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The Shadow Government, May 24, 1988 (Umatic)

The Shadow Government: The Men Behind the Iran/Contra Scandal, is a press conference by the Christic Institute, an interfaith law and policy center in Washington, D.C., about their investigation and lawsuit against the Private Enterprise, a group of private citizens, including many ex CIA covert operations agents, an organization that was used by the White House to carry on teh illegal war in Central America against wishes of Congress and the American people, Oliver North was the military liaison to the Private Enterprise, partners with drug smugglers for over 20 years, first in Southeast Asia and now in Central America. Dan Sheehan, chief council for Christic, " the American people know they haven't been told the truth, they are not going to acept the findings of the Iran/Contra Committee as anything but partial truth", 55 min., 1988