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Collection Inventory

Box 1
Folder 1-2 Division 492 Grand Rapids, Mich., 1935-1959
Folder 3-4 Division 493 Toledo, Ohio, 1930-1959
Folder 5 Division 565 New Castle, Pa,, 1938-1941
Folder 6-7 Division 590 Conway, Pa., 1924-1959
Folder 8 Division 598 Richmond, Ind., 1950-1959
Folder 9 Division 735 Canton, Ohio, 1946-1960
Folder 10-11 Division 741 Orrville, Ohio, 1926-1960
Folder 12-14 Division 745 Cleveland, Ohio, 1933-1959

Box 2
Folder 1 Division 809 Cambridge, Ohio, 1938-1960
Folder 2-4 Division 894 Columbus and Fredericktown, Ohio, 1930-1959
Folder 5 Division 924 Local Chairman Correspondence, Columbus, Ohio
Folder 6-8 Interstate Commerce Commission Finance Dockets, 1967-1973
Folder 9 Former Penn Lines, 1975
Folder 10 Penn-Central Transportation Company Reorganization Under Section 77 of Bankruptcy, 1970-1972
Folder 11 Protests of Interpretation of System Cases, 1967-1968
Folder 12 Dockets for Further Handling, Penn Lines West, 1967-1968
Folder 13 Correspondence in forming a Penn Line Board, 1968-1971
Folder 14 Penn-Line Board Correspondence, Agreements and Expenses, 1967-1973
Folder 15 Appeal from Discipline to N.R. Shores, 1969

Box 3
Folder 1-2 Correspondence, 1972-1975
Folder 3 Appeal from Discipline of M.T. Ross, 1969
Folder 4 Appeal from Discipline of F.H. Brewer, 1965-1969
Folder 5 Appeal from Discipline of C.M. Ray, 1969
Folder 6 Claim of J. Maurer, 1961
Folder 7 Claim of G.C. Bowen, 1964
Folder 8 EM 78: Western Region, Southwestern Division Case #S-660-64, 1964
Folder 9 Penn-Central Section 6 Notice, Modification of Reg.4-D-2, April 9, 1970
Folder 10 Ballots regarding the Handling by General Office or Chairman of the General Committee of Adjustment of Section 6 Notices Served before July 1970
Folder 11 Section 6 Notice, Free Transportation on Amtrak, May 3, 1971
Folder 12 Penn-Central Carrier and BLE Counter Section 6 Notices on Health and Welfare, September 2 and October 21, 1969
Folder 13 Section 6 Notices, Change of Terminals, April 30, 1970
Folder 14 Section 6 Notice, Protection Engineers, June 9, 1967
Folder 15 Section 6 Notice, Modification of December 7, 1955 Agreement Covering Manner of Handling Disputes, June 26, 1970
Folder 16 Information from Grand Chief on Procedure in Handling of Disputes Arising Out of Various Section 6 Notices, 1969-1970
Folder 17 Section 6 Notice, Health and Welfare, October 15, 1971
Folder 18 BLE Attachment in Lieu of Present Reg. 5-O-2, March 23, 1972
Folder 19 Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad and Penn Central Section 6 Notices, Coordination Facilities and Operation in Youngstown, July 5, 1973
Folder 20 Section 6 Notice, Abrogation of Tri-Party Understanding, January 13, 1969
Folder 21 Tri-Party Dispute, 1969
Folder 22 Conway-Enola Pool, Milage P.O.S.D. Agreement File
Folder 23 Rest Facilities Canton, Ohio, Onesta Hotel, 1969
Folder 24 Rest Facilities Chicago, 16th Street and Motor World, 1970-1972
Folder 25 Rest Facilities Cleveland, Collingwood (proposed new Dormitory), 1969-1971
Folder 26 Proposed Rest Facilities in Columbus, Indianapolis, Sharon, East St. Louis and Belfountain
Folder 27 Rest Facilities Indianapolis, Avon Yards and Columbus, Hilliard Yards
Folder 28 Rest Facilities Steubenville, Ohio
Folder 29 Rest Facilities Youngstown, Ohio
Folder 30 Rest Facilities Marion, Ind.
Folder 31 Rest Facilities Indianapolis, Warren Hotel

Box 4
Folder 1 St. Clair Rest House Columbus, Ohio
Folder 2 Wages and Pay Rates, 1972
Folder 3 BLE and Penn-Central Section 6 Notice, Apprentice Engineer and Engineer Instruction Allowance, April 27, 1972
Folder 4 BLE and Penn-Central Section 6 Notice, Apprentice Engineer Training Program, July 28, 1969
Folder 5 BLE and Penn-Central Section 6 Notice, Manning Rule, July 28, 1969
Folder 6 Section 6 Notice, New Paragraph 2-A-10, October 4, 1968
Folder 7 Section 6 Notice, Water Coolers, July 19, 1968
Folder 8 Section 6 Notice, Speedometers, July 19, 1968
Folder 9 Section 6 Notice, Locomotive Cleanliness and Maintenance, July 19, 1968
Folder 10 Section 6 Notice, Wearing Apparel, September 13, 1968
Folder 11 Section 6 Notice, Multiple Unit Cars, July 19, 1968
Folder 12 Section 6 Notice, Toilet Facilities on Locomotives, September 16, 1968
Folder 13-14 Section 6 Notice, Suitable Lodging, January 10, 1967
Folder 15 Locomotive Engineers Eating While on Duty
Folder 16 Arbitration Board Award No. 282
Folder 17 Tables of Standard Rates of Pay, 1964-1967, 1969
Folder 18 Agreements and Mediation Agreement of BLE-Firemen, July 18, 1957
Folder 19 Explanations of the Operating Employees' Earnings Statements, Chicago and Northwestern Railway
Folder 20 Correspondence regarding the Merger of Pennsylvania Lines West and Indiana Division, 1970
Folder 21 Merging Penn-Central General Committee, West of Buffalo and Pittsburgh
Folder 22 Ballots Received, Assessment for One Year, November 1969
Folder 23 Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen Illegal Strike, March 31, 1966
Folder 24 Personnel and Address Changes
Folder 25 Regional General Managers Meetings, Chicago, Ill.
Folder 26 Regional General Managers Meetings, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Folder 27 Regional General Managers Meetings, Detroit, Mich.
Folder 28 Regional General Managers Meetings, Indianapolis, Ind.
Folder 29 Regional General Managers Meetings, Penn-Central President
Folder 30 Correspondence regarding Watters Request to Convene General Committee of Adjustment, 1966
Folder 31 Standing Committee Minutes and Correspondence, 1964-1966
Folder 32 Replies on Proposed Meeting for Briefing on Recent Wage Agreement
Folder 33 Railroad Strikes, Information and Instructions
Folder 34 Avon Yard Agreement Indianapolis, June 28, 1960
Folder 35 Agreements, 1966
Folder 36 Agreement, Operators of Unit Coal Training between Youngstown and Toledo
Folder 37 Amtrak Passes
Folder 38 Amtrak Correspondence and Minutes, 1971-1973
Folder 39 Trackage Rights, Pennsylvania and New York Central, Indianapolis Division

Box 5
Folder 1 Correspondence in Connection with "Hours of Service Act", 1965
Folder 2 BLE Vacation Agreement
Folder 3 Restore Engineers to Equal Representation Administering Vacation Agreement
Folder 4 United Transportation Union Preponderance Material, 1969-1971
Folder 5 Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad and Pennsylvania Railroad, Toledo, Ohio
Folder 6 Correspondence in Connection with Bi-Weekly Pay Day, January 9, 1963
Folder 7 Handling Dead Engine in Tow
Folder 8 General Motors Plant Lordstown, Ohio, 1966
Folder 9 Chevrolet Northwood, Ohio C&O/B&O Agreement
Folder 10 Penn Line West Division Earnings
Folder 11 Dispute, Interchange at Penford, MI
Folder 12 Locomotive Defect Reports
Folder 13 Request and Replies on Inadequate or Defective Braking on Locomotives
Folder 14 Correspondence and Ballots in Payment Handling of Defective Locomotive Units by Railroad Crews
Folder 15 Replies from Local Chairmen on Trials and Investigations of BLE Members, 1969
Folder 16 Supplementary Pension, 1966
Folder 17 Proposed Mini Trains, Grain Gathering Service, 1969
Folder 18 Correspondence regarding 50 Examination Questions on Rules for Conducting Transportation
Folder 19 Penn Line West Specified Days Served as Local Chairmen, Guaranteed Earnings, May 1, 1963-April 30, 1964
Folder 20 Replies regarding the Railway Safety Act, 1966
Folder 21 Permission regarding General Chairmen and Vice Chairmen to Ride Cab of Locomotive to Secure Information on Operation and Condition of Engine and Equipment
Folder 22 Rule Changes 5-O-2 and 8-F-1
Folder 23 Holiday Agreement
Folder 24 Replies, National Rules Changes
Folder 25 Arbitrary Allowance for Using Telephone During Tour of Duty, 1957-1965
Folder 26 Amendments for Locomotive Inspection other than Steam
Folder 27 Correspondence regarding Back Rests on Engineers' Seats on Class BS-6 and BS-7 Locomotives
Folder 28 Correspondence regarding Installation of Bay Type Windows on Yard Shifter Type Locomotives, 1951-1970
Folder 29 Request to Replace Present Plastic Water Bottles with Clear Glass or Plastic Bottles, 1962
Folder 30 Condition of Engines, Equipment and Slave Units
Folder 31 Bi-Partisan Engine Equipment Committee
Folder 32 Abolishment of Lite Engine Movement from Regular Assignment
Folder 33 Cleveland Terminal Switching Limits Agreement, 1965
Folder 34 Appointment of Equity Incident to Servicing Babcock-Wilcox Plants at Morado and Koppel, 1960-1961
Folder 35 Asking for Day's Pay for Attending Air Car on Pennsylvania Railroad
Folder 36 BLE Engineer Employment Program Listing of Names
Folder 37 Proposed Separation Allowance for Locomotive Engineers
Folder 38 Revising of Regulations Effective March 1, 1941 as of December 30, 1965
Folder 39 Changes in Regional Operation, Pennsylvania Railroad, March 1, 1964
Folder 40 Men from Common Extra List at Conway Man Trans-America Truc-Trains Out of Conway
Folder 41 Proposed Changes in Rules of Working Conditions
Folder 42 Proposed Changes in System Schedule, 1962
Folder 43 Discontinutence Yard Assignments Agreement, June 25, 1964
Folder 44 Highway Safety Program including Railway Crossings, 1967
Folder 45 Correspondence on Vapor Alerter, 1967
Folder 46 Housing, Public Law Board No.38, GT&W Railway Co., 1972
Folder 47 Columbus, Ohio Meeting with S.L. Zane, 1961
Folder 48 Request of Bunkroom Facilities at Crestline, Ohio Be Restored for Engine Crews, 1962
Folder 49 Lodging Facilities Agreement Volume II, 1965
Folder 50 BLE Agreement with Eastern Carriers Saving of Firemen Jobs
Folder 51 Correspondence of Proposed Uniform Application of E&F Regulation 8-A-1 on Pennsylvania Railroad, 1960-1961
Folder 52 Lodging Facilities Agreement Volume I, 1964
Folder 53 Correspondence in Connection with Manner of Deadheading Employees, Penn Line West, 1961
Folder 54 Agreement extending Switching Limits at Logansport, Ind. to Service New Cement Industry, 1960-1961
Folder 55 Steubenville-Weirton Switching District, 1944
Folder 56 Agreement extending Switching Limits at Grand Rapids, Mich. on Muskegon Branch, 1961
Folder 57 Operating Empty Hopper Cars between Sandusky and Crestline, Ohio Pool Crews, 1959-1960
Folder 58 Operating Trains from Toledo to Crestline via Corrothers and Byocyrus, 1954-1959
Folder 59 Correspondence in Connection with Proposed Merger of the former E&A and C&P Districts, 1949-1962

Box 6
Folder 1 BLE Centennial Souvenir Program, 1963
Folder 2 BLE Grand Division Special Representatives J.D. Rinehar, W.W. Musgrove and W.L. Ingram, 1967-1971
Folder 3-18 BLE Grand Chief Engineer, 1960-1975
Folder 19-20 BLE Assistant Grand Chief Engineer and National Legislative Representative, 1960, 1965
Folder 21-22 General Secretary-Treasurer, 1960-1965
Folder 23 Assistant Superintendent of Personnel, Central Region, Lake Division, Pennsylvania Railroad
Folder 24 Superintendent of Personnel, Central Region, Pennsylvania Railroad
Folder 25 Superintendent of Personnel, Western Region, Pennsylvania Railroad
Folder 26 Assistant Superintendent of Personnel, Western Region, Southwest Division, Pennsylvania Railroad
Folder 27 Assistant Superintendent of Personnel, Western Region, Buckeye Division, Pennsylvania Railroad
Folder 28 Correspondence on System Meetings with Manager of Labor Relations, 1960-1964
Folder 29-30 Manager of Labor Relations, Pennsylvania Railroad, 1960-1973
Folder 31 Chief of Personnel, Pennsylvania Railroad, 1960-1968
Folder 32 General Chairman, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, Pennsylvania Lines West
Folder 33 General Chairman, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, Pennsylvania Lines East and West
Folder 34 BLE Quarterly Reports, 1965-1976
Folder 35 BLE Division 501 Newsletter Headlight, 1970-1973
Folder 36-38 General Chairman, BLE, Pennsylvania Lines East, 1960-1972
Folder 39 General Chairman, BLE Indiana Division, 1965

Box 7
Folder 1 General Chairman, BLE Indiana Division
Folder 2-7 Correspondence, 1960-1965
Folder 8 Division 11 Indianapolis, Ind.
Folder 9-10 Division 12 Fort Wayne, Ind., 1946-1955
Folder 11-12 Division 20 Logansport, Ind., 1940-1960
Folder 13 M.C. Shaffer, 1953-1955
Folder 14 Division 79 Columbus, Ohio, 1947-1960
Folder 15 Division 92 Dennison, Ohio, 1947-1960
Folder 16 Division 170 Wellsville, Ohio, 1945-1959
Folder 17 Division 231 Chicago, Ind., 1946-1960

Box 8
Folder 1 Division 255 Steubenville, Ohio, 1946-1960
Folder 2-3 Division 260 Ashtabula, Ohio, 1931-1960
Folder 4 Division 293 Pittsburgh, Pa., 1946-1957
Folder 5 Division 298 Erie, Pa., 1949-1959
Folder 6 Division 306 Crestline, Ohio, 1945-1960
Folder 7 Division 334 Columbus, Ohio, 1924-1958
Folder 8 Division 416 Carnegie, Pa., 1946-1959
Folder 9-10 Division 480 Cincinnati, Ohio, 1946-1958
Folder 11 Special Assessment, Grand Office, 1924
Folder 12 Application Regulation 2-B-1, Ruling of D.D. Miller, 1927
Folder 13 Extra Work Train Service, Pool or Extra Crews, 1926
Folder 14 Two Crwes Called on Deadhead and One Work on Same Train, 1927
Folder 15 Board of Arbitration, Claim that Passenger Car Repairing in C.T. Yards, Pittsburgh Passenger Yard, Should be Classified under the "E" Grade, 1930
Folder 16 Proposed Establishment of Common Extra List at Mansfield, 1928
Folder 17 Apportionment of Interdivisional Freight Service between Lines East and Lines West Under Conductor's and Trainmen's 3-C Regulations, 1928
Folder 18 Core Letter on Adjusting Lists, 1927
Folder 19 Diverted Freight Eastern Division, 1928
Folder 20 Engine Equipment, 1940-1967
Folder 21 Handling Carload Shipments of Frigidaires out of Dayton on Interdivisional Run PH-8, 1928
Folder 22 Proceedings of 3rd Triennial Session of the General Committee of Adjustment BLE, 1918-1921

Box 9
Folder 1 Hiring Engineers, Regulation 1-D-8
Folder 2 Employee Representation, Letter from Anna Hazlett, 1925
Folder 3 Pittsburgh Operating Switch District Service Interchange Service
Folder 4 Local Switching at Terminal, Joint Reviewing Committee Decision
Folder 5 Assigned Crews Set Back, Regular Leaving Time Changed, Eastern Division, 1922
Folder 6 Questions and Answers regarding 4-Q Regulations, 1924
Folder 7 Ballot, Chicago Joint Agreement, 1925
Folder 8 Switching Limits, Central Ohio Division, 1922
Folder 9 Legislation on Transportation Act, Philadelphia Meeting, 1925-1926
Folder 10 Question of New Route between Logansport and Indianapolis, 1917-1918, 1930
Folder 11 Establishing the Western Region, 1925
Folder 12 Buckeye Region, Columbus District System Docket E-695, 1959
Folder 13 Lake Region, Lake District System Docket E-701, 1959
Folder 14 Northwestern Region System Docket E-710, 1957
Folder 15 Buckeye Region, Columbus District System Docket E-712, 1959
Folder 16 Lake Region, Eastern District System Docket E-713, 1957
Folder 17 Lake and Northwestern Regions Correspondence regarding Establishment of Interseniority District, 1960
Folder 18 Lake Region, Lake District System Docket E-700, 1959
Folder 19 Buckeye Region, Columbus District System Docket E-728, 1959
Folder 20 Buckeye Region, Columbus District System Docket E-729, 1959
Folder 21 Buckeye Region, Columbus District System Docket E-730, 1959
Folder 22 Lake Region, Eastern District System Docket E-716, 1958
Folder 23 Buckeye Region, Panhandle District Correspondence regarding A.A. Abbuhl, 1960
Folder 24 Correspondence regarding Special Board of Adjustment No.348, 1960
Folder 25 Correspondence regarding Authorized Strike of the Transit Workers Union and Shopmen, Railway Employee's Department, 1960
Folder 26 Northwestern Region, Fort Wayne District Correspondence regarding Darwin R. Rice
Folder 27 Buckeye Region, Cincinnati District System Docket ED-49, 1961
Folder 28 Buckeye Region, Cincinnati District System Docket ED-50, 1961
Folder 29 Correspondence regarding Carrier's Changing Working Conditions without Section 6 Notice, 1953
Folder 30 Correspondence regarding Notice to Change Agreement, 1961
Folder 31 Buckeye Region, Cincinnati District Correspondence regarding Fred Rauch, 1960
Folder 32 Lake Region, Lake District Correspondence regarding L.P. Saltsman, 1960
Folder 33 Southwestern Region Correspondence about Running Trains through Terre Haute, IN, 1960
Folder 34 New York Region System Docket EM-41, 1960
Folder 35 Wage Movement, 1966
Folder 36 Wage Movement, 1969
Folder 37 Wage Movement and Settlement Agreement, 1968-1969
Folder 38 BLE Section 6 Wage Proposal, 1968
Folder 39 Carrier Section 6 Notice Proposal, 1968
Folder 40 Dispute regarding Interchange, Penn-Central
Folder 41 Logansport-Chicago
Folder 42 Cleveland Big Pool
Folder 43 Tentative Agreement, 1964
Folder 44 Placing Disabled Engineers under General Subject
Folder 45 Regulation 2-A-3 Applying to Engineers off Under Milage Agreement or Sickness
Folder 46 Application, Western Region
Folder 47 Bond Secretary-Treasurer, 1945-1946
Folder 48 Application Regulation 3-C-1 for Eastern, Erie & Ashtabula, and C&P Divisions, 1934
Folder 49 Interdivisional Service Application Paragraph E, Conductors and Trainmen's Regulation 3-C-1
Folder 50 Application Regulation 5-C-1, Marking Up Extra Engineers Who Miss a Call
Folder 51 Closed Shop Rule
Folder 52 Electric Locomotive, Enoch's Letter
Folder 53 Joint Executive Committee Meeting in Pittsburgh, Pa., November 5, 1931
Folder 54 Manning of Excursion Trains Passing Over Two or More Divisions
Folder 55 Passenger Equipment Formerly Operated Out of Chicago or Wabash Railroad now Manned by Pennsylvania Railroad
Folder 56 John Edgar Thomson Foundation, Philadelphia, Pa.,
Folder 57 Qualifying on Gas-Electric Cars
Folder 58 Insurance of the General Committee of Adjustments Funds, 1932
Folder 59 Locomotive Engineers Mutual Life and Accident Insurance Association Cleveland, OH, 1933
Folder 60 Grand Chief Engineer Johnston Trial, Standard Trust Bank, February 9, 1934
Folder 61 Jordan Motor Car Co.
Folder 62 Conductor L.R. King and Crew for Local Rate of Pay, July 24, 1935
Folder 63 Kansas City Southern Tentative Agreement, Rates of Pay
Folder 64 Practice of Left Side Lead on Steam Locomotives on Pennsylvania Railroad
Folder 65 Semi-Monthly Pay Law (Indiana) and Modification of the Old Law, 1933
Folder 66 Six Hour Day, Minutes of Meeting in Chicago, November 12, 1930
Folder 67 Special Meeting of General Chairmen of Four Organizations in Chicago, November 12, 1930
Folder 68 Montreal Agreement, Canadian National Railroad
Folder 69 Meeting of General Chairmen in Chicago, October 25, 1932
Folder 70 Controversy between the Chairmen of BLE and BLF&E regarding Application of Reduced Milage Agreement
Folder 71 Suggested Changes to Regulation 5-P-1
Folder 72 Decision No. 2068, Protest Penn Lines East
Folder 73 J.B. Phillips Time Claim, Letter from Leiper, December 14, 1931
Folder 74 Qualifying under Regulation 4-C-1, Eastern, Panhandle, Cleveland and E&A Divisions
Folder 75 Sharpsville Riailraod Co. Service Record of Yard and Road Employees
Folder 76 Six Hour Day, I.C.C. Hearings in Washington, D.C., May 23-25, 1932
Folder 77 Cunningham Sanitarium, Establishment of Medical Services for Members
Folder 78 Correspondence to Local Chairmen regarding Smoke Trailing Down Alongside Cab and Obstructing Vision

Box 10
Folder 1 Toledo, Peoria & Western Strike Settlement, November 1929
Folder 2 Arbitration Cases, Telegraph and Signal Department
Folder 3 Ohio State Union Meeting, Columbus, March 23 and April 4-5, 1932
Folder 4 V.R.D. Representative Filling Vacancy of P.E. Heisel, December 1934
Folder 5 Abandonment of "Y" at Bradford, Disposing of Equipment
Folder 6 Dismissal Allowance When Two or More Carriers Agree to Coordinate Yard or Road Facilities, May 31, 1936
Folder 7 Consolidation of Railroads in the Indianapolis Territory
Folder 8 Cab Curtains, BLE Journal, June 1928
Folder 9 General Conditions Complained of by Employees of the Pennsylvania System
Folder 10 Facing Point Switches, January 1935
Folder 11-16 General Committee of Adjustments Resolutions, 1930, 1933, 1936, 1939
Folder 17-18 General Committee of Adjustments Special Session, 1941
Folder 19 General Committee of Adjustments Session, 1945
Folder 20 Cases Appealed to the General Committee of Adjustments, 1942
Folder 21-24 General Committee of Adjustment Session, 1948, 1951, 1957, 1959
Folder 25 General Manager's Letter Covering Application of Regulation 4-L-1, Western Region
Folder 26 Report of Special Committee to Investigate Duties of Firemen on Self-Propelled Cranes
Folder 27 Consolidation of Yards and Mergers Under National Laws
Folder 28-30 5-N Regulations
Folder 31 Requests for Work Passes on Foreign Lines
Folder 32 Railroad Retirement, 1946-1959
Folder 33 Seniority Cases Tried in Court and Judge's Decisions
Folder 34 Circular Letter to Local Chairmen regarding Strike Vote, 1937
Folder 35 Social Security Act, 1937
Folder 36 Circular Letter to Local Chairmen Requesting Information on Accidents Due to Long Trains, December 1937
Folder 37 Unemployment Insurance and Unemployment Compensation Act, 1936
Folder 38 Firemen's Regulation, December 1938
Folder 39 Roster Appeals Resulting from Merger
Folder 40 List of Members Expelled from Divisions on Account of Non-Payment of Dues
Folder 41 Discipline Lines East and West or Interdivisional Seniority Cases
Folder 42 Application of Passenger Minimum Earnings Guarantee on Various Roads
Folder 43 Ruling to J.P. Hanley on Regulation 2-A-5
Folder 44 Application of Regulation 1-D-7-b on Different Divisions
Folder 45 Interdivisional Milage Regulation, Suggested Revision Regulation 3-C-1
Folder 46 Proposed Change in the Memorandum of Understanding between Management and Train Service Organization
Folder 47 Defective Color Perception
Folder 48 DT&I Railroad
Folder 49 Eastern Meeting Association
Folder 50 Eating Enroute Request for Engineers
Folder 51 Cases Appealed to General Committee of Adjustment, 1933
Folder 52 Vice-Chairman Expenses
Folder 53 Grand Office Circular regarding a New Law on Diverted Traffic
Folder 54 Helper Service Question
Folder 55 Interdivisional Passenger Runs between Pittsburgh and Cleveland, April 1929
Folder 56 Interdivisional Passenger Service between Eastern E&A and Cleveland Divisions with Inaugeration of New Passenger Train 339, April 28, 1929
Folder 57 Joint Instructions to Local Chairmen Regarding Handling Interdivisional Milage Runs
Folder 58 Interdivisional Service between Niles and Shire Oaks, Eastern Division
Folder 59 Investigation of Four Organizations in Toledo, January 28, 1928
Folder 60 Interdivisional Service Freight Runs between Kinsman St. and Pitcairn, Sharpsburg or Crestline
Folder 61 Request of Eastern Division Firemen for Representation in Interdivisional Runs between Erie and Shaprsburg, Niles and Scully, Niles and Shire Oaks and Niles and Pitcairn
Folder 62 Interdivisional Service between Conway and Shire Oaks, Eastern Division
Folder 63 Jordan Track Oiler Spraying Machine
Folder 64 Engineer R.C.R. Pooler Time Claims, Service Performed by Locomotive Cranes in Altoona Works, July 1929
Folder 65 Locomotive Cranes, Duties Required by Engineers

Box 11
Folder 1 Report of the Committee of Eight, February 1930
Folder 2 Memorandum on Proper Assignment of Crews to Service Being Established between C.L.N. and Chicago
Folder 3 Request for Mine Run Rate for Engineers
Folder 4 Adjustment of Engineers' Working Lists in Accordance with 5-N Regulations
Folder 5 Supplemental Pension for Employees
Folder 6 Payment for Engineers Qualifying in the Pittsburgh Operating Switching District
Folder 7 Request that Trainmen be Relieved of Duty of Making Road Test of Air at Bradford
Folder 8 General Committee of Adjustment Resolutions on Physical Disability, October 1930
Folder 9 Safety Matters Involving Four Organizations
Folder 10 Handling of Steel Shipments from Falcon Steel Company at Niles to Mansfield
Folder 11 Regulations 4-S-1 and 2-A-4
Folder 12 Arbitration Award Conductors and Trainmen, Eastern Territory, December 1, 1926
Folder 13 Unattended Block Stations
Folder 14-16 Union Shop File, 1951-1970
Folder 17 Engine and Train Service Employees Performing Duties when Employees of an Industry are on Strike Picketing Properties, 1953
Folder 18 Rosters, 1970
Folder 19 Docket Cases 80-399
Folder 20 Division 487 Mingo Junction, Ohio
Folder 21 4-E-1 to 4-Q-8
Volume 1 Laws, Rules and Instructions for Inspection and Testing of Steam Locomootives and Tenders and their Appurtenances, 1941
Volume 2 The Pennsylvania Railroad List of Stations and Sidings and Instructions for Making Reports to the Superintendent Car Service, May 1, 1945
Volume 3 The Pennsylvania Railroad Air Brake Examination Questions and Answers for Locomotive Enginemen, Firemen, Hostlers, Conductors and Trainmen, 1961
Volume 4 Agreement between Lehigh Valley Railroad Company and Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, September 1, 1956
Volume 5 Agreement between The New York Central Railroad Company New York and Eastern Districts and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, 1958
Volume 6 Agreement between The New York Central Railroad Company New York and Eastern Districts and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, 1958-1959
Volume 7 Agreement between the Pennsylvania Railroad Company and Baltimore & Eastern Railroad Company and Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, March 1, 1941
Volume 8 Agreement between the Pennsylvania Railroad Company and Baltimore & Eastern Railroad Company and Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, March 1, 1941