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Collection Inventory

Box 1
Folder 1 Orr Reports, Index Sheets, undated

This folder contains the original index sheets to Orr's reports. Details include date, contracting party, job description, and expenses.

Folder 2 Orr Reports, 4-15A, 1971-1973

This folder contains reports 4 through 15A, and includes the following: Dr. Lester, Tarnopol Puccetti Broken Pepsi-Cola Bottle; Delta Evaluation Laboratory, C.E. Windshield Separation (Volkswagen); PPG Industries, Spandrelite Court Case; PPG Industries, Revision of TSR 104 B; Liberty Mutual, Blender Jar Breakage; Travelers Insurance, Safety Lens Breakage; PPG Industries, Twindow Breakage at Albany Mall; PPG Industries, ASTM Symposium on Window Wall Test; PPG Industries, Proposed Changes in Twindow TSR 104; PPG Industries, Appendix Twindow Breaks Albany Mall; Carpenter, Bennett and Morrissey, Cordoni vs. General Motors; PPG Industries, Copy of Agreement to December 31, 1978; Liberty Mutual Insurance, Ronald C. Keenan vs. the Mead Corporation; Liberty Mutual Insurance, Appendix Ronald C. Keenan vs. The Mead Corporation.

Folder 3 Orr Reports, 1-3, 16-47, 1973

This folder contains reports 1 to 3 and others in the range of 16 to 47, including the following: Turner Construction, Glass Breakage Scaife Galleries; Walter Roberts Associates, Glass Breakage Hill House Center; Walter Roberts Associates, Second Report Hill House Center; PPG Industries, GTA Wind Load Test Program; PPG Industries, G. M. Tempered Glass Particle Size; General Electric, Adhesion Bond Tests, Glass to Black Silicone; PPG Industries, Huntsville, Examination of Broken Tempered Laminated Window at NASA; Basic Technology, Breakage of Alcohol Lamp Glass Container; Basic Technology, Breakage of Alcohol Lamp Glass Container; Basic Technology, Breakage of Alcohol Lamp Glass Container; Basic Technology, Breakage of Alcohol Lamp Glass Container; Basic Technology, Breakage of Anchor-Hocking Drinking Glass; Roche Dinkeloo, College Life Broken Insulated Tempered Pattern Glass; Roche Dinkeloo, College Life Glass Test Program; Roche Dinkeloo, Inspection of College Life Building, Indianapolis; PPG Industries, Design and Construction of Lisbon Aquaria; C. E. Glass Company, Examination of Glass Breakage, Hartford, Connecticut; T. C. Woo, Broken Tom Tucker Bottle; T. C. Woo, Bellisimo Broken Bottle Exhibit; D.L. Bailey, Stress-Optical Coefficient Special Glasses; Roche Dinkeloo, Failed Thermopane Units, College Life Pyramids, Indianapolis.

Folder 4 Orr Reports, 49-72, 1974

This folder contains reports in the range of 49 to 72, and includes the following: Roche Dinkeloo, Wire Glass Breakage, Aetna Life, Hartford, Connecticut; Wiss, Janney and Elstner, Thermopane Window Breakage, Skokie, Illinois Library; Daniel Construction Company, Examination of Broken and Unbroken Sight Glasses; PPG Industries, Temperature Rise of Various Glasses Exposed to Sun; PPG Industries, Spandrelite Design Change, Metal Pan Back Plate to G1; Tarnopol and Associates, Examination of Broken Right Tempered Glass Lens; CPI Ferguson, Design of Ontario Hydro Skylights; Roche Dinkeloo, Analysis of Forty Six Glass Failures at College Life Buildings; Manchester Bank, Space Movement in ASG Al Coated D. G. Units; Wiss, Janney and Elstner, Space Movement in ASG D. G. Units Hennepin Building, Minnesota.

Folder 5 Orr Reports, 73-80, 1974

This folder contains reports ranging from 73 to 80, and includes the following: Roche Dinkeloo, Examination of L-O-F Thermopane Breaks, College Life Pyramids; Liberty Mutual Insurance, Examination of Broken Wine Bottle; PPG Industries, Examination of O'Neil Broken Coca-Cola Bottle; Haag Engineering Co., Broken One Inch Gold Polarpane Skylights in Campbell Centre; Haag Engineering Co., Failed Units in Walls of Tower and Mall Campbell Centre; Haag Engineering Co., Investigation of Space Movement in Units; Haag Engineering Co., Photographic Appendix Campbell Centre Dallas, Texas.

Folder 6 Orr Reports, 18-43, 1973

This folder contains the following reports, all done for I. M. Pei and Partners, and ranging between 18 and 43: Comments on February 10 Horizontal Vacuum Load Tests 1 Inch; Comments on February 15 Horizontal Vacuum Load Tests 1 1/8 inch and 1 1/4 inch; Comments on February 26 Horizontal Vacuum Load Summary; Comments on March 1 Correction for Tare Loads; Comments on March 7 New Insulated 9 Fl. 1 Inch Unit; Comments on April 23 Report and Uhlmann 4/17 Report; Comments on L-O-F Information March 27; Use of 2.5 Factor of Safety; Summary of Hancock Breakage Problem; Examination of Hancock Failure Origins at MIT; Revision of Chart Analyzing Breakage; Comments on L-O-F July 16 Reglazing Plan; Comments on L-O-F July 6 Load and Temperature Differential; Strength Glass Form Edge of 19-1B Window; Comments on Hansen Letters 7/5, 25, 26, 8/3; Comments on L-O-F Letter August 9; Comments on Vibration Tests on Bondermetic Windows; Comments on Mr. Henry N. Cobbs Letter August 14; Comments on Broken Window 17-6E Fail 8/14; Heavy Glass for Chemical Engineering Facility, MIT; Comments on Redesign of Hancock Window Wall; Use of 1/2 Inch Full Tempered Replacement Glass; Proposed Dew Point Test Measurements; Review of Hancock Reports and Letters; Load Duration Theory for Glass Design, W.G. Brown; Recording Temperatures on Hancock Thermopane Windows; Comments on Hancock Reports and Letters.

Folder 7 Orr Reports, 44-126, 1973-1976

This folder contains the following reports, all done for I. M. Pei and ranging between numbers 44 and 126: Hancock Curtain Wall Test Program; Comments on Hansen's Reports November and December 1973; Comments on Matrix 1/4 and Uhlmann Letter 1/18; Comments on Hancock Letters received January to April; Comments on Cupples Reports and Hansen's Letter 4/2; Comments on Dr. R .L. Hershey's Report; Comments on Report Related to 1/2 Inch Tempered Glass and Frames; Breakage of 1/2 Inch Tempered Glass in Hancock Tower; Temperature Difference Recorded on 1/2 Inch Tempered Glass; Comments on Teledyne Report on Window Sealants; Internal Stone Failure, 55th Floor 1/2 Inch Tempered Window; I. M. PEI Consulting Jobs 1976; Meeting at Orr Laboratory With Flynn, Ranahan and Greco on Court Trial; Spontaneous Break of 3/4 Inch Tempered Glass in Revolving Door; Report on 15th Floor Window that Blew in; Use of Pilkington Suspended Glazing at Long Beach California Museum.

Folder 8 Orr Reports, 81-104, 1974-1975

This folder contains reports in the range of 81 to 104: Ohio Plate Glass, Presentation Outline Glass and Metal Institute Workshop; NYSU Construction Fund, Examination of remains of 3/4 inch Tempered Glass Pool Window; Wiss, Janney and Elstner, L-O-F Thermostatic load tested, College Life Pyramid, Indianapolis; Fred Sathra, Trip to New York for Testimony, Did Not Pan Out; NYSU Construction Fund, Pool Windows, Purchase, NY; NYSU Construction Fund, Investigation of 1/2 inch Solargray Breakage, Purchase Campus; NYSU Construction Fund, Inspection and Recommendation for Exterior Windows, Purchase; Herzog Glass Inc., Curved Glass Breakage, O.I.C. Skill Center, Seattle; Haag Engineering Co., Examination of Skylight Breaks, Campbell Centre, Dallas; PPG Industries, Breakage of Glass Door, Webster Hall Hotel; PPG Industries, Breakage of Glass Door, Webster Hall Hotel; NYSU Construction Fund, Heat Soak Tests of 3/4 Inch Tempered Glass; Aaron D. Blumberg, Consultation on Glass Fragments from Broken Volkswagen Window; Layden C. Sadecky, Examination of Broken Royal Crown Cola Bottle; Key Branch Industries, Breakage in 1 Inch Polarpane Gold Insulating Units; C. E. Glass, Rub Marks in Polarpane Insulating Units for Royal Bank; Shatterproof Glass Co., No Report; Meyer, Borgman and Johnson, Examination of Broken Fragments Tempered Glass.

Folder 9 Orr Reports, 105-117, 1975

This folder contains reports ranging from 105 to 117 and includes the following: Meyer, Borgman and Johnson, Analysis of Spacer Movement in 1 Inch ASG Insulated Units; Radice Realty and Construction Corp., Examination of all Glass for Surface Defects; Dayton Malleable Inc., Examination of Broken Right Safety Lens; J.E.M. Read, Glass for Pool Skylight British Columbia Government Services; Starline, Inc., Breakage and Other Defects in C-E Polarpane; Lester Tarnopol, Examination of Broken Gallon Jug; Six Industries, Inc., Examination of Damage to Indoor Surface of Float Glass; American Social Civil Engineers, Presentation Strength and Fracture of Glass in Buildings; Starline, Inc., Examination of ASG full Tempered Spandrel Glass Panels; Lester Tarnopol, Examination of Broken 28 oz. Bottle; ASG Industries, Review of Breakage of Glass in Bathtub Enclosure.

Folder 10 Orr Reports, 120-133, 1976

This folder contains reports between the range of 120 and 133 and includes the following: GEICO Insurance, Broken 3/8 inch Solarbronze Glass in GEICO Building; Hennepin County Government Center, Space Movement in ASG D.G. Units in Curtain Wall; U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Failure of Tinted Glass Plates, Mt. Elbert Power Plant; Engineered Products Inc., L-O-F Glass Breakage Worchester Co. National Bank, Mass.; J. L. Williams and Co., L-O-F Bondermetic Failures Mockingbird Towers; Falconer Plate and Glass Co., Recommended Glass Thickness For Tempered Skylights, Boston; Hennepin County Government Center, Fogging of ASG Units, Surface Defects and Stones; Jack E. Lindhout, Design of Tempered Glass for Sauna Bath; Falconer Plate and Glass Co., Investigation of Temper and Cause of Breakage; Rosenberg, Perelman and Schindler, Glass Breakage In C-E Polarpane, Emkay Candle Co.

Folder 11 Orr Reports, 134-147, 1976

This folder contains reports between the range of 134 and 147 and includes the following: Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, Calgary Zoo, Laminated Glass Breakage; Newton M. Crain Tex Pickens, Injury from Tempered Glass Breakage, Texas; Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, Safe Loads for Laminated Glass, Calgary Air Terminal; U.S.F. and Guarantee Co., Examination of Broken Spectacle Lens, Birmingham, Alabama; J. L. Williams and Co., L-O-F Bondermetic Failures, Mockingbird Towers Texas; Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, Glass Design for Pool Skylight, Vancouver; Greenwich Savings Bank, L-O-F Bondermetic Failures, 950 Third Avenue Building; Craig W. Humphrey, Design of Glass for Aquarium, Rochester, N.Y.; J. Woodson Rainey, Strength of Tempered Etched Glass; Berger, Pittsburgh, PA, Inspect for Tempered Glass in Storm Doors; W.J. Englert, PPG, Comments of Ultrasonic Testing of Glass; Hennepin County Government Center, Use of Spacer Tabs on ASG Units, Minneapolis, Minnesota; C-E Refractories, Fogged Glass Units at Providence Home for Elderly; The Architects Collaborative, Weld Spatter on Glass, Shawmut Bank, Boston.

Folder 12 Orr Reports, 148-161, 1976

This folder contains reports ranging from 148 to 161 and includes the following: Roche Dinkeloo, Breakage of L-O-F Units at Worchester National Bank; Ladd, Kelsey, Wood, Glass Breakage at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, California; Tishman Realty, Spandrel Glass Failures, 30 N. LaSalle Building; Newton M. Crain, Deposition on Tempered Glass Breakage at Pittsburgh; Shatterproof Glass, Write-up on Stone Breaks in Tempered Glass; Falconer Plate and Glass Co., Glass Defects in D. G. Units at Parma High School; Newton M. Crain, Comments on Deposition of B.C. Kirklin Houston, Texas; Hennepin County Government Center, Spacer Movement and Optical Reflection Meeting; Dayton Malleable Iron Co., Breakage of Tempered Glass Safety Screen; Packer Engineering, Review of Bondermetic Breakage Problem at Hancock; U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Meeting on Glass Replacement at Mt. Elbert Plant; Newton M. Crain, Witness at Court Trial at Houston, Texas; Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, Design of Windows for Altitude Chamber; Tishman Realty, Test for Nickel Sulfide Stones, 30 N. LaSalle Building.

Folder 13 Orr Reports, 162-170, 1976

This folder contains reports ranging between 162 and 170 and includes the following: Packer Engineering, Comments on Packer Engineering Report on Hancock Glass Breakage; J. Paul Lowery, Examination of Broken Pyrex Percolator, Birmingham, Alabama; The Architects Collaborative, Surface Defects on Remaining Plates, Shawmut Bank; New York State University, Examination of Broken Windows, Buffalo University; Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, Strength of D.G. Units 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch Air Space, 3/16 inch; Kasdorf, Dall, Lewis and Swietlik, Glass Breakage in Storm Door, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Roche Dinkeloo, Meeting with Grosso, N.Y. on Worchester Bank Breaks; Roche Dinkeloo, Metropolitan Museum of N.Y., L-O-F Skylight Glass; Turner Construction Co., Spandrel Breaks in N.Y.S.U. Stony Brook Campus.

Folder 14 Orr Reports, 171-197, 1977

This folder contains reports ranging between 171 and 197, and includes the following: Haskell and Perrin, Glass Breakage CAN Building 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch L-O-F Gray; Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, Additional Work on Crown Life Job by Phone; I. M. Pei and Davis, Breakage of Tempered Doors in National Bank Commerce; J. Ilderem, Inspection Of Anderson Assemblies of D.G. Units; University of Wisconsin Building Material Evaluation and Selection Seminar; Robert G. Kelly, Additional Work, Lucci vs. ASG Industries Court Case; Sidley and Austin, Combining Reports 150 and 161 on 30 N. LaSalle Building; Charles L. Severance, Glass for Blast Load on Houses; Owen McManus, Broken Cott Diet Tonic Water Bottle; Viracon Corporation, Glass Thickness for Port Lights; Viracon Corporation, Evaluation of Amelco Window; J. Ilderem, Glass Thickness for J. Morog Order D.G. Units; I. M. Pei and Davis, Comments on NBC Glass Door Replacements; Hennepin County Government Center, Use of Tabs to Prevent Spacer Movement; PPG Industries, Glass Seminar for PPG People at Laboratory; Flour City Architectural Metals, L-O-F Glass Breakage IDS Building Minn.; Philip Corbin, Examination of Broken Pepsi Bottle; Shatterproof Glass Corp., Corner Defects on Reflective Glass-Memphis Job; Mixing Equipment Co., Design of Glass Tank for Mixing Liquids; Shatterproof Glass Corporation, Comments on Spacer Movement in Double Glazed Units; Starline, Inc., Nipped Corners on Glass for Memphis Publishing Co.; Hennepin County Government Center, Interrogatories Requested by ASG for Trial; PPG Industries, Revision of TSR 101 Wind Load Charts; Packer Engineering, Program for Tests of Hancock L-O-F Units; Sampson Industries, Tempering Glass Cut from Hot Ribbon; Hennepin County Government Center, Interrogatories Requested by ASG for Trial.

Folder 15 Orr Reports, 198-211, 1977

This folder contains reports ranging between 198 and 211 and includes the following: Starline, Inc., Summary of Meeting at Memphis Publishing Co.; Flour City Architectural Metals, Comments on L-O-F Letter June 3, IDS Job; J. Ilderem, Report on Trip to Iran, Glass for Ekbatan; Dennis Rafferty, Examination of Broken Corningware Dish; Dravosburg Housing, Examination of Failed D.G. Units by Thermal Industries; Flour City Architectural Metals, Analysis of Breaks in L-O-F Vari-Tran 120 at IDS; Flour City Architectural Metals, Design of Laminated Skylight for Vancouver; General Electric, Silicone Bond Repeat Tests Completed in 1978; Flour City Architectural Metals, Review of IDS Glass Breakage Problem; Flour City Architectural Metals, Review of Glass for Skylights, National Art Gallery; The Architects Collaborative, Examination of Defects in Glass at Shawmut Bank; Roche Dinkeloo, Notes while Reading Hansen Deposition; Roche Dinkeloo, Comments on Hansen Deposition Vol. I, II, III.

Folder 16 Orr Reports, 212-229, 1977

This folder contains reports 212 through 229 and includes the following: Haskell and Perrin, Summary of 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch Tinted Glass Breaks C N A Plaza; Sidley and Austin, Deposition on Glass Breakage 30 N. LaSalle Building; Roche Dinkeloo, Deposition on Glass Breakage at College Life Pyramids; Hennepin County Government Center, Collection of Material for Interrogatories; Roche Dinkeloo, Examination of Weld Spatter at Kentucky Power Job; Blume, Cannon and Ott, Glass Breakage in Laminated Glass for Zoo; The Architects Collaborative, Additional Comments on Glass for Shawmut Bank; Roche Dinkeloo, Comments on Edison F. Best Deposition, College Life; Roche Dinkeloo, Comments on John W. Mason Deposition, College Life; Roche Dinkeloo, Comments on Howard R. Swift Deposition, College Life; Travelers Insurance, Court Case, Howell vs. PPG Glass, Albuquerque Airport; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Building., Analysis of Glass Failures at CIBC Toronto, Canada; Flour City Architectural Metals, Analysis of 51 Breaks in L-O-F Glass from IDS; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Building., Meeting at CIBC On Dew point Measurements; Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, Meeting with Jim Reed, Toronto (No Report); Flour City Architectural Metals, Breakage of ASG Glass at ATT, New Jersey Job; Flour City Architectural Metals, Addendum to Report No. 205 on Vancouver Job; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Bldg., Observations During Second Inspection at CIBC.

Folder 17 Orr Reports, 230-253, 1978

This folder contains reports 230 through 253 and includes the following: Architects Collaborative, Glass Flutter in Large 3/8 inch Tempered Windows, Shawmut Bank; Viracon, Inc., Investigation of Glass Failures at Factory; Bostik Corp., Glass Seminar in Paris, No Report; CPI Montreal, Design of Window in Pool Behind Bar; Dr. Lester Tarn, Examination of Fragments of Broken Gin Bottle; Roche Dinkeloo, Comments on Dr. Donald R. Uhlmann Testimony; Roche Dinkeloo, Comments on Dr. Ronald V. Caporali Testimony; Roche Dinkeloo, General Comments on Trial Information; J. Paul Lowery, Comments on Interrogatories, Pyrex Boiler; Flour City Architectural Metals, Comparison of Break Analysis in 51 Windows IDS; CPI Montreal, Rewrite Design of Window in Pool Behind Bar; Associated Construction Consultants, Analysis of 1/4 inch Tempered Glass Failing Z-97; Roche Dinkeloo, Witness at College Life Court Trial, Indianapolis; J. Paul Lowery, Witness at Walsh trial, Pyrex Coffee Maker, Alabama; Associated Construction Consultants, Rewrite of Report No. 241, Broken Tempered Glass; Hennepin County Government Center, Examination of Broken ASG Double Unit From S. Wall; Hennepin County Government Center, Additional Breakage of ASG 1/4 inch Clear Glass; Hennepin County Government Center, Selection of Glass Types for Various Replacements; Flour City Architectural Metals, Analysis of 16 Breaks In 1Inch L-O-F Windows from IDS; Starline Inc., Design of Curved Glass Windows for Window Wall; Starline, Inc., Rewrite of No. 249, Same Subject; Flour City Architectural Metals, Analysis of PPG Twindow Failures Cook County Courts; Security Window Co., Information on Break of Patio Door Glass, Omaha, Nebraska; PPG Glass Research, Cause of PPG Spandrelite Breaks at Montreal.

Folder 18 Orr Reports, 254-265, 1978

This folder contains reports 254 through 265 and includes the following: Ogleby Park Aquarium, Wheeling, WV, Design of Laminated Windows for Aquarium; Glass Co., SO Two Spray Coating of Glass; Flour City Architectural Metals, Comments on Jack M. Roehm Report on IDS Breaks; Flour City Architectural Metals, Summary of L-O-F Report on Glass Failures At IDS; Flour City Architectural Metals, Bent Corner Panels for Market Street Job; Graham Gund Associates, Examination of Broken Glass Fragments, Hyatt Regency; A.D. Lyons, Attorney, Examination of Broken Ball Mason Jars; PPG Glass Research, Spacer Movement and Glass Breakage at Denver Square; Flour City Architectural Metals, Analysis of Fifteen L-O-F Breaks at IDS, Minneapolis; Flour City Architectural Metals, Analysis of Eighteen Breaks in L-O-F Glass at IDS; Flour City Architectural Metals, Comparison of Orr and L-O-F Analysis of Fifteen IDS Breaks; PPG Glass Research, Comments on Denver Square, Information on Spacer Movement; Turner Construction Co., Shifting of Glass in Openings, One Beacon Street.

Folder 19 Orr Reports, 266-279, 1978

This folder contains reports 266 through 279 and includes the following: Flour City Architectural Metals, Comments on WJE Report on Cook County Courts Building; Charles Luckman, Glass Design for Warner Bros. Office Building; William L. Crow Construction, Edge Defects on 3/8 inch Tempered Glass, Xerox Building, Connecticut; James King and Son, Breakage of 1/2 inch Curved Glass in Bank of Sicilia; Flour City Architectural Metals, Cause of Breakage of Twenty Three Units in Cooks County Courts; William M. Burger, Attorney, Personal Injury from Glass Breakage in Storm Door; PPG Legal Department, Witness at Court Trial, Binghamton, N.Y.; Poole Construction Ltd., Selection of Type of Glass on Regina Building; Arthur Erickson, Inspection of Laminated Skylights, Vancouver Building; Sheldon Keyser, Glass Breakage Kings Grant Condominium; Packer Engineering Co., Progress of Work on Hancock Glass Test Program; Sears Roebuck, Study of Failures of PPG 1 inch Units at St. David's; Charles Luckman, More Comments on Glass for Warner Bros. Building; Sheldon Keyser, Revision of Report #275 with Additional Information.

Folder 20 Orr Reports, 280-293, 1979

This folder contains reports ranging from 280 to 293, including the following: Turner Construction Co., Analysis of Glass for IBM Building, New York; Corliss and Romero, Review of Glass Breakage, Fitchburg College Library; General Electric, Adhesion Tests of White Silicone after Five Years; S.A. Kaplan, Insulated Glass Failures, Winthrop, Massachusetts; Ted Jacob, Examination of CE Gold Units in Jacob Building, Pittsburgh; General Electric, Adhesion Tests of Black Silicone After Five Years; Reed MacKenzie, Examination of Broken Six-cup Corningware Teapot; Berger, Examination of Broken Pepsi-Cola Bottle in Pittsburgh; Beardsley and B., Recommended Window Design for Houghton College; Ted Jacob, Distorted Reflections from Gold Windows, Jacob Building; Kopp Glass Co., Discussion on Tempering and Glass Breakage, No Report; Hilton Hotel, Review of Information on Accident at Denver Hilton; Shatterproof Glass, Types of Glass for Skylights on Seattle Building; Flour City Architectural Metals, Recent Breaks of 1 inch PPG Solarban at Chicago Jail.

Folder 21 Orr Reports, 294-310, 1979

This folder contains reports 294 through 310, which includes the following: Associated Construction Consultants, Broken 1/4 inch Solarbronze after Applying P-19 Scotch Tint; Lucitron Corp., Design of Laminated Windows for Vacuum Chambers; PPG McKinley, Comparison of New PPP Load Charts with Others; Jubilerer and Pass, Breakage of Fixed 1/4 inch Plate at J.C Penney Greengate Mall; PPG Quality Assurance, Breakage of 1 inch Solarbronze Unit at Delmarva P. and L.; Willcox, Norfolk, Virginia, Court Case on Broken 1/4 inch Tempered Plate; Roche Dinkeloo, Inspection of Tempered Glass at MMA For Flaws Causing Failure; PCL Construction Ltd., Review of Proposed Glazing for Sask Tel Office Building; Viracon Inc., Seminar on General Subject of Slope Glazing; A.D. Lyons, Delivered Broken Ball Mason Jar to American Glass Research; Roche Dinkeloo, Examination of Failed L-O-F Window in MMA New York; Shatterproof Glass, Wind Loads, Center Deflection Pull-Out, Glass Plate; Harmon Glazing, Analysis of Glass for Towers, Town Square, St. Paul; Robert A. Romero, Analysis of Glass Breaks from Shims, Fitchburg, MA; White and Steele, Rewrite Report No. 291 on Hilton Accident; White and Steele, Comments on Bauer and Crawford Letter on Glass Breakage, Denver Hilton; White and Steele, Additional Information Requested during Meeting at Pittsburgh Airport.

Folder 22 Orr Reports, 311-330, 1979

This folder contains reports 311 through 330 which includes the following: White and Steele; Review of Fourteen Deposition Exhibits Received 8/23; White and Steele, Comments after Reviewing Deposition of Dr. Bauer; White and Steele, Clear Insulated Window Failures, Montreal, Quebec; Luckman Partnership Review of Drawings Showing Glass Mounting; Flour City Architectural Metals, Examination of Breaks in Windows, Detroit General Hospital; Tarnopol, Examination of Glass Fragments from Broken Pyrex Dish; Hessington Holdings, Examination of Recent Failures in Units, Montreal, Quebec; Tarnopol, Analysis of Broken Glass Syringe; Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y., Proposed Design for Sliding Glass Panels; White and Steele, Comments on Dr. Bauer Deposition; Liberty Mutual, Examination of Broken Fish Bowl, Syracuse, N.Y.; Kingston Center, Examination of Failed Double Glazed Units, York, Pa.; Morland Corporation, Design of Vision Windows in an Oil Tank; White and Steele, Deposition Time and Expenses in Denver, Recent Work for Peterson on 12/10 Invoice; W. Bergman, Getting Ready for Trial in Pittsburgh (Settled); Liberty Mutual, Additional Comments for Lawyer on Fish bowl; Electrostatic Equipment, Comments on Patent H-1015, Insulating Window; Meyers and Keyser, Court Case Hicks vs. Kings Grant Condominium; White and Steele, Orr Deposition Review and Corrections; Union Carbide, Meeting on Molsiv Absorbents at Tarrytown, N.Y.

Folder 23 Orr Reports, 331-346, 1980

This folder contains reports 331 through 346, which includes the following: Shatterproof Glass, Spandrel Glass for Metro Office Park No. 9; Shatterproof Glass, Spacers and Glass Defects, Northwest Gateway Square, Minneapolis; Etkin Construction, Inspection of Glass in Gulf Western, Detroit; Architectural Specialties, Investigation of Breakage in Skylights EEG, Idaho Falls, Idaho; Hennepin County Government Center, Meeting at Lawyers Office on Spacer Movement; Dravosburg Housing, Window Failure Summary; Shatterproof Glass, Skylights for Union Carbide Building, Danbury, Connecticut; HDR Architects, Laminated Panels, IBM Building, Austin, Texas; Continental Offices, Cause of Glass Breaks in Insulated Units, Illinois; PPG Industries, Comments on Glass Failures Predictions, L. Beason; Shatterproof Glass, Insulated Glass Breakage, Cordis Building, Miami, Florida; Shatterproof Glass, Laminated Glass Breakage, Insulated Units, Washington, D.C.; Tempered Glass Western, Surface Defects and Hardness of Tempered Glass; PCL Construction Company, Glass Breakage in Insulated CE Gold Units, Saskatchewan.

Folder 24 Orr Reports, 347-365, 1980

This folder contains reports 347 through 365 which includes the following: Shatterproof Glass, Calculations of Stress and Deflection, Skylights, Ann Arbor; Tarnopol, Break in Champagne Bottle when Removing Cork; Tarnopol, Plans for Testing Pinto Backlight; Katz-Shatterproof, Review of Correspondence Glass breaks Federal Reserve, Washington, D.C.; Falconer Industries, Nickel Sulfide Stone in Glass Railing, NAFEC, N.J.; Flour City Architectural Metals., Inspection of Twin Pane Factory, Detroit, Michigan; Artistic Glass Products, Meeting at GE Allentown, and AGP, Quakertown; O'Dea Lawyer, Meeting with Three Philadelphia Lawyers, 1818 Market Street Job; Midwest Architectural Metals, Examination of 1/2 inch Glass for NiS Stones, Fair Oaks; Flour City Architectural Metals, Skylight Breakage, Cook County Courts Building, Chicago; Tarnopol, Examine Nail Polish Broken Bottle; Lockwood-Greene, Proposed Design of Glass Water Tower; Etkin Construction Co., Inspection of Spandrel Failures, Oakland University, Detroit; O'Dea Lawyer, Deposition on 1818 Market Street Job, Philadelphia; Falconer, Industries Examination of Three Separate NiS Stone Breaks; Friedman Lawyer, Inspection of Failed Windows, Portland, Maine; Webster Lawyer, Failed Insulated Glass Units, Providence, Rhode Island; Katz-Shatterproof, Glass Breakage in Insulated Units, Federal Reserve; Products Research, Inspection # 3 Broken Insulated Units, Medford, Wisconsin.

Folder 25 Orr Reports, 366-383, 1980

This folder contains reports 366 through 383 and includes the following: Jones-Starling, Inspection of Breaks, Financial Center, Hartford; Tarnopol, Examination of Broken Coffee Pot; Emanuel and Thompson, Accident Breaking Glass in Hotel Greensboro, NC; Falconer Industries, Discussion at Falconer on Many Subjects; MacDonald Lawyer, Examination of Pieces from Pyrex Percolator; Viracon Inc., Analysis of Glass for All State Office, Barrington, Illinois; K. and M. Glass Co., Examined Fragment for NiS Stones, Huntsville; Jones-Starline, Comments on Zetlin Report on Hartford Building; Associated Construction Consultants, Break in Tempered Glass Panels, St. Louis; Falconer Industries, Glass for Handball Courts by L-O-F; Coyne Lawyer, Glass Breakage in Door, Kings Grand Condominium; Viracon Inc., Glass for Starline Curtain Wall; Shatterproof, Glass Overhead Insulated Glass Units, Denver Job; O'Dea Lawyer, Review of Deposition 1818 Market Street Building; Shatterproof Glass, Glass Breakage on Insulated Units in Florida; Tarnopol, Broken Orange Juice Bottle; Aetna Casualty and Surety Company, Examination of Glass in Brighton Hotel, Atlantic City; Dravosburg Housing, Meeting in Dravosburg, November 24.

Folder 26 Orr Reports, 384-394, 1981

This folder contains reports 384 through 394 and includes the following: Union Carbide Corp., Glass Breaks in AMSCO Insulated Units, Utah; Hennepin County Government Center, Meeting with Lawyers on Atrium Curtain Wall; Shatterproof Glass, Gold Vision and Spandrels Sunset Hills, St. Louis; Crown-Zellerbach, Glass Breakage after Applying Scotch-Tint; Union Carbide Corp., Glass Breaks in Insulated Units, Sainte Genevieve, MO; Michael Wagman, Broken Pyrex Serving Dish; Shatterproof Glass, Failed Gold Insulation Units, Treetops Building, St. Louis; MacDonald, Illig, Jones and Britton, Condensed Report on Broken Percolator; I. M. Pei, Statement of Physical Objects from Hancock Job; Glassalum Engineering, Tempered Glass Failures, Key Colony, Miami; Glassalum Engineering, Wax Coating Removal from PPG Solarcool.

Folder 27 Orr Reports, 3395-407, 1981

This folder contains reports 395 thorough 407 and includes the following: Savin Corporation, Inspection of Broken Glass after Coating; Shatterproof Glass, Two Copies of All Reports Sent to Shatterproof; PPG Industries, Investigation of Hatchback Glass Breakage, Tipton; O. M. Edwards, Investigation of Laminated Window Breakage; Marriott Corp., Meeting at Washington, D.C.; Roche Dinkeloo, Chipped Edges of Glass, Metropolitan Museum; Marriott Corp., Inspection of Glass, Tampa Airport Hotel; Tarnopol; Examination of Broken Soda Bottle; PCL Construction Co., Comments on Partition Contacting Vision windows.

Folder 28 Orr Reports, 408-417, 1981

This folder contains reports 408 through 417 and includes the following: PRC Corporation, Examination of Ten Broken Windows from Utah; Glassalum Engineering, Comments on Three Letters and Nickel Sulfide Stones; Lovell, White and King, Spandrel Failures UBM Hills Windows Ltd., Glassalum Engineering, Summary of Recent Findings, Key Colony Job; Glassalum Engineering, Final Report on NiS Tempered Glass Breakage; Cyro Industries, Consulting at Sanford, Maine Factory; Continental Offices, Arbitration on Settlement of Replacing Glass; Globe Amerada, Glass Information for Sweets Catalog; Donald F. Ayers, Lava Light Bottle Glass Breakage; Donald F. Ayers, Photographic Appendix to Lava-Lite; Sills, Beck, Cummis, Examination of Pyrex Coffee Brewer.

Folder 29 Orr Reports, 418-435, 1981

This folder contains reports 418 through 435 and includes the following: Reed, McClure, Moceri, Toyota Accident, Seattle, Washington; PRC Corporation, Examination of Five Broken Units, Linford Bros.; Glassalum Engineering, Final Review, Polaroid Testing, Key Colony; Glassalum Engineering, Procedure for Polaroid Inspection for NiS Stone; Lovell, White and King, Reply to June 26 Letter; Viracon, Inc., Stress and Deflection Calculations for Skylights; Globe Amerada, Revision of Problem 9.4 in Report # 415, 425; PRC Corporation, Examination of Six Broken Keller Insulated Units; Toyota, Toyota Accident, Seattle Inspection of Car; Lovell, White and King, More Information on Spandrel Failures, London; Loewenthal and Luck, Examination of Broken Ten Inch Corning Baking Dish; Edwin W. Jakeway, Broken Shower Door Causing Personal Injury; Young and Debilius, Examination of Broken Tempered Units; Roche Dinkeloo, Inspection of Broken Tempered Glass, Metropolitan Museum; Edwin W. Jakeway, Injury Caused by Broken Glass, Entrance Door; PTL, Measuring Temper in Safety Goggle Lens; PTL, Analyzing Breaks in Tempered Safety Lens; Tarnopol, Examination of Broken Pop Shoppe Cola Bottle.

Folder 30 Orr Reports, 436-450, 1981

This folder contains reports 436 through 450 and includes the following: Flour City Architectural Metals; Laminated Glass for IBM Skylights; Falconer Plate and Glass, Summary of Observations at Falconer Plant; Mechanical Constructors, Broken Tempered Glass at 1201 S. Eads Apartments; Clas, Riggs, Owens and Ramos, Recommendations for Glazing Parking Garage #5; Viracon, Inc., Calculation for Loads on Insulated Slope Glazing; Richard Wygonik, Investigation of Broken Pepsi Cola Bottle; Viracon, Inc., Sample Calculations for Stress and Deflections; Falconer Plate and Glass, Spontaneous Break in 1/2 inch Float from NiS Stone; Falconer Plate and Glass, Black Stone Impurities in PPG 1/2 inch Glass; Fried, Fried and Klewans, Inspection of Glass in Springfield Mall; Norco Windows Inc., Examination of Six Broken Insulated Units; Mark Hot Engineering, Analysis of Loads on Suspended Glass Wall; Artistic Glass Products, Letter of Recommendation to New Zealand Glass.

Folder 31 Orr Reports, 452-468, 1982

This folder contains reports 452 through 468 and includes the following: Viracon Inc., Glass Failures in AMAX Laboratory, Denver, Colorado; R. W. Bletzacker, Breakage in Insulated Units, Ohio State, Wooster; Flour City Architectural Metals, Failures In L-O-F Insulated Units, New York; Arthur Erickson, Break in Laminated Unit, Vancouver, B.C.; Nissan Motors, Comments on Auto Accident, Valdes V. Nissan; Tarnopol, Examination of Broken Champagne Bottle; Pope, Accident of Simpson Through Window; PDSW Joint Venture, Analysis of All Glass Proposed for L.A. Airport; Flour City Architectural Metals, Examination of Three Breaks in L-O-F Units, N.Y. City; Acadia Manufacturing Co., Analysis of Cause of Breaks in Two Units; Vanir Development Co., Examination of Gold Units in Vanir Tower, California; Jung Brannen Associates, Inc., Skylight Canopy Design Calculations; Toyota Motor Sales, Comments on Deposition of Bruce Wong; Tarnopol, Broken Tia Maria Liquor Bottle; Tarnopol, Broken Glass Mug, Berney Karp Inc., 1981; Dan Love, Aquarium for Restaurant, Nashville, Tennessee.

Box 2
Folder 1 Orr Reports, 469-478, 1982

This folder contains reports 469 through 478 and includes the following: Caradco Corporation, Inspection of Broken Units, Rantoul, Illinois; Mark Hot Engineering, Review of IRL Load Test Results; Ostendorf-Morris, Inspection of Breaks, National City Bank, Cleveland; Falconer Plate and Glass, Heat Soak Tests for Karas and Karas, Boston; Tampa Electric Co., Investigation of Breaks in Tempered Plates; Mark Hot Engineering, Review of Glazing Wall Redesign, Seattle, Washington; Viracon Inc., Glass Breakage in Brigham Young University; Viracon Inc., Approval of Annealed Glass for Solarcool; Viracon Inc., Design of Aquarium Glass Tanks; Matthew Ryan, Breakage of Door Window in Car.

Folder 2 Orr Reports, 479-502, 1982

This folder contains reports 479 to 502 and includes the following: Pope Simpson, Accident, Charlottesville, Virginia; James A. Sisserson, Wendt vs. OCC Optical Inc.; Viracon Inc., Uniglaze Job by Phone, No Report; Bowers, Lawyer, Examination of Broken Bottle; Weis and Weis, Coyne, Revision of Report on Glass Breakage in Door; Toyota Case, Meeting at Seattle, Report No. 465; James A. Sisserson, Analysis of Broken and Unbroken Lenses; Florida G. and M. Co., Aquarium Glass Design, No Report; Shatterproof Glass, Increase in Edge Stress from Shading; John Andrews International, Glass Design for Toronto Atrium; H.B. Fuller Co., Review of Documents for Court Case; Tampa Electric Co., Spontaneous Breaks in 1/4 Inch Atrium Glass; H.B. Fuller Co., Meeting in Detroit for Court Case; R.W. McKinley, Comments on Glass Surface Weakness; DMI Industries, Broken Picture from Glass, Notes not typed; Roche Dinkeloo, Design of Glass for N.Y. Central Park Zoo; Architectural Collaborative, Cause of Breaks in Maine National Bank; Artistic Glass, Evaluating Temper in Glass; Lovell, White and King, Spandrel Failures UBM Kings Reach, London; Thiokol Corp., Seminar on Glass Behavior in Units; Tarnopol, Examination of Broken Glass Vase; Tampa Electric Co., Cause of Tempered Glass Breaks in Atrium.

Folder 3 Orr Reports, 503-530, 1983

This folder contains reports 503 to 530 and includes the following: Lovell, White and King, Answer Questions about Report; Glassalum, Comments on Continued Breakage; Sherwin Schreier, Glass Fragments from School Window; Sisserson-Florida, Comparison of Annealed and Tempered Lenses; Lovell, White and King, Review of Final Combined Report; Wagman, Consulting at Office, No Report; Arthur Erickson Architects, Design of Reflecting Pool; Ruth Donnell and Associates, Examination of Broken Beer Bottle, Ruth; Glassalum, Rewrite Letter, Summary of Breakage; E. Scott Coulter, Examination of Glass Fragments; DMI Industries, Comments on Deposition of George Gorbell; Toquechel Associates, Design of Windows in Tank-Miami; Tarnopol, Alhambra Five Gallon Glass Bottle Broken; Exotic Aquaria, Design of Windows for Water Tank; DMI Industries, Comments on Deposition of Dr. Frechette; Tarnopol, Break of Antique Oil Lamp; Toquechel Associates, Revision of Report 514 Using Stiffener; PT Laboratory, Examination of Broken and Unbroken Lenses; Hurricane Glass Co., Design of Windows for Wind and Sound; Fuller Company, Witness At Flint Michigan On Fuller Case; Jim Cuba, Design of Cylindrical Aquarium; B. E. Pope, Deposition at Pittsburgh Airport; Sisserson-Florida, Comments on Affidavits; N. W. Pitnof, Investigation of Break in Glass Teapot; FCL Associates, Evaluation of Glass Hand Rail System; Cali Associates, Review of File on C-E Window Failures.

Folder 4 Orr Reports, 531-544, 1983

This folder contains reports 531to 544 and includes the following: Young and Debilius, Examination of Twenty one Tempered Glass Failures; John J. Kalo, Accident from Glass Breakage, Chevrolet Blazer; Brockermeyer, Investigation of Beer Bottle Break; Sisserson-Florida, Affidavit Notarized, Comments on Human Fist Report; Cali Associates, Inspection of C-E Glass in Six Commerce Drive; Lincoln Properties, Examination of Tempered Failures, NiS Stone; B. E. Pope, Review Deposition, Preparing for Trial; Smith, Hinchman and Grylls, Associates, Inc., Bank of Wisconsin Skylights, Janesville; Jerome Edelman, Smith vs. Barry's Optical; Pitnoff, Measured Glass Wall Thickness, Two Teapots; Sisserson-Florida, Review of Davis Deposition; Sisserson-Florida, Deposition by Randa Owen, Pittsburgh Airport; Ryan, Ryan and Hickey, Broken Glass Port Light in Pool, No Report; Havlin-Witkin Corp., Analysis of Break in Bent Laminated Panels.

Folder 5 Orr Reports, 545-552, 1984

This folder contains reports 545 to 552 and includes the following: Smith, Hinchman, and Grylls, Associates, Inc., Weld Splatter, Lincoln Bank Building, Rochester; Beck-Turner Los Angeles, Weld Splatter, Crocker-Center Towers, Los Angeles; AAMA Slope Glazing ,Comments on Slope Glazing Recommendations; Anthony E. Kenny, DMI Industries, Meeting at Pittsburgh Airport; McDowell Pacific, Comments on Malaysia Office Building; Beacon Construction Co., Examination of Glass Units with Weld Splatter; Beacon-Turner Los Angeles, Weld Splatter Examination, South Tower.

Folder 6 Orr Reports, 554-571, 1984

This folder contains reports 554 to 571 and includes the following: Disney Corporation, Design of Window for Underwater Pool; McDowell Pacific, Calculations of Wind Loads, Tong Bros. Building; Bruce C. Compaine, Examination of Broken McDonald's Drinking Glass; Beck-Turner Los Angeles, Weld Splatter, Crocker Center, North Tower; Falconer Plate and Glass, Design for Wind Load on 3/4 inch Tempered Glass; Dr. J. Keverian, Consulting on Glass in Crane Cab Accident; California Glass Bending Corp., Analyzing Stresses in Bent Glass; Richard T. Ruth, Comments on Answers Labatt Beer Bottle; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Investigation of Broken Tempered 3/8 inch Glass; Roche Dinkeloo, Stress Calculations, New York Zoo glass; Jung Brannen Assoc., Inspection of Glass in Building, Washington, D.C.; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Photos Examination 5/23 Break; Court Case, Royal Crown Cola Bottle; McDowell Pacific, Examination of Plans Amoda Building Glass; Steptoe and Johnson, Examination of Broken Royal Crown Bottle; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Examination of Broken Display Window; Florida Glass and Mirror, Design of Window for Aquarium.

Folder 7 Orr Reports, 572-583, 1984

This folder contains reports 572 to 583 and includes the following: Smith, Hinchman and Grylls, Associates, Inc., Weld Splatter, Lincoln First Bank Building; Steptoe and Johnson, Review of Reports from Other Experts; Ryan, Ryan and Hickey, Comments on I-CT and CC Reports, Not Written; J.W. Gibson Construction Co., Examination of L-O-F Broken Units, Oak Ridge; Steptoe and Johnson, Reply to 8/31 Letter; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Examination of Broken Glass Fragments; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Meeting to Discuss Safe Use of Glass; Steptoe and Johnson, Comments on Dr. Frechette Deposition; C. Michael Moore, Cause of Breakage of Insulated Units; Smith, Hinchman and Grylls, Associates, Inc., Trip to Rochester to Discuss Combination Report; Charles S. Bresler, Cause of Glass Breakage after Applying Film; Falconer Plate and Glass, Weakening Effect of a Chipped Glass Corner.

Folder 8 Orr Reports, 584-598, 1984-1985

This folder contains reports 584 to 598 and includes the following: Edelman, Impact Tests on Tempered and Plastic Lenses; Edelman, Same Combined with 584; Robert B. Truel, Broken TAB Bottle, Causing Injury; Charles H. Tompkins, Failure of Insulated Windows After Taping; Smith, Hinchman, and Grylls, Associates, Inc., Inspection of Windows, Rochester Bank Building; Hartford Insurance Co., Roof Stone Damage J.P. One and Two, Arlington, Virginia; Edelman, Additional Impact Tests, Two Type Lenses; Gilbane Building Company, Polytech Corporation, Stone Crush Defects on Skylights, Cleveland; Roche Dinkeloo, Meeting in New York on Central Park Zoo; Roche Dinkeloo, Revision of Stress and Deflection Calculations; Roche Dinkeloo, Revision of Stress and Deflection Calculations; Roche Dinkeloo, Revision of Stress and Deflection Calculations; Edelman, Impact Tests of Plastic Lens, One inch Steel Ball.

Folder 9 Orr Reports, 599-625, 1985

This folder contains reports 599 to 625 and includes the following: Smith, Hinchman and Grylls, Associates, Inc., Skylight Breakage, Fort Carson, Colorado; Edelman, Summary of All Impact Tests, Three Reports; Midwest Architectural Metals, Albert Ferrone, Calculation of 300 pound Load; Nowicki Lawyer, Tempered Glass Window Failure Handling; Brown Nixon NH, Review of Case Duboyce vs. Ford Motor Co.; Edelman, Comments of Fragments from Glass and Plastic; Brown and Nixon NH, Comments on Depositions of Guenther and Burns; Falconer Industries, Mounting Cloth Banners on Holes, Tempered glass; Cunningham, Akron, Injury Breaking Glass Tabletop in Hotel; Northwest Electric, Tempered Glass Lighting Fixture; Cogavin, Boston, Glass Failure in Roper Gas Ranger, Sears; A and R Glass Co., Spontaneous Breakage NiS Stones; Cunningham, Akron, Load Test of Table top Glass; Cogavin, Boston, Inspection of Stove at Boston, Photos; Brown and Nixon N.H., Report on Trip to New Hampshire 9/13 Inspect Car; Clifford A. Lawrence, Glass Failure in Greenhouse, Lord and Burnham; Jim Meyer, Texas, Comments on Pabst Specifications and Brewing Industry; Cardinal Glass Co., Seminar on Glass for Double Glazing; James C. Donnelly, Glass Breakage Bent Panels, Brady and Sun; Cogavin, Boston, Review of Charette Report on Roper Stove; Jones, Mercer, Broken Pepsi Bottle Injury in Texas; Clifford A. Lawrence, Comments on Vild Report, Lord and Burnham.

Folder 10 Orr Reports, 626-643, 1986

This folder contains reports 626 to 643 and includes the following: Turner Construction Co., Requirements For Glass Handrail; Brady and Sun, Trip to Boston, Visit Brady and Sun Factory; Lord and Burnham, Comments on Information Submitted 2/26/86; Flad and Associates, Penguin Viewing Window, Madison, Wisconsin; Flad and Associates, Revised Calculations for 4 feet of Water; Brady and Sun, Review of Deposition of R.M. Hutchison; Smith, Hinchman and Grylls, Associates, Inc., Fort Carson, Inspection of 80 More Breaks on Roof Skylight; Moshe, Safdie and Associates (Morog), Review of Windows for Columbus Circle Job; Brady and Sun, Inspect Bending Oven ATI and Inspect Broken Units; Ambassador Construction, Glass Installations-Bernstein, Fifth Ave., N.Y.; Brady and Sun, Comments on Similar Job in Hazelwood, MO; Brady and Sun, Comments on Attachments to Two Letters; Brady and Sun, Comments on Donald J. Vild Report, 6/2/86; Judd F. Crosby, Glass Fracture and Injury to Gordon; Brady and Sun, Inspection of Seven ATI Unites Returned; Brady and Sun, Reply to 6/19 and 6/25 Letters; Falconer Glass Co., Investigation of Breaks in Vision Blocks; Brady and Sun, Comments on Deposition of G.M. Jaeger.

Folder 11 Orr Reports, 644-658, 1986

This folder contains reports 644 to 658 and includes the following: Ellerbe Associates Inc., CE Gold Insulated Glass Failures, Mayo Clinic; Blair and Co., Use of 3/8 Inch Full Tempered Glass Interiors; Falconer Glass Co., Laminated Glass Breaks, Philadelphia Jail; Macklowe Real Estate, Glass Breakage Metropolitan Towers, N.Y.; Robert T. Gownley, Glass Breakage of Anchor Hocking Baking Dish; Kiewit Construction Co., Tempered Glass Skylight Breaks; Advanced Coating Technology, Inspection off Glass Failures in Insulation Units; Charles Adams, Inspection of Kerrigan Residence in Chicago; Nelson Bolton, Calculation of Underwater Window; Advanced Coating Technology, Thermalum Project Spandrel Failures; N .J. Natural Gas Co., Investigation of Tempered Glass Failures; Advanced Coating Technology, Examination of Two NiS Failure Scherrer Job; Advanced Coating Technology, Investigation of NiS Failures, New Orleans; Ewing Cole, Philadelphia, Quality of Tempered Glass Birmingham Race Track; Falconer Glass Co., Comments on Boeing Request for Quotation.

Folder 12 Orr Reports, 660-683, 1987

This folder contains reports 660 to 683 and includes the following: O.D. Trapp Residence, Inspection of Glass in Addition to Trapp Residence; Falconer Glass Industries, Design of Window for Sea Lion Pool; Mellon Stuart, Failed Insulated Windows-Airport Office Park #2; Commercial Union, Investigation of Window Breakage and Accident; Roche Dinkeloo, Reply to N.Y. Zoological Society; Roche Dinkeloo; Change in Water Height on A-9 Aquarium; Roche Dinkeloo, Axial Edge Forces at Angle Butt Joint; Peter Munsing, Blier vs. Proctor Silex Burn Accident; N.A. Taylor Co., Boat Glass Windshield Failures; Roche Dinkeloo, Central Park Zoo, Polar Bear Glass; Roche Dinkeloo, Revise and Rewrite 671 Report; State Farm Causality, Investigation, Skylight Break, Lewis Residence NiS; Opus Corporation, Investigation Glass Breakage Insulated Windows; First Eq. Business Center, Investigation Glass Breaks, Mobile, Alabama; Mellon Stuart, Inspection, Leakers at Building 2, Airport Office Park; James K. Thomas II, Reply to Pat J. Reading Letter, 9/9/87; David H. Starkey, Weld Splatter on Building, Columbus, Ohio; Krump Construction Reno, Redesign of Aquarium Using Heat Strengthened Glass; Construction Consulting Corporation, Three NiS Stone Failures, Houston, Texas; Gould Diagnostics, Stress Calculations on Loaded Glass Plate.

Folder 13 Orr Reports, 684-710, 1988

This folder contains reports 684 through 710 and includes the following: Cooper Industries, Design of Windows for Test Cell Doors; Peter Munsing, Failure of Silex Decanter, Causing Injury; A.T. Doyle Co. Inc., Adhesion of Lamp Gasket to Cover Glass Face; Roche Dinkeloo, Design of Flat Panel to Replace Angle Panels; Paula DiMeo Grant, Examination of Two Whistler Teapots; Standard Test Lab, Design of Glass Plate for Tire Load Test; Dinwiddie Construction Co., Weld Splatter on Vision Windows and Spandrels; Mellon Stuart Co., Dew Point Tests of Windows at Airport Park; Advanced Coating Technologies, Nickel Sulfide Stone Problem at Ft. Lauderdale; David N. Dittmar, Fracture of Corning Vision Cookware; The Spectrum Group, Loan of 3/4 Inch Piece of Tempered Glass for Photo; Mellon Stuart Co., Reply to Questions in 4/19 Letter; Gerald D. Hines, Examination of Broken Insulated Window from Denver; Mellon Stuart, Meeting at Airport Office Park on Breakage; First Eq. Business, Deposition at Mobile, Alabama; Smith and Robson, Exam of Broken A-Treat Quart Bottle; Daniel M. Berger, Exam of 1986 Chevrolet Cavalier Windshield; Ashland Chemical Co., Failure of Insulated Windows in Buildings; Ogg, Jones and Desimone, Injury from Glass Window in Church Door; Hartford Glass Co., Design of Glass for Aquarium; Smith Emery Co., Inspection and Testing Glass, Interstate Fire; Bails, Pittsburgh, Pa., Glass Failure, Causing Injury at Kaufmanns; Shull, Washington, D.C., Exam of Broken Kerr Bottle; Stephen Yungblut, Glass Replacement, Skymark Tower, Texas; David T. Brady, Loaded Round Glass Plate; Falconer Glass Co., Investigation of Laminated Security Glass; Hawaiian D. and C. Co., Breakage Stain on Glass, One Waterfront Place.

Folder 14 Orr Reports, 711-751, 1988-1989

This folder contains reports 711 through 751 and includes the following: Robert J. Leader, Eager Eye Damage from Glass Lens; PRC Corporation, Cause of Failure of Insulated Units; Northwest Electric, Deposition by Phone-Nickel Sulfide; Thermos, Glass Failures in Barbecue Grills; Group Health Inc., Solarbronze Glass Breakage; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc., Request to Assemble Information on Stains; Group Health Inc., Visit to Minnesota Replacing Two Units; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc., Investigation of Breaks on Insulated Units; Dlubak Corp., Investigation of Breaks in Packing Cases; Tel-tech, Effect of Eliminating 2% Boron from Glass; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc., Investigation of Spontaneous Breaks; Thermos, Glass Failures in Barbecue Grills; Cardinal IG, Failure of Insulated Window; Arizona Department of Public Safety, Spontaneous Glass Breaks in Building; Jahabow Industries, Inc., Glass Failures in Top of Showcase; Ben Tyson Pyramid, Glass Cabinet for Display Case; Thermos, Meeting at Freeport, Illinois, All Day; Thermos, Chicken Test Failures; San Dimas Devotional Center, Design of Glass Plates for Tire Contact; Smith Robson-Bails, Review Info on Kaufmanns Shirt Case; Glassalum Corporation, Glass Failures in Florida, Nickel Sulfide; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc., Additional Comments on Failures Stain; Ron W. Szczesny, Comments on Accident on Injury in Detroit; Esbach Company, Failure of Glass and Spandrel Panels; Rice, Daubney, Diagnostic Edge Damage on Spandrels and Insulated Units; Woodline, Additional Glass Plates; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc., Failure of Room Side Tempered Windows; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc. NiS, Failure of Outdoor Tempered Gray Glass; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc. NiS, Failure of Indoor Tempered Window; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc. NiS, Failure of Indoor Tempered Window; Peter Corsell Association, Analysis of Degree of Temper in Sample; David Shuldiner, Glass for Aquarium Meeting; Peter Corsell Assoc., Analysis of Degree of Temper in Sample; Cardinal IG, Comments on NiS Stones in Tempered Glass.

Folder 15 Orr Reports, 752-802, 1990

This folder contains reports 752 through 802 and includes the following: M. Parisi and Sons Construction, Degree of Temper in 1/4 inch Glass; Tel-tech, Design of Window for Super Flight; Glassalum Engineering Co.; Inspection of Glass at Three Lincoln Center, NY; Peter Corsell Associates, Revision of 748A Using New Glass Sizes; Solid Waste Authority, Florida, Calculations for 3/8 inch Float Glass off Vertical; Construction Consulting Corp., Examination of Three Nickel Sulfide Failures; Elstner Pacific Ltd., Examination of Broken Heat Strengthened Glass; Peter Corsell Associates, Changes in 748B Using 70 PSF Load; Brookfield Zoo, Design of Glass Panel for Animal Impact; Tyson Technics, Examination of Three Failed Insulated Windows; Glassalum Engineering Co., Revise Report No. 754 on Three Lincoln Center; PPG Industries, Grieve, Discussion on Metal Cemented to Glass Door; Kensington Mfg., Problem of Seal Failure in Insulating Unit; The Austin Company, Breakage of Insulated Units; Group Health Inc., Two Days at Minneapolis inspecting and replacing; Kensington Manufacturing, Dew Point Measurements in Insulated Units; Kensington Manufacturing., Dew Point Measurements of Thirty two Units with Gallo; Andrew Muth, Fracture of Glass Windows in School; Law Engineering Co., Review of Drawings and Correspondence Ace Building; Braithwaite, Utah, Review of Deposition and Drawings on NiS Failure; Cardinal IG, Rewrite Report No. 774; Danny Shaw NiS, Stone Failures in New Orleans; Andrew Muth, Additional Facts of Report No. 772, 777; David Shuldiner, Design of Aquarium, Three Edge Support; Glassalum Engineering Co. NY, Glass Breakage at 750 Seventh Avenue Building; Smith and Robson, Comments on package of Windshield Photos; Dick Elstner, Analyze Glass Fragments from Breaks; Peter N. Munsing, Fracture of A-Treat Bottle Causing Injury; Roche Dinkeloo, Fracture of Skylights at MMA, NY; Roche Dinkeloo, Rewrite Report No. 782; Smith and Robson, Broken Syringe, Syracuse, NY; Thomas Craddock, Copy of Notes, Construction Consultants Corp.; USF and G Corp., Weld Spatter on Insulated Units; Charles P. Falk, Failure of Glass Vial Causing Injuries; Andrew Muth, Affidavit Notarized; Cardinal IG, Temp. Differential Strength of Plates, Damaged Edges; Teltech, Bending Large Windows, Tempered; Tempglass, Inc., Loss of Temper in Fireplace Glass; GTD Associates, Design of Glass Plate for Tire Load; Schaefer and Associates, Analysis of Broken Catsup Bottle; Peter N. Munsing, Comparison of Thickness in Three Bottles; Teltech, Explosion Proof Lighted Panels; St. August Alligator Farm, Design of Aquarium Window, No Report; Teltech, Temperature Build-up Behind Shades; John H. Caputo, Discussion Broken Pepsi Bottle; New York Zoo, Weakening Effect of Surface Chip; McGraw Hudson Corp., Breakage of Shower Doors, Hotel Macklowe; John Braithwaite, Deposition on NiS Case, Salt Lake City.

Folder 16 Orr Reports, 803-829, 1991

This folder contains reports 803 through 829 and includes the following: Tel-tech, GE Lamp Fracture of Lamp around Filament; John Braithwaite, Deposition Corrections; Viking Glass and Mirror, Design of Aquarium; Helen R. Kotler, Failure of Entrance Door, Causing Injury; Bob Smith Associates, Failure of Anchor Hocking Baking Dish; Helen R. Kotler, Revision of Report No. 806; Moshe, Safdie and Associates, Fine Arts Museum, Montreal; Construction Consulting Corp., Analysis of Nickel Sulfide Failure; PPG Research Lab, Attend Meeting on Glass Strength; Tel-tech Malinka, Breakage of Glass Plates when Hot Spray; Tel-tech, McAfee Physical Constants of Glass; SYDA Curt Van Vloten, Design of Window for Aquarium; Charisma Design Studio, Cause of Bent Glass Breaks from Edge; Larsen and Stewart, Tyson, Comment on Hein Report NCTL-110-3628-2; N.D. Pitnoff, Stress Analysis of Broken Door Glass; Smith and Robson, Robert B. Elion Bottle Fracture; Taylor Woodrow Construction, NiS Failures, Tampa Airport F; Smith and Robson, Failure of Coca-Cola Bottle; CLRR Architects, Zoo Exhibit Glass Calculations, Cardinal IG, Analysis of Five Breaks from IG Units; Tel-tech, Recommended Glass for Table Top; Standard Bent Plate, Interpreting Stresses in Bent Glass; Smith and Robson, Frank Campese, Jr., Examination of Broken Spaghetti Bottle; Schneider, Minnesota, Examination of Glass from Ford Truck; Seminar at Cardinal, Review of Glass Failures and Defects; Tel-tech, Breaking Neck of Perfume Bottle.

Folder 17 Orr Reports, 830-859, 1992

This folder contains reports 830 through 859 and includes the following: Tel-tech, Internal Stresses in 3/4 inch and 1 inch Float Glass; Cardinal IG; Examination Of Broken and Unbroken Heat Strengthened Plates; Tel-tech Jeff Cram, Impact of Metal Rod Against 1/4 inch Lexam; John C. Hayes, Jr., Deposition at Hagerstown, Salsa Bottle Case; Rick Wright, Design of Glass Panels for Aquarium; J.C. Hambrick, Jr., Examination of Broken 2.5 L Corning Vision; General Glass International, Examination of Stress Patterns in Glass Sheets; Advance Coating Technology, Dianne J. Grande, Discussion at Pittsburgh Airport on NiS Failures; Smith and Robson Elion, Comments on Information for Murphy Bottle; John A. Palmieri, Examination of Dr. Pepper Bottle Causing Injury; Sam Floro, Broken Canada Dry Bottle; Smith and Rob Donahoe, Examination of Broken Pyrex Baking Dish; Lynette Gray, Examination of Broken Glass Baking Dish; Vision Technologies, Examination of Failures from Impact and NiS; Joseph Procopio, Glass Door Failure Causing Injury; John W. Cooper, Failed Wire Glass in W.VA Wesleyan Door; Cardinal IG, Breakage of 1/4 inch Coated Gray Heat, Strengthened Glass; Thomas Lazaroff, Door Glass Breakage Causing Injury; William J. Mason, Failure of Door Glass Causing Injury; Tel-tech, Design of Control Tower Windows; National Mirror and Glass, Design of Aquarium 84 Inch Cube; Rafael Vimoly, Design of Glass Floor and Railing; Tel-tech, Peeling of Coating from Tempered Glass; Smith and Robson Elion, Elion Letter Reply on Murphy Accident; R.C. Hagen Co., Glass Design for Aquariums; Smith and Robson, Broken Corning Vision Dish; Procopio Job, Deposition at Pittsburgh Airport; Roche Dinkeloo, Glass Panel for Corning Exhibit; Cardinal IG, Strength of Water Jet Cut Glass Edges.

Folder 18 Orr Reports, 860-937, 1993-1998

This folder contains reports 860 through 937 and includes the following: Sol-3 Resources Inc., Design of Window for Water Pressure; Rick Wright, Analyzing Three Glass Failures, Partial Temper Bent Solargray; Tel-tech, Impact Test for Glass Film; Roche Dinkeloo, Review of Revised Drawing - Corning Exhibit; Smith and Robson, Review of Information for Elion Bottle Failure; Smith and Robson, Analysis of Broken 2.5 L Visions Corning Dish; Hawaiian Dredging, Make copies of Five Old Reports; Atlantic Investigations, Investigation of Broken Windshield; Smith and Robson, Comments on Caporali Report in Elion bottle; Don Dissenger, Design of Glass Face of Face Track; Tel-tech, Design of Glass Face for Pressure Gauge; Smith and Robson, Case of Broken Door In High School; Mike Lee, Design of Glass panels for Decks; David D. Bigsby, Examination of Window in School Bus Window; Robert H. Smith, Failure of Ford Backlight; Richard D. Gorski, Examination of Broken Corning Pyrex Bake Dish; Smith and Robson, Broken Salad Dressing Bottle causing injury; Michael Mauro, Broken Fruit Salad Bottle Causing Injury; Alvin R. Schwab, Stress Calculations for Tempered Glass Panel; Hamilton Beach, Tempered Glass for Toaster Oven Door; Cardinal IG, Strength of V-grooved Glass after Tempering; Daniel D. Bigsby, School Bus Window Failures; Sherwood Medical, Breakage of Glass Tubes in Medical Process; Tel-Tech, Glass Tube Breaks; Cardinal IG, Five Broken Units from Stuyvesant Town; David Beinette, Vision Panel for Liquid , Laminated Heat Strength; John Palmieri, Dr. Pepper Broken Bottle; Joseph Morog, ,Insulated Units for Beth Israel Hospital; Jay Bar Construction Co., Window Hit by Golf Balls, Benedict Corning Deposition, Canton Ohio; Hewlett-Packard, Measuring Curvature; Humphrey Products, Three Broken Storm Window Glass Panels; Keith Waters and Associates, Scratches on Glass Unit Nozari Residence, Humphrey Products, Two Broken Storm Window Glass Panels; Richard D. Gorski, Broke Pyrex Dish; Cardinal IG, Glass Breaks in Kolbe and Kolbe Wood Sash; Tel-Tech, Curved Cover Shields Tempered for Lighting Fixtures; Tel-Tech, Comparison of Tempered Glass and Plastics; Cardinal IG, Seminar on Corner Breaks; Tel-Tech, Aquarium Design by Phone; Rothman and Rothman, Cardinal Units from Beth Israel Hospital; Tel-Tech, Breakage of tempered Cab Windows; Cardinal IG, Analysis of Break Tests of 6 Inch Strips; Cardinal IG, Calculations of Stress and Deflection, Three Sizes, Annealed on Heat Strengthened; Rothman and Rothman, Bowing of Units in Beth Israel Hospital; Cardinal IG, Impact Tests with Steel Balls to Produce Holes in Glass; Joseph Morog, Comments on Hancock Job; Michael Balzarini, Shower Door Failure by Impact Causing Injury; Longwood Products, Load on Horizontal Plates Various Sizes, Laminated glass; Tel-Tech, Cement for Glass Assembly; Zagula Ditmar Guerra, Candler Holder Broken, Causing Injury; Zagula Ditmar, Candler Holder Broken, Causing Injury; Richard Wright, Aquarium Design , Talk to Penn State Class; Elf Atochem, Edge Strength to Increase by Treatment; Jack Matteson, Shower Door Failure Causing Injury, Low Temperature; Mark Adams, Temperature is Okay. Possibly Failed from Edges of Holes, a Common Weakness; Abraham J. Hirshsprung, Fragments of Water Bottle Caused Injury; Tel-Tech, Residual Stresses in Glass; Tel-Tech, Infrared Exposure to Auto Windshield; Erica Smith, Failure of Tempered Lighting Fixture Shows 64% of Temper; Tel-Tech, Comparative Testing of Goblet; E .F. Penzemer, Broken Glass Coffee Pot, Very Thin Walls.

Folder 19 Orr Reports, 938-950, 1999-2003

This folder contains reports 938 through 950 including the following: Edgar Snyder and Associates, Fragment From Corning Glass 2.5L Cookware; Robson Lapina, Broken Beer Bottle; Cardinal IG, Breakage of Heat Strengthened Plates; PPG Research Lab, Airplane Windshield Failure; Cardinal IG, Outdoor Plate Broken when Mounting in Sash; Cardinal IG; Corrugated Wire Glass for Navy, Corrugated Wire Glass; Navsea Headquarters, Comments on Two Navy Reports on Wine Glass; Navsea Headquarters, Bending Tests of Section From Wine Glass Plates; Christopher Q. Pham, Failure of Guardian Glass Co. Shower Door; Ceramic Society, Paper for Ceramic Society Meeting; Cardinal IG, Tempered Glass Failure from Deep Scratch on Surface; Cardinal IG, Deep Surface Crush on Surface near edge.