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Series IV. Pratt Family, 1820-1997

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains the Pratt Family material including Karl Pratt professional or personal papers as well as the Pratt Family Photographs.

Subseries 1. Karl Pratt Professional, 1920-1989

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 1. contains materials representing Karl Pratt's professional career. Karl Pratt was born November 20, 1899 in Huntington, Ohio. After graduating from high school in Wellington, OH, he went to Ohio State University, earning a B.A. (1923), M.A. (1924), and a Ph.D. (1927) in psychology. After earning his Ph.D. he was awarded an NRC fellowship at New York University, Karl finished his Ph.D. at Ohio State in 1927, and accepted a position at Central Michigan Teacher's College, now Central Michigan University, in Mt. Pleasant, MI. He taught psychology and eventually became the head of the department until his retirement in 1968. Some of his theories focused on early childhood (neonate) and progressive education.

Materials include bibliography, resumes, articles, manuscripts, reprints, and article/book reviews. The bulk of this series contains correspondence. The correspondence is organized separately by subject and by individual (arranged alphabetically) and includes correspondence concerning publications and reviews. This series also includes correspondence from students, colleagues, and mentors.

Folder 3 Bibliography and Professional History, no date
Folder 4 Awards, 1927-1989
Folder 5 Salary Letters, 1932-1967
Folder 6-9 Writings, Manuscripts, and Notes, and 1925-1946 no date
Folder 10 Unfinished Articles, no date
Folder 11 Notes on Articles about Infants, no date

Box 46
Folder 1-3 Notes from Lectures, no date
Folder 4-5 Reprints of Published Articles by Karl Pratt, 1925-1946
Folder 6 Reprints of Published Articles by Karl Pratt and Others, 1931-1954
Folder 7 Reprints of Published Articles by Others, 1935-1944
Folder 8 Article Reviews by Karl Pratt, 1936-1951
Folder 9 Dissertation, 1930
Folder 10 Manuscript - The Neonate
Folder 11 Journals Containing Articles by Karl Pratt, 1932-1938

Box 47
Folder 1 Journals Containing Articles by Karl Pratt, 1939-1940
Folder 2 Manuscript - The 1936 Freshman -- 1940 Senior Class: An Analysis of the Effects of Selection and of Educational Gains and Losses, 1941
Folder 3-4 Editorials by Karl Pratt, 1942-1962
Folder 5-9 Correspondence Regarding Employment, 1923-1958
Folder 10-12 Correspondence Regarding Professional Development, 1923-1980
Folder 13 Programs - American Psychological Meetings, 1931-1935

Box 48
Folder 1 Superior State Teachers College, Wisconsin, 1950-1953
Folder 2-13 Correspondence - Publishers, Students 1927-1988

Box 49
Folder 1-18 Correspondence - Colleagues (A-S), 1920-1959

Box 50
Folder 1-6 Correspondence - Colleagues (S-W) 1932-1938
Folder 7 Retirement Announcement and Correspondence, 1967-1968
Folder 8 Tributes to Rowe, Herrig, and Poole, 1958-1967

Subseries 2. Karl and Gertrude Pratt Personal, 1911-1997

Scope and Content Notes:

While teaching at NYU, Karl met Gertrude, one of his students and ten years his junior (b. January 8, 1910). Their courtship and eventual marriage was opposed by both sets of parents on religious grounds. He was forced to return to Ohio State, after Gertrude's father met with the Dean at NYU - he was not fired, but his contract was not renewed. Gertrude completed her last year of college at Ohio State and Karl finished his Ph.D. in 1927 and accepted a position at Central Michigan Teacher's College, now Central Michigan University, in Mt. Pleasant, MI. In 1933, when Gertrude became pregnant with Richard she returned to live with her family in New York because Karl was not making enough money at Central Michigan to take care of her. She finally returned to Michigan when Richard was four. Gertrude worked as a bookkeeper, reference librarian for the college, recorder for the college, and as a reference librarian for Mount Pleasant Public Library. In 1968, Karl and Gertrude retired to the Camden, Maine area, where they stayed until Karl's death in 1993. In 1997 Gertrude moved to Pittsburgh to be closer to Richard but died within six months.

Subseries 2. is organized into three sections. The first section contains general materials, 1911-1989, which includes elementary and high school diaries, manuscripts, account books, journals, and correspondence. These materials are arranged chronologically. The second section contains family correspondence, 1919-1997, and is organized chronologically by sender/recipient. The third section contains personal correspondence, 1919-1997, has been kept in original order. The first part of correspondence is arranged alphabetically by sender and each sender has a separate folder. The second part of correspondence is arranged alphabetically by sender but is grouped together by last name. The third section is arranged chronologically. The fourth and final section contains Christmas Letters, 1977-1987.

Section: General Materials, 1911-1989

Folder 9-11 Elementary and High School Writings and Manuscripts, 1911-1921

Box 51
Folder 1-2 High School Journals, 1916-1920
Folder 3 Diary - "Musings and Meditations", 1916-1920
Folder 4-7 Account Books, 1919-1935
Folder 8 Writings - "University Themes", 1921

Box 52
Folder 1 Daybook, 1924
Folder 2-3 Letters to the Editor, 1922-1923
Folder 4 Writings - "Miscellaneous Literary Attempts", 1925
Folder 5 Hitchhiking Journal, 1925
Folder 6 Manuscript and Publisher Correspondence - "Pale Shadow", 1931-1933
Folder 7 Essay, "Exploration of the Long Trail", 1944
Folder 8 Gertrude Pratt - Education and Employment, 1930-1980
Folder 9-10 Gertrude Pratt - Book Reviews, 1930-1972
Folder 11 Karl Pratt - Class Reunions, 1967-1982
Folder 12 Karl Pratt - 90th Birthday, 1989

Section: Family Correspondence, 1919-1997

Folder 13-16 Karl to/from Gertrude Pratt, June 1929 - October 1933

Box 53
Folder 1-14 Correspondence, November 1933 - November 1937

Box 54
Folder 1-9 Correspondence, December 1937 - 1966
Folder 10 Correspondence, no date
Folder 11-16 Karl Pratt to/from Mary Luella and Mildred Pratt, 1919-1928
Folder 17-18 Karl Pratt to/from Mary Luella and B.H. Pratt, 1929-1963

Box 55
Folder 1-6 Karl Pratt to/from Mary Luella and B.H. Pratt, 1950-1963
Folder 7-10 Karl Pratt to/from Mary Luella and B.H. Pratt, no date
Folder 11-12 Karl Pratt to/from Grandma Chapman and Houghton, 1919-1924
Folder 13 Maud Chapman, 1951-1960
Folder 14 Gennis Family, 1966-1972

Box 56
Folder 1-2 Joe and Sylvia Gennis, 1931-1989
Folder 3 Bob and Christine Gennis, 1983-1984
Folder 4 Bob and Mildred Gennis, 1952-1964
Folder 5 Alvin and Bess Gennis, 1931-1951
Folder 6 Sid and Sylvia Gennis. 1972-1973
Folder 7 Kathryn Glass, 1962-1966
Folder 8-13 Jonathan Pratt, 1965-1997
Folder 14 Kathy Pratt, 1969-1979

Box 57
Folder 1-5 Kathy Pratt, 1980-2001
Folder 6-11 Caroline Pratt, 1968-1997

Box 58
Folder 1 Paul Pratt, 1975-1990
Folder 2-3 Letters to Karl Pratt while at OSU, 1920-1928

Section: Personal Correspondence, 1919-1997

Folder 4 "Troublesome Days at NYU", 1929
Folder 5-17 Bakes - Menzes, 1919-1927

Box 59
Folder 1-5 Myers - Yarbush, 1919-1928
Folder 6 Miscellaneous, 1922-1928
Folder 7-11 Correspondence, A - E

Box 60
Folder 1-7 Correspondence, F - Harrigan

Box 61
Folder 1-8 Correspondence, Haw - Miller, Evangelene

Box 62
Folder 1-9 Correspondence, Miller, Evangelene - R

Box 63
Folder 1-7 Correspondence, S - Z

Box 64
Folder 1-10 Correspondence, 1930-1975

Box 65
Folder 1-16 Correspondence, 1976-1991

Box 66
Folder 1-2 Correspondence, 1951-1990
Folder 3-4 Christmas Letters, 1977-1987

Subseries 3. Pratt Extended Family, 1820-1960

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 3. contains materials, mostly correspondence, from other members of Pratt's extended family. Family members include Burton and Mary Luella Pratt, Richard's Grandparents; Benjamin and Alta Pratt, Burton's Brother, and various other Pratt, Gennis, and other family members. Some of this material dates back to the 1820s and 1850s and includes correspondence, notebooks, account books, invitations, manuscripts, and other materials, 1820-1960.

Folder 5-6 Transcribed Family Correspondence, 1861-1916
Folder 7-8 Benjamin Pratt - Account/Expense Book, 1820
Folder 9 Benjamin and Alta Pratt, Notebooks, 1840s
Folder 10 Benjamin and Alta Pratt, Account and Day Books, 1850-1873
Folder 11 Benjamin and Alta Pratt, Receipts, 1859-1865
Folder 12 Benjamin and Alta Pratt, Correspondence, 1855-1888
Folder 13 Valletti to Alta Pratt, Correspondence, 1870-1891
Folder 14 Luella Pratt to Alta Pratt, Correspondence, 1859-1864
Folder 15 Miscellaneous, Correspondence, 1854-1900

Box 67
Folder 1 Invitations, Correspondence, 1883-1921
Folder 2 Jerome Pratt to Benjamin and Alta Pratt, Correspondence, 1874
Folder 3 Obituary, Benjamin Pratt, May 4, 1887
Folder 4 Burton and Luella Pratt, Correspondence, 1874-1951
Folder 5 Otis (O.C.) Pratt to Burton Pratt, 1918
Folder 6 Jerome (J.B.) Pratt to Burton Pratt, 1907-1934
Folder 7 Invitations, Burton and Luella Pratt, 1872-1937
Folder 8 Burton and Luella Pratt, Manuscript - "Grumblers", no date
Folder 9 Jerome (J.B.) Pratt to H.J. Pratt, 1929
Folder 10 Otis Pratt, Correspondence and Tombstone Inscription, 1908
Folder 11 Orange (O.S.) Chapman, Correspondence, 1921-1922
Folder 12 Hannah Chapman, Correspondence, 1920-1922
Folder 13 Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1855-1877
Folder 14-15 Newspaper Clippings, 1891-1960
Folder 16 Obituary, John Houghton, 1924
Folder 17 Penmanship Book, no date

Subseries 4. Pratt Family Photographs, 1860s-1965

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 4. contains photographs of Richard, Ann, Karl, Gertrude, and various Pratt and Gennis family members, 1860s-1960s. Inventories are available if noted at the folder level.

Box 68 Richard Pratt, ca. 1934-1960
Box 69 Karl, Mildred, and Gertrude Pratt ca. 1900-1965
Box 70 Pratt Extended Family, ca. 1862-1965
Box 71 Chapman, Houghton, Eaton, Needles, Pratt Families, ca. 1880s-1965
Box 72 Gennis Family, ca. 1920s-1965
Box 73 Photo Albums (with inventory), ca. 1934-1955
Box 74-78 Miscellaneous Photos, ca. 1880s-1965