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Subseries 3. Objects

Box 35
Item 1 U.S.S. Hard Hat, 1981
Item 2 Hard Hat, United States Conference of Mayors Visit to Pittsburgh, June 10, 1979

Hard hat worn by William J. Gaughan during the United States Conference of Mayors Visit to Pittsburgh.

Box 36
Item 1-2 U.S.S. Banners

Box 37
Item 1-2 U.S.S. Gold Cufflinks, 25 Years of Service
Item 3 U.S.S. Tie Clip , 25 Years of Service
Item 4 Silver Tie Clip, Big Shop Homestead Works
Item 5 Delegate Medal, District 15 Conference, April 29-30, 1960
Item 6 Carnegie Steel Police Badge
Item 7 Carnegie 45 Steel Co. Badge
Item 8 Homestead Parking Token
Item 9 U.S.S. Zippo Lighter
Item 10 U.S.S. Employee ID Card

William J. Gaughan's employee ID card indicating his employment as part of the Metallurgical Department of the Homestead Works and his ability to access all parts of the Works.

Item 11 Management Club Membership Card, Homestead Works
Item 12 Business Card Case

Business card case indicating William J. Gaughan's position of Senior Designer, Operations Planning and Control for the United States Steel Corporation, Homestead Works and personal cards used by Gaughan to represent his role of Consultant Lecturer Historian.

Item 13-14 U.S.S. Pocket Knives, "The Big Shop"
Item 15 "Winjammer", U.S.S Corporation Homestead Works Management Club
Item 16 Ribbon, Retired Veteran Carnegie Steel Co. "Ye Olde Mills Outing", September 6, 1924
Item 17 Employee Token

Employee token bearing the identification, "Homestead Steel Works Machine Shop No. 2 480" used to clock in and out for the work day.

Item 18 Equipment Check Tag

Equipment check tag bearing the identification, "C.- I. S. Co.- HSTO Production Shops 138 Equipment Check".

Item 19 Medallion, Fort Pitt Block House
Item 20 Medallion, 25 Years United States Steel Corp.
Item 21 Equipment Tag

Undated equipment tag bearing the identification, "U. S. Steel Co. HMSTD. ST. WKS. ELECT. SHOP Serial No. 693".

Item 22-25 Employee Badges

Employee badges circa World War II. These include: one blue and green badge reading,"742 Defense Plant Homestead Carnegie- Illinois Steel Corporation Open Hearth Department"; one blue and silver badge reading "25468 Defense Plant Homestead Carnegie- Illinois Steel Corporation Trainee"; one red and white badge reading "Administrative 2137 Homestead District Works United States Steel Company"; one red and white badge reading,"Administrative 2628 Homestead Works United States Steel Company".

Box 38
Item 1-9 Button, The Big H Management Club
Item 10 Keychain, "I Belong to the Big Shop Team", USS Homestead Works
Item 11 Button, "There's no place like Homestead"
Item 12 Button, Carnegie Steel Co. "Ye Olde Mills Outing and Basket Picnic" September 6, 1924
Item 13 Button, "Anything we can do we can do better"
Item 14 Button, VIP Visitor in Pennsylvania
Item 15 Button, "We Are Big Because We Are Involved"
Item 16 Token, "Elect 1397 Rank & File Candidates"

Box 39
Item 1-2 Safety Glasses
Universal English/Metric Converter Slide Rule
Boxes 33-34 Metal Samples