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Subseries 3. Early Primary Sources and Homestead Works Memorabilia

Folder 19 Pamphlets, booklets and programs from U.S. Steel, Carnegie Steel and Homestead Works for events, public relations, and industrial concerns, 1900-1992
Folder 20 Pamphlets, booklets and programs from U.S Steel, Carnegie Steel and Homestead Works for events, public relations and industrial concerns, 1900-1992

Box 2
Folder 1 Miscellaneous management correspondence, Carnegie Steel Company, 1891-1901
Folder 2 Private Code for Use of the Carnegie Steel Company, Limited, and its Partners and Agents, November 1896
Folder 3 First Annual Report of the United States Steel Corporation (copy), 1902
Folder 4 Carnegie Steel Company, Employee Check Roll, Edgar Thomson Furnaces, 1902
Folder 5 Carnegie Veteran Association, 1902 and Obituaries of Early members
Folder 6 Rules, Regulations and Instructions Governing Safety Bureau, 1903
Folder 7 Carnegie Steel Company General Instructions to Employees to Avoid Accidents, 1917
Folder 8 Homestead Works Telephone Directories, 1917 and 1978
Folder 9 Production statistics, ca. 1890s and 1912
Folder 10 Company life insurance, certificate and correspondence
Folder 11 Descriptions and Specifications of Hydraulic Forging Press, 1890s
Folder 12 Register of triennial assessments of Pittsburgh iron mills, 1865-1867
Folder 13 "Personnel Reallocation: Edgar Thomson Works," 1958
Folder 14 Agreements between Carnegie Steel Co. and the CIO, 1941-1949 (and 1934)
Folder 15 Agreements between U.S. Steel Co. and the USWA, 1971-1977
Folder 16 Handbook of Terms Commonly Used in Steel and Nonferrous Industries, 1953
Folder 17 Production and Performance Report from Homestead District Works, 1950
Folder 18 "Talk Piece to be Uses in Connection with Acquainting Members of Management with Problems of 'Summer Work-in,'" 1960s
Folder 19 Pamphlets about production and products from Alan Wood Steel Company, Coshohocken, PA
Folder 20 Copy of U.S. Steel Corporation Gold Bond, ca. 1920
Folder 21 Copy of Medal Issued to National Guard during 1892 Strike
Folder 22 Miscellaneous memorabilia from Pittsburgh steel industry
Folder 23 Miscellaneous World War II memorabilia from Homestead Works
Folder 24 Miscellaneous notes and papers from office of William J. Gaughan
Folder 25 Materials from collection duplicated and mounted for 1995 exhibit
Volume 1 Production statistics 140" mill, 1905