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Series II. Taft for President Alphabetical Files

Scope and Content Notes:

The Taft for President Alpha Files series detail Hillman's leadership and participation in the local Citizens' Committee for Bob Taft and the committee's role in the national political scene. Material related to the Republican National Convention in July 1952 is included and is particularly interesting. The ephemera collected at the convention and from other local events add a colorful dimension to the files.

Hillman served as Chairman of the Pennsylvania Citizens' Committee for Bob Taft for Allegheny County in 1952. The Taft committee files include much correspondence, especially copies of letters to various persons involved locally, statewide, and nationally with Senator Taft's efforts to become the Republican nominee for President. Files document events and also include notes, speeches, clippings, detailed event preparation, issue information, fund raising efforts, as well as some original letters from and signed by many notable historical figures such as Dwight D. Eisenhower and Robert A. Taft, for example.

Folder 10 Anonymous letters
Folder 11 A -- Miscellaneous
Folder 12 B -- Miscellaneous

Clarence J. Brown (Representative from Ohio), 1/29/53 (1 TLS); J.W. Brandt (Chairman, Independent Republicans for MacArthur-Taft Ticket), 4/15/52; "Headlines" show Ike's questionable affiliations (1 TLS); Owen Brewster (U.S. Senator from Maine), 3/22/52; Biographical sketch of Senator Brewster (1 TLS); Clarence J. Brown (Representative from Ohio), 1/23/52, 2/1/52, 2/5/52, 3/4/52, 3/12/52 (5 TLS).

Folder 13 Citizens Committee for Taft

Much regarding Wedemeyer, Chairman, National Citizens for Taft Committee, and his appearance in Pittsburgh, June 6, 1952, his speech, related event notes and other local arrangements. Wedemeyer, A.C. (Chairman, National Citizens for Taft Committee), 6/6/52 7/25/52 (2 TL); Record of press conference of 7/11/52; Cameron, Robert C. (Executive Director PA Citizens Committee for Bob Taft) 5/29/52, 6/3/52, 6/9/52, 7/3/52 7/15/52 (5 letters); Telegraph urging voters to call or write to delegates to vote for Taft, 6/27/52.

Folder 14 Citizens Committee for Taft, J.D.C. Miller, Treasurer
Folder 15 Clippings sent
Folder 16 Clippings, Ernest Hillman
Folder 17 Clover Business Letter, Clover Mfg. Co., June 1951-June 1953

Includes monthly publications concerning political issues & candidates.

Folder 18 Contributions
Folder 19 C -- Miscellaneous
Folder 20 D -- Miscellaneous

James H. Duff (U.S. Senator), 4/16/52 (1 TL).

Folder 21 Eisenhower - Nixon: campaign, contributions

Brochures and statements by Taft and others re: campaign, letters, contributions, Taft's speaking schedule for the ticket, pamphlets and brochures, text of Nixon's "Report to the Nation" (9-24-52), letter to Hillman signed by Dwight Eisenhower (7-26-52), Nixon address "The Great Issue of Our Times" (5-24-51), Taft's "Statement in Support of the Candidacy of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower: The Issues of the Campaign"; Republican Executive Committee of Allegheny County's "Dwight D. Eisenhower-Richard M. Nixon: The Choice of a Nation"; publicity comic book highlighting Ike's and Nixon's lives.

Folder 22 Eisenhower, General Dwight D.: Brochures and clippings

James G. Fulton (U.S. Congressman), 4/18/52 (1 TL).

Folder 23 Evans, Thomas M. (Treasurer, Taft for President)
Folder 25 F -- Miscellaneous

John S. Fine (Governor of Pennsylvania) 7/2/52 (1 TLS); John S. Fine (Governor of Pennsylvania): Telegram asking Hillman to meet Ike at Gettysburg farm (1 TLS); James G. Fulton(U.S. Congressman) 3/6/56; Biographical sketch of Congressman James Fulton (1 TL).

Folder 26 G -- Miscellaneous
Folder 27 Hamilton, John D.M.
Folder 28 Hillman, Ernest
Folder 29 H -- Miscellaneous
Folder 30 I -- Miscellaneous
Folder 31 Judge, Frank W.
Folder 32 J -- Miscellaneous

Carl B. Jansen (President, Dravo Corporation), 10/15/51 (2 TLS), 11/15/51, (2 TLS).

Folder 33 K -- Miscellaneous
Folder 34 L -- Miscellaneous

Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. (U.S. Senator and Campaign Manager for Eisenhower) Correspondence about convention rule changes (1 telegram).

Folder 35 MacArthur, General Douglas
Folder 36 McDowell, John

Clippings from The Gazette, Wilkinsburg.

Folder 37 M -- Miscellaneous
Folder 38 Mc -- Miscellaneous
Folder 39 N -- Miscellaneous

Sherman Adams (Governor of New Hampshire), 6/25/52 (1 TL)

Folder 40 O -- Miscellaneous

Ben E. Tate (Treasurer, Taft Committee), 3/14/52 (1 TLS).

Folder 41 Polls
Folder 42 Primaries: Pennsylvania and other states
Folder 43 P--Miscellaneous
Folder 45 Releases, to press and radio
Folder 46 R -- Miscellaneous

Willard F. Rockwell (400 N. Lexington Ave, Pittsburgh, PA), 11/20/51 (1 TLS).

Folder 47 Speeches by Hillman, Spring 1952
Folder 48 S -- Miscellaneous
Folder 49 Taft Day in Pittsburgh, April 15, 1952

Includes Taft addresses, correspondence and notes regarding workers, welcoming committee, press conference and details of arrangements for the day's events, including a luncheon and evening rally. John D. M. Hamilton (Taft Committee Eastern Manager), 4/10/52 (1 TL); Frank W. Judson (Vice President Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.), 3/31/52 (1 TLS).

Box 2
Folder 50 Taft Committee of Allegheny County

J.D.C. Miller, Treasurer; finances generally and related to Taft Day.

Folder 51 Taft advertising matter

Lapel buttons and pins.

Folder 52 Taft Committee of Allegheny County

Correspondence lists and contribution notes.

Folder 53 Taft Committee, National Headquarters

L. Richard Guylay (Director of Publicity, Taft Committee), 8/13/52 (1 TLS).

Folder 54 Taft quotes about Taft, from his record and brochures regarding Taft's record and proposals
Folder 55 Taft-Hartley law

Includes clippings and booklets on the subject.

Folder 56 Taft, Robert A. (U.S. Senate)

Includes correspondence both before and after the convention and several original letters to Hillman from Senator Taft: I. Jack Martin (Administrative Assistant to Robert A. Taft), 1/14/52, 2/26/52, 4/24/52, 7/25/52, 5/14/53, 6/2/53, 9/17/53 (7 TLS); Robert A. Taft (U.S. Senator, Ohio), 11/14/51, 2/22/52, 4/8/52, 5/5/52, 6/16/52, 8/2/52, 10/21/52 (7 TLS).

Folder 57 Tate, Ben E. (Organizer in National Taft for President Committee)
Folder 58 T -- Miscellaneous
Folder 59 U -- Miscellaneous
Folder 60 V -- Miscellaneous
Folder 61 Wasser, Kay and Phillips, Inc.
Folder 62 Wedemeyer, General Albert C., (National Chairman, Citizens for Taft)

Robert Taft luncheon event, 6-5-52.

Folder 63 W -- Miscellaneous
Folder 64 XYZ -- Miscellaneous