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Series I. Republican National Convention, July 1952

Scope and Content Notes:

Ernest Hillman served as an official Pennsylvania delegate to the Republican National Convention Chicago in 1952. The Republican National Convention series includes alphabetical lists of Pittsburgh area supporters, a list of contributions, primary letters regarding Taft support (February 1952-May 1952), some clippings and printed brochures, general correspondence (telegrams, letters, printed brochures re: candidates, etc.), event material, expense statements, letters and invitations, Pennsylvania delegate lists, background material from Republican National Committee and Pennsylvania Committee on arrangements. It also includes correspondence to Hillman regarding support of Taft, MacArthur and/or Taft, Eisenhower. In addition, there is a permanent roll of delegates, programs, membership cards, song sheets, badges, buttons, certificates, tickets, invitations, and guest cards.

Box 1
Folder 1 Ernest Hillman Certificate of Election, May 5, 1952

On May 15, 1952, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania certified Hillman as an official delegate to Republican National Convention; he received 25,213 votes.

Folder 2 Taft file

Includes alpha lists of Pittsburgh area supporters; list of contributions.

Folder 3 Persons for Taft

Primary letters regarding Taft support, February 1952 - May 1952; some clippings and printed brochures.

Folder 4 Suggestions to Ernest Hillman (and Governor Fine): How to vote at convention

Telegrams, letters, printed brochures re: candidates.

Folder 5 Republican National Convention

Event material, expense statements, letters and invitations, Pennsylvania delegate lists, background material from Republican National Committee and Pennsylvania Committee on Arrangements. King,(Chairman, Hawaii Statehood Commission): Letter in enclosed pamphlet, "Hawaii, U.S.A., and Statehood." 6/26/52 1 TLS + 1 pamphlet.

Correspondence to Hillman in support of Taft, MacArthur and/or Taft, or Eisenhower.

Folder 6 A. Support Eisenhower

Lodge, Henry Cabot, Jr. (Eisenhower campaign manager) informing Hillman of the official opening of the Eisenhower campaign headquarters, 6/25/52 (1 telegram); Pitcairn, Nathan urging support for Eisenhower, 6/12/52 (1 telegram); Pitcairn, Lachlan urging support for Eisenhower, 6/13/52 (1 telegram); Pitcairn, Glenn P. urging support of Ike, 6/25/52 (1 ALS); Pitcairn, Harold F. urging support of Ike, 6/25/52 (1 TLS); Weeks, Sinclair (Republican National Committee Delegate of Mass.) urging support for Ike, 6/27/52 (2 TL).

Folder 7 B. Support MacArthur and/or Taft

Alfred Benson (Chairman Americans for MacArthur New York) urging support for MacArthur or Taft, 6/23/52 (1 TLS); Campaign poster for Taft included with letter; Herbert Hoover, 7/9/52 (1 TL).

Folder 8 C. Support Taft

Paul E. Sanger (County Commissioner, Lebanon Co. PA) 6/23/52 (1 TL); Irving Weiss (Author "Too Many Hands in Your Pockets") 6/25/52 (1 TLS); John S. Fine (Governor of PA) 5/26/52 (1 TL) 5/23/52 (1 photocopy of letter); Homer E. Capehart (Senator from Indiana) 5/28/52 (1 TLS); Ernest Palmer, Jr. (Republican National Committee Delegate from Iowa) 5/28/52 (1 TLS); Joseph C. Sleeth (Young Republicans for Bob Taft Committee Eastern Regional Director) 5/29/52 (1 TLS).

Folder 9 Miscellaneous ephemera collected by Hillman

Includes: Delegates, permanent roll of; Program, official convention, Chicago, 7-7-52; Bob Taft, delegate club, Hillman membership card; Taft song sheet, postal card picture; Badges and buttons; Certificates, assistant sergeant-at-arms; Tickets, for seats; Invitations for receptions; Guest cards for various clubs; MacArthur song.