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Subseries 1. Karl Pratt Professional, 1920-1989

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 1. contains materials representing Karl Pratt's professional career. Karl Pratt was born November 20, 1899 in Huntington, Ohio. After graduating from high school in Wellington, OH, he went to Ohio State University, earning a B.A. (1923), M.A. (1924), and a Ph.D. (1927) in psychology. After earning his Ph.D. he was awarded an NRC fellowship at New York University, Karl finished his Ph.D. at Ohio State in 1927, and accepted a position at Central Michigan Teacher's College, now Central Michigan University, in Mt. Pleasant, MI. He taught psychology and eventually became the head of the department until his retirement in 1968. Some of his theories focused on early childhood (neonate) and progressive education.

Materials include bibliography, resumes, articles, manuscripts, reprints, and article/book reviews. The bulk of this series contains correspondence. The correspondence is organized separately by subject and by individual (arranged alphabetically) and includes correspondence concerning publications and reviews. This series also includes correspondence from students, colleagues, and mentors.

Folder 3 Bibliography and Professional History, no date
Folder 4 Awards, 1927-1989
Folder 5 Salary Letters, 1932-1967
Folder 6-9 Writings, Manuscripts, and Notes, and 1925-1946 no date
Folder 10 Unfinished Articles, no date
Folder 11 Notes on Articles about Infants, no date

Box 46
Folder 1-3 Notes from Lectures, no date
Folder 4-5 Reprints of Published Articles by Karl Pratt, 1925-1946
Folder 6 Reprints of Published Articles by Karl Pratt and Others, 1931-1954
Folder 7 Reprints of Published Articles by Others, 1935-1944
Folder 8 Article Reviews by Karl Pratt, 1936-1951
Folder 9 Dissertation, 1930
Folder 10 Manuscript - The Neonate
Folder 11 Journals Containing Articles by Karl Pratt, 1932-1938

Box 47
Folder 1 Journals Containing Articles by Karl Pratt, 1939-1940
Folder 2 Manuscript - The 1936 Freshman -- 1940 Senior Class: An Analysis of the Effects of Selection and of Educational Gains and Losses, 1941
Folder 3-4 Editorials by Karl Pratt, 1942-1962
Folder 5-9 Correspondence Regarding Employment, 1923-1958
Folder 10-12 Correspondence Regarding Professional Development, 1923-1980
Folder 13 Programs - American Psychological Meetings, 1931-1935

Box 48
Folder 1 Superior State Teachers College, Wisconsin, 1950-1953
Folder 2-13 Correspondence - Publishers, Students 1927-1988

Box 49
Folder 1-18 Correspondence - Colleagues (A-S), 1920-1959

Box 50
Folder 1-6 Correspondence - Colleagues (S-W) 1932-1938
Folder 7 Retirement Announcement and Correspondence, 1967-1968
Folder 8 Tributes to Rowe, Herrig, and Poole, 1958-1967