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Series XI. Production Materials, 1986-1999

Scope and Content Notes:

This new series, added to the collection October 2011, consists of materials that document the various productions Domike was involved in, both as a director and/or producer. These include Life Without Father, Nicarribe, On Camera and Working Pittsburgh.

Subseries 1. Life Without Father, 1987-1988

Scope and Content Notes:

Life Without Father was directed by Domike and released in 1990. The documentary examined the rise of mothers deciding to bear and raise children without fathers, otherwise known as "single-motherhood-by-choice." Throughout planning and production the film went through a number of name changes being known as "Significant Mothers," "Single Mothers," and "Being Mom, Being Single." Materials include grant applications, transcripts of interviews, and production materials.

Folder 26 Film Notes, undated
Folder 27 Grant Applications, Proposals and Correspondence, 1987
Folder 28 Group Interview, "Concerning Single Motherhood," 1987
Folder 29 Interview of Donna Jo McDaniels, 1988
Folder 30 Interview of Doreen Chimner, 1988
Folder 31 Interview of Fran Bartkowski, 1988
Folder 32 Interview of Rachel Naismith, 1988
Folder 33 Interview of Regina Buckner, 1988
Folder 34 Preliminary Scripts and Notes, 1987
Folder 35 Press Materials, 1991
Folder 36 Scripts and Edits, 1990
Folder 37 Summary and Discussion Guide to Significant Mothers, undated
Folder 38 Video Tape Logs, 1987

Subseries 2. Nicarribe: Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast, 1988-1999

Scope and Content Notes:

Nicarribe: Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast was directed and co-produced by Domike. It was released in 1988 as a one hour documentary covering the complex internal struggle for cultural and political autonomy of the ethnically diverse people on Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast. Items Include grant materials, correspondence and research materials. The film garnered to awards in 1989. It earned the Silver Star Award at the Sacramento International Film and Video Festival and an Honorable Mention by the Film Council of Greater Columbus Ohio.

Folder 39 Application for Funding, 1988-1989
Folder 40 Correspondence, 1988-1989
Folder 41-42 Research, 1988-1989

Subseries 3. On Camera 1989-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

On Camera was a series featured on Pittsburgh public television station WQEX. Produced by Domike, this hour long program featured independently produced film and video from Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. Materials include entry forms, episode summaries and materials related to production.

Folder 43 Budget, 1990
Folder 44 List of Aired Artist's Works, 1989
Folder 45 List of Entries and Entry Forms, 1989
Folder 46 Publicity, undated
Folder 47 Release Forms and Relative Paperwork, 1996
Folder 48 Summary of Episodes, 1989

Subseries 4. Working Pittsburgh 1986-1987

Scope and Content Notes:

Working Pittsburgh was a documentary that focused on Pittsburgh laborers documenting everyone from construction workers to the communication sector and service workers.

Box 73
Folder 17 Interview of Anne Parks Cook, 1987
Folder 18 Interview of Clifford Caldwell, 1987
Folder 19 Interview of Frank Lupinacci, 1987
Folder 20 Interview of I.W. Abel, 1986
Folder 21 Interview of Rosemary Trump, 1987
Folder 22 Interview of Sam Papa, 1987
Folder 23 Interview of Shirley Salata, 1987
Folder 24 Interview of Walter Kliss, 1987
Folder 25 Production Notes, 1987

Subseries 5. Other Productions, 1986-1999

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains materials relating to Domike's film and video projects and includes production notes, grant materials, video logs, and interviews.

Folder 26 Assorted Notes for Labor's Corner, undated
Folder 27 Assorted Materials for Women of Steel, 1988
Folder 28 Building Pittsburgh Meeting Agenda, 1989
Folder 29 Building Pittsburgh Script for Recut, undated
Folder 30 Description of Out of This Furnace: A Walking Tour of Thomas Bell's Novel, undated
Folder 31-32 Grant Proposal to the NEH for Colossus Transformed, 1988
Folder 33 Grant Proposal for Labor's Corner, 1987
Folder 34 Interviews, Tape Logs and Notes for Building Pittsburgh, 1988
Folder 35 John and Sarah, undated
Folder 36 Log Sheet for Penn State Video, undated
Folder 37 Log Sheet for Win-Win Bargaining, undated
Folder 38 Miscellaneous Film Notes, undated
Folder 39 Mon Valley Media Business, 1986
Folder 40 Mon Valley Media Notes, 1999
Folder 41 Log of Videos for Labor, undated
Folder 42 Penn State Department of Labor Video Project on Worker Health and Safety, 1990
Folder 43 Proposal, Planning and Budget for Broadcast of the Arts, 1988
Folder 44 Questions for Interview with Guatemalan Union Worker, undated
Folder 45 Right of Entry Agreement for the Videotaping of Construction Work at Dick Enterprises, 1988
Folder 46 Script and Layout for Old Bedford Village Orientation Video, 1996
Folder 47 Skit for Labor Pains, undated
Folder 48 Steel Valley Authority (SVA) Interview Transcripts, Log Sheets and Tape Inventories, undated
Folder 49 Synopsis of Various Television Projects Involving MILRITE (Making Industry and Labor Right and Today's Economy), undated
Folder 50 Tape Log of IW Abel Interview, 1984
Folder 51 What Do We Win Video Logs, 1996
Folder 52 Who Is The We Legal Releases, 1995