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Subseries 1. Speeches

Scope and Content Notes:

Information listed on the folders includes: speech title (if known), group or event to which it was delivered, and location. Relevant additional information can be found in the "Events" Section which follows. The folders contain final copies of the speeches and drafts (when available). The speeches are available here online and can be searched for topics of particular interest.

Box 47
Folder 1 List of Speeches and Testimony Given by Richard L. Thornburgh, Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division July 1975 - February 1977
Folder 2 Graduating Class Career Prosecutor Course, National College of District Attorneys, Bates College of Law, University of Texas, Houston, TX July 25, 1975
Folder 3 "Challenges to Law Enforcement," Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association, Inc., Rhinelander, WI August 19, 1975
Folder 4 Graduating Class Advanced International Drug Enforcement School #12, Washington, D.C. August 29, 1975
Folder 5 Excerpts, Pitt Law Alumni Dinner, Pittsburgh, PA September 26, 1975
Folder 6 Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Committee on the Judiciary, United States House of Representatives Concerning Bills to Provide for Compensation to Victims of Crime, Washington, D.C. November 18, 1975
Folder 7 "Organized Crime - A Community Concern," Annual Conference of the National Association of Citizens' Crime Commissions, Biloxi, MS December 1, 1975
Folder 8 "Criminal Collections - A New Slant," Eastern Region Collections Conference for United States Attorneys, Providence, RI December 2, 1975
Folder 9 Fourth Controlled Substance Unit Conference, New Orleans, LA December 9, 1975
Folder 10 Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Tampa, FL December 19, 1975
Folder 11 "The Federal Role in Law Enforcement," Annual Jaycee Week Banquet of the Hanover Jaycees, Hanover, PA January 22, 1976
Folder 12 "The Justice Department's View of the Bank Protection Act," Seventh National Conference on Bank Security, New Orleans, LA January 26, 1976
Folder 13 House Committee on Ways and Means on Legislation Concerning Tax Return Confidentiality, Washington, D.C. January 28, 1976
Folder 14 Pittsburgh Jaycees Man of the Year Award, Pittsburgh, PA February 1, 1976
Folder 15 "White Collar Crime," United States Department of Commerce, California Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles, CA February 3, 1976
Folder 16 Attorneys of the Criminal Division, Washington, D.C. February 12, 1976
Folder 17 "Lawyers and Public Integrity," Philadelphia Bar Association, Philadelphia, PA March 11, 1976
Folder 18 "Crime and the Business Community," Chamber of Commerce of the Greater Harrisburg Area, New Cumberland, PA March 26, 1976
Folder 19 "Partners in Crime Prevention and Enforcement, " National Cargo Security Conference, Washington, D.C. March 31, 1976
Folder 20 "Prevention and Enforcement - a Dual Response to the Rise in Crime," National Crime Prevention Association, Chicago, IL April 8, 1976
Folder 21 "Law Day, 1976 - A Government of Laws, Not of Men," San Antonio Bar Association, San Antonio, TX April 27, 1976
Folder 22 "Law Day, 1976 - A Government of Laws, Not of Men," Montgomery County Bar Association and Montgomery Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, Maxwell Air Force Base, AL April 29, 1976
Folder 23 "Law Day, 1976 - A Government of Laws, Not of Men," Allegheny County Bar Association, Pittsburgh, PA April 30, 1976
Folder 24 "The Effort to Contain Organized Crime - an Overview," Institute on Organized Crime, Philadelphia, PA May 4, 1976
Folder 25 "Crime and Prevention: A Balance Sheet Approach," Pennsylvania Bankers Association, Atlantic City, New Jersey May 25, 1976
Folder 26 "A Professional Approach to the Professional Criminal," Conference for a Safe Ohio, Columbus, OH May 27, 1976
Folder 27 "Fair Trial-Free Press Issues," Judicial Conference of the District of Columbia, Hershey, PA May 28, 1976
Folder 28 "To the Graduate: a Plea for the Healthy Skeptic," Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, PA May 29, 1976
Folder 29 "Toward the Assurance of Public Integrity," Cleveland Chapter, Federal Bar Association, Bar Association of Greater Cleveland, Cuyahoga County Bar Association, Cleveland, OH June 8, 1976
Folder 30 Draft Findings and Recommendations of the Federal Advisory Committee on False Identification, Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. June 14, 1976
Folder 31 Senate Bill 1343 the Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1973, Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, Washington, D.C. June 17, 1976
Folder 32 "The Prosecutor's Role in the Search for 'The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth,' " The Criminal Law Section State Bar of Wisconsin, Fontana, WI June 18, 1976
Folder 33 "A New Partnership in Crime Prevention," Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, Albuquerque, NM July 20, 1976
Folder 34 "The Prosecutor and Drug Abuse," Fifth Controlled Substances Conspiracy Conference, Minneapolis, MN July 22, 1976
Folder 35 Activities of the Interagency Committee on Auto Theft Prevention, Washington, D.C. August 4, 1976
Folder 36 "New Limitations to Combat Corruption in Government," Better Government Association, Chicago, IL August 6, 1976
Folder 37 "New Challenges Under the Speedy Trial Act of 1974," Judicial Administration Division American Bar Association, Atlanta, GA August 7, 1976
Folder 38 "White Collar Crime - An Overview," Federal Bar Association, Washington, D.C. September 16, 1976
Folder 39 "Priorities in Federal Law Enforcement," Pittsburgh Federal Executive Board, Pittsburgh, PA September 24, 1976
Folder 40 Office of Management and Budget, Washington, D.C. September 28, 1976
Folder 41 "The Challenges of Crime," National Institute of Municipal Law Offices, Las Vegas, NV October 12, 1976
Folder 42 "Federal Role in Law Enforcement," Annual Federal Law Enforcement Dinner, Western District of Michigan, Grand Rapids, MI October 21, 1976
Folder 43 "Federal Initiatives Against Public Corruption," Public Contract Law Sections of the American Bar Association, Federal Bar Association and Unified District of Columbia Bar Association, Washington, D.C. November 1, 1976
Folder 44 "The Federal Role in Law Enforcement," Blair County Bar Association, Hollidaysburg, PA November 5, 1976
Folder 45 "Cargo Security and the Justice Department," American Tracking Association, Inc. Security Council Meeting, Arlington, VA December 7, 1976
Folder 46 "The War on Organized Crime: New Directions and New Priorities," Federal Law Enforcement Association, New Orleans, LA December 9, 1976
Folder 47 "Some Thoughts about Criminal Justice ... and the Criminal Division," Rotary Club of Manassas, Manassas, VA December 15, 1976
Folder 48 "Federal Assistance to State Prosecutors," Prosecutor's Institute of the DE Law School of Widener College, Wilmington, DE January 11, 1977
Folder 49 "Cooperation in Crime Prevention, Is there any Alternative?" Securities Industry Association Forum on Lost Securities, New York, NY January 14, 1977
Folder 50 House Subcommittee on Appropriations, Washington, D.C. February 9, 1977
Folder 51 Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Committee on the Judiciary, United States House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. February 23, 1977
Folder 52 "Program Fraud - a Continuing Challenge," Joint Department of Justice, Department of Housing and Urban Development Training Seminar, Quantico, VA March 2, 1977
Folder 53 Various Undated Speech Drafts 1975-1977