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Collection Inventory

Series I. Biographical Material, 1998-2003

Scope and Content Notes:

This series provides biographical information on Jeffrey, including an interview on DVD conducted in the hospital shortly before his death and commemorative documents.

Box 1
Folder 1 Curricula Vitae and Bibliographies, 1998-2002
Folder 2 Interview with Jeffrey on Game Theory/Decision Theory, Princeton, [on DVD], August 2002
Folder 3 Commemorative Documents: Memorial Booklet, Memorial Resolution, and Obituaries, 2002-2003
Folder 4 Jeffrey's Grades at Boston University and University of Chicago [CLOSED], 1943-1952

Series II. Correspondence A-Z, 1947-2002

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains Jeffrey's correspondence with individuals and institutions. The files of this series are arranged alphabetically according to the names of individuals, institutions, events, or subject matters. This arrangement is an expansion of Jeffrey's existing filing system; new files were added and existing files at times expanded when related and previously unorganized documents were found.

Box 2
Folder 1 A, 1983-2002
Folder 2 Albert, Jeffrey M.: see "Cost-Benefits Analysis" in series 'Writings by Others."
Folder 3 Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) Nominating Committee, 1985
Folder 4 B, 1964-2002
Folder 5 Bar-Hillel, Maya, 1980-1985
Folder 6 Bartley, W. W. [CLOSED], 1966
Folder 7 Baumer, William H. [CLOSED], 1966
Folder 8 Benacerraf, Paul [CLOSED], 1997
Folder 9 Bolker, Ethan, undated
Folder 10 Boyer, David L. ("Jeffie"), 1982-1986
Folder 11 Broome, John, 1986-1988
Folder 12 Butrick [CLOSED], 1965
Folder 13 C, 1964-2002
Folder 14 Cambridge University Press [CLOSED], 1981
Folder 15 Cargile, James, 1969
Folder 16 Chellas, Brian [CLOSED], 1974
Folder 17 City College of New York [CLOSED], 1964
Folder 18 Costantini, Domenico, 2001
Folder 19 D, 1966-2002
Folder 20 Davidson, Donald: Festschrift, 1994
Folder 21 de Finetti, Bruno, 1969-1993
Folder 22 Diaconis, Persi, 1973-2002

Box 3
Folder 1 Dorling, Jon, 1982-1994
Folder 2 E, 1965-2000
Folder 3 Essler, Wilhelm/Erkenntnis, 1973
Folder 4 F, 1964-2002
Folder 5 Ferreira, Fernando, 2000-2002
Folder 6 Frye, Marilyn [CLOSED], 1964
Folder 7 G, 1963-2002
Folder 8 Gaifman, Haim, 1964-1986
Folder 9 Galavotti, Maria Carla, 1990
Folder 10 Garber, Daniel [CLOSED], 1980
Folder 11 Geach, Peter T., 2001
Folder 12 Goldman, Alvin I., 2000
Folder 13 H, 1962-2001
Folder 14 Hempel, Carl Gustav, 1934-2000
Folder 15 Hild, Mathias [CLOSED], 1998
Folder 16 Howson, Colin [CLOSED], 1993-2001
Folder 17 Humburg, Jürgen, 1963-1987
Folder 18 Institute on Religion in an Age of Science, 1967
Folder 19 Institute Vienna Circle/International Centre for Economic Research (ICER), 1993-1994
Folder 20 J, 1993-2002
Folder 21 Journal of Symbolic Logic/Alonzo Church, 1971

Box 4
Folder 1 K, 1948-2001
Folder 2 Kemeny, John: "Asymptotic Expansion", 1959
Folder 3 Kyburg, Henry E. [CLOSED], 1968
Folder 4 L, 1964-2002
Folder 5 Lambert, Joseph Karl [CLOSED], 2000
Folder 6 Lehrer, Keith, undated
Folder 7 Lewis, David K.: "Conventions of Language", 1967
Folder 8 M, 1964-2002
Folder 9 Matthews, Robert A.J., 1998-2000
Folder 10 MCA Music: Permission to Publish Request, 1980
Folder 11 McGee, Vann, 1993-1998
Folder 12 McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1961-1985
Folder 13 N, 1947-2003
Folder 14 O, 1964-2002

Box 5
Folder 1 P, 1956-1997
Folder 2 Pennsylvania, University of, 1966-1969
Folder 3 Philosophy of Science Journal: Referee Report and Articles
Folder 4 Philosophy of Science Association (PSA), 1997-2002
Folder 5 Popper, Karl, 1960-1983
Folder 6 Putnam: On Schilpp Article, Letter to Carnap and Notes, 1958
Folder 7 Q, 1966-1973
Folder 8 R, 1967-2000
Folder 9 Ramsey, Frank Plumpton, 1978-1991
Folder 10 Richter, Reed: Papers and Correspondence, 1983
Folder 11 Risse, Mathias: Papers and Correspondence, 1996-2003
Folder 12 Roorda, J.
Folder 13 S, 1964-2002
Folder 14 Salmon, Wesley: APA Paper "Carnap's Inductive Logic" & Comments by Jeffrey and Kemeny, 1967
Folder 15 Savage, Jimmie, 1960-1968
Folder 16 Segerberg, Krister [CLOSED], undated
Folder 17 Selinger [CLOSED], undated
Folder 18 Shimony, Abner, 1965-2002

Box 6
Folder 1 Smokler, Howard E. [CLOSED], 1967-1968
Folder 2 Solomon, Robert [CLOSED], 1968
Folder 3 Spielman, Steve, 1993
Folder 4 Spohn, Wolfgang [CLOSED], 2000
Folder 5 Stalnaker, Robert, 1990-1993
Folder 6 Stanford University [CLOSED], 1964
Folder 7 Stöltzner, Michael, 2000
Folder 8 T, 1967-1990
Folder 9 Teller, Paul [CLOSED], 1981-1982
Folder 10 U, 1975-1992
Folder 11 Unidentified Correspondents, 1969-1988
Folder 13 V, 1956-1967
Folder 14 Van Fraassen, Bas: Papers and Correspondence, 1978-1985
Folder 15 Velleman, David: Dissertation Report [CLOSED], undated
Folder 16 W, 1965-2002
Folder 17 Wagner, Carl, 1989-2002
Folder 18 Weirich, Paul [CLOSED], 1984
Folder 19 X,Y,Z, 1970-2002
Folder 20 Zabell, Sandy [CLOSED], 1992
Folder 21 Zabludowski, Andrzej [CLOSED], 1991
Folder 22 Zynda, Lyle: Dissertation Report [CLOSED], undated

Series III. Research, 1952-1997

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is divided into three subseries. The first subseries comprises Jeffrey's general research notes. The second subseries focuses on Jeffrey's collaboration with Carnap, largely in the form of correspondence and exchanges of drafts. The third subseries contains Jeffrey's grant applications, awards, and summary reports on concluded projects.

Subseries 1. Research Notes, 1959-1997

Scope and Content Notes:

Jeffrey's research material consists mostly of handwritten and typed documents recording his reflections on subjective probability, decision theory, Bayesianism and related topics, including comments about the works of others. Also featured is a notebook on the Richard Lewontin Lectures that Jeffrey attended while in Harvard in the Fall of 1984.

The files are arranged in chronological order starting with the earliest; undated material is placed at the end of the series in alphabetical order according to folder title.

Box 7
Folder 1 Weather Forecasting: Readings, 1906-1984
Folder 2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Notes on Linear Difference Equations, Probability, and Linear Programming, 1959 and undated
Folder 3 Early Drafts and Notes, Some in Form of Correspondence with David Miller and Richard Braithwaite, 1964-1976
Folder 3 B Early Drafts and Notes, Some in Form of Correspondence with David Miller and Richard Braithwaite, 1964-1976
Folder 4 Notes on the Interpretation of Modal and Intuitionistic Logic, 1966
Folder 5 Kinematics: Good's Ploy, 1974
Folder 6 London Notes, 1976
Folder 7 Cost-Benefit Analysis: Papers and Readings, 1977-1979
Folder 7 B Cost-Benefit Analysis: Papers and Readings, 1977-1979
Folder 8 Probabilistic Thinking, 1978
Folder 9 Why I Am Still a (Born-Again) Bayesian, 1978
Folder 10 Notes and Correspondence with Sarah Lichtenstein on 'Calibration', 1981
Folder 10 B Notes and Correspondence with Sarah Lichtenstein on 'Calibration', 1981
Folder 11 Ratifiability (Corrected), 1981
Folder 12 When Is It Best to Accept Free Information Before Deciding?, 1983
Folder 13 Richard Lewontin Lectures: Notes, Harvard Fall 1984
Folder 14 Subjective Chance, 1985
Folder 15 Paradox Lost & Bayesian Methodology, 1986
Folder 16 Notes on Carnap, Bayesianism in the '90s, Berlin Talk 'Probability Logic', and Related, 1990-1991
Folder 17 Matter of Fact and Conditionals, 1990-1991
Folder 17 B Matter of Fact and Conditionals, 1990-1991
Folder 18 Chance Kinematics (e.g. Prisoners' Dilemmas for Clones), 1992
Folder 19 Kenji's Matrix. Letter to Charles, 1994
Folder 20 Son of Born: Judgemental Probabilities in Quantum Mechanics, 1994
Folder 21 The Shooting Room, 1997
Folder 22 Wagner, 2002
Folder 23 "Two Envelope Problem",
Folder 24 Abner and Earman on Jaynes
Folder 25 Assigning Probabilities to Open and Closed Formulas (Fenstad)
Folder 26 Bell's Inequalities, Holt, Clauser, et. al.
Folder 27 Conditional Expected Utility as a Measure of Choiceworthiness
Folder 28 Conditioning
Folder 29 Constructing Reliable Indicators out of Unreliable Ones: An Example
Folder 30 Craig-Heth: An Example
Folder 31 "Data are Stable Aspects of Probability Distinctions",
Folder 32 Determinism and Free Will
Folder 33 Equivalent Random Variables
Folder 34 Exchangeability: De Finetti's Representation Theorem
Folder 35 Full & Partial Exchangeability
Folder 36 The Green Bean: Notes on Probability
Folder 37 Historical Remarks on Coherence
Folder 38 Huygens, Christiaan: Oevre completès, Vol. 14, Annotated Copy and Research Notes
Folder 39 The Latest Thinking on the Problem of Old Evidence (New Explanation)
Folder 40 Laws of Large Numbers
Folder 41 Loomis, Villegas, Dubins
Folder 42 M.C.'s Book
Folder 43 A Message From the Old Guru
Folder 44 'Mini-Aumann Theorem'
Folder 44 B 'Mini-Aumann Theorem'
Folder 45 Nash's Solution to the Bargaining Problem
Folder 46 Noncommutative Updating at the Circus & Kullback in Discrete Terms

Box 8
Folder 1 Notebook with Research Notes
Folder 2 Notes on "Abner, Domenico, Dawid,..." et. al
Folder 3 'N. Probabilities'
Folder 4 Order of Discovery~Order of Learning (Janina): Epistemology without the Given (◊Jim, 1957): A Study in Radical Physicalism
Folder 5 Probabilistic Epistemology
Folder 6 Probability and Confirmation
Folder 7 Probable Misdiagnosis by Reliable Tests
Folder 8 The Quest for Uncertainty
Folder 9 A Reinterpretation of de Finetti's Work in Terms of Carnap's Two Concepts of Probability
Folder 10 Relevant Evidence
Folder 11 Religious Belief & Scientific Knowledge
Folder 12 RCJ's Replacement of Ramsey
Folder 13 Sex Bias at Berkeley?
Folder 14 Skyrm's Version of Causal Decision Theory
Folder 15 A Standard Form for EFS's
Folder 16 Theory of Automata
Folder 17 Unidentified Research Notes
Folder 18 Utilities, Interpersonal Preference, and Aggregation
Folder 19 What the Histopathologist Saw
Folder 20 What Time Does the Next Owl Leave?

Subseries 2. Carnap Material, 1952-1991

Scope and Content Notes:

Carnap and Jeffrey had been close friends and collaborators since Jeffrey studied and received his Master's Degree under Carnap at the University of Chicago. The documents in this subseries reflect this close personal and professional relationship, mainly in form of correspondence with Carnap and his wife Ina, as well as exchanges of drafts and research notes. Carnap often included Jeffrey in his exchanges with other individuals, therefore numerous letters are carbon copies of Carnap's correspondence with others. Also featured are writings on Carnap authored by Jeffrey and others.

The folders are arranged in chronological order, followed by undated material.

Box 9
Folder 1 Carnapiana: Drafts, Notes Correspondence with or on Carnap, 1952-1973
Folder 1 B Carnapiana: Drafts, Notes Correspondence with or on Carnap, 1952-1973
Folder 2 Copies of Correspondence with Carnap regarding Jeffrey's PhD Thesis, 1957
Folder 3 Copies of Revised and Edited Drafts of Carnap's Schilpp Autobiography, 1958
Folder 4 Copies of Revised and Edited Drafts of Carnap's Schilpp Autobiography, 1958
Folder 5 Copies of Revised and Edited Drafts of Carnap's Schilpp Autobiography, 1958
Folder 6 Copies of Revised and Edited Drafts of Carnap's Schilpp Autobiography, 1958
Folder 7 Carnap's Comments on Jeffrey's Ms. "On Changing One's Betting Function" and Handwritten Notes by Carnap and Jeffrey, 1958
Folder 8 Carnap Correspondence, 1958-1981
Folder 9 Carnap Correspondence, 1958-1981
Folder 10 Carnap's Comments on Jeffrey Manuscripts and Letters by Jeffrey, 1960-1962
Folder 11 Goodman's Query: Letter by Jeffrey to Carnap, 1966
Folder 12 Studies in Inductive Logic and Probability : Jeffrey-Carnap Collaboration, Drafts and Notes, 1968-1976
Folder 12 B Studies in Inductive Logic and Probability : Jeffrey-Carnap Collaboration, Drafts and Notes, 1968-1976
Folder 13 Studies in Inductive Logic and Probability : Jeffrey-Carnap Collaboration, Drafts and Notes, 1968-1976
Folder 14 Studies in Inductive Logic and Probability : Jeffrey-Carnap Collaboration, Drafts and Notes, 1968-1976
Folder 14 B Studies in Inductive Logic and Probability : Jeffrey-Carnap Collaboration, Drafts and Notes, 1968-1976
Folder 15 Letter by Carnap to Haim Gaifman, 1970
Folder 16 Translation and Publication of Carnap's Early Essays: Correspondence with Cambridge University Press and Hanna Carnap-Thost/Arthur Benson, 1988-1991
Folder 17 Jeffrey-Carnap Correspondence: Editing Project with Open Court, 2002

Box 10
Folder 1 Carnap Material Used for Teaching: Typescripts "On Protocol Sentences" and Translation of Carnap's "'ber Protokolls'tze", undated
Folder 2 "Carnap and His Friends: The Career of Logical Positivism", Phil 531
Folder 3 Copies of Carnap Articles "Über Protokollsätze", and "Truth and Confirmation"

Subseries 3. Grant Proposals and Projects, 1960-1993

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains Jeffrey's grant applications, project reports, and related correspondence and paperwork. Included is a project proposal by Hempel and a grant evaluation by Jeffrey of a proposal by Max Black.

Folder 4 NSF Project Proposals, 1960-1963
Folder 05-06 AFOSR (Air Force Office of Scientific Research) Grants & Contracts, 1960-1967
Folder 7 ACLS Research Proposal: Logical Foundations of Bayesian Decision Theory, 1968
Folder 8 NSF Project Proposal "Collaborative Research on Bayesian Theory", 1968
Folder 9 NSF Project Proposal: Objective & Intersubjective Considerations in Decision Theory, 1968
Folder 10 NSF Project Proposal & Report: Objective & Intersubjective Considerations in Decision Theory, 1968-1969
Folder 11 NSF Panel, 1968-1978
Folder 12 Guggenheim Proposal: Logical Foundations of Bayesian Decision Theory, 1969
Folder 13 NSF Project Proposal: Extensions of a Theory of Preference under Uncertainty, 1972
Folder 14 NSF Project Proposal "Carnap's Inductive Logic", 1972-1974
Folder 15 NSF Jeffrey's Evaluation of Project Proposal by Max Black, 1974-1975
Folder 16 NEH Grant, 1975-1976
Folder 17-18 NSF Project Proposal "Causality & Decision", 1978-1983

Box 11
Folder 1 NSF Grant Proposal by C.G. Hempel, "Problems of Empiricism: Analytic and Pragmatist Perspectives", 1980
Folder 2 NSF Project Proposal "Probabilistic Epistemology", 1981-1987
Folder 3 NSF Project Proposal "Bruno de Finetti's 'Probabilismo'", 1987
Folder 4 NSF Project Proposal, "Medical Probabilism; an Investigation of Expert Human Systems", 1988
Folder 5 NSF Project Proposal, "Probabilizing Pathology, an Investigation of Expert Human Systems", 1988
Folder 6 Probabilizing Pathology, Summary of Completed Project, 1990
Folder 7 NSF Grant Award for "Collaborative Research on Probability Conditionals", 1991
Folder 08-09 NSF Project Proposal, "Constructivism after Carnap (Revised)", 1992-1993

Series IV. Writings, Lectures, and Publications, 1952-2002

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is divided into three subseries consisting of manuscript drafts, lecture notes and conferences, and editorial work. The manuscript drafts feature Jeffrey's writings at various stages of their development, ranging from early outlines to pre-publication galley proofs. The second subseries mainly comprises lecture notes and transparencies used in presentations. The third subseries holds material produced during Jeffrey's editorial role in publishing Hempel's Selected Philosophical Essays.

Subseries 1. Manuscript Drafts, 1952-2002

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries features Jeffrey's manuscripts, which often include communications and comments by others since Jeffrey often shared his writings to seek critical review and feedback.

The folders are arranged chronologically, followed by undated material, which is arranged alphabetically according to title.

Box 12
Folder 1 "On the Explication of Causal Conditionals", Master Thesis, University of Chicago, 1952
Folder 2 "Epistemology Without the Given: A Study in Radical Physicalism", PhD Thesis, 1st Draft, 1956
Folder 3 "Contributions to the Theory of Inductive Probability", PhD Thesis, w/ Carnap Correspondence, Princeton, 1957
Folder 4 "On Changing One's Betting Function: Probability Kinematics", 1958
Folder 5 "Automata: Finite Recursion, Computer Logic, et al.", 1958-1961
Folder 6 "Some Recent Simplifications of the Theory of Finite Automata", MIT Technical Report, 1959
Folder 7 "On the Paradox of Ideal Evidence", (Popper), 1959

Box 13
Folder 1 "Betting, Learning, and Confirming Generalizations", 1960
Folder 2 "De Finetti's Representation Theorem", Second Draft, 1960
Folder 3 "Studies in Inductive Logic & Probability Vol. II", Correspondence & Notes, 1960-1980
Folder 4 "Toward a Unified Theory of Probability and Desirability", 1962
Folder 5 "Counterfactuals as Explanations", 1963 and undated
Folder 6 "Preference Between Propositions (Short)", Stanford University, 1963
Folder 7 Writings on Random Propositions, 1963-1971 and undated
Folder 8 "Preference-Preserving Utility Transformations" and Corrections, 1963-1964
Folder 9 "Preference, Credence, and Utility", Various Drafts, 1964-1965
Folder 10 "Preference, Credence, and Utility", Various Drafts, 1964-1965
Folder 11 "Mises Redux", and Writings by Others on 'Randomness,' 1966-1974
Folder 12 "The Logic of Decision": Reviews & Correspondence, 1966-1990
Folder 13 "Notes on the Logic of Decision", 1967
Folder 14 "Bride of Udolpho Meets Button Man", (Popper), 1967

Box 14
Folder 1 "Interpersonal Comparison of Utilities/Preferences", 1968 and undated
Folder 2 "Two Practical Paradoxes", "Antithetic of Practical Reason?" and The Prisoner's Dilemma", 1968 and undated
Folder 3 "Causality in the Logic of Decision", and "Preference & Causality", 1969
Folder 4 Harsanyi on Utility Summation, 1969
Folder 5 "The New Utilitarianism", Various Drafts, 1970
Folder 6 "Event-Valued Random Variables = Propositional Functions of Possible Worlds", 1971
Folder 7 Notes on Decision Theory, 1971 and undated
Folder 8 "Remarks on Interpersonal Utility Theory", 1971
Folder 9 Utilitarianism Revisited (Larger Version of APA Symposium Paper), 1971
Folder 10 "Studies in Inductive Logic", Vol. 2, 1971-1973
Folder 11 "The Logic of Decision", 2nd Edition, 1971-1989
Folder 11 B "The Logic of Decision", 2nd Edition, 1971-1989
Folder 12 "Preference and Modality", 1st Draft, 1972
Folder 13 Review by Jeffrey of "On the Coherence of Higher-Order Probabilities" by Soshichi Uchii, 1974 and undated
Folder 13 B Review by Jeffrey of "On the Coherence of Higher-Order Probabilities" by Soshichi Uchii, 1974 and undated
Folder 14 "David Says", 1975
Folder 15 "State Bayesianism", Chelsea College, 1975
Folder 16 "Harsanyi's Theorem", 1975-1984
Folder 17 "On Inductive Logic", 1976
Folder 18 "Axiomatizing the Logic of Decision", 1976
Folder 19 "Savage's Omelet", 1976-1977
Folder 19 B "Savage's Omelet", 1976-1977
Folder 20 "Conditionals as Proposition-Valued Functions of Possible Worlds", 1977
Folder 21 "Introductory Logic: Notes and Problems", 1978
Folder 22 "Skyrms on Probability Kinematics via Second-Order Probabilities", 1978
Folder 23 "Why Look Before You Leap?" 1978
Folder 24 "Choice, Chance, & Credence", Draft and Correspondence, 1978-1980

Box 15
Folder 1 Formal Logic: Its Scope and Limits, 3rd Edition, 1978-1988
Folder 1 B Formal Logic: Its Scope and Limits, 3rd Edition, 1978-1988
Folder 2 Formal Logic: Its Scope and Limits, 3rd Edition, 1978-1988
Folder 3 "Cohen's Nativism", 1981
Folder 4 "Ratifiability (Corrected)", 1981
Folder 5 "Preference and Choiceworthiness", 1981
Folder 6 "Bayesianism with a Human Face", 1982-1990
Folder 6 B "Bayesianism with a Human Face", 1982-1990
Folder 7 "The Sure Thing Principle", (Philosophy of Science Association): Drafts, Notes, Readings, 1982-1984
Folder 7 B "The Sure Thing Principle", (Philosophy of Science Association): Drafts, Notes, Readings, 1982-1984
Folder 8 "The Impossibility of Inductive Probability", Letters to the Editor of Nature by Jeffrey, Levi, Good, Popper et al, 1984
Folder 9 "Probability and the Logic of Confirmation", Paper in Honor of Carl G. Hempel's Retirement from Univ. of Pittsburgh, 1985
Folder 10 "Indefinite Probability Judgment: A Reply to Levi", Drafts and Correspondence, 1986
Folder 10 B "Indefinite Probability Judgment: A Reply to Levi", Drafts and Correspondence, 1986
Folder 11 "Probabilism and Induction", 1986
Folder 12 "Probability and the Art of Judgment", 1986
Folder 13 "Biting the Bayesian Bullet: Zeckhauser's Problem", 1986-1988
Folder 13 B "Biting the Bayesian Bullet: Zeckhauser's Problem", 1986-1988
Folder 14 "How to Probabilize a Newcomb Problem", 1987-1991
Folder 15 "De Finetti's Radical Probabilism", 1988

Box 16
Folder 1 "Conditionals", 1990
Folder 2 "Thrilled by the Facts", Article on F.P. Ramsey for the Times Literary Supplement, 1991
Folder 3 "UCLA: The Experiential Element in Knowledge", 1991
Folder 4 "Chance Kinematics", 1992
Folder 5 "The Kinematics of Preferential Choice", 1992
Folder 6 "Newcomb Kinematics", 1992
Folder 7 "Probability Kinematics and Causality", 1992
Folder 8 "A Skeleton Key to JM Joyce's Axtiomatic Foundations of Bayesian Decision Theory, 1992
Folder 9 Formal Logic: Its Scope & Limits: Reviews, Comments, and Revisions for 4th Edition, 1992-1997

Box 17
Folder 1 "Causality in the Logic of Decision (Castiglioncello)", 1993
Folder 2 "Causality in the Logic of Decision", 1993-1994
Folder 3 "Judgemental Probability Dynamics: Formation, Transformation, Reparation", 1993
Folder 4 Preference Kinematics, 1993
Folder 5 "Probability Reparation: The Problem of New Explanation", 1993-1995
Folder 6 "Hempel", Entry for Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 1993-1994
Folder 7 "Probabilistic Thinking", with E-mail to Peter Momtchiloff, 1993-2002
Folder 8 "Probabilistic Thinking", 1994-1995
Folder 9 "Son of Born: Judgemental Probabilities in Quantum Mechanics", 1994
Folder 10 "Bayes Ways: A Probability Primer", 1995
Folder 11 Jeffrey's Review of "A Vindication of Probabilistic Foundationalism", by Unknown Author for Philosophical Studies, 1995
Folder 12 Formal Logic: Its Scope and Limits, Revisions for 4th Edition, 1995-1997
Folder 13 "Transformations of Belief", Drafts, 1995-1999
Folder 14 "Probabilistic Epistemology", 1995-2000
Folder 15 "The Dreaded Problem of New Explanation, a.k.a Old Evidence" (Chapter 5), 1996
Folder 16 "Logicism 2000: A Mini-Manifesto", 1996
Folder 17 "What it Takes to be a Group: Pareto vs. Diversity", w/ Matthias Hild and Mathias Risse, 1997
Folder 18 "An Appreciation of Richard Bradley's Decision Theory with Conditionals, 1998 (Fragment)
Folder 19 "Aumann's 'No Agreement' Theorem Generalized", 1998
Folder 20 "Bumblebee Attitudes", 1998

Box 18
Folder 1 "Neo-Bayesian Reflections on 'Nature Is Only There Once,' and Other Neo-Positivist Slogans", 1998
Folder 2 "Problems of Preference Aggregation", together w/ Matthias Hild and Mathias Risse, 1998
Folder 3 "Bumblebee Attitudes", 1999
Folder 4 "Decision-Theoretic Aggregation'Introduction and Survey", 1999
Folder 5 "Probabilistic Judgement", 1999
Folder 6 "Personal Probabilities for Quantum Mechanics", (Ischia), 1999-2001
Folder 7 "Some Solved Problems of Probabilism", 2000
Folder 8 "Epistemology Probabilized", 2001
Folder 9 Subjective Probability: The Real Thing", 2001-2002
Folder 10 "Flipping and Ex post Aggregation", with Mathias Hild and Mathias Risse, 2002
Folder 11 "Logicism Lite", incl. correspondence with Penelope Maddy, 2002
Folder 11 B "Logicism Lite", incl. correspondence with Penelope Maddy, 2002
Folder 12 "Noncoöperative Games & Individual Decisions", 2002
Folder 13 "Probabilism & Induction", (Chapter 5), 2002
Folder 14 "2nd Order Logic Unformizable"
Folder 15 "Allais's Qualms About Expected Utility"
Folder 16 "Barycentric Probability Display Program"
Folder 17 "Bernoullian Utility: The St. Petersburg Paradox", (Chapter 2)
Folder 18 "Bridgman's Operational Analysis"
Folder 19 "Carnap's Minisystems of 'Logical Probability'"
Folder 20 "Carnap's 'Model A' System of Inductive Logic, Based on c*"
Folder 21 "Choice and Preference"
Folder 22 "Choosing", Draft of Chapter 6 of Subjective Probability: The Real Thing.
Folder 23 "Comparative Probability" (Chapter 5)
Folder 24 "Conditioning", Draft of Chapter 3, Subjective Probability: The Real Thing.
Folder 25 "Constructivism After Carnap: Project Description"
Folder 26 "The Covering Law Model of Explanation"
Folder 27 "Decision-Making", (Chapter 6)
Folder 28 "Decision Theory and Human Action"

Box 19
Folder 1 "Decision Theory Notes (Penn)"
Folder 2 "De Finetti's Account of Subjective Probability: Two Versions"
Folder 3 "Dopo Carnap": Italian Translation of Jeffrey's "After Carnap"
Folder 4 "Epistemology Without the Given: A Study in Radical Physicalism"
Folder 5 "Expectation Primer", Draft of Chapter 4, Subjective Probability: The Real Thing.
Folder 6 "If", City College of New York
Folder 7 "Interpersonal Comparison of Utilities", ("Distributive Justice as a Problem for Utilitarianism")
Folder 8 "The Kinematics of Decision"
Folder 9 "The Limits of Formal Methods (Part Three)"
Folder 10 "The Logic of Decision"
Folder 11 "The Logic of Decision Revised"
Folder 12 "The Logic of Preference"
Folder 13 "Logical Positivism", Encyclopedia Entry
Folder 14 "Notes on the Theory of Automata", (City College of New York)
Folder 15 "An Objectivist's Guide to Subjective Chance"
Folder 16 "Physicalism without the Given", Notes and Drafts
Folder 17 "Plato: The Third Man", Revised Edition, for Prof. Ackrill's Seminar
Folder 18 "Postcript: How to Think"
Folder 19 "Preference & Choiceworthiness (Chapter 12)
Folder 20 "Probabilities of Acts: Defense of a Unified Ontology for Decision Theory"
Folder 21 "Probability Dynamics and Causality"
Folder 22 "Probability Dynamics; Collaboration", Draft of Chapter 3, Subjective Probability: The Real Thing.
Folder 23 "Probability, Induction, and Decision Theory", Section 7&8
Folder 24 "Probability Logic", Chapter 2 (Summary)
Folder 25 "Probabilizing"
Folder 26 "Proposition-Valued Random Variables: A Progress Report"
Folder 27 "Random Propositions"
Folder 28 "Ratificationism Reconsidered"
Folder 29 Review of Van McGee's "Conditional Probabilities and Compounds of Conditionals"
Folder 30 Review of Frank Plympton Ramsey: Notes on Philosophy, Probability, and Mathematics by Maria Carla Galavotti

Box 20
Folder 1 "Rough Probabilism"
Folder 2 "Second-Order Logic Unformalizable"
Folder 3 "Self-Reference"
Folder 4 "Smokers' Dilemmas"
Folder 5 "Son of Savage: Consequences as Propositions", and "Ramsey, Son of Savage"
Folder 6 "Subjective Frequentism"
Folder 7 "Subjective Probability, The Real Thing: Decision", (Chapter 7)
Folder 8 "Take Back the Day! Jon Dorling's Bayesian Solution of the Duhem Problem"
Folder 9 "Toward a Reformulation of Ramsey's Theory of Preference"
Folder 10 "Unknown Probabilities"
Folder 11 "Updating on Statistics", Draft of Chapter 5, Subjective Probability: The Real Thing.
Folder 12 "Von Neumann-Morgenstern Utility Theory" (Chapter 3) and "Comparative Probability" (Chapter 5)
Folder 13 "What is Probability?" and "Note on Unique Decipherability", by E.T. Jaynes
Folder 14 "Wrapping It Up"
Folder 15 Annotated Published Writings by Jeffrey

Subseries 2. Lecture Notes and Conferences, 1964-2001

Scope and Content Notes:

The majority of the material consists of Jeffrey's lecture notes and transparencies. Some folders also contain material relating to his conference preparations and attendance such as correspondence, programs, abstracts, and travel arrangements.

The folders are arranged chronologically, followed by undated material, which is arranged alphabetically according to lecture title or conference name.

Folder 16 "If", APA Meeting, Boston, 1964
Folder 17 International Congress for Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science, Jerusalem: Program and Abstracts, 1964
Folder 18 "The Prisoner's Dilemma", Princeton University, 1968
Folder 19 International Congress of Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science, London, Ontario, Canada, 1975
Folder 20 "Subjective Probability": Talk for Statistics Seminar, London University, 1976
Folder 21 "Coming True", Lecture for Conference on the Philosophy of Language & Logic, University of Warwick, March 1976
Folder 22 IV Simposio Latino-Americano de Logica Matematica (IV SLAM): Motion for Withdrawal ASL Sponsorship, 1977-1978
Folder 23 7th International Congress of Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science, Salzburg, Austria 1983, 1980-1983
Folder 24 International Conference on the Foundations of Probability & Statistics, Luino, Italy, 1981-1982
Folder 25 "Carnap on Artificial Languages and Artificial Lives", Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science and "Carnap's Robots", Center for the Philosophy of Science, Pittsburgh, 1982-1985

Box 21
Folder 1 "Judgmental Probability and Objective Chance", Siena Conference, 1984
Folder 2 Conference on "Exchangeability and Partial Exchangeability", Purdue University, 1984
Folder 3 "From Logical Probability to Probability Logic", Bar-Hillel Symposium, Boston University, 1985
Folder 4 "Probability & Induction", 1985
Folder 5 "Alias Smith and Jones: The Testimony of the Senses", Essler Conference, Frankfurt, May 1986, 1885-1987
Folder 6 Juror Decision Making Conference, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, 1986
Folder 7 Frankfurt and Bologna Lectures, 1986
Folder 8 Princeton Colloquium Speakers, 1986-1987
Folder 9 Lecture Programs and Announcements, Italy, 1986-1993
Folder 10 "Probabilistic Epistemology: De Finetti's 'Probabilismo' (1931)", Moscow, Aug., 1987
Folder 11 "Conditionals", Dunwalke Conference, Lecture Draft and Transparencies, 1989
Folder 12 Joint US-Italian Workshop on Knowledge, Belief, and Strategic Interaction, Castiglioncello Italy, 1991
Folder 13 Salamanca Conference "Ciencia y Conocimiento", Spain, Programs and Correspondence, 1991
Folder 14 Lectures in Genova and Turin, Italy, 1993
Folder 15 8th International Congress of Logic, Methodology, & Philosophy of Science, Florence, August 1995, 1993-1995
Folder 16 "Decision Kinematics", IEA Conference on Rationality in Economics, Turin, and Revised, 1993-1996
Folder 17 Luino III & Trieste Conferences 1995, 1994-1995
Folder 18 IEA Turin Conference: The Rational Foundations of Economic Behaviour, 1995
Folder 19 International Conference: The Notion of Event in Probabilistic Epistemology, Trieste, Italy, 1996
Folder 20 "What It Takes to be a Group: Pareto vs. Diversity", Caen, France, 1997
Folder 21 "I Was a Teenage Logical Positivist (Now a Septuagenarian Radical Probabilist)", PSA Presidential Address 1998, 1998-1999
Folder 22 "The Career of Logical Empiricism", History of Science Society, Pittsburgh, 1999
Folder 23 Probabilistic States of Mind: IPMU 8th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge Based Systems, Madrid 2000, 1999-2000
Folder 24 "After Logical Empiricism", 2000
Folder 25 "I. After Logical Empiricism, II. Radical Probabilism", Petrus Hispanus Lectures, Lisbon, 2000-2001

Box 22
Folder 1 "Empiricism Probabilized", Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge (TARK) Lecture, 2001
Folder 2 "From Logical Empiricism to Radical Probabilism", Program and Abstract for Hägerström Lecture, Uppsala University, Schweden, 2001
Folder 3 "Joyce on Choice" & Reply by Jim Joyce, Central Division APA Meeting, Minneapolis, 2001
Folder 4 "Judgmental Probabilities, Conditional and Unconditional", ISBA, Laguna Beach, 2001
Folder 5 "Probabilistic Epistemology--or--Après épistémologie", Carnegie Mellon University, 05-25-02, 2002
Folder 6 Carnegie Mellon University Talks "Probability Dynamics" and "Logicism Lite", Lecture Notes and Correspondence, 2002
Folder 7 "Adoptive (Constructive) Probability", et al., Transparencies, Rome
Folder 8 "After Logicism", Transparancies
Folder 9 "Agreeing to Disagree: Harsanyi & Aumann", w/ Matthias Hild & Mathias Risse, Transparencies
Folder 10 "Conditional Probability", Transparencies
Folder 11 "Epistemology Re-Naturalized", Transparancies (Bees)
Folder 12 "Evolutionary Decision Theory", SF Talk
Folder 13 "Exchangeability & Generalized Conditioning", & "Mini-Aumann Theorem", Transparencies
Folder 14 "Fallacies re. Radical Probabilism", Transparencies for Bologna/Lisbon Lectures
Folder 15 "Irrationality and the Bayesian Enlightenment", Announcement of Lecture at the University of Bristol
Folder 16 "Jon Dorling's Solution of the Duhem-Quine Problem", Transparencies
Folder 17 "Judgemental Probability", Jerusalem, Transparencies
Folder 18 "Logical Probability (Objective Bayesianism)", Transparencies
Folder 19 "Probabilistic Epistemology", Transparencies
Folder 20 "Probabilities of Preference Aggregation", Cal Tech Talk, Transparencies
Folder 21 "Probability Dynamics and Causality", Transparencies
Folder 22 "Probability Kinematics", Transparencies
Folder 23 "Prospects for Pure Pragmatism", Transparencies
Folder 24 "Radical Probabilism, et al.", Transparencies
Folder 25 "Savage on the Cheap", Transparencies
Folder 26 "The Theory of Knowledge", First Lecture
Folder 27 "What It Takes to be a Group: Pareto vs. Diversity", Transparencies
Folder 28 Unidentified Lecture Notes and Transparencies

Subseries 3. Editorial Work: Hempel's Selected Philosophical Essays, 1934-2000

Scope and Content Notes:

Jeffrey functioned as the editor of Hempel's Selected Philosophical Essays. Gathered here are documents produced during this process, mostly in form of different production stages of the publication and copies of Hempel's essays considered for publication.

This subseries is divided into three sections. Sections 1 and 2 group material according to the format of the publication: Preprint Versions and Galley Proofs. The third section comprises the remaining material related to the editorial process.

Section: Preprint Versions

Section: Pre-print versions

Box 23
Folder 1 Chapters 4, 8, 13, 15,19,20, 22, 23, 1996
Folder 2 Chapter 15, 1996
Folder 3 Chapters 10, 14, 21, 1996
Folder 4 Chapters 10, 17,19, 21, 1996
Folder 5 Chapters 11, 12, 15, 1996
Folder 6 Chapter 11 and English Translation of Hempel's PhD Thesis, 1996
Folder 7 Chapter 23 and Copies of Hempel's Writings, 1996
Folder 8 Chapter 1, Copies of Hempel's Writings, and Correspondence, 1996-1997

Box 24
Folder 1 Chapter 6 and English Translation of Hempel's PhD Thesis, 1996-1998
Folder 2 Chapters 9, 11, 12, 14, 16 and Notes and Correspondence, 1996-1998
Folder 3 Chapters 8, 9, 12, English Translation of Hempel's PhD Thesis, and Copies of Hempel's Writings, 1996-1998
Folder 4 Introduction and Related Transparencies, 1998
Folder 5 Chapters 1, 5, 13, and Copies of Hempel's Writings, 1996-1999
Folder 6 Chapters 1-16, 1998
Folder 7 Chapters 1-16 and Correspondence, 1998-1999

Box 25
Folder 1 Chapters 1-6, 1998
Folder 2 Chapters 7-11, 1998
Folder 3 Chapters 12-15, 1998

Section: Galley Proofs

Folder 4 Chapters 1-5, 1999
Folder 5 Chapters 6-8, 1999
Folder 6 Chapters 9-12, 1999
Folder 7 Chapters 13-16, 1999
Folder 8 Chapters Hempel's Publication and Index, 1999

Section: Related Material to Edition of Selected Philosophical Essays

Folder 9 Entry on Hempel by Jeffrey for Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and Correspondence, 1996
Folder 10 Cambridge University Press Marketing for Hempel's Selected Philosophical Essays, 2000
Folder 11 Hempel-Neurath Correspondence: Copies and Excerpts, 1934-1935
Folder 12 Copy of Hempel's Published PhD Thesis with Annotations by Jeffrey
Folder 13 Copies of Hempel's Writings, 1937-1981
Folder 14 Copy of Hempel's "Postcript 1976: More Recent Ideas on the Problem of Statistical Explanation."

Box 26
Folder 1 Interview with Hempel by Richard Nollan with Corrections, 1982-1983
Folder 2 "Methodology of Science: Descriptive and Prescriptive Facets", Typescript of Hempel's Lecture at Tel Aviv University, 1984
Folder 3 "Hempel and the Vienna Circle", Typescript of Article by Michael Friedman
Folder 04-08 Copies of Writings by Hempel for Edition of Selected Philosophical Essays

Series V. Teaching, 1959-1997

Scope and Content Notes:

The majority of documents consist of sylllabi, reading lists, exams, and some correspondence. Included are also transcriptions of Jeffrey's 1985 Stanford Lectures by M. Hendrickson. If present, folders are grouped according to their class number with an overall chronological arrangement, starting with the earliest.

Box 27
Folder 1 Examinations, Readings, and Assignments for Various Courses, some by Hempel, 1959-1979
Folder 02-03 Phil. 166: Probability and Induction, Stanford University, 1960-1962
Folder 4 City College New York, 1964-1965
Folder 5 Phil. 6/606, 1969-1972
Folder 6 Phil. 375: Decision Theory, 1972-1977
Folder 7-10 Phil. 375: Probability and Scientific Inference, 1978-1994
Folder 11 Phil. 521: Probability and Induction, 1973
Folder 12 Phil. 531: Probability and Confirmation, 1976
Folder 13 Phil. 531: Philosophy of Science, 1982
Folder 14 Phil. 531: Probability and the Art of Judgement, 1986
Folder 15-16 Phil. 201: Introductory Logic, 1977-1994
Folder 17-19 Phil. 313: Theory of Knowledge, 1983-1995

Box 28
Folder 1 Phil. 204: Introduction to the Philosophy of Science, 1984-1985
Folder 2 Leave for Standford, Correspondence, 1984
Folder 3 Phil. 163: Probability and Induction, Stanford University: Syllabus, Lecture Notes, Readings, 1984-1985
Folder 04-05 Phil. 163: Transcriptions of Jeffrey's Stanford Lectures by M. Hendrickson, 1985
Folder 6 Phil. 533: Decision Theory, Background and Recent Developments, 1991-1995
Folder 7 Phil. 312: Intermediate Logic, 1992-1993
Folder 8 Phil. 372: Philosophical Foundations of Game and Decision Theory, 1993
Folder 9 Phil. 211: Course Material, 1995
Folder 10 Phil. 373: Probabilistic Thinking, 1996
Folder 11 Phil. 273: Probabilistic Judgement, 1997
Folder 12 Teaching Notes on Elementary Probability Calculus, Dutch Book Argument, Probability Kinematics, and Probability and Utility, undated
Folder 13 Course Material on Evolutionary Biology, undated

Box 29
Folder 01-10 Phil. 513: The Career of Logical Positivism: Syllabus, Notes, and Readings, undated

Box 29a
Cassettes Recorded Lectures by Jeffrey on 25 Cassette Tapes, undated

Series VI. Writings by Others

Scope and Content Notes:

Documents comprised in this series are unpublished manuscript drafts or annotated published writings by authors other than Jeffrey, many of whom were friends or collaborators, such as Brian Skyrms and Bruno de Finetti. In addition to annotations, a few pieces include more extensive written comments by Jeffrey.

The folders are arranged alphabetically, according to the author's last name.

Folder 11 Ax, James and Simon Kochen
Folder 12 Ballentine, L. E.
Folder 13 Bar-Hillel, Maya
Folder 14 Biersdorfer, J. D.
Folder 15 Blyth, Colin R.
Folder 16 Bolker, Ethan
Folder 17 Bradley, Richard
Folder 18 Broome, John
Folder 19 Carnap, Rudolf
Folder 20 Caves, Carlton M., Christopher A. Fuchs, and Rüdiger Schack
Folder 21 Cheeseman, Peter
Folder 22 Davidson, Donald

Box 30
Folder 1 Davis, Martin
Folder 2 Dawid, A. P.
Folder 3 De Finetti, Bruno
Folder 4 Diaconis, Persi
Folder 5 Diamond, Peter A.
Folder 6 Dorling, Jon
Folder 7 Earman, John
Folder 8 Einstein, Albert, et. al.
Folder 9 Elga, Adam
Folder 10 Field, Hartry
Folder 11 Franklin, Allan
Folder 12 Friedman, Michael
Folder 13 Gaifman, Haim
Folder 14 Gardner, Martin
Folder 15 Goodman, Nelson
Folder 16 Hardy, Lucien
Folder 17 Harper, William
Folder 18 Hartle, J. B.
Folder 19 Hild, Matthias
Folder 20 Hosiasson-Lindenbaum, Janina

Box 31
Folder 1 Isham, Chris J.
Folder 2 Jaynes, E. T.
Folder 3 Joyce, James M.
Folder 4 Kassirer, Jerome P.
Folder 5 Kawalec, Pawel
Folder 6 Kempson, Richard L. and Michael R. Hendrickson
Folder 7 K., S. Jr.
Folder 8 Kochen, Simon
Folder 9 Koons, Robert C.
Folder 10 Landsman, N. P.
Folder 11 Launoir, Rue
Folder 12 Leeds, Stephen
Folder 13 Leonhardt, David
Folder 14 Levi, Issac
Folder 15 Llinás, Rodolfo
Folder 16 Maudlin, Tim
Folder 17 McGee, Vann
Folder 18 Merin, Arthur
Folder 19 Mermin, David N.
Folder 20 Mongin, Philippe
Folder 21 Monton, Bradley
Folder 22 Moore, Michael B.
Folder 23 Neurath, Otto
Folder 24 Patton, Thomas E.
Folder 25 Pólya, George
Folder 26 Price, Huw
Folder 27 Rabinowicz, Wlodzimierz
Folder 28 Raiffa, Howard
Folder 29 Rastall, Peter
Folder 30 Real, Leslie A.
Folder 31 Ricketts, Thomas
Folder 32 Risse, Mathias
Folder 33 Rubinstein, Ariel
Folder 34 Schulman, Stuart
Folder 35 Schwartz, William B., et al.
Folder 36 Scott, Dana
Folder 37 Seidenfeld, Teddy
Folder 38 Selten, Reinhard, and Ulrike Leopold

Box 32
Folder 1 Shafer, Glenn
Folder 2 Shimony Abner
Folder 03-10 Skyrms, Brian
Folder 11 Smith, Nicholas J. J.

Box 33
Folder 1 Sobel, Jordan Howard
Folder 2 Steane, Andrew
Folder 3 Strevens, Michael
Folder 4 Van Fraassen, Bas C.
Folder 5 Wagner, Carl G.
Folder 6 Walliser, Bernard
Folder 7 Wilson, N. L.
Folder 8 Zadeh, L. A.