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Collection Inventory

Series I. Minutes, 1970-1972

Scope and Content Notes:

Includes minutes of board and general membership meetings of EEEC; list of officers June 1971 to June 1972; questionnaire from annual membership meeting; membership enrollment form; rough draft of October (yr?) newsletter to members of EEEC; hand written notes of various EEEC board meetings. Arranged chronologically.

Box 1
Folder 1 Minutes, 1970-1972

Series II. Correspondence, 1969-1971

Scope and Content Notes:

Includes correspondence to Pittsburgh Board of Public Education, City Council of Pittsburgh. Arranged chronologically.

Folder 2 Letter to Court of Common Pleas October 11, 1969 opposing reappointment of Mr. Maxine Aaron, Mr. Louis Reizenstein, Mrs. Clarence Kline and Mr. Thomas Warden to Pittsburgh board of Public Education.
Letter to Court of Common Pleas Judge Alpern dated October 21, 1969 with list of recommended names for Pittsburgh Board of Public Education.
Letter to U.S. Representative William Moorhead dated October 1, 1970 opposing appointment of sidney Marland as Commissioner of Education for U.S.
Letter to U.S. senator Pell dated January 27, 1970 disagreeing with testimony given by Sidney Marland at Senate Labor Committee on Marland's appointment as Commissioner of Education.
Letter to Peter Flaherty, Mayor of Pittsburgh dated January 26, 1971 concerning trash pick-up for public schools.
Letter to Helen Seager of EEEC from City of Pittsburgh February 18, 1971 concerning Council Bill No. 1734 regarding draft of ordinance No. 604 amending section 1 and section 2 providing for storage and collection of refuse within City of Pittsburgh.
Personal letter to Helen Seager from Arlene ? informing Helen of new policy of electing school board officials c. 1971-2.
Letter to Board of Directors of EEEC from League of Women Voters dated November 3, 1972 concerning new school board election legislation.

Series III. Issues, 1969-1972

Scope and Content Notes:

This series highlights some of the issues faced by the East End Education Committee. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Folder 3 Integration and busing

Includes November 18, 1970 statement on approval of busing and integration in public school system and December 8, 1971 position on busing and integration.

Liberty School

Includes open classroom concept of May 25, 1971 which outlines steps taken at Liberty School with parents and teachers to start option of open classroom.

O'Rourke Caucus

Includes letter and draft copies c. 1969-70 to Pittsburgh Board of Public Education from EEEC recommending that Mr. Donald J. O'Rourke be retained as principal at Liberty School. Also includes parent's letters complimenting O'Rourke on his current position as acting principal at Liberty School.

Folder 4 Schools and Sexism

Includes report by EEEC members submitted to Pittsburgh Board of Public Education on April 18, 1972 showing how actual textbooks used in Pittsburgh schools were sexist in treatment of roles and girls and boys. Books reviewed ranged from grades kindergarten through sixth. Also includes book Little Miss Muffet Fights Back published in 1971 by Feminists on Children's Media which recommends non-sexist books about girls for young readers. File also includes notes on Ann Arbor Report which details ways for schools to eliminate sexual discrimination.

School Board Elections, c. 1970-72

Includes position paper that opposes general election of school board members, however, EEEC did reverse this viewpoint and finally support election of school board members.

Series IV. Press Releases, 1969-1970

Scope and Content Notes:

Contains press releases including support for Black Construction coalition on September 22, 1969; opposition to reappointment of Pittsburgh Board of Public Education members dated October 13, 1969. Arranged chronologically.

Folder 5 Press Releases, 1969-1970

Series V. Membership Lists and Address Labels, c. 1969-1972

Scope and Content Notes:

Includes sign-in sheets for membership of EEEC meetings; address labels to mail out newsletters to members; attendance sheets; election ballot sheet for officers and directors; membership list for March 25, 1972. Arranged chronologically.

Folder 6 Membership Lists and Address Labels, c. 1969-1972

Series VI. Public Hearings, March-April 1969

Scope and Content Notes:

Includes rough drafts and notes for presentation given by EEEC board members at public hearing in March or April 1969 of the Pittsburgh Board of Public Education. Arranged chronologically.

Folder 7 Public Hearings, March-April 1969

Series VII. Survey of Number of Negro Pupils, October 1, 1970-September 30, 1971

Scope and Content Notes:

Compares actual numbers of and percentages of Negro pupils in Pittsburgh elementary and secondary schools on October 1, 1970 and September 30, 1971 to total student population. Report complied by Herbert Leifrer Testing and Statistics, November 8, 1971. Arranged by subject.

Folder 8 Survey of Number of Negro Pupils, October 1, 1970-September 30, 1971

Series VIII. Miscellaneous, c. 1970-1972

Scope and Content Notes:

Includes: newspaper article on EEEC member Mrs. Bramhall article on Jerome B. Schneewind; miscellaneous educational articles used by EEEC members. Arranged by subject.

Folder 9 Miscellaneous, c. 1970-1972