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Series VI. Crashin' Out: Hard Times in McKeesport Oral History Project, 1983

Scope and Content Notes:

The Crashin' Out: Hard Times in McKeesport Oral History Project records consist of audio cassettes and transcripts, a bibliography, papers regarding oral history techniques, a Mon Valley Unemployed Committee slide show script about McKeesport, research, field questions, and photo essays. Interviews for the project were completed by students hired under a Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) grant. The goal of the grant was to talk to people who lived through the Great Depression or had personal experiences with the 1980s downturn of the steel industry in the Monongahela Valley.

Subseries 1. Crashin' Out: Hard Times in McKeesport, Oral History Project Material, 1983

Box 2
Folder 5 Bibliography
Folder 6 Oral History Techniques
Folder 7 Conducting an Interview
Folder 8 Mon Valley Unemployment Committee Slideshow Script
Folder 9 First Pages of Book
Folder 10 Slideshow
Folder 11 Elizabeth Township Historical Society
Folder 12 List of Book Donations
Folder 13 Flyers for Public Presentation
Folder 14 Completed Legal Releases
Folder 15 Office Inventory and Calender
Folder 16 Supervisor's Time Sheets
Folder 17 Student Interviews
Folder 18 Supervisor Handbook
Folder 19 Notes and Field Questions
Folder 20 Research
Folder 21 Receipts Incurred
Folder 22 Handwritten Grant Proposals
Folder 23 McKeesport Newspaper Clippings, 1970-1994
Folder 24 Mon-Valley Unemployed Committee Summer Youth Employment Oral History Project, 1983
Folder 25 Photographs and Photo Essays
Folder 26-29 Edited Interviews

Subseries 2. Crashin' Out: Hard Times in McKeesport, Oral History Project Interviews, 1983

Box 2
Folder 30 Interview of Paul Edna Barnes
Folder 31 Interview of Junious Brown
Folder 32 Interview of Lois Brown
Folder 33 Interview of Nick and Joanne Burton
Folder 34 Interview of Samuel Buckman
Folder 35 Interview of Arthur Cready, et al.
Folder 36 Interview of Bernadine Davis
Folder 37 Interview of Phil DiRoca
Folder 38 Interview of Rocky Doratio
Folder 39 Interview of Linda Ganzak
Folder 40 Interview of Dick Grace
Folder 41 Interview of Percy Garland
Folder 42 Interview of Andrew Jakomas
Folder 43 Interview of Wilda Ketchum
Folder 44 Interview of Oscar Lechman
Folder 45 Interview of Peter Lupo
Folder 46 Interview of Phil McGuigan
Folder 47 Interview of Frank Muic
Folder 48 Interview of Virginia Murray
Folder 49 Interview of Joseph Odorcich
Folder 50 Interview of Barney Oursler
Folder 51 Interview of Marie Papula
Folder 52 Interview of Rich Pompanio
Folder 53 Interview of Reuben Sayles
Folder 54 Interview of Tim Session
Folder 55 Interview of Fred Stipkovitz
Folder 56 Interview of Jackie Sutrice
Folder 57 Interview of Michael Tokarsly
Folder 58 Interview of Tony Tomko
Folder 59 Interview of George Vukmanic
Folder 60 Interview of Anna May Williams

Subseries 3. Crashin' Out: Hard Times in McKeesport, Interview Cassettes

Box 3
Cassette 1 Interview of Paul Edna Barnes
Cassette 2 Interview of Junious Brown
Cassette 3 Interview of Lois Brown
Cassette 4 Interview of Nick and Joanne Burton
Cassette 5 Interview of Samuel Buckman
Cassette 6 Interview of Arthur Cready, et al.
Cassette 7 Interview of Bernadine Davis
Cassette 8 Interview of Phil DiRoca
Cassette 9 Interview of Rocky Doratio
Cassette 10 Interview of Linda Ganzak
Cassette 11 Interview of Dick Grace
Cassette 12 Interview of Percy Garland
Cassette 13 Interview of Andrew Jakomas
Cassette 14 Interview of Wilda Ketchum
Cassette 15 Interview of Oscar Lechman
Cassette 16 Interview of Peter Lupo
Cassette 17 Interview of Phil McGuigan
Cassette 18 Interview of Frank Muic
Cassette 19 Interview of Virginia Murray
Cassette 20 Interview of Joseph Odorcich
Cassette 21 Interview of Barney Oursler
Cassette 22 Interview of Marie Papula
Cassette 23 Interview of Rich Pompanio
Cassette 24 Interview of Reuben Sayles
Cassette 25 Interview of Tim Session
Cassette 26 Interview of Fred Stipkovitz
Cassette 27 Interview of Jackie Sutrice
Cassette 28 Interview of Michael Tokarsly
Cassette 29 Interview of Tony Tomko
Cassette 30 Interview of George Vukmanic
Cassette 31 Interview of Anna May Williams