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Collection Inventory

Series I. Awards and Honorary Doctorates, 1944-1967

Scope and Content Notes:

Series includes honorary doctorates and other awards bestowed on Price during his professional career and his time on the University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees. Folders generally include award certificates; some include programs and other related material.

Box 1
Folder 1 Transylvania University, Honorary Doctorate, June 7, 1944
Folder 2 Allegheny College, Honorary Doctorate, June 17, 1946
Folder 3 Carnegie Institute of Technology, Honorary Doctorate, June 10, 1956

Box 15
Volume 1 Lord & Taylor, Scrapbook from "The Answer of the Atom: Twentieth Annual Lord & Taylor Award Luncheon," April 12, 1957

Box 1
Folder 4 Bucknell University, Honorary Doctorate, June 10, 1957
Folder 5 University of Pittsburgh, Evening Division, Citation, c1958
Folder 6 English translation of Patent of Decoration for the Third Class of the Order of the Rising Sun, by the Japanese government, September 18, 1962
Folder 7 Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Reception honoring Price and John K. Hodnette, April 1, 1964
Folder 8 Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Recognition of Price at his retirement, October 24, 1967

Series II. Correspondence, c1940-1977

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains Price’s outgoing professional and personal correspondence as well as a small run of incoming correspondence. Professional correspondence consists of documents related to Price's term on the Westinghouse Board of Directors, as well as some of his work with redevelopment in the city of Pittsburgh. There is also correspondence with others working in private industry and business-related travel. Price’s financial correspondence includes correspondence about Price's stocks and charitable donations. Personal correspondence contains correspondence with friends, particularly to accept or decline hospitality invitations, as well as with hunting and fishing partners, and family members. The University of Pittsburgh correspondence comes primarily from Price’s time serving on the Board of Trustees, including a term as chair.

Box 1
Folder 9 Business and Professional, 1961-1967
Folder 10 Financial, 1965-1968
Folder 11 Personal, 1965-1975
Folder 12 Republican Party, 1965-1973
Folder 13 University of Pittsburgh, 1961-1965
Folder 14 University of Pittsburgh, 1966-1967
Folder 15 Incoming Correspondence, c1940-1977

Series III. Interviews and Articles, 1949-1956

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains articles written by Price, largely published in trade magazines. It also contains transcripts of interviews Price gave to media outlets and other media productions in which Price was directly involved.

Box 1
Folder 16 “The Incentive Income Tax Plan” [typewritten copy], Fortune, July 1949
Folder 17 "To the Men and Women of Westinghouse" [on Westinghouse's 1948 performance], Westinghouse News, 1949
Folder 18 "Operation Economy: For the Long War" transcribed radio broadcast produced by America's Future, Inc., March 1951
Folder 19 "The Hoover Plan: Performance and Prospects," Dun & Bradstreet, March 1951
Folder 20 "A Real Answer to Inflation," Trusts and Estates, July 1951
Folder 21 "I'll Take the Machine Age," [on industrialization and the American workforce], Nation's Business, February 1952
Folder 22 "Industry in 'Man Hunt' for Managerial Talent" [typewritten copy], Electrical News, November 1953
Folder 23 [Partial interview transcript on Westinghouse's media holdings and production of household appliances], unknown media outlet, 1954.
Folder 24 [Transcript of interview on tax policy and atomic energy], KDKA, Tex McCrary, interviewer, March 1955
Folder 25 Script for "Westinghouse Reviews the IUE Rejection" television program, March 8, 1956
Folder 26 "Our Exciting Future," Sales Record, April 1956

Series IV. Military Service, 1917-1919

Scope and Content Notes:

Includes materials from Price's time in the United States Army during World War I.

Box 1
Folder 27 Officer's Record Book, 1917-18
Folder 28 Honorable Discharge, November 26, 1917
Folder 29 Correspondence, 1918-19
Folder 30 Application for Lieutenant Rank, 1919

Series V. Political and Republican Party Activity, 1953-1980

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains materials relating to Price's involvement with politics and the Republican Party, including invitations to and programs from White House events, correspondence with President Richard Nixon and Bill Brock, then Chair of the Republican National Committee. Also, election tallies from Gwilym Price Jr.'s run for Superior Court Judge, and Gwilym Price Sr.'s formal remarks at his son's swearing in ceremony.

Box 1
Folder 31 Invitation to the inauguration of Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon, January 20, 1953
Folder 32 Book of political cartoons about the Dixon-Yeats contract, signed by both Edgar Dixon and Eugene Yeats, 1954-55
Folder 33 Program from Dinner With Ike [Eisenhower], January 27, 1960
Folder 34 Invitation to White House reception, December 5, 1962
Folder 35 Invitation to a White House dinner with Admiral Earl Mountbatten of Burma and correspondence from Mountabatten, November 5, 1970
Folder 36 Invitation to the White House Conference on the Industrial World Ahead: A Look at Business in 1990, February 1972
Folder 37 Republican Party donor lists, c1972
Folder 38 Telegram from President Richard Nixon, 1972
Folder 39 Correspondence from President Richard Nixon to Price, December 30, 1972
Folder 40 Invitations to receptions during the inauguration of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew, January 1973
Folder 41 Christmas card from President Richard Nixon and Pat Nixon, December 1973
Folder 42 Election of Gwilym A. Price, Jr. as a Superior Court Judge in Pennsylvania, 1974
Folder 43 Correspondence with Price from Bill Brock, November 17, 1980

Series VI. Recreation and Leisure, 1940-1972

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains logs and other documentation from Price's fishing and hunting trips, as well as correspondence with personnel at his regular salmon-fishing location and hand-annotated maps. Logs contain lists of participants, descriptive text about the location and the group's activities, and photographs, often with captions.

Box 1
Folder 44 St. Augustine Sailfish and Tarpon Club Membership, June 29, 1940
Folder 45 Bird-hunting Trip Log, Spain, 1953
Folder 46 Bird-hunting Trip Log, Spain, 1953
Folder 47 Salmon Fishing Log, Anticosti Island, Quebec, Canada, 1957
Folder 48 Salmon Fishing Log, Anticosti Island, Quebec, Canada, 1959
Folder 49 Fishing Trip Log, Deep Water Cay, Bahamas, 1960
Folder 50 "Anticosti Salmon Fishing: A Twenty Year Record on the Jupiter River," 1969
Folder 51 Correspondence with G.N. Provost (Anticosti Island), 1971-1972
Folder 52 Maps, c1972

Series VII. Scrapbooks, 1940-1970

Scope and Content Notes:

This collection contains eleven scrapbooks. The scrapbooks appear to have been compiled by a member of Price's immediate family and chronicle Price's professional achievements, political and charitable works, his connections to universities, including the University of Pittsburgh, and his recreational pursuits, particularly his hunting and fishing outings. They contain predominantly newsclippings, photographs, and correspondence, but also contain some booklets and bound items that have been attached to scrapbook pages, programs, awards, and other paper ephemera.

Box 4
Volume 1 Scrapbook, 1940-1946

Scrapbook contains newsclippings from Price’s banking career, including his election as American Bar Association public relations chair, his election as president of the Community Fund, his election as treasurer of the Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, his involvement in the war advertising fund, and resignation from the banking industry. It contains congratulatory notes for his election as president of Pittsburgh Trust Bank and announcements of his appointment as Vice President at Westinghouse Electric. It contains some documentation of his work at Westinghouse Electric, including a copy of Westinghouse’s corporate name change document, Some of Price’s publications from his time in banking and his early time at Westinghouse Electric, materials from the Westinghouse Centennial Forum, and newsclippings and some correspondence relating to the 1946 Allegheny Congenial Industrial Union strike at Westinghouse Electric. There are also newsclippings regarding Price's role as chair of the Salvation Army Maintenance Fund (1941).

Box 5
Volume 1 Scrapbook, 1947-1950

Scrapbook contains documentation of Price's personal and professional work. It contains newsclippings about Price's work at Westinghouse Electric, including new locomotive designs, discussion of tax incentives for business and Price’s suggestions for income tax changes, industry in Pittsburgh including Westinghouse Electric, new plants opening, features on Price, Price’s speech at the Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, New Jersey). It also includes contains articles that Price wrote about Westinghouse Electric's corporate report and the country's economic situation, as well as photographs from corporate meetings, including the Economic Club of New York and Westinghouse Electric functions. There is also documentation of the Prices' personal and civic life, including logs from Mr. Price's 1948 Cape Vincent cruise, 1949 North Dakota hunting trip, 1950 Florida Keys fishing trip, and various leisure photographs, likely from those trips. Additionally, there are newsclippings detailing Mrs. Price’s involvement with the Rosslyn Farms Womens’ Club and the Prices' charity work at the Salvation Army and American Cancer Society.

Box 6
Volume 1 Scrapbook, 1951-1952

Scrapbook contains documentation of Price's personal and professional work. It is largely comprised of clippings and photographs from Price’s career at Westinghouse, including documentation of the 1951 Westinghouse Stockholders’ Meeting, materials from the Corning Glass Works meeting, articles on his tax incentive plans, clippings and correspondence about Westinghouse Electric’s work for the Department of Defense, materials from the dedication of power stations, and materials about the Nautilus atomic submarine. Documentation of Price's leisure activities include logs of his Anacosti (Canada) fishing trips in 1951 and 1952 and photographs of his golf trip to Rolling Rock with other heads of industry. The scrapbook also contains documentation relating to Price's award from the American Society for Metals, and his receipt of the Hopkins Medal from the St. David’s Society.

Box 7
Volume 1 Scrapbook, 1952-1955

Scrapbook contains newsclippings and articles about Price's professional achievements, including Time magazine's 1953 cover story on Price, materials from the Case Diamond Association meeting, articles about plans for an engineering center in Pittsburgh, the launch of the Nautilus atomic submarine, and materials about the ground breaking ceremonies for Westinghouse Electric power plants. It also contains clippings and other materials about Price's civic work on the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and the Crusade for Freedom and Radio Free Europe, as well as his commencement speeches and honorary doctorates at Transylvania University (Kentucky) and Adrian College (Michigan). The Prices' social engagements, including a holiday in Dijon and a 1952 Christmas party, as well as Mrs. Price's involvement with the Pittsburgh Playhouse are documented, as well as their charitable work for the Cerebral Palsy Association.

Box 8
Volume 1 Scrapbook, 1956-57

Scrapbook contains continued documentation of Price's work with Westinghouse Electric, including clippings and materials from the opening of power plants and a speech to the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, from Westinghouse meetings and dinners, and publicity and press photos from Westinghouse events. Mr. Price's civic work with the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and the Crusade for Freedom/Radio Free Europe are also documented. Some of Price's work with the Republican Party is documnted within, particularly his involvement with the campaign to elect President Eisenhower and Price's invitation to the inauguration. There are also clippings about the engagement and wedding of the Prices' son, Richard, and Gwilym Price's commencement address at Bucknell.

Box 9
Volume 1 Scrapbook, 1958-1959

Scrapbook contains materials relating to Price's involvement with colleges and universities, including his speech on atomic power at Dickinson College (Pennsylvania), his speeches at inauguration of Henry Stanford as chancellor at Birmingham-Southern College (Alabama), photos and clippings from the commencements of the Carnegie Institute of Technology and Lehigh University commencements where Price also received honorary doctorates, his involvement in hosting the poet Archibald MacLeish at University of Pittsburgh, letters of congratulations on becoming president of the University of Pittsburgh board of trustees. His work at Westinghouse Electric is also documented, including newsclippings about Westinghouse's future and changes at the company, the Nautilus submarine, and Price's stepping down as President at Westinghouse Electric while remaining Chairman of the Board. There are also promotional and press photos of his work at Westinghouse Electric, including a trip to Russia in 1958, and a brochure from a Westinghouse atomic energy conference in Europe. There are also photos from hunting outing at the Rolling Rock Club and documentation of Price's charitable work with the National Jewish Hospital and his continued civic work with the Crusade for Freedom/Radio Free Europe.

Box 9
Volume 2 Scrapbook, 1959-1960

Scrapbook contains newsclippings and other materials about Price's professional achievements, including receiving the Fritz Medal from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, biographical news articles, the dedication of the Dan E. Kern power plant in Michigan, an article Price wrote in Skyscraper Engineer titled ”Engineers as Administrators.” and photographs, including Westinghouse board photos, and photos from the Westinghouse Electric Italy trip. There is also documentation of his civic involvement, including his role in the Pittsburgh Progress General Committee and Crusade for Freedom/Radio Free Europe. There are photos, clippings, and maps documenting his 1959 African safari, as well as a program from the dedication of the Scaife Hall for Health Professions at the University of Pittsburgh. Finally, there are letters from the Republican Party and Eisenhower administration, as well as invitations and signed photographs to document Price's political involvement.

Box 10
Volume 1 Scrapbook, 1961-1962

Scrapbook contains newsclippings, letters and other materials documented Price's professional life, including his receiving the Franklin Award from the Graphic Arts Council of Pittsburgh, letters thanking Price for his time on the Westinghouse Electric board, and newsclippings on Westinghouse Electric's work on atomic sea water conversion and the growth in the electrical industry. There are also photographs of his trip to Kingsport, TN with the board of Eastman Kodak, and there is documentation of Price's charitable work with the Salvation Army. Price's leisure time is documented with a log from the Bluff hunting trip, and photographs of a trip to Jupiter River, Ohio. Price's involvement with colleges and universities is documented with programs and ephemera from the dedication of McCormick Hall and Samuel Pierpont Langley Hall at the University of Pittsburgh, as well as photos from Pitt's Fall Convocation, and a program from the dedication of Hunt Library at the Carnegie Institute of Technology.

Box 10
Volume 2 Scrapbook, 1963-64

Scrapbook documents the final years of Price's tenure at Westinghouse Electric, including newsclippings from Price's award from the American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers, his chairmanship of Pennsylvania Science Council, his attendance at the Time Magazine Cover Banquet, news articles about the Westinghouse annual report, a script and note from the producer of the program “Space Age Success Formula” (KDKA/Westinghouse Broadcasting), and letters and news articles about his retirement from Westinghouse and from Allegheny Conference on Community Development. It also documents his continued involvement with colleges and universities, including his attendance at a dinner for supporters of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a copy of “Development of the University of Pittsburgh Since WWII,” for which Price was interviewed. Price's involvement in Republican politics is documented with a letter of thanks from Eisenhower for Price’s help with his 73rd Birthday Party and an invitation to a White House dinner.

Box 11
Volume 1 Scrapbook, 1965-1967

Scrapbook contains items from Price's continued time on the University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees, including a note relaying his election as Chairman in 1966, materials from the dedication of the Van De Graff Accelerator Laboratory and the cornerstone laying ceremonies of the Johnstown campus, as well as Price's letter announcing his retirement from the board and the letters of congratulations he received. There is some personal correspondence with friends and family, as well as materials from the Design in Steel Awards Dinner, at which Price spoke.

Box 11
Volume 2 Scrapbook, Bulk, 1968-1970 1968-1970

Scrapbook largely contains materials about Price's personal and professional life from 1968-1970, though there are some earlier items. There is a 1908 clipping on the reorganization of Westinghouse, with letter from the Vice President of the General Cable Corporation, Price’s Officer’s Record Book from his time in the armed services (1918), and photos from University of Pittsburgh (pre-1968). Other post-1968 items from the University of Pittsburgh include a program from the dedication of the Johnstown Campus of the University of Pittsburgh, a letter confirming receipt of a Mellon Grant ($1 million) to fund the school of engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, letter the Gwilym A. Price Engineering Lectures, and a program from the dedication of Stanton Chapman Crawford Hall. There is also documentation of Price's continued work with the Republican party, including a letters of appreciation from Richard M. Nixon regarding his presidential run and fundraising for his campaign, a letter about Nixon from Pennsylvania governor Raymond Shafer, post-election communication from the Nixon campaign, and an invitation and program for an evening at the White House with Red Skelton. Price continued to do civic work, documented here by Price's letter to assist the fundraising campaign for the Crafton Methodist Church, and a program and clipping from The Greater Pittsburgh Guild for the Blind's Medallion Ball. There are also personal notes from friends and colleagues, including the Secretary of the Treasury; a letter about Price’s resignation from his position at Radio Free Europe, and photos of Price's Anacosti (Canada) fishing trip in 1969.

Series VIII. Speeches, 1939-c1973

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains typed copies of Price's speeches and presentations given to various corporate, civic, and professional organizations. In addition to the typed speeches, many folders contain related drafts, notes, correspondence, charts, programs, or reports. When exact titles for speeches and presentations are known, the title is enclosed in "quotations." When titles are not known, a descriptive title is provided in [brackets].

Box 2
Folder 1 "The New South," [Pittsburgh People's Trust Company], 1939
Folder 2 [Speech on German War Reparations], Future Power Market Forum, February 17, 1949
Folder 3 "The Outlook for 1949," Westinghouse Electric Stockholders Meeting, April, 1949
Folder 4 "The Vital Difference" [speech on American capitalist democracy], Southeastern Electric Exchange, April 16, 1949
Folder 5 "The Business Outlook and Westinghouse," Philadelphia Bond Club, April 28, 1949
Folder 6 [Speech at Dedication of Turbine Generator, Toledo, OH], Toledo Edison Company, April 29, 1949
Folder 7 [Speech on financial situation of Westinghouse Electric], to unknown group, June 6, 1949
Folder 8 [Speech on relationship between government and private business], to unknown group, October 20, 1949
Folder 9 "Citadels of Capitalism," Third Annual Conference of Correspondent Banks, November 16, 1949
Folder 10 "Remarks at Dedication of Turbine Generator," Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company, December 10, 1949
Folder 11 "Is the Fair Deal Endangering the American Way of Life?," Philadelphia Bulletin Forum, March 21, 1950
Folder 12 [Speech on Westinghouse Electric's performance in 1950 and projected growth], Westinghouse Electric Stockholders Meeting, April 18, 1950
Folder 13 [Speech on Westinghouse Electric's performance, future, and government relations], Westinghouse Veterans Employees Association, January 30, 1951
Folder 14 "Can the Democracies Hang Together?," Pittsburgh Chapter of the Atlantic Union Committee, February 16, 1951
Folder 15 "Human Values in Industrial Civilization," Conference on Living in Industrial Civilization, May 17, 1951
Folder 16 "Industry's Responsibility in Mobilization," Trust Section of the Pittsburgh Bankers Association, June 5, 1951
Folder 17 "The Commissar and the Businessman," Economic Club of Chicago, October 4, 1951
Folder 18 "The Commissar and the Businessman," Alabama State Chamber of Commerce, November 16, 1951
Folder 19 [Speech on government regulation of industry], to unknown group, February 14, 1952
Folder 20 "The University in a Free Industrial Society," Johns Hopkins University, February 21, 1952
Folder 21 [Speech on Westinghouse Electric's performance in 1951 and projected growth], to unknown group of press, February 26, 1951
Folder 22 "What a Company Looks for in Studying Possible Plant Locations," Boston, MA Chamber of Commerce, March 19, 1952
Folder 23 [Remarks at] Walter C. Beckjord Station Dedication, Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company, June 12, 1952
Folder 24 "The Industrial Outlook for the Pittsburgh Area," Allegheny Conference on Community Development Annual Meeting, September 15, 1952
Folder 25 "The Great American Man Hunt," Carnegie Institute of Technology Alumni Dinner Meeting, October 9, 1952
Folder 26 "Westinghouse and Unions: The Case for Cooperation," International Union of Electrical Workers, October 10, 1952
Folder 27 [Response on the receiving an award] from the Western Pennsylvania Chapter of the Society of Industrial Realtors, October 30, 1952
Folder 28 "Presentation of 4-H Electric Program Scholarships," 4-H Club Congress, December 2, 1952
Folder 29 [Remarks on Westinghouse Electric's work in atomic energy], to group of industry leaders, 1952
Folder 30 [Remarks to members of Westinghouse Electric management in Mansfield and Lima, Ohio], 1952
Folder 31 [Remarks accepting the William R. Hopkins Medal], St. David's Society of New York, 1952
Folder 32 "Management's Number One Job," National Industrial Conference Board, January 15, 1953
Folder 33 [Remarks at the Sixth Annual Banquet of Centennial Lodge No. 544 and La Fayette Lodge No. 652], January 24, 1953
Folder 34 "Changing Nature of Management's Responsibility," Diamond Jubilee Convention of the Case Institute of Technology, April 11, 1953
Folder 35 "A Problem and a Promise," Sales Managers Association of Philadelphia Annual Banquet, April 23, 1953
Folder 36 "Free World's First Line of Defense," Society of Naval Engineers Annual Banquet, May 1, 1953
Folder 37 [Speech on economic revitalization of the southern United States], Gateway Center, Pittsburgh, May 1953
Folder 38 "The Outlook for 1999," National Convention of the Building Owners and Managers Association, June 8, 1953
Folder 39 "A Pattern for the Power Industry," Dedication of the Meramec Plant of the Union Electric Company, St. Louis, MO, June 10, 1953
Folder 40 "Forty Three Years of Suggestion Activities," National Association of Suggestion Systems Annual Convention, October 26, 1953
Folder 41 "Engineering America's Future," American Society of Mechanical Engineers Annual Dinner, December 2, 1953
Folder 42 [Outline for lecture at a Westinghouse management course], 1953
Folder 43 [Remarks at the Charter Banquet of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Chartiers Valley], February 26, 1954
Folder 44 [Outline of remarks to the Westinghouse Management Council], March 1954
Folder 45 "What Does it Take to be Liberal?" and rebuttal of remarks made by Charles P. Taft, Philadelphia Bulletin Forum, March 10, 1954
Folder 46 "The Centennial Jubilee," Southeastern Electric Exchange, March 22, 1954
Folder 47 "Vicksburg [Mississippi] Plant Dedication Address," May 5, 1954
Folder 48 [Remarks made at the McGraw-Hill Westinghouse Dinner], May 24, 1954
Folder 49 "The Independent College in a Free Industrial Society: A Graduation Day Address," Transylvania College, June 7, 1954
Folder 50 [Remarks at Shippingsport Atomic Power Station ground breaking ceremony], September 6, 1954
Folder 51 "Westinghouse: Present Performance, Future Objectives," New York Society of Security Analysts, September 14, 1954
Folder 52 "The Atom and Electricity," American Bankers Association, October 20, 1954
Folder 53 [Remarks at Ohio Edison Company Power Plant Dedication], October 21, 1954
Folder 54 "The Centennial Jubilee of Light," Diamond Light Jubilee, October 21, 1954
Folder 55 [Introductory remarks for William A. Patterson], Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, November 29, 1954
Folder 56 [Remarks at Houston Chamber of Commerce], December 1, 1954
Folder 57 [Statement on H.R. 1], Ways and Means Committee, U.S. House of Representatives, January 27, 1955
Folder 58 [Remarks on the dedication of Westinghouse Electric's development laboratory], March 1, 1955
Folder 59 [Remarks on H.R. 1], Finance Committee, U.S. Senate, March 8, 1955
Folder 60 Commencement address, Adrian College, June 5, 1955
Folder 61 [Introduction for speakers and closing remarks], Air Attaches Dinner, September 2, 1955
Folder 62 "The Atomic Era is Right Now," Dedication of the Bay Shore Station of the Toledo Edison Company, October 4, 1955
Folder 63 [Remarks at dedication of Westinghouse Electric's Raleigh, North Carolina plant], October 6, 1955
Folder 64 [Remarks at the President's Committee on Government Contracts], October 25, 1955
Folder 65 [Introduction of the film "Dawn's Early Light"], Southern Company Meeting, November 18, 1955
Folder 66 "Atomic Power and its Peacetime Industrial Uses," Award Dinner of the Society for Advancement of Management, Duquesne University Chapter, February 8, 1956
Folder 67 "Who Benefits from Automation?," Edison Electric Institute Sales Meeting, March 29, 1956
Folder 68 "Statement to Stockholders," Westinghouse Electric Corporation Stockholders Meeting, April 4, 1956
Folder 69 [Introductory remarks for Lt. Gen. C.B. Irvine], Foreign Air Attaches Dinner, August 31, 1956
Folder 70 "The Role of Research in our Society," and other prepared remarks from the Dedication of the Westinghouse Research Laboratory, September 20, 1956
Folder 71 "The Westinghouse Report for 1955: Annual Report to Supervisors," 1956
Folder 72 [Speech on civic life in Pittsburgh], Crafton Methodist Church Men's Club, February 17, 1957
Folder 73 [Speech on Westinghouse Electric's expansion in Athens, Georgia], Piedmont Driving Club, February 26, 1957
Folder 74 "Remarks by Gwilym A. Price at the Ground-Breaking Ceremonies in Athens, Georgia," February 26, 1957

Box 3
Folder 1 [Speech on the selection of Athens for Westinghouse's expansion], Georgia Center for Continuing Education, Athens, February 26, 1957
Folder 2 [Speech on industrial growth in the southern United States], Mountain Brook Club, Birmingham, Alabama, February 27, 1957
Folder 3 [Remarks on the importance of science education], Sixteenth Annual Science Talent Search, March 11, 1957
Folder 4 "Our Mutual Stake in Industrial Research," All Engineers Dinner of the American Power Conference, March 28, 1957
Folder 5 "Why Did it Happen Here?," Meadville Chamber of Commerce, May 25, 1957
Folder 6 [Remarks on the effects of Westinghouse Electric's IUE strike], Stone & Webster Dinner, June 2, 1957
Folder 7 "The Coming Crisis in Education," Bucknell University Commencement, June 10, 1957
Folder 8 "A Billion Dollar Ticket to the Future," Pacific Coast Electrical Association Conference, November 7, 1957
Folder 9 [Remarks at the dedication ceremonies of the Leslie Ann Hicks Power Station, Honolulu, Hawaii], November 9, 1957
Folder 10 [Outline of remarks on Westinghouse Electric's International Union of Electrical Workers (IUE) strike to unknown organization on West Coast], 1957
Folder 11 "The Search for Future Scientists," Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, February 12, 1958
Folder 12 "The Making and Marketing of Miracles," Electrical Association of Rochester, February 17, 1958
Folder 13 Suggested remarks to the Allegheny Council, Boy Scouts of America, February 23, 1958
Folder 14 "The Role of Marketing in the New American Economy," Presidents' Night Dinner of the Sales Executives Club, April 7, 1968
Folder 15 "Private Enterprise and the Private College," Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham, Alabama, April 10, 1968
Folder 16 "Education for Self-Education," University of Pittsburgh, May 3, 1958
Folder 17 "Looking Forward with Westinghouse During the Next Few Years," Stone & Webster Dinner, June 8, 1968
Folder 18 "The Past is but a Prologue," Future Power Market Forum, 1958
Folder 19 [Remarks on Westinghouse Electric's progress in 1957 and outlook for 1958, likely to stockholders], 1958
Folder 20 "Today's Sowing, Tomorrow's Harvest [on the future of the electrical industry]," Southwest Electric Conference, March 30, 1959
Folder 21 [Speech on the purpose of the Council for Financial Aid to Education and formal introductions of officers of the council], Duquesne Club, Pittsburgh, September 14, 1959
Folder 22 [Remarks on the Soviet threat to the United States], Annual Meeting of the Industrial Information Institute, October 21, 1959
Folder 23 "Remarks by Gwilym A. Price at the dinner held in his honor by the Chartiers Valley Services Club," November 16, 1959
Folder 24 "What We Did - And What We Learned - In Rebuilding Pittsburgh," Annual Banquet of the Jackson, Mississippi Chamber of Commerce, January 5, 1960
Folder 25 "Legal Aspects of Atomic Energy," Pennsylvania Bar Association, February 2, 1960
Folder 26 "What We Did - And What We Learned - In Rebuilding Pittsburgh," Better Business Bureau of Indianapolis, Indiana, April 26, 1960
Folder 27 "What We Did - And What We Learned - In Rebuilding Pittsburgh," Businessmen's Luncheon at the Baker Hotel, Dallas, Texas, May 11, 1960
Folder 28 "Remarks at the Dedication Ceremonies of the Dan E. Kern Electric Plant of the Consumer's Power Company, Bay City, Michigan," June 22, 1960
Folder 29 "The Relationship Between the University and the Industrial Society," Corporate Executives' Dinner, University of Rochester, NY, May 16, 1962
Folder 30 [Speech about the Modernization of the Electrical Industry], All-Electrical Industry Dinner, May 21, 1962
Folder 31 "Remarks at the Printing Week Banquet and [presentation of Dr. John C. Warner to receive] the Franklin Medallion Award," January 19, 1963
Folder 32 "The Past is But a Prologue," Southeastern Electric Exchange Annual Meeting, March 26, 1963
Folder 33 "The Problems and the Promises of the New Technological Age," on receiving the Progress Award of the American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers, April 27, 1963
Folder 34 "Introduction of Admiral Ben Moreell, Metcalf Award Medalist," Engineer's Society of Western Pennsylvania Annual Banquet, February 3, 1964
Folder 35 "The Challenge of Greatness," Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry and American Institute of Architects, Chicago Chapter Honor Award Luncheon, April 9, 1964
Folder 36 "Opportunities in Electricity Through Innovation," Southwest Electric Conference, April 13, 1964
Folder 37 [Speech on Urban Renewal in Pittsburgh], Awards Dinner of the Design in Steel Award Program, February 4, 1965
Folder 38 [Speech reflecting on his life and career], University of Pittsburgh Law School Alumni Meeting, c1973

Series IX. University of Pittsburgh, 1938-1975

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains materials relating to Price's time on the Board of Trustees at the University of Pittsburgh, including newsclippings from Pittsburgh-area papers in the mid 1960s detailing the University's financial troubles and the resignation of Chancellor Edward Litchfield. Also programs from the Gwilym Price Engineering Lecture Series, including full text of lectures by Dr. Augustus Braun Kinzel (1968), Mr. Philip Sporn (1968), Dr. William R. Garrison (1969), and Dr. Eric A. Walker (1970), as well as an invitation to the lecture by Dr. James C. Fletcher (1974).

Box 3
Folder 39 Appointment as instructor, newsclipping, c1938
Folder 40 Newsclippings, December 1964-February 1965
Folder 41 Newsclippings, March 1965-May 1965
Folder 42 Newsclippings, June 1965
Folder 43 Newsclippings, July 1965
Folder 44 Newsclippings, August 1965
Folder 45 "Statement for Mr. Price to Fortune Magazine" c1967
Folder 46 Gwilym Price Engineering Lecture Series, programs, 1968-1974
Folder 47 Statement on University of Pittsburgh's mortgage loan, March 1975

Series X. Westinghouse Electric, 1943-1973

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains materials relating to Price's career at Westinghouse, including extensive documentation of a trip that Price and other energy executives took to the former Soviet Union (USSR) in August 1958. Also includes limited materials related to George Ketchum, an advertising executive who worked on several of Westinghouse Electric's advertising campaigns.

Box 3
Folder 48 Pittsburgh People's Trust Bank, congratulatory card, 1943

Box 13
Volume 1 Scrapbook: Dedication of Westinghouse Lamp Plant, Little Rock, Arkansas, January 12-13, 1950

Box 3
Folder 49 Business Reports and related materials, 1957-1958
Folder 50 Pamphlets and Programs, 1958
Folder 51 Russia Trip: Correspondence, 1958-1961
Folder 52 Russia Trip: Research Materials, 1958-1961
Folder 53 Russia Trip: Research Materials, 1958-1961
Folder 54 Russia Trip: Price's notes and itineraries, 1958
Folder 55 Russia Trip: Russian-language materials, 1958
Folder 56 Russia Trip: Reports, 1958
Folder 57 Russia Trip: Press materials, 1958
Folder 58 Russia Trip: Maps, c1958
Folder 59 Russia Trip: U.S. Exchange, 1959
Folder 60 Correspondence from Department of Justice, 1959
Folder 61 Scrapbook: "Rebuilding Pittsburgh" at Akron Chamber of Commerce, February 1960
Folder 62 Scrapbook: Westinghouse Standard Control Division Supervisors Dinner Meeting, March 18, 1960
Folder 63 "On the Occasion of Miss J. Aguirre's 25th Anniversary with Westinghouse," speech by J. de Cubas, President, Westinghouse Electric International Co., September 25, 1970
Folder 64 George Ketchum, 1971-75
Folder 65 Price's Westinghouse stock summary, April 13, 1972
Folder 66 Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory Technology Night Presentation, December 10-11, 1973

Series XI. Oversized materials, 1946-1983

Box O/S 15
Folder 1 Political Cartoon about Sen. Hugh Scott by Cy Hungerford, signed by Scott, 1962
Folder 2 Political Cartoon about Sen. Hugh Scott, signed by Scott, 1970
Folder 3 Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Westinghouse Order of Merit, September 18, 1946
Folder 4 Republican Sens. Jake Garn, Hal Kahn, Ted Stevens, John Tower, Strom Thurmond, Dick Lugar, and Jim McClure, photograph signed by all with inscription to Price. c1980
Folder 5 M.I.T. Corporation Annual Meeting, photograph, September 26, 1980
Folder 6 M.I.T. Corporation Annual Meeting, photograph, October 7, 1983
Folder 7 "Three Generations of Westinghouse Chairmen" poster. c1981
Folder 8 Westinghouse, Stockholders' meeting, image, 1953

Series XII. Photographs, 1957-1983

Scope and Content Notes:

Series contains photographs from Price's business career, including trips with Westinghouse, as well as photographs from his personal life and leisure time. Photo albums document visits with other Westinghouse and energy industry executives to South Africa, where Price met with executives from ISCOR (now ArcelorMittal) and FWJ Industries, Japan, likely when Price received the Patent of Decoration for the Third Class of the Order of the Rising Sun, China, where Price visited with executives of the China Power System, and Russia, where Price and other energy executives toured Moscow and other locations related to the country's energy infrastructure. There are also several sets of photographs and one small album documenting Price's trips to Anacosti Island (Canada), Copper River (Alaska), Iceland, Deep Water Cay (Bahamas), and other unidentified locations.

Subseries 1. Professional life, 1957-1983

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries largely contains photographs from Price's time at Westinghouse, particularly from overseas trips and meetings, and one set of photographs from the dedication of Bevier Engineering Library at the University of Pittsburgh.

Box 12
Folder 1 Westinghouse Board of Directors meeting, April 15, 1957
Folder 2 Westinghouse Russia Trip Photo Album, 1958
Folder 3 Printing Week Banquet, Medallion Award acceptance, January 19, 1963
Folder 4 Television appearance, c 1960
Folder 5 University of Pittsburgh, Bevier Engineering Library Dedication, February 1971
Folder 6 Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Dinner honoring Alva Lula Brush, May 1973
Folder 7 Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Dinner honoring [Donald] Burnham, January 29, 1975

Box 13
Volume 2 Westinghouse South Africa Trip Photo Album, August 1959

Box 13
Volume 3 Westinghouse China Trip Photo Album, October 1962

Box 14
Volume 1 Westinghouse Russia Trip Photo Album, 1958

Box 14
Volume 2 Westinghouse Japan Trip Photo Album, c 1962

Box 15
Volume 2 Eastman Kodak Company, Board of Directors Meeting. November 19, 1964

Subseries 2. Fishing and Hunting Trips, 1972-1978

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains photographs and photo albums from Price's fishing and hunting trips in the U.S. and abroad, many with other corporate executives. Most photographs are candid shots.

Box 12
Folder 8 Hunting trip, Nairobi, Kenya, c 1960
Folder 9 Fishing Trip, Copper River, Alaska, September 1972
Folder 10 Fishing trip, Deep Water Cay, Bahamas, c 1976
Folder 11 Fishing trip, Deep Water Cay, Bahamas, 1977
Folder 12 Fishing trip, Anticosti Island, Quebec, Canada, 1977
Folder 13 Fishing trip, Casa Mar, Costa Rica, c 1977
Folder 14 Fishing trip, Anticosti Island, Quebec, Canada, c 1978
Folder 15 Fishing trip, Iceland, c 1970
Folder 16 Fishing trip, Deep Water Cay, Bahamas, c 1970
Folder 17 Fishing trip, Unknown location, c 1970
Folder 18 "Lion Hunting in the Arctic?," altered photograph, c 1970

Subseries 3. Family and personal photographs 1958-1980

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries largely consists of photographs of Price's children and grandchildren, many of whom are not identified by name.

Box 12
Folder 19 Gwilym and Marion Price, photo negatives, c 1958
Folder 20 Family photographs, 1970-1980

Series XIII. Realia, 1960-1979

Box 15
Item 1 Flag, originally with Price's honorable discharge, 1917
Item 2 Coin, Christening of the U.S.S. Enterprise, September 24, 1960
Item 3 Pin, Pinebloom Plantation, c1970
Item 4 Plaque, Lifetime membership in the Defenders Club of the Second Amendment Foundation, October 10, 1979

Series contains four artifacts related to various timeperiods of Price's life, including his militrary service, travel, and professional life.

Series XIV. Audiovisual materials, 1955-1980

Scope and Content Notes:

Most of the items in this series are film of Price's hunting and fishing trips. Series also contains brief audio of a speech Price made when accepting the Lord & Taylor Award, a film on atomic energy for which Price was interviewed, and several commercial audiocassettes.

Subseries 1. Audio Materials, 1957-1975

Scope and Content Notes:

Brief audio of Price's remarks at an award banquet and a commercially-pressed cassette of the Westinghouse chorale.

Box 16
Disc 1 "Lord & Taylor Award: Gwilym A. Price," 7-inch analog audio disc, one-sided, 1957
Cassette 1 Christmas Collection. Dorothy Kudoke Mulranan, soprano; Barry O'Toole, saxophone; Westinghouse Chorale. Audiocassette. c 1980

Subseries 2. Film, 1955-1973

Scope and Content Notes:

Film, largely from Price's fishing trips. Unless otherwise noted, all film is 16mm.

Box 16
Reel 1 Atlantic Salmon Fishing Master Recording, Anticosti Island, Quebec, Canada, 1955
Reel 2 "Trip to Moosonee," Ontario, Canada, c 1959
Reel 3 Atlantic Salmon Fishing, Anticosti Island, Quebec, Canada, 1959-1960
Reel 4 Atlantic Salmon Fishing, Anticosti Island, Quebec, Canada, 1959-1960
Reel 5 Atlantic Salmon Fishing, Anticosti Island, Quebec, Canada, 1959-1960
Reel 6 Atlantic Salmon Fishing, Anticosti Island, Quebec, Canada, c 1960
Reel 7 "Space Age Success Formula" from the Focal Point series, Westinghouse Broadcasting Co./KDKA Television, 1963
Reel 8 Far East Trip, 1963
Reel 9 Atlantic Salmon Fishing, Anticosti Island, Quebec, Canada, 1973