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Series IV. Other

Box 6
Videotape 54-62 Save the Dolphins - Dolphin/Tuna Highlights (Umatic)
Political Communication in Revolutionary Nicaragua (Umatic)
CMU Goes to War - Iraq Oil War, October 29, 1990 (Umatic)
Walk in Peace - Nicaragua (Umatic -SP)
Homeless in Pittsburgh, July 10, 1990 (Umatic)
Reverend Roth, February 1, 1984 (Umatic)
Iris Kelso Interviews Jean Houston (Umatic)
Hunger in America, December 1989 (Umatic)
Faces of War, Neighbor to Neighbor, and Nagasaki Demo, August 26, 1988 (Umatic)

Box 7
Videotape 63-73 Nowhere to Hind: Ramsey Clark in Iraq, April 11, 1991 (Umatic)
You Are Now Under Arrest, 1991 (Umatic)
Fire and Water, August 26, 1992 (Umatic)
Peach Links: Are We Ready to Embrace the 21st Century, November 11, 1990 (VHS)
Housing Now!, August 19, 1931(?) (Umatic)
A City of Co-ops (Umatic)
Helen Caldicott: Quest for Peace (Umatic)
Dr. Bernard Lown: Physicians for Social Responsibility, December 6, 1990 (Umatic)
Math Sampler, December 1990 (Umatic)
Videogram from Tent City (Umatic)
Electron and Proton Stemglass (Umatic)

Box 8
Videotape 74-84 Barry Bluestare, Tri-State Conference, March 24, 1992 (VHS)
CMU Found Guilty in a Time of War (Umatic)
Mel King: At the Center, On the Edge, June 17, 1992 (Umatic)
Cispes:Paul Schwalb, August 12, 1990 (VHS)
ELO 33, Columbus WTI, October 22, 1991 (VHS)
WTI Protest, May 5, 1991 (VHS)
WTI Paul Connet, August 1991 (VHS)
Dynamic Duo: Electron and Proton (Scotch 1/2" Reel)
Yosef Saloajee at Camp Solidarity North, June 15, 1990 (Umatic)
Overview of Nuclear Power, 1978 (Umatic)
Zen Ecology: Eybernetic Gosepel (Umatic)

Box 9
Videotape 85-97 Zen Ecology Part 1 (Master Edit)
Zen Ecology Part 3, Gerson Tape 1, April 13, 1982 (Umatic)
Zen Ecology, Gerson Tape 2, April 13, 1982 (Umatic)
Zen Ecology Part V, Mel Packer Tape 1 (Umatic)
Zen Ecology Part V, Mel Packer Tape 2 (Umatic)
Weiner Interviews Viktoras (Umatic)
Fire and Water: Hiroshima 92, August 26, 1992 (Umatic)
Quest For Peace: Rabbi Beerman (Umatic)
Philip Agee: Ex-CIA Agent Speaks Out (Umatic)
El Salvador Demo, December 9, 1989 (VHS)
Pittsburgh Press Union Rally, July 28,1992 (VHS)
Maharishi's Festival of Music for World Peace, 1987 (VHS)
Earth Day 1990 (VHS)

Box 10
Videotape 98-112 Mitch Snyder Memorial (VHS)
Bread Puppet (VHS)
Gail: Recipes for Life, May 21, 1983 (Beta)
Dr. Ann Slide Show Tape 1 (Beta)
Rapping with Fanchette Part 2, June 16, 1983 (Beta)
Jamie - Lecture, June 5, 1983 (Beta)
Union Yes: From Commonsberg to El Salvador, August 22, 1991 (Umatic)
Dr. Ann Tape 2 (Beta)
Dr. Ann Tape 3 (Beta)
Dr. Ann Tape 4 (Beta)
Rapping with Fanchette, June 15, 1989 (Beta)
HHI Tour (Beta)
Jo Sessny (Beta)
Kids -- Jay April: Kid and Parent (Beta)
Jim Weiner: Viktoras (Beta)