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Subseries 3. subRosa, 1999-2006

Scope and Content Notes:

subRosa was founded in 1988 as a "reproducible cyberfeminist cell of cultural researchers committed to combining art, activism, and politics to explore and critique the intersections of digital information and bio technologies on women’s bodies, lives, and work." Members travelled throughout the world, using performance art, exhibits, and lectures to help spread their message. Domike was an active member of the subRosa art collective.

Folder 14 "Biosex and Gender Ed" Show, 2000
Folder 15 Biotech Sex and Gender Workbook, 2000
Folder 16 Biotechnology and Reproduction Research, undated
Folder 17 Cultures of Technology, 2006
Folder 18 DVD of Selected Projects, 2000-2005
Folder 19 "The Economies of Art," 2001
Folder 20-21 Email Correspondence, 1999
Folder 22 Gallery Exhibit Announcement Cards, 2000-2002
Folder 22 Glossary for Sex and Gender in the Biotech Century, undated
Folder 23 Invitation to "Very Cyberfeminist International" held in Hamburg, 2001
Folder 24 "Knowing Bodies," 2000
Folder 25 Newsletter, undated
Folder 26 Notes, undated
Folder 27 Pamphlet, undated
Folder 28 Proposal for Workshop, 2000
Folder 29 Third Annual Women's Studies Colloquium, 2002