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Series X. Photographic Prints, ca. 1890-ca. 1980

Scope and Content Notes:

The Photographic Print Series consists primarily of 8x10 photographs produced from the negatives in Series IX, either for original Carnegie Steel or U.S. Steel use or for research use in the archives. Some prints in this series are the only copies available of images taken prior to 1941. Prints in this series are grouped in folders according to subject and are loosely separated into the following five categories: Steel Production and Plant Operations; Management and Worker Social Activities; Miscellaneous; Photograph Albums; Oversize Prints (of q size). Of particular interest in the miscellaneous category are photocopies containing William J. Gaughan's commentaries and descriptions of accompanying photographs.

Subseries 1. Steel Production and Plant Operations

Box 21
Folder 1 External Views of Homestead Works
Folder 2 Internal Views of Edgar Thomson Works
Folder 3 Open Hearth Slags
Folder 4 Open Hearth Description
Folder 5 Open Hearth #1
Folder 6 Open Hearth #2
Folder 7 Open Hearth #3
Folder 8 Open Hearth #4
Folder 9 Open Hearth #4
Folder 10 Open Hearth #5
Folder 11 Open Hearth Various
Folder 12 Blast Furnace
Folder 13 Carrie Furnace
Folder 14 Carrie Furnace #4
Folder 15 Carrie Furnaces, Various Numbers
Folder 16 32" Mill
Folder 17 35" Structural Mill
Folder 18 44" Mill
Folder 19 52" Mill
Folder 19 54" Mill
Folder 21 100" Mill
Folder 22 110" Mill
Folder 23 140" Mill
Folder 24 160" Mill
Folder 25 Structural Mill, Various
Folder 26 Structural Mill, 1926-1927
Folder 27 Centralized Shipping
Folder 28 Various Shops
Folder 29 Weld Shop
Folder 30 Machine Shop
Folder 31 Boiler Shop
Folder 32 Saw Shop
Folder 33 Howard Axle Works
Folder 34 Schoen Wheel and Axle Works, McKees Rocks, PA
Folder 35 Wheel and Axle Division
Folder 36 Testing Machines
Folder 37 Ingot Production and Shaping
Folder 38 Homestead Tie Plant
Folder 39 Metallurgical and Production Planning
Folder 40 Metallurgical Lab Photos
Folder 41 Heat Treating and Forge Maintenance
Folder 42 Forge Division
Folder 43 Presses
Folder 44 Outstanding Safety Record: Power and Fuel Division
Folder 45 Saw Shop: Structural Division Outstanding Safety Record
Folder 46 Safety Campaigns
Folder 47 "Zero Defects" campaign
Folder 48 World War II Years
Folder 49 World War II Years
Folder 50 Navy "E" Awards
Folder 51 Armor Ballistic Tests
Folder 52 Korean War

Box 22
Folder 1 Steel Design and Engineering Seminar, April 27-28, 1961
Folder 2 Steel Production Conference, 1957
Folder 3 Clearance Conference, Homestead, November 1950

Subseries 2. Management and Worker Social Activities

Folder 4 Various Presentations and Awards
Folder 5 Steamer Trophy at McKees Rocks Bank, August 1950
Folder 6 Photos of Management Golf Tournament, 1937
Folder 7 Superintendent Club Golf Part, Edgewood Country Club, 1948
Folder 8 McIlvried Golf Party, Smith Hills, July 18, 1950
Folder 9 McIlvried Golf Party, South Hills Country Club, August 14, 1951
Folder 10 McIlvried 1951 Cup Tournament score card
Folder 11 Homestead-Youngstown Division Superintendents Golf Parties, various
Folder 12 J.A. Hagan Cup Tournament Poster
Folder 13 H.G. McIlvried's Party for Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents at Edgewood Country Club, July 21, 1949
Folder 14 Superintendent party, Webster Hall, February 1954
Folder 15 H.G. McIlvried
Folder 16 Accounting Department Supervisory Group, January 30, 1947
Folder 17 Softball Champs, Supervisor's Picnic, June 1950
Folder 18 Supervisors Corn Roast, September 1950
Folder 19 Spring Dance Supervisor's Club
Folder 20 Supervisor's Club Party, Bill Greens, January 1950
Folder 21 Supervisor's Club Party, Bill Greens, March 29, 1950
Folder 22 Supervisor's Club Installation of Officers, Webster Hall, February 1954
Folder 23 Officials Supervisor's Club, October 1954
Folder 24 Supervisor's Election of Officers, Webster Hall; Arthur Bald, President, January 1955
Folder 25 Installation of Officers Supervisor's Club, 1954
Folder 26 Management Club
Folder 27 Management Club
Folder 28 Color Portrait of H.G. McIlvried
Folder 29 Charles M. (Michael) Schwab
Folder 30 Homestead Superintendents
Folder 31 Superintendents Mansion, Edgar Thomson Works
Folder 32 Homestead Works, General Superintendent's Home
Folder 33 Employees, Group Photos
Folder 34 Employees (Management), Individual Photos
Folder 35 Employee Photos, Various
Folder 36 Employee Photos, Various
Folder 37 African-American Employees, Various Prints
Folder 38 African-American Preachers and Employees
Folder 39 Union Activities
Folder 40 Photos of Homestead Neighborhoods and Homes
Folder 41 St. Nicholas Church
Folder 42 Tent Movies, "Miracle in Paradise Valley"
Folder 43 Homestead Chorus
Folder 44 Ladies Home Journal Photo Shoot
Folder 45 Pittsburgh Powerhouse
Folder 46 Local Sports Teams
Folder 47 8th St. Cafeteria
Folder 48 General Office Building Fire, 1944
Folder 49 Construction, 1956
Folder 50 Edgar Thomson Photos, Various
Folder 51 Dorothy in Duquesne
Folder 52 Union Railroad
Folder 53 Theater Guild "On-the-Air," Syria Mosque, 1951
Folder 54 Supervisor's Magazine Pictures, "Responsibility"
Folder 55 Filming of 100" Mill, Roland Reed Productions, 1943
Folder 56 Product and Plant Promotion
Folder 57 Photos for 48" Mill 50th Anniversary, April 16, 1949
Folder 58 Photographs taken by Association Photographers for use on back cover of Photographic Magazine, March 1949
Folder 59 Christening of Homestead Passenger Ferry
Folder 60 Largest Stainless Steel Plate with Phyllis Anderson

Box 23
Folder 1 U.S.S. Corporation Backdrop for Ocean City, 1949

Subseries 3. Miscellaneous

Folder 2 Miscellaneous Photos of U.S. Steel Corporation Displays
Folder 3 Miscellaneous Prints Identified
Folder 4 Miscellaneous Prints, 1936-1947
Folder 5 Miscellaneous Prints, 1938-1939
Folders 6-11 Miscellaneous Prints with Commentary by William Gaughan
Folder 12 Unidentified Prints
Folder 13 Unidentified Prints
Folder 14 Mounted Photos of Edgar Thomson Works Lab and Superintendent Club, 1981-1914 and 1912
Folder 15 Color Proofs including Edgar Thomson Blast Furnace
Folder 16 Color Prints, View of Mill from across river, October 1974
Folder 17 Color Prints, MESTA 100,000 Ton Press
Folder 18 Color Prints, Christmas Decorations
Folder 19 Color Prints, Close up of Steel Beams
Folder 20 Color Prints, Steel Slabs Cooling
Folder 21 Color Prints, Various Prints of Blast Furnaces and Casting
Folder 22 Color Prints, Various Outside Views of Mill
Folder 23 1892 Homestead Strike with Militia Encampment on Hillside (from materials added in 1999)

Box 27
Folders 1-7 Homestead Views 1988-93,
Folders 7-8 William J. Gaughan at Steel Mill 1982
Folders 9-10 William J. Gaughan Collection Donation,
Folders 11-14 William J. Gaughan Presentations,
Folders 15-25 William J. Gaughan Presentation Reference Material,
Folder 26 Carnegie Phipps & Company Ltd., 1887
Folder 27 Homestead Steel
Folder 28 Replicas from Stevens-Robertson Galleries Collection

Subseries 4. Photographic Albums

Box 24
Volume 1 Views of 100" Mill

Box 25
Volume 1 Views of Carrie Furnace

Subseries 5. Oversize Photographic Prints

Oversize 26
Item 1 Homestead Works (view from hillside)
Item 2-3 Homestead Works (view from above Monongahela River, near Homestead Hi-Level Bridge)
Item 4 Homestead Works (view from above Monongahela River)
Item 5 Homestead Works (view from near Mesta toward Homestead Hi-Level bridge)
Item 6 Mesta Machine Plant (view from above Monongahela River)
Item 7-8 Homestead Works (view from above Monongahela River toward mill and surrounding community)
Item 9 Homestead Works (view from above Mesta toward Homestead Hi-Level Bridge)
Item 10 Mesta Machine Works (view from Monongahela River)
Item 11 Edgar Thomson Works (view form above, towards Monongahela River)
Item 12 Edgar Thomson Works (view from above Monongahela River, towards mill, after 1957)
Item 13 Edgar Thomson Works (view from above Kennywood, across Monongahela River, toward Mill)
Item 14 Duplicate of folder #12
Item 15 Aerial view of Homestead Works
Item 16 Aerial view of Homestead Works, Carrie Blast Furnaces
Item 17 Aerial view of unidentified plant
Item 18 Aerial view of Homestead Works, 1950s
Item 19 Aerial view of Homestead Works, upper mills in west end, post 1958
Item 20 Aerial view of Homestead Works
Item 21 Aerial view of Homestead Works
Item 22 Aerial view of Homestead Works, with 45" mill, foundry, 32" mill, old physical lab, and old 119" plate mill building
Item 23 Superintendent of Edgar Thomson Works with Phil Murray (Head of USW) and two unidentified men. On a good will tour to encourage harmony between management and labor.
Item 24 Forging
Item 25 Charging an open heart furnace
Item 26 Testing
Item 27 Teeming
Item 28 50,000 lbs. capacity soaking pit crane
Item 29 McIlvried portrait inside mill [print is missing from its original folder, duplicate may be found in FF 94:3/22/28], 1950
Item 30 Superintendent Charles Pinkey portrait
Item 31 J.L. Perry Portrait
Item 32 Work crews, 30" slab and 48" plate mills
Item 33 General superintendents - control operations
Item 34 Portrait of Benjamin F. Fariless, President and CEO of U.S. Steel
Item 35 Automatic ladle addition equipment, open hearth, ca. 1958
Item 36 Superintendent's Club, Homestead Steel Works
Item 37 Superintendents [placed at bottom of box due to size], 1898
Item 38 Edgar Thomson blast furnace and ladles, undated
Item 39 Aerial view of Edgar Thomson Works, undated
Item 40 Edgar Thomson Works, 1916
Item 41 Edgar Thomson Works, 1912
Item 42 The building of an open hearth at Edgar Thomson Works, 1914
Item 43 Back end of open hearth, Edgar Thomson Works, 1913
Item 44 Aerial view of Edgar Thomson Works, 1958
Item 45 1892 Homestead Strike, Militia on Hillside. Photo possibly taken by BLH Dabbs.