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Collection Scope and Content Notes

This folder contains reports 860 through 937 and includes the following: Sol-3 Resources Inc., Design of Window for Water Pressure; Rick Wright, Analyzing Three Glass Failures, Partial Temper Bent Solargray; Tel-tech, Impact Test for Glass Film; Roche Dinkeloo, Review of Revised Drawing - Corning Exhibit; Smith and Robson, Review of Information for Elion Bottle Failure; Smith and Robson, Analysis of Broken 2.5 L Visions Corning Dish; Hawaiian Dredging, Make copies of Five Old Reports; Atlantic Investigations, Investigation of Broken Windshield; Smith and Robson, Comments on Caporali Report in Elion bottle; Don Dissenger, Design of Glass Face of Face Track; Tel-tech, Design of Glass Face for Pressure Gauge; Smith and Robson, Case of Broken Door In High School; Mike Lee, Design of Glass panels for Decks; David D. Bigsby, Examination of Window in School Bus Window; Robert H. Smith, Failure of Ford Backlight; Richard D. Gorski, Examination of Broken Corning Pyrex Bake Dish; Smith and Robson, Broken Salad Dressing Bottle causing injury; Michael Mauro, Broken Fruit Salad Bottle Causing Injury; Alvin R. Schwab, Stress Calculations for Tempered Glass Panel; Hamilton Beach, Tempered Glass for Toaster Oven Door; Cardinal IG, Strength of V-grooved Glass after Tempering; Daniel D. Bigsby, School Bus Window Failures; Sherwood Medical, Breakage of Glass Tubes in Medical Process; Tel-Tech, Glass Tube Breaks; Cardinal IG, Five Broken Units from Stuyvesant Town; David Beinette, Vision Panel for Liquid , Laminated Heat Strength; John Palmieri, Dr. Pepper Broken Bottle; Joseph Morog, ,Insulated Units for Beth Israel Hospital; Jay Bar Construction Co., Window Hit by Golf Balls, Benedict Corning Deposition, Canton Ohio; Hewlett-Packard, Measuring Curvature; Humphrey Products, Three Broken Storm Window Glass Panels; Keith Waters and Associates, Scratches on Glass Unit Nozari Residence, Humphrey Products, Two Broken Storm Window Glass Panels; Richard D. Gorski, Broke Pyrex Dish; Cardinal IG, Glass Breaks in Kolbe and Kolbe Wood Sash; Tel-Tech, Curved Cover Shields Tempered for Lighting Fixtures; Tel-Tech, Comparison of Tempered Glass and Plastics; Cardinal IG, Seminar on Corner Breaks; Tel-Tech, Aquarium Design by Phone; Rothman and Rothman, Cardinal Units from Beth Israel Hospital; Tel-Tech, Breakage of tempered Cab Windows; Cardinal IG, Analysis of Break Tests of 6 Inch Strips; Cardinal IG, Calculations of Stress and Deflection, Three Sizes, Annealed on Heat Strengthened; Rothman and Rothman, Bowing of Units in Beth Israel Hospital; Cardinal IG, Impact Tests with Steel Balls to Produce Holes in Glass; Joseph Morog, Comments on Hancock Job; Michael Balzarini, Shower Door Failure by Impact Causing Injury; Longwood Products, Load on Horizontal Plates Various Sizes, Laminated glass; Tel-Tech, Cement for Glass Assembly; Zagula Ditmar Guerra, Candler Holder Broken, Causing Injury; Zagula Ditmar, Candler Holder Broken, Causing Injury; Richard Wright, Aquarium Design , Talk to Penn State Class; Elf Atochem, Edge Strength to Increase by Treatment; Jack Matteson, Shower Door Failure Causing Injury, Low Temperature; Mark Adams, Temperature is Okay. Possibly Failed from Edges of Holes, a Common Weakness; Abraham J. Hirshsprung, Fragments of Water Bottle Caused Injury; Tel-Tech, Residual Stresses in Glass; Tel-Tech, Infrared Exposure to Auto Windshield; Erica Smith, Failure of Tempered Lighting Fixture Shows 64% of Temper; Tel-Tech, Comparative Testing of Goblet; E .F. Penzemer, Broken Glass Coffee Pot, Very Thin Walls.

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