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Series I. Transcripts, undated

Scope and Content Notes:

Interviews conducted by Lynn Hinds. Focus on Pittsburgh's history in early television and some radio. Discusses how television news, shows, commercials, etc. were produced and performed. Interviewees discuss other Pittsburghers (not interviewed) who took part in the pioneer days of television. Television stations and locations, descriptions of television sets, and descriptions of engineering techniques and consoles are also provided. Concerned primarily with 1949-1960. Arranged alphabetically.

Box 1
Folder 1 1. Adler, Will (

Founded TV News, (later renamed TV Digest), Pittsburgh's weekly magazine devoted to television, in 1952. Later sold to TV Guide.

2. Battenfelter, Bob (

One of the first technicians hired by WDTV, he became technical director and was still working in that capacity for KDKA in 1989.

3. Beal, Bill (

Co-owner of Packaged Programs, a company that produced radio features. Beal, along with partner Morey Fierst, produced Pitt Parade, a daily newsreel which was the first regularly scheduled local production on WDTV.

4. Berry, Jim (

An early employee of WTAE-TV when that station went on the air in 1958, he started in the mail room, moved to film editing, and later became videotape editor for news.

5. Boyle, Charles (Chuck) (

Began as a film cameraman for Pitt Parade in the early 1950s; was the first full-time film cameraman hired by WDTV. Later worked for NBC.

Folder 2 6. Brandt, Bill (

Veteran of Pittsburgh radio, hosted a morning program on WDTV.

7. & 8. DeFiore, Fred and Jay Gould (

Fred Difiore was one of the first film cameramen and editors for Pitt Parade. He later moved to WTAE-TV in similar capacity, and retired in 1990.

Jay Gould was one of the first film cameramen and editors for Pitt Parade. He became videotape editor for WTAE-TV and was still working in 1990.

9. Dreyfus, Dick (

First film buyer for WDTV. Later worked for Westinghouse.

10. Eisenhower, George (

Moved from radio to become first announcer for WDTV. Retired as announcer for KDKA-TV after forty years.

Folder 3 11. Fanning, Win (

First TV columnist for The Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

12. Faust, Donovan (

Veteran of radio, played the role of The Green Hornet in Detroit. Television experience in Chicago and Dayton, Ohio before becoming the first Assistant General Manager of WDTV in the early 1950s.

13. Gould, Rita (

Assistant to Bill Adler at TV Digest, she became Pittsburgh manager for TV Guide after they purchased TV Digest.

Folder 4 14. Hinds, Bill (

Performer for KDKA radio he moved to WDTV, co-starred in Buzz and Bill, a variety program.

15. Israel, Larry (

Had TV experience in Philadelphia before moving to WDTV as Sales Manager in 1949. Together with Donovan Faust and others, he founded the short-lived UHP station, WENS.

Folder 5 16. Kahn, Jacques (

Worked for an advertising agency when WDTV began. Responsible for several agency-sponsored television programs.

17. Kaiser, Ron (

Worked for advertising agency in late 1950s and produced television commercials.

18. Long, Paul (

Joined KDKA radio in 1946 and became a veteran anchorman for KDKA-TV and later WTAE-TV.

19. McDowell, Al (

Started as radio newsman in McKeesport, later moved to KDKA radio and KDKA-TV, and then to WTAE-TV.

20. McGrath, Charlie (

One of first film cameramen for Pitt Parade, he later joined WTAE-TV in similar capacity.

Folder 6 21. Mallinger, Dan (

One of the first announcers for Pitt Parade, he later became Executive Director of AFTRA, the announcers' union.

22. Mitchell, Jack (

One of the first technicians for WDTV, he retired in the late 1980s from KDKA-TV.

23. Murray, David (

First full-time reporter for WDTV and anchor of The World Tonight, WDTV's first full newscast in 1952.

24. Perry, Nick (

Veteran of radio, he became one of the first announcers for WDTV.

Folder 7 25. Schano, Eleanor (

One of the few women on-air for WDTV. One of the first "weather announcers." Later joined WTAE as a reporter.

26. Scott, Ray (

First sportscaster for The World Tonight on WDTV. Later moved to network sports announcer.

27. Snyder, Jim (

KDKA radio news director in 1950s.

28. Stevenson, R(obert) (

Worked as advertising executive; produced The Wilkens Amateur Hour, the first studio-produced program for WDTV.

29. Thomas, George (

Joined WDTV newsroom in early 1950s as first behind-the-scenes staff support for news. Later moved to WTAE-TV in similar capacity.