 12 Young Republicans and Pennsylvania Students for Rockefeller, James Seif Correspondence and Notes 1968
Folder 13 Resumes for Campaign Headquarters Staff 1968
Folder 14 Campaign Supplies 1968