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El Salvador in Crises and El Salvador is Spanish for Viet Nam, April 10, 1989 (Umatic)

A conversation with America Sosa, representative of Comadres - El Salvador, mothers of tortured and murdered political prisoners, shares her personal tragedy, her sons were tortured and imprisoned and her husband was tortured and killed, "solidarity with the American people stimulates and sparks us to move forward in our struggle", 15 min., March, 1989, also El Salvador in Crises, a heart-wrenching documentary of brutal repression, in the early '80s the U.S made El Salvador a scapegoat battlefield for fighting the expansion of communism, Senator Mark Hatfield, Republican of Oregon, "the ultimate human cost of this tragic conflict will be determined not only by decisions made in El Salvador but also those made in El Salvador but also those made in our own livingrooms and in the halls of Congress", a campesino told Dr. Charlie Clements, "you will never understand violence or non-violence until you understand the violence to the spirit that happens from watching your children die of malnutrition, that's what the issue is about in Central American today", produced by the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, 30 min., 1988.