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Series XII. Oversize Prints, Architectural Drawings, Blueprints, and Miscellaneous, ca. 1890-ca. 1970

Scope and Content Notes:

Among the items in this series are drawings of mill equipment and plans showing mill properties. Oversize prints of panoramic views of the mills and ephemera are also included.

Subseries 1. Architectural Drawings and Blue Prints

Map-case 12
Drawer 1-3
Item AA #68 60 ton rope power traveling crane, May 1891
Item AA #88 Shafting for driving cranes in press shop- Homestead Steel Works, June 1, 1891
Item AA #93 Arrangement for driving cranes in new armor plate machine shop - Homestead Steel Works, June 13, 1891
Item AA #148 60 ton power traveling crane. Tracing No. 70N, Craven Bros. Ltd. Traced from print, August 7, 1891
Item AA #239 Dies for 2,000 ton hydraulic press for gun sponsors of "New York," May 24, 1892
Item AA #3876 Building plan and section S.T.S. Treating Shop, Heat Treating Department, October 7, 1940
Item AH Sheet 119 Map, corrected borough line- Borough of Rankin Station
Item AH Sheet 200 Map of property belonging to the Carrie Furnace Co. Situated at Kroling Station, the Borough of Rankin, September 1894
Item AK #163 Foundation of 48" universal mill--Homestead Steel Works [poor condition], November 16, 1892
Item AK #164 Foundation for 48" universal mill--Homestead Steel Works [poor condition], November 17, 1898
Item AK #190 Foundations for 50" x 60" reversing engines-48" universal mill--Homestead Steel Works [poor condition], December 7, 1898
Images C.E. 2 Arrangement to bring outlet of 119" mill sewer 180 ft. below intake to pump house. Carnegie Steel Co., Homestead Works [poor condition], October 5, 1901
Item C.E. 5 Map showing main line and branch line of the Union R.R. through the Homestead Steel Mills, September 1896
Item C.E. 53a Section of Test Wells Homestead Steel Works. Carnegie Steel Co. [2 copies, C.E. 66 is located in same file], July 13, 1904
Item C.E. 53b Section of Test Wells, Number 3. Homestead Steel Works [2 copies], March 13, 1905
Item C.E. 66 Section of test wells on the Denniston property, Carnegie Steel Co. Carrie Furnaces [2 copies, located in same file as C.E. 53a], December 29, 1905
Item C.E. 177 Water lines at A.P. Department and 35"-40" Mills--Homestead Steel Works, January 20, 1914
Item C.E. 240 Plan of property of PBG Bessemer Steel Works Limited, December 1879
Item C.E. 3683 Homestead- Carrie Furnaces, Briquette. Central Dock, Wheel and Axle Division, rev. March 1956
Item C.E. 3683-P Homestead and Carrie Furnaces--U.S.S. Corp, April 28, 1976
Item C.E. 3698 Hydraulic lines, Homestead
Item C.E. 4007 Proposed location of pumping station, setting basins, and trunk water lines--Homestead Steel Works, March 21, 1919
Item C.E. 4007 Duplicate
Item C.E. 4010 Mill Diagram [Superseded by C.E. 3647]
Item EXH 34 General plan of Homestead Steel Works; Howard Axle Works, Hays Yard Construction program of 1931-revised [2 copies]
Item F1 #1533 General plan of Armor Plate Department- Homestead Steel Works, November 1, 1904
Item G #24 Piston Rod for Blacksmiths Shop--Pittsburgh Bessemer Steel Co. Ltd, May 15, 1882
Item G 393 Plan showing part of Carnegie Steel Company's Property--Homestead Steel Works, April 27, 1908
Item G 1024 Steel for pouring car; New converting mill--Homestead Steel Works, August 25, 1892
Item G 1554 General Plan, East of City Farm Lane, Building and Equipment--Homestead Steel Works, 1923
Item G 1816 Plan of buildings--Homestead Steel Works [2 copies], August 13, 1906
Item I #73 Details for Intermediate Building--Carnegie, Phipps and Co. Ltd, July 1, 1886
Item I 1044 General Plan of 72" and 84" plate mills--Carnegie Steel Co. Homestead Steel Works [2 copies]
Item I 1400 General plan of 34" and 72" plate mills, and Open Hearth No. 1--Carnegie Steel Co. Homestead Steel Works [2 copies]
Item I 1400a Mill diagram [2 copies], April 21, 1927
Item K 54 Plan of lot residence of C.M. Schwab; Munhall, PA, September 17, 1896
Item K 505 First Floor plan; General Superintendent's Residence [2 copies], May 17, 1919
Item K 506 Second floor plan; General Superintendent's Residence. Carnegie Steel Co. Homestead Steel Works [2 copies], May 17, 1919
Item K 507 Third floor plan; General Superintendent's Residence. Carnegie Steel Co. Homestead Steel Works [2 copies], May 20, 1919
Item K 540 Plan of shrubbery beds and trees; Residence of General Superintendent--Homestead Steel Works [2 copies], January 18, 1921
Item K 856 Space Diagrams for Carnegie Library, Homestead
Item PD 216 Plan of 100" plate mill and 45" slabbing mill [2 copies]
Item PD 218 Plan of 160" plate mill
Item PD 219 Plan of forgings division [2 copies]
Item R Imp 39A Details of water tank for new waterworks at Homestead Steel Works, May 10, 1888
Item R 147 Water Works; Carnegie Steel Co, Homestead Steel Works, March 26, 1923
Item R 168 Arrangement of 40-0 tank and piping for waterworks. Carnegie Steel Co, Homestead Steel Works, April 11, 1912
Item T #183 General plan of open hearth basic plant; Homestead Steel Works [2 copies], June 1890
Item T #185 General plan of open hearth basic plan; Homestead Steel Works [2 copies], June 1890

Subseries 2. Folio Sized Prints

Map-case 12
Drawer 4 1. Photographic Panoramic Print of Edgar Thomson Works [very fragile]
2. Photographic Panoramic Print of Edgar Thomson Works, June 11, 1927
3. View of mill from above the river
4. Large gathering/party [very fragile]
5. Department Superintendent's Club of Homestead Steel Works, April 30, 1914
6. Department Superintendent's Club of Edgar Thomson Works, 1909
7. J. Edgar Thomson, etching
8. J. Edgar Thomson, photographic print
9. S.S. Santa Paula, 1932
10. Anti-Communist Proclamation signed by employees of Carnegie Illinois Steel Corporation
11. Panoramic shot of Homestead Works, 1906

Subseries 3. Miscellaneous

Map-case 12
Drawer 3
Item 1 Drawing of Homestead, PA, 1902
Item 2 Map of Braddock and North Braddock showing the location of the field of Battle, July 9, 1755. Based upon maps made by Pat Mackeller, Engineer with Braddock's army (battle located by Sydney Dillon, Chief Engineer at Edgar Thomson Works), undated
Item 3 U.S.S. Corporation; Homestead District Works, 1965
Item 4 U.S.S. Homestead Steel Works Press Shop No. 1; History and diagram
Item 5 Press Shop No. 1 (Architectural Diagram), showing expansions in 1891, 1893, and 1903, 1989
Item 6 Press Shop No. 1; Architectural diagrams, 1891
Item 7 Plan of Press Shop No. 1, 1891
Item 8 Partial plan of Press Shop No. 1, 1893
Item 9 Addition to Press Shop No.1, 1903
Item 10 Partial plan of Press Shop No. 1, 1903
Item 11 Section A-A through Press Shop No. 1, 1903
Item 12 12,000 ton press, 1903
Item 13 Bethlehem Press
Item 14 Balance accumulator, 1903
Item 15 Plan, Edgar Thomson Works
Item 16 Calendar; United States Steel, 1978
Item 17 Carnegie Steel Co, Homestead Steel Works. Map of Homestead Borough, March 12, 1920
Item 18 Drawing of Homestead, PA [2 copies], 1902
Item 19 Map of Munhall, Homestead and West Homestead, undated
Item 20-32 Homestead Works Organization Charts, 1970
Item 33 The Veteran's Employees Association of the Edgar Thomson Works, Citizenship Certification for Brindle, 1938
Item 34 U.S.S 1927 Calendar 1927
Item 35 Rhapsody of Steel LP Record
Item 36 Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph Newspaper August 1945, 1945
Item 37 Copy of Congressional Record/House of Reps. U.S.S Enters Second Century. Hon. Joseph M. Gaydos, May 7, 1981
Item 38 Copy of print from L'Encyclopedie de Science, des Arts et des Metiers par Denis Diderot, 1752, depicting open hearth steel-making
Item 39 Print entitled "Heating"

Subseries 4. Bound Materials, Binders, and Publications

Box 28
Item 1 Out of This Furnace by Thomas Bell, 1976
Item 2 Metallurgy for Engineers:Casting, Welding, and Working by John Wulff, Howard F. Taylor, and Amos J. Shaler, 1956
Item 3 Textbook of Quantitative Inorganic Analysis by I.M. Kolthoff, and E. B. Sandell, 1945
Item 4 A Western Journal by Thomas Wolfe, 1951
Item 5 Canal History and Technology Proceedings Volume XI Edited by Lance E. Metz, March 14, 1992
Item 6 Basic Open Hearth Steelmaking by the Physical Chemistry of Steelmaking Committee, 1951
Item 7 Metals Handbook published by American Society for Metals, 1939
Item 8 Engineering Metals and Their Alloys by Carl H. Samans 1949
Item 9 Pocket Companion: For Engineers, Architects and Builders by Carnegie Steel Company, 1923
Item 10 Carnegie Shape Book: Profiles, Tables, and Data for Rolled Products by Carnegie Steel Company, 1929
Item 11 Pocket Companion by United States Steel, 1936
Item 13 The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel by Carnegie Steel Company, 1925
Item 12 The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel by Carnegie Steel Company, 1920

Box 29
Item 1 Steel by David Plowden, 1981
Item 2 Biography of a Business, 1960
Item 3 Pittsburgh: The Story of a City 1750-1865 by Leland D. Baldwin, 1981
Item 4 Iron Pioneer: Henry W. Oliver 1840-1904 by Henry Oliver Evans, 1942
Item 5 Steel Titan: The Life of Charles M. Schwab by Robert Hessen, 1975
Item 6 Andrew Carnegie by Joseph Frazier Wall, 1970
Item 7 Henry Clay Frick: The Man by George Harvey, 1928
Item 8 Pittsburgh edited by Roy Lubove, 1976
Item 9 The Battle for Homestead 1880-1892: Politics, Culture, and Steel by Paul Krause, 1992
Item 10 The Homestead Strike of 1892 by Arthur G. Burgoyne, 1979
Item 11 Lockout by Leon Wolff, 1965
Item 12 Homestead: The Glory and Tragedy of An American Steel Town by William Serrin, 1992
Item 13 Watkins Cyclopedia of the Steel Industry published by Steel Publications, INC., 1949
Item 14 Watkins Cyclopedia of the Steel Industry published by Steel Publications, INC., 1971

Box 30
Item 1 Metallurgical Formulas specific to U.S. Steel, 1967-1978
Item 2 The Steel Workers by John A. Fitch, 1989
Item 3 Rusted Dreams: Hard Times in a Steel Community by David Bensman and Roberta Lynch, 1988
Item 4 Development of the American Tin Plate Industry by United States Steel
Item 5 Sparrows Point by Mark Reutter, 1988
Item 6 The Decline of American Steel by Paul A. Tiffany, 1988
Item 7 The Corporation: A Centennial Biography of United States Steel Corporation, 1901-2001 by Brian Apelt, 2000
Item 8 U.S.S. Structural Sections, 1940
Item 9 Atlas of Isothermal Transformation Diagrams by United States Steel, 1951
Item 10 Cloud By Day by Muriel Earley Sheppard, 1975
Item 11 United States Steel: A Corporation with a Soul by Arundel Cotter, 1921
Item 12 Triumphant Democracy by Andrew Carnegie, 1886
Item 13 History of Carnegie Veteran Association, 1938
Item 14 The Inside History of the Carnegie Steel Company by James Howard Bridge 1903
Item 15 Organization Manual Heavy Products Operations Homestead Works by United States Steel Corporation, 1967
Item 16 Historic Bridges of Pennsylvania by William H. Shank, 1986
Item 17 Photocopy of Organizational Manual Heavy Products Operations Homestead Works, December 1, 1966

Box 31
Item 1 The Edgar Thomson Steel Works and Blast Furnaces, 1890
Item 2 Carnegie Veteran Association, 1905
Item 3 Facts About Pittsburgh Andrew Carnegie Booklet, 1902-1904

The outside cover of the booklet holds a delicate picture of Andrew Carnegie.

Item 4 U.S.S. Administrative Directory Pittsburgh District, October, 1953
Item 5 U.S.S. Administrative Directory Pittsburgh Distric, November 1959
Item 6 Homestead Works Telephone Directory, 1975
Item 7 Homestead Works Telephone Directory, 1980
Item 8 Steel Plant Design Rolling Mills Vol.I for the Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corporation, 1945
Item 9 Steel Plant Design Rolling Mills Vol.II for Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corporation, 1945
Item 10 Steel Plant Design Rolling Mills Vol.III for Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corporation, 1945

Box 32
Item 1 This is Steel by United States Steel Corporation
Item 2 The Manufacture and Properties of Iron and Steel by Harry Campbell, 1907
Item 3 Romancing in Tin Plate by Roy Rutherford, 1951
Item 4 The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel 8th Edition by United States Steel, 1964
Item 5 The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel 7th edition by United States Steel, 1957
Item 6 Steel Serves the Nation by United States Steel, 1951
Item 7 The Making of Steel by American Iron and Steel Institute, 1964
Item 8 From Fire to Rust by Thomas E. Leary and Elizabeth C. Sholes, 1987
Item 9 One Billion Dollars in Progress, ca. 1964

Folder 1
Item 10-14 Romance of Steel Information Pamphlets, 1956-1961

Folder 2
Item 13-18 United States Steel Company Pamphlets, 1961-1970

Folder 3
Item 19 United States Steel Coporation Annual Report, 1966

Folder 4
Item 20 Carnegie Works Essay by Theodore Dreiser, 1980

Folder 5
Item 21-22 Iron Age Magazines, 1976-1980

Folder 6
Item 23 Pittsburgh Magazine, June 1992

Folder 7
Item 24 Art Catalog, 1986-1987

Folder 8
Item 25 Furnace Poetry, 1993