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Series III. State Board of Surface Mine Reclamation, 1967-1977

Scope and Content Notes:

A portion of the records from the State Land Reclamation Board, mostly legislation and research, was transferred to the State Bureau of Surface Mine Reclamation in 1967 when Guckert became Director.

Box 4
Folder 1 Appointment of W.E. Guckert as Director of SBSMR, 1967
Folder 2 Guckert Article in The Pittsburgh Press, 1968
Folder 3 SBSMR Photographs
Folder 4 Air Pollution,
Folder 5-6 Clean Streams, Water Pollution,and Watertesting
Folder 7-9 Allegheny County Soil and Conservation District Annual Report, 1968
Folder 10 Blair Gap Water Supply Company
Folder 11 Coal Industry
Folder 12 Firearms
Folder 13 House Bill No.23, Snowmobile Fund, 1969
Folder 14 Republican Party Issues on Mine Drainage
Folder 15 State Parks
Folder 16 Strip Mines of Other States
Folder 17 Taxidermy
Folder 18 Senator Joe Clark
Folder 19 Guckert on Gun Laws
Folder 20 Reports on Mine Reclamation and Conservation,
Folder 21 Guckert's Speeches on Conservation
Folder 22 Subsidence Act
Folder 23 Susquehanna River Basin Compact, 1966
Folder 24 Three Rivers Improvement and Development Corporation
Folder 25 Statistics on Mine Drainage in Various PA Counties
Folder 26 Citizen's Committee on Natural Resources
Folder 27-28 Received Personal Mail, Originally Called "Fan Mail"
Folder 29 Misc. SBSMR Correspondence,

Box 5
Folder 1 Agriculture
Folder 2-3 Allegheny County Sportsman's League
Folder 4 Allegheny County Conservation District Team and Solid Waste Advisory Committee
Folder 5 Allegheny National Forest Reservoir Project, with Oversize Map, 1960
Folder 6 Allegheny County Mine Sealing with Photographs
Folder 7 Andy Anderson, ACSL Event
Folder 8 Beecher Charmbury Testimonial Dinner, 1969
Folder 9-11 Clean Streams Law
Folder 12 PA State Conservation Awards 1964
Folder 13 Leon Ehrlich
Folder 14 Farm Field Management
Folder 15 Firearms
Folder 16 PA House Committee on Fisheries Meeting 1965
Folder 17 Fish in PA
Folder 18 Tom Foerster
Folder 19 Kentucky Strip Mine Reclamation Program, 1964-1965
Folder 20 Kinzua Dam
Folder 21 Maryland Strip Mining Laws, 1967
Folder 22 Mine Drainage and Reservoirs
Folder 23 Mine Subsidence Legislation
Folder 24 Correspondence
Folder 25 National Wildlife Federation Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, 1966
Folder 26 Ohio Land Reclamation Program
Folder 27-28 PA Department of Health
Folder 29 PA Department of Health, Mine Drainage
Folder 30-31 PA Department of Health Correspondence
Folder 32 Quarries
Folder 33 Research
Folder 34 Sanitary Water Board
Folder 35 Richard Schweiker
Folder 36 Governor William Scranton's Tour of Mine Drainage Areas
Folder 37 PA Senator Correspondence on Senate Bills
Folder 38-39 Senate Bill 85, Boatmen's Bill, 1963
Folder 40-41 Governor Raymond P. Shafer
Folder 42 Milton J. Shapp Correspondence
Folder 43-44 Soil Conservation
Folder 45 Subcommittee on Conservation and Recreation 1963
Folder 46 Water Pollution and the Sanitary Water Board