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Subseries 2. The River Ran Red, Movie production

Scope and Content Notes:

The files in this subseries include resumes and credentials of several of the actors and crew members of The River Ran Red documentary. Other documents include information on research, film logs and on-site scene filming, and details on the sound recordings used in the movie. Many of the articles in the research section are repeated, with different notes and highlighting depending on the topic of the folder.

New Materials added October 2011.

Box 5
Folder 2 Credits List, Plus and EDL Printout with Computer Disks
Folder 3 Crew List
Folder 4 Cinematographers
Folder 5 Prop Contributor List
Folder 6 Recording Narration, Blair Brown
Folder 7 Crew Resumes
Folder 8 Actors' Resumes
Folder 9 Narrator Blair Brown Correspondence, 1993
Folder 10 Artist Fred Carlson, 1992
Folder 11 Artist Charles Ingram, 1992-1993
Folder 12 Artists Stacey Innerst and Bob Qualters, 1992-1993
Folder 13 New World Records-- Yankee Brass Band Correspondence
Folder 14 Musician Neely Bruce Correspondence
Folder 15 Archie Green and Homestead Strike Songs
Folder 16 Lists and Notes for Music
Folder 17 Music Rights Clearance
Folder 18 Sheet Music
Folder 19 Musician Mike Sweeney's Cassette
Folder 20 Sound Effects
Folder 21 Blank Release Forms for Image and Property
Folder 22 Scene Location Authorization, 1992-1993
Folder 23 Clayton and River Shoots, Production Schedules
Folder 24 Courthouse and Jail Correspondence Photographs and Negatives
Folder 25 Homestead Dead and Wounded Gravesite Photographs
Folder 26 Scotland Correspondence
Folder 27 Train Footage
Folder 28 PBS Program Producer's Handbook
Folder 29 New York Voice-Over Trip
Folder 30 Pittsburgh Filmmakers
Folder 31 Distribution Plan
Folder 32 Foundation Pages
Folder 33 Corporate Originals
Folder 34 Original The River Ran Red Support Letters
Folder 35 Graphics and Greater Pittsburgh
Folder 36 Debolt and Homestead Fires, April 11-13, 1992
Folder 37 Edit Decision Lists
Folder 38 Field Logs
Folder 39 Film Logs and Videotaped Stills
Folder 40 Lab Reports
Folder 41 Log Sheet Blank Forms
Folder 42-43 Edit Logs in Camera Roll Order
Folder 44 Video Logs/Stills in Video Real Order
Folder 45-46 Logs for Filmed Stills

Box 6
Folder 1 Audio and Sound Effects Log
Folder 2 Script Copies with Edit Notes and the Homestead DemolitionResearch

Section: New Material Added, 2011

Box 73
Folder 1 Camera and Sound Logs, 1992
Folder 2 Draft Script, 1992
Folder 3 Draft Script, January 1992
Folder 4 Draft Script, April 1992
Folder 5 Draft Script, December 1992
Folder 6 Draft Script, January 1993
Folder 7 Draft Script for Voice Overs, 1992
Folder 8 Final Draft Script with Narrator Recording Notes, 1993
Folder 9 Interview of and Correspondence with Harold Ruttenberg, 1991-1992
Folder 10 Interviews of Homestead Retirees, 1991
Folder 11 Interview of Monsignor Charles Owen Rice, 1991
Folder 12 Project Summary as Original Title, "Monongahela Morning," undated
Folder 13 Review Published in the Public Historian, 1993
Folder 14 Shooting Logs, 1991-1992
Folder 15 Sound Logs, 1993
Folder 16 Study Guide, 1994