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Weapons and Waste, June 12, 1989 (Umatic)

Westinghouse. Weapons and Waste, Patti Heckart interviews Molly Rush and Johnathon Pressler of the River City Resistance Campaign about our country's nuclear fuel cycle, tying weapons and power plants together, Molly, "the plain situation is our government doesn't know what damage it's done to its own peole in the production of nuclear weapons, it doesn't know how to clean up the waste and it doesn't know how much money it will take to do that, current technologies can't handle the present waste problem", Johnathan, "Westinghouse undermines our democratic institutions by injecting huge amounts of money into the political process", 30 min., June, 1989, also on this tape a representative of Northwest Environmental Advocates discusses teh past and present nightmare at Handford, Washington, on the Columbia River, site of the largest nuclear waste adn processing facility, "the U.S. government has lied and covered up what goes on at Handford for forty years", 20 min., 1989.