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Collection Inventory

Series I. Energy

Scope and Content Notes:

The Energy series includes reports, articles, and proceedings related to fossil fuel and renewable source-based energy resources between 1978 and 1984.

Box 1
Folder 1 Evaluation of Environmental Impacts of Oil and Gas Production in Pennsylvania, 1981
Folder 2 Garbage as Energy, 1984
Folder 3 Proceedings of Solar Energy Consumer Protection Workshop, Vol. 1, May 1978

Series II. Environmental Issues

Scope and Content Notes:

The Environmental Issues series includes reports, publications, newspaper articles, plans, and maps related to environmental issues such as law, industry, pesticides, and land use between 1976-1999.

Folder 4 Citizens Advisory Council Annual Reports, 1978-1981
Folder 5 Environmental Law, 1986
Folder 6 Innovative Regions- Importance of Place and Networks, October 1999
Folder 7 A Moment of Truth- Correcting Errors in Gregg Easterbrook's A Moment on the Earth, 1995-1996
Folder 8 Newspaper Articles, 1981
Folder 9 Pennsylvania's Recreation Plan Summary, c. 1976
Folder 10 Pesticides, 1986
Folder 11 Potential Environmental Conflict Areas Map

Series III. Environmental Plans and Councils

Scope and Content Notes:

The Environmental Plans and Council series includes plans, reports, council/committee materials, summaries, and other documents related to environmental development plans for regions within Pennsylvania (especially Allegheny County) during the years 1971-1990.

Folder 12 Alternative Environmental Future Plan Map
Folder 13 Alternative Environmental Future Development Plan- Public Meeting Minutes, April 26, 1977
Folder 14 Background Report on Allegheny County's Alternative Environmental Plan- Future Meetings, 1977
Folder 15 Environmental Councils
Folder 16 Marshall Township Comprehensive Plan, November 1990
Folder 17 Southwestern Pennsylvania Outline Regional Plan 1972-1985, 1971
Folder 18 Study Advisory Committee 1978
Folder 19 Summary of Pennsylvania Master Environmental Plan, November 1981

Series IV. Flood Plain Conservation and Storm-water Management

Scope and Content Notes:

The Flood Plain Conservation and Storm-water Management series contains studies, plans, reports, handbooks, program information, and ordinances related to the Allegheny River basin, storm-water, erosion and sediment control, flood-proofing, flood insurance, and landsliding during the years 1968-1984.

Folder 20 Allegheny River Basin Water and Related Land Resources Study, July 1977
Folder 21 Allegheny Stormwater Management Plan Act 167, 1982-1984
Folder 22 Environmental Concerns in Local Flood Plain Management, April 1979
Folder 23 Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook, Allegheny County, 1971
Folder 24 Flood Plain Information for Ohio, Allegheny, Monongahela, and Youghiogheny Rivers, March 1973
Folder 25 Flood Proofing Regulations, June 1972
Folder 26 Federal Flood Insurance Program, 1972-1974
Folder 27 Landsliding in Allegheny County and Map of Susceptibility, 1975
Folder 28 Model Flood Plain Zoning Ordinance, c. 1968
Folder 29 Stormwater Management: A Review of Municipal Practices and Regulations, April 1980

Series V. Geology

Scope and Content Notes:

The Geology series contains informational guides to geological information about Pittsburgh and glacial maps of Oil City, Pennsylvania, in 1974.

Folder 30 Use of Geological Information in Greater Pittsburgh Area, 1974
Folder 31 A User's Guide to Glacial Map of Oil City by William Chapman

Series VI. Government

Scope and Content Notes:

The Government series contains materials related to local (Allegheny County), state (Pennsylvania), and national government departments and services during 1968-1996.

Folder 32 Alliance for Justice- Lobbying and IRS, c. 1996
Folder 33 Constitutional and Legal Limitations Affecting Local Government in Pennsylvania, March 1968
Folder 34 Allegheny County Department of Planning and Development Inventory, March 1976
Folder 35 Department of Environmental Resources
Folder 36 Introduction to Environmental Planning for Local Decision Makers, July 1977
Folder 37 Municipal Information Catalog for Allegheny County Department of Planning and Development, May 1975
Folder 38 Procedural Guide for Pennsylvania Planning Commission, 1969
Folder 39 A Report on Allegheny County Government Services, January 23, 1971

Series VII. Land Use and Conservation

Scope and Content Notes:

The Land Use and Conservation series contains materials such as proposals, programs, pamphlets, articles, publications, plans, and handbooks related to land acquisition, conservation, land use control, and land policy between 1971-2001

Folder 40 Audubon Protecting Animals Through Habitat- Native Plants in the Creation of Backyard, Schoolyard, and Park Habitat Areas, 1997
Folder 41 Backyard Conservation, 1998
Folder 42 Land Acquisition Proposals for Major Regional Parks in Southwestern Pennsylvania, August 7, 1972
Folder 43 Land Policy Programs

Box 2
Folder 1 Land Use Articles, 1975-2001
Folder 2 Montour Run Watershed Conservation, 2000
Folder 3 Pennsylvania Land Conservation Handbook for the Allegheny Land Trust, 1995
Folder 4 The Quiet Revolution in Land Use Control, 1971
Folder 5 Reflections on "Save Our Land, Save Our Towns," by Thomas Hylton, February 1997
Folder 6 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania, 2001
Folder 7 Utility Tree Trimming, 1984-1996

Series VIII. Transportation

Scope and Content Notes:

The Transportation series contains studies, reports, plans, and proceedings related to transportation, including highways, pedestrian (trails), and bikeways between 1972-1995.

Folder 8 Allegheny County Road Needs Study, August 1975
Folder 9 Impacts of Urban Freeway- East Street Expressway Report, 1972
Folder 10 Harmony Trail Concept Plan, July 1992
Folder 11 Hiking and Biking Feasibility Study, January 1995
Folder 12 A Plan for Bikeways, May 1974
Folder 13 Southwestern Pennsylvania Assembly on Highway Funding, October 3, 1975

Series IX. Waste

Scope and Content Notes:

The Waste series contains materials related to hazardous waste management, solid waste/landfill management, and recycling covering the years 1968-1996.

Folder 14 Allegheny County Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management Planning Study, September 1981
Folder 15 Criteria for Sitting Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal Facilities, 1985
Folder 16 Glossary of Hazardous Waste Terms, c. 1980
Folder 17 Handbook on Hazardous Waste Management, March 1982
Folder 18 Hazardous Waste Permit Procedure
Folder 19 Recycling, 1995-1996
Folder 20 Sanitary Landfill Facts, 1968
Folder 21 Summary of Pennsylvania Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Regulations, May 1983

Series X. Water

Scope and Content Notes:

The Water series contains records including water quality, supply, and service management plans, clean water handbooks and safe drinking water initiatives, and studies related to local waterway health and policy spanning the years 1970-1998.

Folder 22 A Citizen's Guide to Clean Water, June 1973
Folder 23 Comprehensive Water Quality Management Plan, Chapter 6, May 1976
Folder 24 Comprehensive Water Quality Management Plan, Chapter 7, September 1976
Folder 25 Comprehensive Water Quality Management Plan, Chapter 8
Folder 26 Comprehensive Water Supply and Service Plan for Allegheny County, 1971-1972
Folder 27 Southwestern Pennsylvania Task Force- League of Women Voters for Clean Water
Folder 28 Study of Facilities, Land, and Commerce Oriented to the Inland Waterways Serving Allegheny County, December 15, 1970
Folder 29 3 Rivers Wet Weather Demonstration Program
Folder 30 United States Environmental Protection Agency Safe Drinking Water, 1998